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Part 7 : You Will Forever Be My Always (AR SS)

RECAP: Arima says her first word "Mama making both her parents immensely happy. Ridhima finally confesses her love for Armaan giving him a beautiful surprise on his birthday. Ridhima has her checkup and is a little dejcted because of the lack of improvement in her memory but somehow Armaan cheers her up. They attend a Pooja at Ridhima's parents where an old neighbor tells Ridhima to try Hypnosis so as to get her memory back but even before Ridhima can say something Armaan walks in and rightly refuses the idea.

Another few days had passed by and love and prosperity just grew around them. Life was molding in an amazing away, everything was perfect for the couple and they couldn't help but fall more in love with each other with every passing day. However like the saying goes even the clearest of water has a dark particle in it and same was the case for them. Lie was indeed wonderful but Ridhima had not yet
regained her memory or even shown any sign of remembering anything and though she very rarely spoke about this but it really did bother her. She felt absolutely terrible for not remembering all the golden moments of her life such as her marriage, Arima's birth and God knows how many more. Yes Armaan had told her all about it, showed her various pictures and videos but still just seeing it and actually remembering how it felt then are two different things and try hard she could not feel better about it and though this topic was hardly spoken off Armaan still knew how bad she felt about it but he had no choice but to wait quietly till he got some updates from the specialist in Banglore and so the topic was left as it is.
It was around four in the afternoon and Ridhima was getting Arima ready as she (Arima) had her monthly check up and vaccination due. She glanced at the wall clock and seeing the time she tried hurrying up with the task at hand because she knew Armaan who had gone to work would be back any minute to pick them up for the hospital. "Aru...No masti bacha, abhi dada ayenge to he will get mad ki aap abhi tak ready nahi ho, phir woh apse baat nahi karenge, apke sath khelenge bhi nahi..You don't want that right? she tried to blackmail the baby who was absolutely in no mood to wear her clothes and kept rolling around at every chance she got. "Liar... she heard someone say and turning around she found her husband standing leaning against the door frame with that drop dead gorgeous smile of his making an instant smile appear on her face too "Tum kab aye? " she asked still struggling to hold the little monster who was now fidgeting even more trying to reach her dada. "Tab Aya jab Tum Meri Choti princess ko mere naam se blackmail kar Hai thi...Don't listen to Mama baby she is lying...Aise Ho sakta hai kya ki dada pani angel se baat na kare...Itsh not poshible only...Not poshible he said walking towards the duo and picking up a diaper clad Arima who was super excited to see him home so early in his arms and cuddling her to himself. He looked towards Ridhima who had a prominent frown on her face after hearing his words. "Ho gaya ? Now giver her to me...Kabse Bina kapdo ke baithi hai she will catch a cold and just to remind you Mr. Malik we are getting late as well to aap dono ko mere khilaf jo bhi batein karni hai woh bad main araam se karlena said Ridhima still with a frown making Armaan chuckle at her. "Arey par Main Kaha tumhare khilaf baat kar raha tha? Woh to Tum hi mere chote se Bache ko blackmail kar rahi thi woh bhi mera naam le kar To Socho use kitna Bura laga hoga...That's why I was just clarifying it with her said Armaan sitting on the bed with Arima in his lap trying to act all innocent but one glare from Ridhima and he just smiled sheepishly and quietly put Arima down on the bed who once again rolled over on her stomach making Armaan chuckle and Ridhima glare at him harder which instantly made him zip his lips. She then pulled Arima a little near so as to get her dressed but the little munchkin wouldn't stop playing around "Aru Mama last time bol rahi hai apko masti Mat Karo...apko Thand lag jayegi baby she said in a slightly firm tone to the naughty baby who was now enjoying the way her mom was trying to persuade her. Seeing Arima not willing to budge at all she sighed deeply and kept the dress she held back on the bed and looked towards Arima with a defeated face and thereafter just looked away. The little baby on the other hand as if understanding that her mother is now upset immediately stopped moving hoping that it would pleas her mom but when she saw Ridhima all ready to get up from the bed she at once held her kurta in her tiny fist and blabbered cutely "Mam...Ma...Ma... as if apologizing for troubling her. An instant smile came up on both Armaan and Ridhima's face on seeing their little angel who though was a naughty brat but at the same time was such an understanding child that they couldn't help but feel proud at her. "Very smart...pehle Mama ko khud tang Karo phir aise cute se faces Banao so that Mama cannot even get mad at you... Said Ridhima picking up Arima and cuddling her close to herself while Armaan Just smiled seeing the two most important girls in his life. "Of course she is smart Jaan...Akhir Beti kiski hai ? " asked Armaan proudly as he moved closer to the to the of them "Meri replied Ridhima instantly shutting him up there and there and the next second they both laughed out while Arima though confused as to what was so funny flaunted her tootles grin . Finally after all the masti and cajoling Arima was dressed by both her parents and the little family made their way out of the house.
~At The Clinic~
Ridhima was waiting in the waiting area with Arima in her lap who was kept busy by her little rattle while Armaan had who just gotten an important call excused himself and stepped out for a minute as there was anyway some time till their turn came. Just then a nurse came with a form which was to be filled before the checkup, seeing Arima clinging to Ridhima the nurse offered to fill it for her to which she (Ridhima) agreed because it would be very difficult for her to write with Arima in her lap.
Nurse: Patient's name?
Ridhima: Arima Armaan Malik
Nurse: Age ?
Ridhima: 6 and half months
Nurse: blood group?
