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part 7 C : Unknown Truth

As I try looking at the shadow, I see JP coming out and standing, grinning looking at my condition.

"What are you doing here?" I question him as he is not saying anything, just standing with the same pose.  The next moment, I feel like hugging him as he shows me the answer behind his grinning- the key to my freedom.  Although I am angry at them for leaving me all alone but I'll deal about that later, first I need to get out from the lock up. I am still in a dilemma whether to go or not but I am going ahead with the second option and you know why , kyunki "Dil to baccha hai ji, thoda kaccha hai ji". Ab baccho ki to har mistake maaf ho jaati hai na. So even if I get caught, I'll tell Armaan that it was just an accident.

We are running out of the police station and I bump into someone and for the second time, it's not me but the other person holding me from falling down. Finally god is listening to me, first getting out of the jail and now in the arms of my "Dream man". i slowly open my eyes with a big smile plaster on my face which vanishes as i see the person holding me.

"You.."i see sumu holding me, grinning at me. Getting off her, i stand straight. "What are you doing here?"

"riddhima we don't have time. You can scream all you want but right now..let's go" holding my hand she pushes me inside the car as JP starts the car. 

I am sitting in the car, trying my best to get answers to my question which I am not getting and that's coz they have tied my mouth with the cloth. How rude? And still they call themselves as my friend. Kya koi aise kar sakta hai apne friends ke saath.

I don't know where they are taking me, what gonna happen next and it may be possible that this is the last time i am talking to you, so let me finish the whole story from where I left last time.

Flash Back

So i came to know the first truth of my life "Armaan and Sumu going on a date". it was no less than a breaking news for me. Armaan and Sumu, just thinking about them was enough to increase my blood pressure so I screamed her name.

"Sumuuuuuuuuuuu" I screamed and then I saw everything revolving around me. Now before you think that I fainted or something, which probably is the case when a Heroine gets the shock of her life- it wasn't just me but everyone in the room were experiencing dizziness and that's coz an earth quake came out of nowhere. I mean, if dying in the hands of those goons wasn't enough, the nature too was angry on us.


By the time it stopped and I opened my eyes, I was in the hands of Armaan. Yes, Armaan was holding me from my waist. I looked into his brown eyes and slowly my hand went up to touch his cheeks. One of my deepest unfulfilled desires was to touch his dimples. I poked my finger in his dimple, making his smile deepened and like a 5-year old kid, I giggled.

"Riddhima..." I felt someone, slapping me lightly on my cheeks. I slowly opened my eyes and saw myself in the hands of JP as sumu was in his hands.

My whole dream came crashing down, nothing was going right. First we were kidnapped and then I came to know about sumu and armaan and then I was watching them with my own eyes.  isse bada jhatka kya ho sakta tha. But no, laga..isse bada shock laga mere ko when I came to know about my real identity, that i'll tell you later. First let me tell you what happened next. I quickly got up and went towards sumu.

"sumu..yeh sab kya hai?.. You and Armaan..You know everything..Still.." I asked her. Armaan looked at me suspiciously having no idea what I was talking about. I mean I haven't seen a dumber person in my entire 24 years. The way I look at him, my actions and reaction towards him are a clear indication about how deep my feelings are for him but he, there was no reaction from his side. Instead he was looking at me suspiciously as if there is something cooking in my mind.

"Sumu what is she talking about?" he asked. Now it was my turn to shut my mouth. As I had just realized that they are an item, I thought it's better to hide from feelings from him, making myself a sacrificing goat. Aakhir what are friends for? It was time to prove my loyalty towards my best friend which she never showed towards me.

Before sumu could say anything, I poked my nails in her wrist telling her to shut her mouth.  She looked at me and nodded. Our silent conversation was again broken by the entry of his men who took me out of the room. I was made to sit on the same round table and that old man was sitting on the opposite side.

"Sign these" he said throwing a file in front of me. I took the file and after going it thoroughly kept it back on the table.

"What is this?" I asked. After going through all the papers, and re-reading it many times I had no idea what was written in those papers, so that's why I asked him.  But the twist in the tale was, I didn't wanted to show him my weakness, so I tried sounding as if I know what is written  in the papers and I am just too angry to agree to him.

"What are you like illiterate or you can't see?" he mocked me. That Buddha, he was older than me, I have tremendous amount of respect for people, especially of his age but insulting me in front of his men, how can I let it happen? So I got up from the chair and taking the file in my hand moved towards him. I was about to hit him when I heard the police siren coming from outside.

"boss...the police is here" one of his men yelled and the next moment, I heard some voices coming from the first floor where I was locked few moments back.  Armaan, JP and Sumu had beaten few of his men and the only one left were the ones standing in front of me. That old man grabbed my hand and started moving towards the back exit. i tried hitting him with my punches and legs, screaming Armaan's name but no effect on him. Pata nahin kya khata hai? itni energy that too at this age.

