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part 7 A : Unknown Truth

     Inteha Ho Gayi  Intezaar Ki                                                                                 

  Aayi Na Kuchh Khabar Mere Yaar Ki

Yeh Hamein Hai Yakeen Bewafaa Woh Nahin 

    Phir Wajah Kya Hui Intezaar Ki'..

 "SHUT UP...ek baar aur gaaya to mujhse bura aur koi nahin hoga.." the lady says showing me the gun, coming towards my cell.

"mam'.please..just one chance..we want to talk to him.  Ek baar please. I promise I won't torture you with my bad singing anymore..please..mam.." I beg joining my hands as my friends are kneeling down beside me nodding positively. I never thought that one day my bad singing is gonna help me in something. Yes, I have finally admitted to the fact that I am not worthy a bathroom singer also.

"okay.. I'll try for the last time and that's coz I can't stand your singing anymore but if he says no again, I don't want to hear you singing anymore..understand" she says as I thank her from the bottom of my heart and walk behind her. We are sitting in the waiting room for him to show up so I can prove my innocnece to him.


  Twinkle twinkle little star

How I wonder what you are..

If you are wondering why I am singing this poem, well that's coz I can't stand his bhasan anymore.  I came here to tell him that it was an accident but he isn't letting me open my mouth. Let me show you.

"I can't believe you did that? What's wrong with you? Do you have any idea how dangerous those men were? They have killed so many people and you were taking it as a joke.."

Yes the above words are coming out from Armaan's mouth. He is standing in front of us repeating the same exact line from the past 30 minutes as me, JP and Sumu are sitting in front of him like 5 year old listening to his scolding. Here goes the 100th time. We completed a century just now-him by repeating the same thing and us by listening the same thing and that's why I am singing the poem to keep my poor, small little mind off him.

"Riddhima I am talking to you" I hear him and close my mouth before he see me yawning and torches me again. "Now tell me, it was whose idea?" he asks. Before I am blamed for things I am sorely responsible for, I have to do something. Otherwise whatever little good image I have in front of him will go down the drain and I don't want that. Thinking for a second I quickly point it on my two friends who are sitting on my both sides.

"Why am I not surprised?" I hear him as I see him standing on the opposite side of the table with arms crossed looking at me with a raised eyebrow. "Shouldn't he be looking at them" I tell myself and look at my sides as I see their fingers pointing at me.

"Backstabber" I mutter. Its two v/s one, so obviously he is gonna believe them. Giving them the murderous look, I turn and look at Armaan and pout crossing my hands.

"admit it riddhima,  I saw you doing it  in front of me with my open eyes  and I won't change my decision. You deserve this punishnment" he says and there's a moment of silence in the room as I am thinking of something to save myself.

"please Armaan, I know it was a not so good-idea" I say watching him glare at me "okay so it was a stupid idea coming from my brain but atleast it got us saved" I look at him as he is glaring me "okay so it got me saved'   but please..one last chance.. please'pretty please" I make a child like face and it is affecting him also as I see a small smile on his face.  I am so near to melt his heart when I hear the door open.

"who is the lucky one?" I turn and look at the same police lady as she enters, smiling. I turn my attention towards Armaan who has his finger pointing at me.

 "She is the one? Take her and make sure she doesn't sleep. She has given me many sleepless nights and now it's her turn to experience this." my hanging mouth is close by him as he signals the lady to take me away.

Dost Dost Na Raha, Pyaar Pyaar Naa Raha
Zindagi Hamein Tera, Aitbaar Na Raha, Aitbaar Na Raha

Betrayed by my friends and the love of my life, I walk out from the room not before turning and looking at them one last time as I see them waving their hands at me and smiling, showing their milky white teeth.

