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Unknown Truth continuation (2)


We reached the hotel where we were supposed to stay and entered our room.

"OMG...OMG... OMG...." she screamed throwing her bag on the bed, covering her mouth with her hands as she looked out of the window. "Armaan.." she turned to look at me. "this sooooo big and look at the view, it's so beautiful and there's a beach too...thank you sooo much Armaan" she hugged me as I smiled at her actions. Her cute childish acts are more than enough to make me fall in love with her more deeply. 

"You know what floor this is" I asked standing behind her as she nodded negatively looking at the beach. 

"14th floor" I whispered reminding her about the incident in the office, making her cheeks turn red. I can never forget that one. It was a scary but at the same time memorable one. After lunch when I entered my room, what was I looking at- "Bakra" written all over the place and at few places even the Bakra was made. My first reaction was to kill the person who did this and as I was still thinking about the real culprit who had the guts to do this in my absence, I saw her in front of my own eyes. Who else can come up with such kind of ideas?

 If you ask me, I never thought that Riddhima could do this but our previous encounters forced me to believe- only she can pull off something of this level. She was hanging from the window with closed eyes and I was like- "is she out of her mind?" Here I was trying to protect her and she wanted to commit suicide by hanging from my office window. But the look on her face told me something else. If I am not wrong, she was actually dreaming about something. I still have no clue what she was dreaming coz whenever I try to ask her, she changes the topic. All I know is that it is something related to me coz I had heard her dream talk where she was laughing at me.   

"Armaan now don't get started" she said trying to releasing herself.

"But I haven't even started yet" I replied, bringing her more close, kissing her nape.

"Shut up.." she playfully hit my arm. "Don't corrupt my innocent mind with your dirty jokes"

"Innocent mind and yours....accha" Turning her around, I looked at her. "Who had the whole glassful of milk on our first night...Me or you and who gave all love bites. I still have the proof, you know, Should I show you?..." I teased her making her blush. Oh gosh I love this expression. Whenever I tease her, she gets all red and tries to hide herself like a 5 year old girl.

"Armaan you are getting naughtier day by day. Stop teasing me" she pouted. I pecked her lips and brushing the hair off her face spoke "okay no more teasing, I forgot my wife can't handle it." I smiled cheekily, releasing her as she shook her head turning to go to the washroom.

"But I can do this" I said, tickling her from behind making her run around the whole room as I chased her. We fell on the bed with me beside her, hearing her laugh like a kid holding her stomach.

"Armaan you are so bad... see what you have done, my stomach is paining....oyi ma.." she said in between her laugh. I couldn't stop smiling at her innocence. She is such a kid at heart and her childish act brings out the child inside me that got lost somewhere.  Getting our breath back we stood up and got ready for some sight- seeing.       

Before continuing further let me show you TO-DO list. No price in guessing who's actually came up with this thought. Idea to Riddhima ka hi tha but as I wrote it on the paper, it was called "our list". Let me show you what all is there in the TO-DO list.

                                    OUR FIRST HONEYMOON TO-DO LIST

Created by:- Mrs. Riddhima Mailk

Written by:- Mr. Armaan Malik

Duration:- Two weeks, starting from the day of landing.

1)      No early morning exercise

2)      No milk

3)      No name calling i.e. nautanki or drama queen

4)      No making fun or laughing at the other person

5)      Accepting all the reasons and excuses whole heartedly.

6)      The most important- purse should be filled with money.

Punishment: In case any of the above rules are broken, the person breaking the rule will do what the other says.

Phew long list, I know and reading the list there's no prize in guessing why it was made in the first place. The punishment is in bold so none of us forgets it. Both of us had actually planned a long list of punishments to give to the other in case any of the rules is broken and we were waiting for the opportunity. At that time we had never thought that this list will actually land us into a lot of troubles, more precisely me into a lot of trouble.

We left the hotel and got into the bus. Riddhima ko to mauka chaiye excited hone ka, it was same there also. We sat in the open bus and her bak-bak started.

"Armaan..look here ...voh dekho such a big shop and look..look...there's a SRK poster...mera hero..just look at his expression...marr hi daala..hayeeeee..." okay till this point any husband like me can tolerate his wife praising another man in front of him. But when it goes beyond "hayee", you need to buckle up.

" hero" she passed a flying kiss. Now how can it not make me mad? PDA with a hero is okay but when it comes to husband it's a big NO-NO. Yeh kaisi insaafi Ab main bhi kaise peeche rehta even I thought of doing something. Bas phir kya tha. I saw a big poster of Angelina Jolie and started praising her.