"Blood group? The nurse repeated on getting no reply. "Ma'am...Blood group? She asked for the third time now shifting her focus away from the form and towards Ridhima who sat still, looking rather confused. "I...I don't know replied Ridhima not daring to look up making the nurse frown at her. "Uhmm okay...Any allergies? The nurse asked the next question but was shocked to hear the same reply. "Last vaccination date? "Asked the nurse trying to ignore how surprised she felt hearing her (Ridhima's answers) and just wanting to get done with her job. Thankfully enough before Ridhima could answer Armaan walked in after getting done with his call. "Sorry Ridhima woh call thoda important tha to...Oh I am sorry maine apko dekha nahi. Oh yes yes this form was to be filled right? Just give this to me Ill fill it up Said Armaan coming and sitting beside Ridhima and on seeing the nurse holding Arima's form he took it from her and started filling it himself while Ridhima just sat quietly feeling really bad for not knowing such basic details about her own child. It was times like these that made her hate herself for losing her memory. "Oye...Kya hua? Where are you lost? asked Armaan after filling the form and seeing her lost in her thoughts but she just shook her head saying nothing and he too brushed it off thinking that she was probably just worried for Arima's vaccination. He had actually stepped out of the clinic to attend his call due to the low network there and so was unaware of the conversation she had with the nurse...After sometime they were called inside and after doing the general check-up it was now time for the vaccination and needless to say the little angel left no stone unturned in crying her lungs out. "Shhh...bash...bash baby...its over...finish ho gaya na...Ab bash shhh Cooed Ridhima as she instantly picked up her little baby in her arms while Armaan who stood beside her gently rubbed the vaccinated sight of her hand to soothe her. "Don't worry guys she will be okay...Maine kuch medicines likhi hai, just in case she gets a fever which is very common after the vaccination and till her next checkup just continue with the vitamins I had given earlier as she still is a little underweight. said Muskaan (Arima's doctor) while passing on the prescription to Armaan and smiling seeing the concern both of them had for their child who was now quietly sobbing hiding while hiding her face in her mother's nape. Thanking Muskaan they exited the clinic and were just getting into the car when Ridhima realized that she had left her phone inside Muskan's cabin and so giving Arima to Armaan she went back in to collect her phone... Ridhima had just collected her phone from the cabin and was leaving when she overhead the same nurse who was filling Arima's form earlier speak to another nurse "Ek Maa Hoke apne bache ke bare Main Kuch nahi janti...I mean mujhe to samaj hi nahi araha tha Kya bolu, woh apne hi bache ke bare mein Itne Important details nahi janti thi. A lone tear involuntarily made its way down her eyes, true the nurse did not know her and what her reasons were but still those words stung...and they stung bad. Somehow getting a grip on her tears she walked out and made her way to the car where Armaan and Arima were already seated. Throughout the journey Ridhima seemed very quiet which was obviously noticed by Armaan, he tried talking to her but she just replied in monosyllables making him wonder as to what has happened to her. Finally they reached home and after she made a sleeping Arima lay comfortably in her crib he held her hand stopping her from moving any further...Ridhima... he called her out softly making her turn towards him. "Hmm...? She asked not meeting his gaze but after a few seconds when he said nothing and just kept staring at her intently she was forced to look up at him "Armaan...Kya hua? She asked feeling a little conscious under his gaze. "That's what I want to know Ridhima...Kya hua? Main kabse dekh raha hoon you look so lost and not to forget upset as well He asked as he let his arms go around her waist and pull her closer to himself. "Na...nahi to! Aisa Kuch nahi hai... she replied with her eyes casted down. "Jab jhoot bolne ata hi nahi hai to why do you even try? He said placing his fingers on her chin and making her look up at him "What's wrong Jaan, mujhe nahi batogi ? he asked her yet again and hearing the tenderness in his voice she could no longer hold herself and a tear made its way down her eyes which just made him frown "Ridh... before he could say something she just hugged him really tight catching him off guard for a second but he as always just embraced her securely in his arms, he could feel his shirt getting wet by her tears and was now more curious than ever to know what had led her to cry so much "Hey...Shh, Ridhima...kya hua sweetheart? " he asked gently rubbing her back to soothe her. "Ar...Armaan She tried framing a proper sentence but the crying had just blocked up her throat preventing her from speaking any further and so she just hugged him tighter and cried harder. "Shhh bas bas...Ridhima at least tell me hua kya hai why are you crying so much baby? Aap batoge Nahi to how will I know...hmm? he worriedly asked as he caressed her hair to calm her down but she said nothing and went on crying making his heart sink more and more with every passing second. He mentally replayed her words trying to understand what she actually wanted to say and soon enough he was able to or at least thought so join the dots "Ridhima...Aru theek hai bacha this is not her first injection, tumhe yaad nahi hoga lekin last time to usne pore hospital ko sir par utha liya tha in fact I would say she was much better this time... he said assuming that she was upset because of how much Arima had cried. Hearing him Ridhima's arms that had held him tightly loosened its grip and she slowly parted from the hug which made him more confident that his guess was right as she had instantly stopped crying. "Hey...cheer up sweetheart she will be fine...Isi baat se itni upset ho na ? Humari princess bohot strong hai so don't worry at all okay he said cupping her face in his palms and swiping off all the tear trances visible. She looked up at him and slowly nodded her head plastering a small smile while he simply bend down and planting a kiss on her head took her in a warm comforting hug...His words "Tumhe yaad nahi hoga... played in her mind like a broken tape recorder. She knew he did not mean it that way but somehow those words just hurt her real bad maybe because it was already a sensitive topic for her and him saying it just opened up some wounds that were very much still raw...Main change karke ate hoon tab tak Tum bhi fresh Ho jao and don't worry Aru Bilkul theek hai okay ? He assured her once more and seeing her nod again he smiled and went off to change unable to notice the pain behind her halfhearted smile.


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