But as my good time started, I saw Armaan, JP and Sumu blocking his path.  It was 3 versus 10.  I haven't counted myself coz I was held by the kidnappers.  Sumu and JP attacked his guys as Armaan jumped on him.

"kicks, Punches, Dishum..dishum.." kya scene chal raha tha. Jp and Sumu along with 2-3 policemen were hitting those men like professionals as Armaan was getting beaten by the Buddha kidnapper. It not coz he doesn't know how to fight but Armaan was alone with his hands being held by his two men and the kidnapper was beating him badly. Now it's not a filmy story where the hero beats 10 people at once without getting a single scratch.  Kucch to realistic hona chaiye. And me, well I was standing at one corner like a spectator, watching and enjoying the whole scene- the only thing missing- popcorn.

"" I heard his voice which was followed by a punch on his face. He signalled one of his men to get hold of me.  I didn't know what to do? I mean at one side was my freedom and the other side were my friends and my love.

"jeena yaha...marna yaha..iske siva jaana kahan" the song inspired me and i stayed back to help them.  The guy ran towards me to catch me but couldn't reach me as sumu and JP came in between. My hands were itching to beat someone and what better than this opportunity.

"" i requested and they agreed. I punched him really hard on his face, taking out all the frustration in just a single punch. 

By that time, all of the bad guy were almost dead but then came the twist in the story. The kidnapper who had supposedly come to kidnap me, held Armaan with the knife on his neck.

"let me go..or i'll kill him" he said and slowly started walking back, taking Armaan with him.

"shoot him.." Armaan said but none of the policeman had the guts to fire.  They were ready with their pistol but not shooting.  As Armaan had put his life in danger to come and save me, it was my time to save his life. So taking the pistol from one of the policeman, I pointed it towards them.

"JP..should i shoot" I whispered, my eyes not leaving them.

"Are you mad? Bas dara...shoot mat kar diyo." He replied.

"but..he is not getting scared and look at Armaan..kitna dara hua hai, jab se maine pistol uthaya hai." I said. It was so true, i mean till the time i didn't had the pistol, Armaan was ordering the policeman bravely to shoot but as soon as i took the pistol in my hand, his face turned pale, eyes fixed on the pistol with beads of sweat on his forehead.

"Riddhima.kucch bhi ho jaaye...don't pull the trigger.."Sumu said. I nodded and looked at Armaan . He was shaking his head very slowly, telling me not to shoot. It was such an intense moment for all of us and then....

All of a sudden, the kidnapper leg slipped, making him fall on the ground and coz of this the unexpected happened- the kidnapper took out a hidden pistol that he was hiding in his jacket and pointed at me and to save myself, i pulled the trigger and closed my eyes. It was totally an impulsive reaction from my side.  The next moment, I heard someone screaming in pain.  One voice was recognizable, it was Armaan but the other one was new. I slowly opened my eyes and what was I looking at- Armaan and the kidnapper were lying on the ground, holding their arms were the bullet had hit them.

Before i proceed, let me clear one thing- it wasn't my bullet that hit Armaan, Armaan was hit by the kidnapper's pistol while my bullet hit the kidnapper. It was a proud moment for me as it was my first "bull's eye". I have a history of missing the targets but this time...i can't tell how happy i was which again didn't last long as i saw the look Armaan was giving to me.

"Riddhimaaaaaaaaaaaa....." he screamed, holding his arm.

The police arrested the kidnapper and Armaan was taken to the hospital. And such a hatta-katta aadmi, i mean Armaan fainted during the ride.  Itna to blood loss bhi nahin hua tha, the way he was behaving, gaining sympathy votes from everyone and we were following him in another car as I was too scared to face him.

We were waiting outside the emergency room where he was getting treated. I heard Aunt carol voice behind me and turned around. She was talking to someone as his back was towards me. I moved towards them and saw her talking to Mr. Gupta.

"sir..aap yahan?" i asked. Does aunt carol know him? The look on their faces as they saw me was telling me a different story.  I looked at aunt carol as she was avoiding my gaze, making me believe that they were hiding something.