"Riddhima look at her, she is looking sooo....."Turning around I stopped mid-sentence and looked at her expressions. Waah..kya expression tha...JEALOUSY was written all over her face.

"She is looking so...Why don't you finish it Armaan" she spoke sarcastically. As the war had officially begun, I had no intention of backing out. And why should I'll be the one always backing out. I wanted to show her the true colour of jealousy, how it feels when she praises another man in front of me so instead of stopping I continued praising her.

"you really want to know.."I asked to see her nodding positively. Ab jab green signal mil his gaya tha to how can I stay behind.     

"she is soo..ummm..and she is sooo....ummm...and she is soooo.... I won't tell you. Tumhe jo samajhna hai samajh lo." I told her and turned my face the other side. Let me tell you a secret before I continue, I don't know much about Angelina jolie. Vo to maine bas Riddhima to jalane ke liya bola tha.

"MUAHAHAAA" I was laughing in my mind thinking about her expressions. It's either jaw dropping in case she is in shock or narrowed eyes if a plan is being formed in her mind. As I turned and looked at her, it was the combination of both,

Jaw dropping+ Narrowed eyes= Deadly combination. 

" you won't tell me" she asked as I shook my head negatively. "Fine now see what I am gonna do" she said. Giving me the DHAMKI, she turned her face the other way, crossing her hands as my brain started thinking about what her next step is gonna be.

To be honest in my profession, I have never been scared of the Gundas but her DHAMKI's- Pata nahin kab Riddhima ka dimag use kya idea de, consequences to mujhe hi face karna padta hai. I have been into near death situations quite a number of times. One was when we were captured by the tribal people. Acting kab reality ban jaaye, I realized that day. That was the day when I saw her true self. The way she swears, MY GOSH, few words were new for me too. Before that incident, I had a very sweet image of hers. A simple, sweet, innocent girl who doesn't even know what swearing is.  But when she opened her mouth and swore non-stop at the tribal people, I was shocked out of my wits. Itni swearing to maine apni life mein nahin kii jitni Riddhima na uss time ki thi. When the tribal people captured us, I thought this is the end but thanks to her swearing, they only took her away. Trust me more than my life, I was scared for her. The whole day, I was hiding few distances away waiting for the night. My heart was ready to come out from my mouth watching her tied with a tree. Vahan bhi iska drama khatam nahin hua. The moment I went and opened her tied hands, instead of running away she ran to the kitchen to get some food. Can you believe this?     

We got out of the jungle and I was like- hota hai, kabhi kabhi aisa hota hai. It's now like this will happen again but hua, uss din phir se hua. When we were waiting for the lift and she forced me to lie down like a dead body. The truck was so near aur main actually darr gaya tha. Dying in the hands of the truck coz of her stupidity scared me. Vo to accha hua that I moved out of the way in time otherwise I wouldn't be alive to tell you my story.

Somehow I had actually controlled my temper after that incident, koi aur hota to bhagwan bacchaye use. It's not like I enjoy shouting or yelling at her but she leaves me with no other option. Mere brain ka thermometer reaches the last degree and this usually happens when I hear her not so melodious voice which she thinks is too melodious to handle.

This started when I heard her singing for me. I was actually sleeping on the hospital bed, when I heard the voice. At first I thought, I am just dreaming- itna besura kaun gaa sakta hai. I covered my ears hoping it will stop but when it didn't, I slowly opened my eyes to see her sitting in front of me and singing with closed eyes.

My first reaction was  "No way", this can't be possible. Riddhima singing this badly but when I actually looked at her with my wide open eyes, I realized it's her. Till now she has the misconception that it's me who stopped her from entering the hospital but the truth is, it's wasn't me but the staff who couldn't hear her signing. They begged me to stop her from singing and as I didn't want to hurt her feelings, I took the blame myself by not letting her enter the hospital.

Loving someone is good and I do love her from the bottom of my heart but hearing her beasura awaz is another thing. You can't compare these two. She actually thinks her voice is very melodious but when you will hear her singing tab pata chalega that she actually sucks and when I say sucks, I mean it.       

So here I was thinking about what Riddhima is gonna do next. Dhamki to mujhe mil hi gayi thi bas, uska implementation hona baaki tha. But to my surprise she didn't do anything except stopped talking. This was so not my Riddhima. She can't stop talking and when it's about revenge, shutting her own mouth is not even an option. I was dead sure something was formulating in her mind but what? No idea.

During the whole sight-seeing, she didn't spoke a word and as much as I tried to manofy her, she gave me an expressionless look. At that point who knew what khichdi she was cooking in her devilish mind? Uske har idea ka result to baad mein pata chalta hai. To iss baar bhi baad mein pata chala mere ko.

