Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Unknown Truth continuation (3 B)

"My SRK inspired list" she whispered and gulped as I looked at her accusingly.

"Armaan..I can explain.." she tried putting her point of view, walking behind me trying to catch me .

"NO...NO...NO.." I started screaming covering my ears running as far away as I could from her as she was running behind me, to hold me. I had no interest in listening to her hideous excuse of making the SRK list in the first place. I mean of all the lists in the world, she wasted her time making SRK inspired list. She never get time to make " Armaan list" but SRK list ke liye time hi time hai just coz he is a hero.

"Armaan..please listen to me..please Armaan..." I never noticed this before, but my wife really runs very fast. She was running with stretched hand just like Aishwarya ran in the movie "DEVDAS", in the end, stretching her one hand and screaming "Deva..Deva.." except in my case, she was screaming "Armaan..Armaan.."

See, her company is so contagious when it comes to SRK. Even I have started using SRK movies as examples.

Both of us were running in the park with me covering my ears and just few centimetres ahead as her fingers tips were sometimes touching my jacket. I know we were looking like some jokers and I can't blame you coz the people sitting in the park were also looking at us the same way. But I would prefer being a joker any day, anytime over SRK.

I don't know for how long I ran in the whole park. Feeling tired and not hearing her voice, I assumed she must have stopped so even I stopped not realizing what was in front of me. I bumped into her and moved back.

Quite surprising for me actually, I mean just few seconds back she was behind me then all of a sudden she was standing in front of me. I was looking at her intently, trying to figure out the answer to this question. I applied all the physics I learnt but none of the laws or theories were fitting here.

"Riddhima..how did you?"I asked when I couldn't come up with the solution. I had to know the answer to this question before my curiosity kills the cat inside me.

"Armaan please..meri baat to sun.."

"No..No..pehle mujhe bata ..how did you..you were behind me then how...out of nowhere you came in front of me and I didn't even noticed it"

"Armaan...I am standing here from the last 10 minutes. It's just that this time you bumped into me. You were so busy running away that you didn't even notice..."

"Oh..I see.." I smiled at my foolishness but without her noticing that I was smiling at my stupidity. I smiled an "I-am-impressed" kinda smile.

"Now my turn..ab mera explanation.." she said bringing us back to the topic of SRK. The more I was running away from this topic, the more he was hunting me down, the only difference he was hunting me mentally and not physically.

"Riddhima I don't want to hear it. You are free to do whatever you want to. You never asked me once before making the list and now when you are caught, you want to give an explanation. Just like always Armaan to maan hi jayege..hai na..but NO, I am not interested in your so called- SRK list and I don't want to hear any explanation..tujhe jo karna hai kar..I will just stay in the room.."I was hoping that hearing this dialogue of mine, she'll react like everyone reacts, feeling guilty and all but no..It's Riddhima we are talking about, so getting a normal reaction is out of question.

"Promise.." like seriously. I was never expecting this from her. She chose that hero SRK over her husband. I turned to look at her but she nowhere in sight.

"Where are you now?" I said looking around and as I turned back, "Jesus Christ!" came out of my mouth as I bumped into her."Stop doing this Riddhima.." I told her, sighing as I took steps back.

"Do what?" she asked not getting what I wanted to convey.

"This ..coming out of anywhere thing, especially when I turn. Heart attack dena hai kya mere ko" I told her.

"But what did I do now. This time I didn't do anything." She said innocently.

"Absolutely Riddhima, you never do anything, everything happens on its own..Right? you didn't bet for the water balloon fight, you weren't the one who made the SRK list and you aren't the one scaring me in the day light?"Okay so the last one wasn't making any sense in my "accusation list" but I was so mad at that point that I said without much thinking.   

"you are succhi-mucchi mad" she asked and I couldn't believe my ears.

"What?" I asked, confused and surprised at the same time. The whole time, she thought I was acting. She did so much behind my back and in front of me and still believed that I won't be mad. Is she for real?

 "tere ko lagta hai I am faking" she nodded. "I thought like always..you are just pulling my leg." she replied followed by a big silence.

"fine...let it be this way.." I said and without waiting for her explanation move towards the room.

 I was sitting in the room, getting bored with nothing to do. Even Riddhima wasn't there to help me pass my time. With her, I hardly realize about the time and when I am alone, its gets too hard. If you are thinking where she was, let me tell you- my so called "lovely- dovely wife" was having a gala time, having dinner in the hotel restaurant- stuffing her mouth with yummy food. And what was I doing, sitting in the room. I was mad and that's why I couldn't go, otherwise what is the use of being mad. She did ask me to go "JUST ONCE" but acting like a stubborn one, I said a big "NO".

I should have never said no to food. Kitna bhook lag raha hai.  And Riddhima.. she is very clever when it comes to food. As much as she gets angry, she can never say no to "FOOD". It is like the solution to all her problems and miseries...like a salvation and me, I am the complete opposite. What was I thinking? Especially knowing that what's gonna happen next- she'll come back with full stomach and then she'll start making adorable yummy faces just to make me jealous and I'll get jealous like always. Come one Armaan think....think Armaan.. 

 I was moving around in the room, trying to get back to her when I got a call from her.

