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part 7 B : Unknown Truth

I am sitting in the cell waiting for the morning. I used to laugh seeing bad people behind the bar in films and never once in my life imagined me to be in the same place and these people…ahem ahem… 'Armaan' are so heartless they even took all my ways of amusement, starting from I-pod, cell and even my precious diary. Till last night sumu and Jp were with me but now I am all alone with nothing to do except look at the walls. I begged armaan to give me my diary so at least I can take out my frustration on him but "No" and if I am not wrong, I am sure he along with Jp and sumu must be celebrating his promotion for the successful completion of the mission and I am here all alone.

Now as I have nothing better to do to kill time, let me start from where I left off. As I was telling you..


We were in shock after hearing her side of the story. Before I continue, let me give you one piece of advice- Never ever communicate in sign language especially when you are hanging between life and death.  Sumu said something, I interpreted something else and TADAA..the outcome was "heaven wasn't far from us".

Before I could even say something, the door opened and we were taken out from the room. We were sitting on the chair at one end of the round big table, actually it was just me – sumu and Jp were standing behind me with minimum light coming from the window. There was silence all around and then we heard some footsteps coming towards us.  A man sat in front of us wearing the black attire, with cigar in one hand and a stick in another. A typical bollywood ishtyle entry.  Another came up to him, lighted his cigar and whispered something in his ear. He nodded and signaled him to move back.

"So finally we met" he said looking at me and looked at my friends. I didn't react at all as I had my eyes fixed on him. I was trying to scare him with my "deadly-angry" glares. Vo baat alag hai that my angry glares which never failed in case of sumu and Jp weren't working in this case.

I guess he was waiting for some reaction from my side as there was no exchange of words between us in the next 5 minutes. I was glaring at him and he was just looking at me expressionless.

 "Are you done?" My jaw dropped hearing the same exact words from his mouth that armaan has a habit of saying on my face. I was sure Armaan had left no stone unturned in training them. Exactly the same words, it can't be a coincidence.

"Oh! So he taught you this too." I told him. My deadly glares weren't leaving him for a second.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"Don't behave as if you don't know anything. I know each and everything about you and your boss. Btw why should I waste my time on lallu-panju's like you who don't even know how to make a villainous entry in the first place? He taught you how to talk to me but didn't tell you how to make a grand entry. It's so typical- copied from a bollywood movie, the same old back dress and the cigar. Mere pass aate I would have taught you "a mast grand entry" that too in less money. You guys failed my expectations. Now shoo away and call your boss." I told him turning my face the other side. It was getting way above my head to handle them.

"kya re mere ko pagal samajhti hai" he said in the typical tapori language flaring his nose in anger.

"Oh! English to direct tapori. Dekha just one dialogue from me and you went back to your original tongue. Yehi hai tumhari commitment towards your boss" I replied giving him a tat for his tit.

"Riddhima are you nuts? Do you know what you are talking about? paagal ho gayi hai kya?" sumu whispered in my ear before I could go further. I stopped her with my hands which I know was a bad idea coz now I am the one paying the consequences by spending the night in jail.

"Where was I ? Yeah, so as I was telling you is this your commitment towards your boss? Agar unko kissi ne, I mean" I pointed my finger at me "bata diya about how you treated his" I was blackmailing him to spill the beans. At that point of time, I was sure about one thing- Armaan isn't any gunda or bad guy. He was just trying to scare me for fun and that's why I was taking it so lightly.

His anger was increasing with every passing second as I was continuously irritating him with my nonsensical- boring talks which at that point of time sounded sensible to me. ab mere ko kya pata tha that I was digging my grave with my own hands.

"chup kar…nahin to.."he said pointing the gun at my temple. This action of his was enough to wake the wild cat inside me that I was so trying to control.

"nahin to kya..ha..what do you think of yourself? You think we are gonna get scared of this fake gun. Bahut dekha hain tere jaise maine.. hindi films mein, now stop irritating me and tell your boss to talk to me."

"kaun sa boss? I am the boss. They take my orders" he pointed at the men standing around us.

"yeah right" I said rolling my eyes "as if I don't know anything. Listen dude don't act smart in front of me. agar mera dimaag ghoom gaya…"

"to kya…?"

We were still in- between our conversations when I saw someone hiding behind one pillar. Narrowing my eyes, I saw who actually was and screamed "there he is" I pointed my finger at Armaan who was hiding there. The next moment Armaan was standing in front of us with his hand tied behind his back, his eyes fixed on me.

"Armaan, I think it's more than enough now. Tell your men to let us go." I said, frustration dipping from each and every word that came out from the mouth. Getting no response from him I called him one more time "Armaan" but no response. All I got in return was deadly angry glares which to be honest was scary.

"hahahhahhahhahhah…" that black coat man was laughing looking at us. "he and our boss, do you know who he is?" he said laughing as his mates joined him too in laughing at me.

 "He is not your so- called "boss". But a police officer hired to protect you" the bad man said. Hearing him, the only reaction came from my side.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA…" I was laughing, holding my stomach. "Nice one Armaan- you and police officer. Wow..aur koi job nahin mili. (pause) oh now I get it, you wanted to scare me and then when I'll plead in front of them to leave me, you'll enter like a police officer to save me. But it's too late now coz I know all about your plan and no matter what you do, I am not scared of you all. Game Over. " I said pointing my finger at him. "btw If you can be a police officer then I am the queen of this country"  I replied proudly.