 As there was no sign of forgiveness on her face, I left it too, thinking may be in few hours she'll be okay.

We reached the hotel and got to know about some party. We thought of attending it and reached the discotheque. As we entered the party hall, we went in different directions, Riddhima to the left and me to the right. I was enjoying, sipping my drink looking at the dance floor, moving to the rhythm. Now if you are wondering why I am not even bothered about my wife, you'll get to know soon.

After close to an hour, I heard the announcement.

"Finally.." I told myself and got up. Finishing the drink, I reached the reception area and saw my wife standing along with 3 men.

"Yo!...what's up who is the lucky one this time" I asked, holding her by the shoulder and looking at the three guys. She pointed to the guy in red having a black eye. I couldn't help laugh, looking at his condition. This time it was pure blackish as compared to last time.

"Riddhima I am impressed, close to one hour and even the colour is darker. You created a new record." I praised her. All this while, her head was lowered but hearing her praises that too from my mouth, she looked up.

" must be hurting" I caressed her black eye as she pouted, nodding her head. Kissing her eye, I asked her "and now.."

"bit better" she replied smiling at me.

I don't need to ask her what must have happened in the last one hour. This is not the first time I am seeing this. It always happen when we go to a discotheque but surprisingly this time, the announcement was made after a good one hour beating the previous one of 45 minutes. I am sure you must be curious to know what happened.

Hota yeh hai ki whenever we go to any disco, Riddhima ji apne control se bahar ho jaati hai, hearing the loud music. She turns mad and it is clearly visible in her dance aur agar koi bollywood rocking number ho, tab to bhagwanji save the person dancing around her. She forgets that there are people around her dancing. And by the time the songs ends, either she is pushed off the dance floor or she pushes other off. In both case, fight to hoti hai and the result is in front of your eyes.

Now you must be thinking how mean of me that I didn't even try to help her.  So let me clear this confusion too. It's not like I never tried, I did but you know what I got in return. Two black swollen eyes, one punched by the guy and the other by Riddhima.

She was dancing on the dance floor and I had gone to get some drink. Sumu and Jp were also there. By the time I came back with drinks in my hand, I saw Riddhima giving a solid punch on his face. JP and Sumu, instead of stopping were actually praising her, telling her to go on.

"Come on more" JP and Sumu shouted.

The drinks fell from my hand and I ran towards her to save her from the punch. Bas yehi galti kar de maine, Riddhima in her fighting mode, forgot who am I and punched my left eye. I turned covering my left eye and that guy punched my right eye, making me fall on the ground. 

Riddhima couldn't see me like this, her patni dharam came into action and she charged like a tigress beating black and blue of the guy who had the guts to hit her husband and the bouncers, they were actually standing and enjoying the whole act coz this was the first time, they saw a lady hitting a guy. It was only when I got up, held her from back and took her outside, she stopped but her verbal abuses were still going on.

It was the first time so I thought it won't happen again but it did happen exactly after one week.  Again I tried saving her and got two black eyes. Still I thought, it won't happen again but exactly after one month, the same incident happened, the only difference, I was not alone. Riddhima was giving me company with one black eye.

After this, I clearly told her either we stop going to discotheque or you handle it yourself. Waise bhi mujhe control karne ki koi zaroorat nahin hai. Riddhima is close to perfect in beating other- whether it's physically or mentally, who else knows it better than me.

I talked to the manager of the hotel and sorted out the matter. The manager left, leaving the five of us alone.

"Don't forget about tomorrow" the guy in the red shirt told her, looking at me.

"yeah...yeah.....I know but you are so gone Dude. Get ready to lose you Loser" she replied with an attitude making 'L' with her fingers.

"and you, Don't be late" he pointed his finger at me as I looked at him confusedly. He left and I slowly turned my attention towards her as she was looking at the ground playing with her fingers.

"Riddhima what was he talking about?" I asked her. I had a slight idea about what the guy was telling me but still I wanted to confirm from her and her expression were pointing towards my thoughts.

"voh..Armaan..kya hai na. Maine bas ek choti...I mean ...main bolna nahin chahti thi..par usne  mujhe  Loser bola with the capital L, and you know jab mujhe koi loser bolta hai to my BIG MOUTH becomes uncontrollable...aur tum bhi nahin the uss time to control"

"Riddhima tumne kya..."I asked crossing my fingers. 

"to maine na...usko bola ki tum na..I mean ki tum..."

"ki main kya .." I said waiting for her to go on. The suspense was killing me.

"I am sorry Armaan...par.."

"but what did you tell him.." I asked holding her shoulder, forcing her to look at me.

"maine....bola ki tum......."

To be continued...

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