I am sitting in the cell crying at my destiny, my fate as to why? Mere saath hi aisa kyun? What have I done to get this punishment? Just coz I have done the mistake of falling in love with him who doesn't even care about my existence anymore. par mein ab kya karoon.  Even JP and sumu have left me alone.  Cry..cry..sniff'.sniff'sobb..sobb'.cry'.sobb'cry'

These are my actions with bloodshot eyes that I am doing in front of him to melt his heart as he is standing outside the cell, looking at me. The sole reason of doing this is to force him to take his complaint back. He has registered a police complaint against me that I wanted to kill him. Yeah I know, I mean I love him and he believes I , Riddhima- the love of his life wanted to kill him that too purposely. Ghor kalyug ka zamaana hai. Even helping someone is not considered a good deed. So what if the 'someone' I am talking about is none other than me. I mean I was helping myself and he came in between, trying to protect me like a Filmy hero. Ab beech mein ayaga to punishment to milegi na. not that I wanted to do that. It's just that my timing and his timing coincided making him hang between life and death. Bas itni se baath thi and he registered the complaint against me and my supposedly ex best friends- JP and Sumu who should be helping me have gone against me now all coz of him.

Now if I am not wrong you all must be desperate to know what actually happened that day. So here goes my tragic love story and please be on my side and support me after listening to it.


I heard Armaan talking to someone on the phone saying "everything is going the way it was planned. She doesn't have a slight idea. I am calling from her home. Don't worry sir, I am just going to her room, no body is at home so it will be easier for me too. Everything is ready sir I'll just bring her." I heard him and as the door was opened slightly, I peeped inside and saw him looking at the shining knife in his hand.

 "OMG this means'he is the one and wants to kill me" I covered my mouth with my hands and ran out of the house before it's too late. While running I bumped into JP who was coming to my house, telling him everything that I heard a few moments back,  I held his hand as we started running  towards the police station but it was too late as we were captured and thrown in the car. Actually they came to kidnapped just me but as I wasn't leaving JP hands, they took him also. We were sitting in the back seat opposite to each other with one kidnapper beside me and the other beside him. Two were sitting in the middle seat and two in the front seat.   

The man sitting beside JP put his hand in the pocket and took something out. I looked like a bottle of perfume. Me and JP looked at him and said together. "kya baat hai." and smiled looking at him.

"oh! You are a standard kidnapper. Using perfume after kidnapping us.  Looks like you haven't  bathed from a long time." I said and  we smiled looking at the bottle. If you are thinking what nonsense we were doing, shouldn't we be screaming and crying then let me explain it to you. We were scared, we were scared to hell and when we are scared only nonsense words comes out from our mouth. I was cracking joke to keep my mind off kidnapping. Screaming and shouting wouldn't bee of any help so we were talking nonsense. Before we can continue, they forced us to smell the perfume which I know was anesthesia and we went into the deep slumber.   

 When I opened my eyes, I saw myself being tied to a pillar at one corner of the room and JP tied on the other corner of the room. There was no one around us. I shouted at him and he stirred a bit.

"JP get up and help me" I ordered him. He nodded and tried releasing himself. After much pulling, he released himself and tried opening my ropes. My ropes were too tight to be opened by hands. There wasn't a knife or any other thing to open it.  We were still thinking of ways when.. 

"hiss'hiss..hiss'" We heard someone talking to us in snake language. As we don't know snake language we had no idea what this person was talking about, so I replied what I heard "hiss'hiss..hiss.." hoping he or she hears and comes to release us. We waited for the response and after few moments we heard the voice coming closer to me so I pitched my voice a bit louder repeating it again and again "hiss'hiss'.hiss.." and stopped as I saw a black cobra entering slowly moving towards us and stood before us few feet away.

The snake was waving looking at us; it looked like he was enjoying looking at our dreaded condition. Slowly the snake started moving towards me as I was more near then JP. My voice went into silent mode coz as much as I tried screaming there was no voice coming out. Even JP was experiencing the same situation. As the ropes were not opening, JP came up with a better solution. He started pushing the pillar.

"JP Are you mad. What the hell are you doing?" I asked him, looking at him as he was pushing the pillar with all his strength.

"riddhima we don't have any other option.  The pillar is not that strong, just try pushing it" he said and watching his dedication, I joined him as I saw the cobra slowly moving towards us.