"Armaan...Help me..." and the call ended before I could say something. I wasn't sure whether she was actually in some kind of trouble or she was plain acting. I mean, it could have been one of her tricks to call me down. But what if she really was in some kind of trouble? Finally making my mind, I took my jacket and ran towards the restaurant as I tried calling her back. I was sure about one thing- "if this is one of her tricks, I won't leave her so easily"

"RIDDHIMA..."I called her name as I reached the restaurant. There was total darkness and then I heard her voice.

"Armaan.. this one is for you.." I heard her voice and the lights were turned on.

She was standing along with the music band, holding the mike in her hand as there were people sitting in the restaurant clapping and whistling.

"Riddhima...please don't" I whispered, closing my eyes as I realized what she was about to do now.

Did she forget about the last time? Maybe she had, but it was still fresh like fresh vegetables in my memory. I remembered it very clearly. We had gone to one of the restaurant to celebrate our one month dating anniversary and I don't know what got into her, all of a sudden she stood up from the chair and moved towards the band. She told them something and the next thing I knew- she took the mike from the lead singer and pointing her finger at me, started singing.

That was like..I can't express in words how horrible she sounded..actually she wasn't sounding, her voice is horrible when it comes to singing and the song she chose was like an icing on the cake.

tere naam se jee loon
tere naam se marr jaaun
teri jaan ke sadke mein kuchh aaisa kar jaaun
tune kya kar dala marr gayi main mitt gayi main
ho ri ha ri ho gayi main
teri deewani deewani- 2

The song is so high pitched aur upar se Riddhima was singing with closed eyes and full emotions, so I am sure you can totally visualize how it must be looking.

People smiling a second back seeing her love for me were having a horrified expression now as they heard her voice. Even the band members who were giving the background score stopped playing and me- don't even ask?

I wasn't actually embarrassed, I mean why should? After all, she was doing this for me but the looks I got from the people were a matter of concern for me. Before giving me this surprise, she had clearly pointed that I am the lucky one whom she wants to dedicate this song, so everyone sitting in the restaurant knew who that special one is- me off course.

One of the guests got so furious that he grabbed the bowl of soup to throw at me. Gana gaya Riddhima ne aur award mile mujhe..why? but that was not the end, the moment I turned to look at other side, another guests had the salad plate in his hand. Before things went out of control, I jumped out from our table and grabbing her hand took her out of the restaurant before the guests could shower us with the food.

That day, I made her promise me that she won't sing in public. Gaane ka hai to ghar mein gao but no PDS i.e. public display of singing. Btw I still don't get as to why, whenever she sings I get into trouble. I mean, I know I am her husband but isn't it always like the person singing gets a reward, in whatever form good or bad. In our case, it's always the opposite.

And I was sure, if I won't stop her quickly, I'll be adding another award to my list- something I had no interest of.

Before I could even do something, her mouth opened and I turned my back towards her. I covered my ears, knowing very well it won't be of any use- still I'll be able to hear her par kucch to volume kam hoga na.

Baby, you showed me what living is for.
I don't want to hide anymore.oh oh

You lift my feet off the ground,
You spin me around.
You make me crazier, crazier.
Feels like I'm falling and I.
I'm lost in your eyes.

For the first time, I heard claps and I couldn't believe my ears. "Naaa...this can't be possible" I told myself. Again I heard the claps and then I knew "it's not Riddhima but someone else. She can't sing like this"

But I was in for a shock when I turned ' that someone was none other than Riddhima. She was singing and everyone was praising her.

You make me crazier.
Crazier, crazier.
Crazier, crazier.

The song ended and everyone was clapping and praising her. She looked at me and waved her hand as I stood like an statue.

"Thank you everyone.." she said looking at everyone and got down from the stage.

"Riddhima...what was that?" I asked as her melodious voice was playing in my head. "I am dreaming..Am I?"

"you liked it" she asked.

"Liked....I loved it Riddima but you..I mean..sing..and.." I was getting out of words to express what I was feeling.

"It's one of my hidden talent, jisko maine abhi tak hide kar rakha tha...so kaisa laga mera hidden talent?" she asked raising her eyebrows with a big smile and I could help but pull her into the hug as I kissed her cheek.

"I take my words back about your singing Riddihma.. you proved me wrong... Seriously.. ." I told her, feeling proud of her. Who would have thought that my wife also had one hidden talent that she was hiding all these years.

"So that means..am I allowed to sing at home?" she asked.

"At home..with this voice you are free to sing anywhere you want"

"Promise.." she asked and I nodded. "I love you baby.." she asked as I held her tighter in my arms. All the anger left me after getting such a surprise. She sang a song for me I got to know about her hidden talent. It was nothing less than a celebration, so we moved back to the restaurant.

 We were about to sit when this guy came and stood in front of us.

"Excuse me Ms. But you left the CD at the counter" he gave the CD to her as I looked at her confusedly.

"CD...what CD?" I asked and as she was avoiding my gaze, I knew something was fishy.

"kucch nahin Armaan....it's nothing.." she said taking the CD from his hand and putting it in her bag. I knew something wasn't right here and her facial expressions were a clear indication of this. Seconds by seconds my doubts were getting cleared as I looked at her.

Without waiting for her, I took the CD out from her bag and looked at it. Slowly I turned and looked at her accusingly as she mouthed "I am sorry..."

To be continued..

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