It took me a long time to control myself- "Armaan-a police officer"- it was like the joke of the year. Just thinking about him as a police officer was enough to make me laugh. The only problem was, I was the only one laughing as other were looking at me like I have gone mad. As I controlled myself, they started laughing at my stupidity and Armaan's silence treatment was a proof of them saying the truth.

"riddhima we are soo dead today" JP whispered as I gulped. Before I could continue, his mate told him something and he signaled other mate who was holding us to take us inside.

 "Take them inside" he said to the same man who took us out. Armaan was pushed inside first, followed by JP and sumu and the last one was none other than me. Before he could even push me, I held the door knob, having no interest of staying with Armaan alone in the room.

"chal andar.." the man said as he tried pushing me inside.

"Nooooooo… .please… lock me in any other room but not with him." I said looking at Armaan as he was standing at one corner giving me the same angry looks. I had a genuine reason for this. The looks he was giving clearly told me that he was ready to pounce on me as soon as we are alone. Although I had million questions going on in my mind  like about Armaan – who is he and how did he found us and etc, etc. etc. – answers of those I can only get if I am alive and going by his looks my first priority was to save myself.

When he wasn't able to push me inside alone, he called his friend and both of them pushed me inside and closed the door on my face.

"please..mere saath aisa mat me..please.." I was hitting the door but no use. There was a complete silence as I closed my mouth. I slowly turned and looked around. JP and Sumu were standing at the extreme end returning my deadly angry glares and Armaan- he was preparing himself to pounce on me as I saw him slowly moving towards me.

"So, I am the boss..huh…" he said walking towards me as I slowly traced back. "When I had clearly signaled you to close your mouth then why?" he asked coming closer to me. I didn't know what to say? Okay so I admit he clearly signaled me using his finger on the lips to keep my mouth shut. But after spending so much time with me, he should have known by now - Me and my famous mouth are too hard to shut. Instead he was jumping onto me without even a single reasoning.

 "I didn't saw any signal" I replied keeping a straight face. I tried to put on a brave front as only I knew what I was going through.  I was so mad at him and on top of that I thought it was an act so I was trying to finish this Drama ASAP.

"Oh really" he continued coming closer to me.

"Okay so I saw the signal but don't you know, my mouth is not in my control? It's uncontrollable" I told him, which Btw wasn't a good reply to his question as a saw him controlling his anger by tightening his fist, an act a person do when he reaches the last stage of anger.

His actions clearly showed how much frustrated he was and this reply was the final nail to the coffin but there was something holding him back from hitting me. Of course one reason was me a woman but even the verbal fight took a back seat.

He moved back, shaking his head which clearly stated that talking to me is much worse than hitting the head on the stone. Meri itni insult hone ke baad how can I stay silent. The wild tigress inside me woke up and I jumped on him with my volleys of questions.

"How dare you insult me? and why is it always me at the receiving end? I did what I thought was best for us. mujhe kya pata tha that they are the real kidnappers and not some actors you hired to scare me. My only fault- I jumped to the conclusion without hearing the whole thing and you are giving me the attitude. It's always you. You are the trouble maker and it's only coz of you we are in this place. And god knows why?" I said looking up and turned around crossing my hands, my back towards him.

Not hearing anything from him, I turned around and the sight in front of me- JP and Sumu were trying their best to hold him back from killing me.

"Armaan… leave her. She is not in her senses anymore. Let us talk to her" Sumu said.   

"just leave me, both of you. aaj mein isse nahin chodunga. Iski bakwaas baatein suune se to accha hain. Let me finish this once and for all. I don't care about my job anymore. but her nonsense talks are getting onto my nerves. Just leave me" he said releasing himself. Vo to accha hua ki JP was there to hold him otherwise, I wouldn't be alive today to tell you my story. So before proceeding further let me give a small credit to JP too.

"accha, ek to galti ki upar se itna attitude. Why did you hide your real identity? And who hired you?... tell me" I asked keeping my hands on waist and Bingo, it was his turn to stop. I had thought of asking the questions after escaping. First priority was to save ourselves but as Armaan wasn't stopping, I couldn't stop myself too. It was now or never for me.

"tell me who are you? And are you Armaan or is this also a part of some secret identity" I asked. He turned around to avoid my question.

"tell me Armaan, now answer me."

"I can't tell you anything right now Riddhima"

"and why not?"

"coz I just can't"

"tell me or.. or…or…i'll ask sumu?" I told him going towards her.

"Sumu don't tell her anything. We had a deal" he said pushing her towards his side.

"sumu meri best friend hai. She'll be on my side. Tell me sumu" I replied pushing her on my side.

"sumu agar tumne kucch bhi bola , to forget about our Date" Armaan said as i looked at them in shock, without leaving her hand.

" and Date.." i looked at her accusingly as she avoided my gaze which showed that Armaan was telling the truth. She was suppose to be on my side and here she had fixed a date with MY LOVE.

"Sumuuuuuuuuuu..." i screamed and then...........

 Back to present

Sorry for the interruption again but looks like there is a power cut in the police station.

"hello… koi hai" I look around as there is a complete silence and darkness in the station. It's so weird that not a single officer is in the station. So what if I am the lone prisoner in the whole station. What if I run away? I am thinking of ways to break the lock-up door as I see a black shadow coming towards me…

To be continue..

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