Praying,  I screamed "Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh'" filling my lungs with as much air as I can as it was a do or die situation for us. I pulled myself hard hitting the wall on the opposite side making the roof fall on JP.  Composing myself, I released myself and tried looking for JP as he was hidden under the roof somewhere in the middle of the room. I  looked up and saw the clear dark sky as it was night  and went near JP making sure the black cobra was no where around and tried to make him get up as he was sleeping coz the roof hit him on his head. When he didn't open his eyes in a simple sober way, I slapped him really hard totaling 9 times, left-right, right-left. Finally he opened his eyes and I took a sigh of relief.

"JP get up we need to run" I said and pulled him and without letting him open his mouth, grabbed his hand and ran out. It was so strange to find no one around, I mean we were kidnapped and no one was there to keep an eye on us. Anyways that wasn't the time to think about facts and figures, so we did what  a normal person do after escape- run. 

 We were running with full speed as if we were participating in the marathon without even looking back. As we ran out of breath we stopped and high-fived each other after finally escaping and looked around but to our astonishment we were standing at the same spot from where we started running. We were running round and round for the past half and hour. Hitting our forehead for our stupidity, we looked around for the gate to escape. We reached the gate and saw a car, a motorcycle and cycle parked. We looked at each other and after some deep thinking selected cycle as our vehicle to escape. There was a solid reason behind this-- we don't know how to drive a car- so choosing car wasn't even an option, the motorcycle had petrol but the tyres were punctured and the only vehicle left was cycle.

Sitting on the cycle, I wiped my forehead as I pedaled the cycle with JP sitting on the carrier behind me, moving the cycle with his two feet.  His head was paining coz of his head hitting the roof and moreover he doesn't know how to ride a cycle so I was the one pedaling the cycle as he was sitting behind me enjoying the thandi-thandi hawa. It took me close to one hour to cover just 1 mile.

 "sir..there they are" we heard someone's voice and turned around and saw our kidnappers catching us in the car.

"Riddhima..speed bada..they are just behind us" JP said as I pedalled the cycle using all my energy.  As we were running using cycles and they were in car it didn't took them a long time to catch us.  They caught us again and took us back to the place from where we just ran out.

We were taken to the same place from where we escaped an hour ago except the place was not looking like as it was the time we saw it last time. There was a big house like the one I have always dreamt of in front of my eyes painted with plastic washable paint that can stand the rainy season. I was still in my thought praising the beauty of the house when I heard one of the kidnappers shouting on JP.

"Now you see what our boss is gonna do to you. You broke his outhouse and he'll break your bones'mwahaaaaa'." The excitement in his voice of  seeing JP getting beaten today scared us as pointing his finger at JP, they all started laughing. Although JP had no fault as I was the one coz of whom JP was there in the first place and it was me who broke their outhouse, I was too scared to open my mouth and that's coz the kidnapper wasn't looking like a kidnapper in the first place. He looked more like a vampire with his sharp pointed canine teeth ready to take flesh out from the body with just one bite. With JP it would have taken time coz of his fat body structure as compared to me with weak bones and just a thin layer of muscle. So the best option was to stay quiet.

 JP was too scared to say anything and as I looked at him, I muttered a silent sorry as he was giving me those murderous look which wasn't scary at all coz of his chubby cheeks. I giggled a bit and quickly covered my mouth before any one noticed me.

We were thrown into the big room and locked from outside before we could say something. Sitting inside the room with nowhere to escape except for a window that was built so high that even if I stand on JP I won't be able to reach, we were cursing our fate.  We had such a golden chance to escape but our bad luck, we were caught again. They locked us in the room as they were waiting for their Head to show up as if I didn't know who he was which was a misconception as I seriously didn't knew who he was before I met him.

I looked at JP as he was sitting at the other end of the room. I walked towards him and sitting in front of him tried talking to him.

"I am sorry JP..please forgive me" I shouldn't have laughed in the first place, but his face looked so funny that I couldn't control myself. I apologized for my behavior many times and finally he had to forgive me when I made a cute-pity face.

