Thursday, 18 October 2018

Teaser : Closet Fun (Arsh mini)

"I was thinking.."


"What..!! Please don't tell me you were thinking the same thing as me.."

"For the love of am I supposed to know what goes in that head of yours.."

"Okay okay..there was no need of snapping at me like that."

"Am sorry..its just that..this whole situation..urrgghh!! Everything seems to be a brain's all muddled..and am super confused!"

"Even am sorry,Armaan..but to be very honest, even am confused."

"Regarding what, Shilpa!"


"Same here."

"So that is why I was thinking..lets just get lost from here..and..and.."

"And get ourselves locked up in a closet and then return all mussed up and let their imaginations run wild.."

"Woaaahhh..I didn't think it that far..I was just..thiking.."


"Umm..I was just thinking and me could..just..go someplace...private...and know..let me smudge your face with a lil of my gloss..and you could do the know..and then let their imagination run wild."

"But Shilpa..there's a problem."

"Uhh..what exactly."

"You forgot, babe, that am not wearing any gloss."

"Armaaan!!Seriously!!! You honestly know how to ruin it hell with leaving.."

"Hey..hey am sorry..It just came out all wrong..but seriously, I get the part of you smearing your lip gloss all  over me..but how am I supposed to do the same to you!!"

" could try something different, you know."

"Holy S***."


"Oh damn!!"

"Whaaattt..Armaan you are scaring me now..will you tell me what's wrong with you..!!"

"Lets go.."

"What..where to!! Armaan stop..oh for Pete's sake just stop arready..where on earth are you dragging me to..! Arrmaaan!!!"

"Ssshhh! You asked for you are gonna get it.."


"Let's go and have some 'closet fun' babe.."



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