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Unknown Truth continuation (1)

Since this story was written from Riddhima's POV and nobody knew what was going on in Armaan's mind, I have written this and the next 2-3 parts from Armaan's POV.

 Part- I

"Riddhima..atleast listen to me.."I walked behind her trying to manofying her as she was walking ahead. She had the angry look on her face as she turned and looked at me.

"I wasn't ogling at her. She was the one, looking at me. Main to bas..."

"bas kya Armaan, I saw you ogling at her and she was....Chee Armaan, never expected this from you"

"but I was ogling at you. She was sitting beside you, to meri kya galti hai" I replied. It was true, I just saw that girl one time. Ab voh hi mujhe dekh rahi thi to mein kya karoon. Making a puppy pleading face, I was walking behind her to make her talk to me as she was avoiding me.

"enough Armaan, don't lie to me and I am not gonna talk to you this time. Yeh pehli baar nahin hai when you did this. You always do this and although I love you a lot, i can't tolerate this attitude of yours. Whenever we go to cinema to watch a film, you do this. More than the film, your eyes wander to the girls around. But not anymore, I will sleep in the guest room and don't you dare follow me" she said and moved towards the guest room and I realized the reason behind the sudden outburst.

"Riddhima" I called her and stood in front of her before she could enter the guest room.

"It's about the bed..isn't" I asked her as she tried avoiding looking into my eyes.

"so it is about the bed" I told her keeping my hands on the waist as she was looking at everywhere but me.

"Armaan let me go, I am sleepy" She tried pushing me so she can go to the guest room.

"not so easily Riddhima" I told her running towards the guest room and closed it before she could enter.

"Armaan, that's not fair" I heard her. "It's my turn today" she was hitting the door as I was sitting on the bed, covering my ears with buds as her high pitch voice was making me mad.

You all must be thinking what a bad guy I am, behaving like this with my wife, than let me tell you, after knowing the whole history of what happened from that day to today, you'll definitely say "Armaan yeh to kucch bhi nahin hai as compared to what Riddhima did"

So what actually happened was......


We were packing for our honeymoon and talking about our honeymoon, she was soooo excited, I am writing so with extra o's coz she was extra excited, the main reason was the foreign trip and by now you must have known that whenever she gets excited, something or the other happens. She was packing with overexcitement, stuffing bags with clothes and more clothes and more clothes. She emptied the whole cupboard and the best part- all the bags were kept on the bed. Now as the bags were overflowing with clothes, it wasn't getting closed. So Riddhima came up with another unique idea. She started jumping on the bag to get is closed. Usse bhi bag band bahin hua, to she came up with another brilliant idea. I don't know from where she gets all unique ideas. Instead of taking some clothes out, she made me sit on the bag and tried closing it. Ab bechara bed kitna handle karta...the moment me and Riddhima jumped on the bag, we heard a cracking sound which was followed by the breaking of the bed into two pieces.

"Riddhima didn't happened" I looked at her hoping what occurred few seconds back wasn't a part of reality. My brand new bed into two pieces...i can only imagine it. Tell me this is just a dream.

"Armaan, I am sorry" she whispered slowly. "galti se toot gaya" she was looking at her hands trying to avoid me.

"galti se nahin toota, tumhari bewakoofi ki wajah se toota" I told her hitting her forehead slightly. You know after shopping for around 5 hours, we chose this bed and in just a second it was down into two pieces. I felt like crying but before I could even express my feeling, I heard her sniffing.

"don't start again Riddhima I won't melt this time. Yours crocodile tears won't work on me anymore" I told her as a matter of fact and got up from the bed.   

"but I wasn't crying. I have cold so I was just sniffing" she replied innocently.

"Really... 5 minutes pehle to tumhe kucch nahin hua tha. Than how come all of a sudden you got cold" I looked at her accusingly. This was followed by a 2 minute silence and I knew what was going on in the small little mind of hers.

Riddhima and her nautakis were increasing day by day. Just last week, she was caught red-handed throwing her glassful of milk down the kitchen sink. Aunt Carol gave me clear instruction to give her a glass of milk every day and she was wasting it in front of my own eyes. 

Now your question will be what actually Riddhima did. So when I asked her the reason of throwing the milk, you know what excuse she gave "Armaan, voh.. I was about to drink par kya hai na...voh ...voh..ha...maine ek cat ki awaaz suni, she was asking for milk with her cute puppy eyes. Ab main kaise pee sakti hoon, so I was giving it to her."

"Down the kitchen sink" I asked her.

"The voice was coming down the sink, that's why I was giving it from here" she said innocently.