 Sitting on the ground silently, I rhymed the alphabets in my mind to pass time as I had no idea why we were kidnapped in the first place. All of a sudden JP stood up and started dancing on the silent music. I had no idea what happened to him all of a sudden as I slowly realized that he is in shock and has lost his mental stability. After few seconds I joined him too in his madness as I was shown the actual reason of the dance. We were dancing at our change in luck, holding the cell phone that JP had in his hand which he just found in his pocket.

Feeling tired we sat down as we started weaving our plan to escape. Now the only problem was- his cell phone had just enough battery life and money to make a maximum of one call. We had to be very careful and with the penny and spend it wisely as this was our only chance to escape. The only true person available at such an hour was- Sumu.  Armaan was the kidnapper and calling him wasn't even an option. Armaan was in the house when we were kidnapped, so I was sure he must have told something to Aunt Carol to avoid any kind of suspicion about me missing from the house, so the only trustful person left was Sumu.

Praying to almighty I dialed her number and clutched the phone tightly as I heard the ringer on the other side.

"hello..riddhima..how is he?" I heard these words coming directly from her mouth. I so wanted to go inside the phone and beat her inside out. Kya zamaana aa gaya hai. My best friend had no concerned feelings towards me as she was more interested in knowing about his well-being. 

"He is absolutely fine" I replied clutching my teeth as even thinking about him was making me mad "and before you start again listen to me very carefully, Me and JP are kidnapped. Do something, call for help but not from'hello'hello..hello'"end of call. It was our final call and then the rest was up to God and Sumu.

Seconds passed into minutes and minutes into hours but there was no sign of her. We were losing hope when all of a sudden the door opened and Sumu was pushed into the room like we were two hours back. Quickly we ran up to her and making her get up from the ground threw our volley of questions using the JSR sign language- the short form of jiggy, sumu, riddhima sign language we had invented the moment we saw Sumu being pushed inside.         

We covered our mouth in shock as she told us the story. He put sumu's life in danger to get back to me. Why? What has she done? Just coz I called her to get us out, he stooped this low. We were still in the middle of our coping from the shock session when the door opened and we were taken out.

Back to present

Sorry for the interruption but my papa is here to meet me.

"papa.." I cry calling him with my hands out of the cell as he is standing few distance away talking to Armaan.  They are talking about me for sure as I see my dad looking at me in-between his talks.  They walk towards me and stands on the opposite side of the cell.

"papa..please take me out. He is not listening to me..please papa.. I have already said sorry so many times but he is not listening to me.. he is a heartless creature. He has no heart " I throw my accusations at him looking at my dad as Armaan is standing beside him cool as a cucumber, listening to my each and every accusation having no effect.

"sir she is such a Drama queen..are you aure she is your daughter" he smiles mocking me. This is the limit. Mere ko drama queen bola, abhi batati hoon. Now I don't care if I am forced to live in this cell for my entire life. Taking my shoe out, I hit him on his head really hard before he can do something.

"sir  see this is what I was talking about. She always take me for granted thinking I'll leave her like always but not this time, not even in my dreams. If it wasn't for you, I would have increased her jail term from 2 days to 2 months for hitting a police officer. " he  proudly shows of his badge which he has been showing to me from the time I came to know the truth. Armaan malik who I believed was just my boss is actually a police officer appointed by my dad to protect me from those bad people.  And now that the truth is out, he isn't leaving a single chance of flaunting his badge in front of me,  telling me indirectly about his braveness. How much low can he get?

"beta what is this?"

"DAD... Even you think I am behiaving childishly. You should ask him. He is always mocking me, showing off his badge all the time. I can't stand him anymore. Fire him and take me out from here." Giving an utlimatum to them, I turn around as I hear them whispering something.

"okay beta, you'll be out tomorrow morning but promise me that you won't hit him anymore."

"Whole night..can't you reduce it'please'" with a hope I look at my dad as he looks at him. Armaan shake his head negatively, the same act is repeated by my dad looking at me.   

"fine.." I stomp my feet and and sit, waiting for the morning so I can turn myself into a free bird again.

To be continue..

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