"aunt..please tell there something i need to know. Even sumu is not telling me anything. I stayed quiet till now but no more..please aunty tell me." I asked her. She looked at Mr. Gupta and he nodded.  We were taken to the waiting room where all the truth was revealed to me. I am not an orphan but daughter of Mr. Shashank Gupta, head of the Gupta industries where I was working all these months.  Even he was unaware of my existence and came to know only few days before I was appointed in the gupta industries. The kidnapper who kidnapped me used to work at Gupta industries and my dad had thrown him out for doing illegal activities. The day i was born, just to get revenge he made the doctors tell my parents that I was born dead. He kidnapped me and left me in the orphanage. It was only after so many years he came to know that being the only heiress of Gupta, i was entitled to everything.  He started blackmailing my dad for money. And that's when Armaan came into picture. Being an excellent police officer it didn't took them time to find me.  After making sure I was his real daughter, he appointed Armaan as my bodyguard. Me forced to work under him, him shifting to my house was all a part of the plan to protect me.  As they got to know about Armaan shifting to my house, the calls increased. He wanted me to leave Gupta industries, making his work easier as there I was 24* 7 under security.  It was impossible for him to kidnap me with Armaan by my side. The day I turned 24, I was entitled to the whole Gupta fortune and this was the root cause of all the problems.

And about sumu, for the first time she used her brain and went to Armaan for help.  It was only after this, sumu and Aunt Carol were told the truth, which she wasn't telling me so I was angry at her. Tracing a call isn't a big deal and that's how they came to know about the place. Armaan send her first to distract the kidnappers and so he can enter easily which was going great, until I saw him hiding behind the pillar.

Initially I was too numb to react, i mean all these years i was in an illusion thinking i was orphan and then i am told that Mr. Shashank Gupta is my father. Not being able to digest the truth I ran out of the hospital as i heard their faint voices calling me from behind. Sitting on the beach, i ponder over what all happened in the last few hours.

First I was kidnapped for no fault of mine followed by the revelation of the biggest truth of my life. I was mad at everyone- for hiding the truth from me. But there was other side of the story too- that day when i heard Armaan talking to someone on the phone, he was actually talking to dad. It was the night before my birthday- yes after 24 years I got to know the day I was born, they were planning on telling me the truth on the day of my birthday but destiny had some other plan as I got kidnapped before he could even talk to me.   

I made up my mind and reached the hospital. Everyone was looking at me, waiting for my answer. Slowly moving towards my dad, I whispered "Dad" and hugged him tightly, not wanting him to leave me again. I had already lost so many years thinking i was destined to be alone but no more. All the tears that I was trying to hold back came out from the eyes. In all this we forgot about one person coz of who I met my dad, who at that point was lying on the hospital bed.

Releasing myself from his hold, I asked him "How is he?". Wiping my face, I looked at him waiting for him to speak.

"he is still unconscious but out of danger" he replied. I sighed, thanking almighty for everything not knowing what more was waiting for me.

As soon as Armaan gained conscious, the first thing he ordered was not letting me even roam around the hospital. Although i should be the one getting mad at him for hiding everything from me, it was the other way around. Everyone had met him except me. 

Itni nafrat mere se. What have I done to deserve this treatment? Ek to help karo upper se punishment bhi mujhe hi mile.  But I didn't say anything and that's coz I got to spend my quality time with dad. We enjoyed our father-daughter moments during that period which again didn't lasted long till Armaan is in my life. He sent me to jail for taking law in my own hand. I mean, I was just trying to help but no.  And as Armaan is in the good book of my dad, he agreed to him as Armaan told him everything and what all problems he had to face coz of me and few others coz of sumu and JP, so they came with me to give me some company. It was one of their ways of asking for forgiveness.

Flashback over

So this is what actually happened from the time of my kidnapping to me coming to know about the truth. And now I am taken to somewhere I have no idea.

I look out of the window car as the car stops. The place looks familiar as i look around.

"JP..where are we?" I ask after getting the cloth out of my face.  I am having this gut feeling that something big is about to happen.

"For the time being this is your hiding place. You go inside, we are coming" I want to scream something but zip my mouth as i see the "deadly angry glares". Nodding, I make my way to the creepy-looking house.  Slowly pushing the door, I gulp hearing the creaking sound of the door.  Tip-toeing, I move inside slowly and stop as I feel someone's presence behind me. I turn around and see no one.

"i should wait here" I tell myself.  Tapping my feet, I am waiting for JP and sumu to show up. As they are not coming inside, i turn to go outside when i am literally pushed inside and the door is closed on my face.

"what's wrong with both of you" I shout, hitting the door forcing them to open it. This was the limit. I am not saying anything that doesn't mean they'll start taking advantage of my silence.

" Riddhima.." hearing his voice, my hands automatically stops as i start cursing my friends in my mind. Ek aur dhokha. They helped me in escaping only to bring me in front of him, just to see free entertainment. They are so gonna be dead this time.  Ab mein kya boloon.

"Bhagwanji...koi idea?" i ask looking at the ceiling. Come on my brain..give me some idea. Iss baar to Armaan mujhe nahin chodega and if dad comes to know about this. I am sooo dead.  Daughter of the famous industrialist "Mr. Shashank  Gupta" an absconder. Abhi to maine apni freedom bhi enjoy nahin kii hai aur wapis jail.

Slowly turning around, I smile nervously which vanishes as I look at his face.

To be continue..

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