"accha..but just now you told me that you actually saw the cat..uska kya excuse hai" I saw her staring at me and her staring at me just means one thing " she is thinking of something more weird to save herself." Whenever she gets caught, which btw is almost all the time, she stares at me for a minute and comes up with something senseless that I can only imagine. This time too it was the same- very innocently she replied "the cat first came at the window and called me in her cat language "meow..meow.." and when I looked at her, I saw her hungry eyes. Pata nahin kitna time se use milk nahin milla. When I moved towards her, she ran down and stood at the end of the pipe where this pipe ends, wiggling her tail asking me to give it to her. To I was just following orders of the cat."

Have you ever heard such a long and stupid excuse, I don't know how she even thinks that coming up with such kind of excuses will save her.

"Riddhima teri nautanki ab nahin chalegi. Aur koi excuse nahin mila- cat and her empty stomach" I told her. This was the limit. I always thought that the parachute excuse she gave in the office was the baap of all excuse but this one. How can someone even think of such excuses? You know I used to ask this question to myself but now I am used to it. Expecting a logical excuse from Riddhima is like, expecting sun to rise from west. 

"Armaan you called me a nautanki. How mean?" she said pouting. "I was just helping that cat"

"Riddhima, you think I'll buy that excuse" I was surprised hearing her. She actually thought that her excuse made sense. How weird can it get?

"so what's wrong in this excuse. Pata hai kitna dimag use kiya maine to come up with this excuse and instead of praising me for such a creative brain, you are calling me nautanki. Yehi respect hai tumhari eyes mein, for your wife. Calling her nautanki all the time..."she gave me an accusing look and crossing her hands turned her back towards me.

If you ask me, I try hard to be mad at her when she doesn't take care of herself but her weird excuses and way of saying makes me fall in love with her even more. When I was shown her photograph for the first time, I looked at her just like any other client but our first meeting made me realize there is more to this. She was the first one who instead of saying sorry or thank you, looked at me and said "my- my a hottie". The way she was looking at me and smiling, I couldn't help but smile at her behaviour. She behaved just like a kid, it's not like there is any change in her. She is still a kid at heart and that's what I love the most about her. She thinks from her heart which is clearly visible in her talks and her actions.

As Riddhima had not spoken for two minutes, I knew she couldn't make up any excuse. Actually it's very simple. If under two minutes, she opens her mouth, get ready to hear her another 'out of this world' excuse but if she doesn't speak in two minutes, you should know "she is running out of ideas and it's time to manofy her" or if you have the courage get ready to hear heavy filmy dialogues which she speaks after practising in her mind.

As I wasn't in the mood to hear some filmy dialogues, it was time to manofy her. It depends on my mood, when I want to hear some action packed dialogues, I go with the second option but generally I go with the first one coz that was is very easy and simple to implement. 

"Riddhima...I believe you. You got cold while packing. Even I can't think of something of this level. Kahan se paya itna tez dimaag tumne" I told her and knew I had hit the bull's eye as I noticed a faint smile at the corner of her lips.

Standing behind her, I wrapped my hands around her waist as she tried pushing me.

" always have your way...isn't. First you make me mad and then use your charms to melt me" she said so cutely that I couldn't help kissing her on the cheek. Turning around, I looked at her and saw her looking at her hands. She looks so cute when she blushes.

" baby is blushing" I teased her as she hugged me tightly, hiding her face in my chest whispering "I love you".

I couldn't help smiling at her as I whispered "I love you too" kissing on her forehead, holding her tightly.   

This is not the reason for us fighting for the guest room bed; this was just a small reason in the big reason, just like we have a sub-set of a set. The breaking of bed was just the start. Actual reasons followed after that.

 We had a flight to catch that night, so leaving the bed, the same way; we packed our bags and reached the airport. Dad, Aunt Carol, Sumu and JP came to see us at the airport. After bidding good-bye we made our way to the plane and settled ourselves on our seat. Everything was going fine; actually 'fine' is not the correct word. Everything was going way too smoothly which was hard for me to digest. Riddhima ho aur kuch bhi na ho. I was still in my thinking process when her actions started.

Since it was her foreign trip, the excitement was dripping from her face. She called the air-hostess after every half an hour asking for this and that, making the air- hostess mad. I looked at her apologetically, apologizing at my wife's behaviour. I have to say this- the hostess had a lot of patience coz with the speed Riddhima was calling and irritating her; any person in her place would have thrown her out of the plane without even giving a parachute.

I am not making this up coz the minute the flight landed, that air hostess actually came up to me and asked me " I don't even know you, maine aapka kya bigaara tha that you did this to me" I was really feeling sorry for her. All I could do was- look at her with sympathy.

We reached the hotel where we were supposed to stay and entered our room, after that what happened...

To be continued....

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