Monday, 8 October 2018

Unknown Truth continuation (3A)

"Argh...Riddhima...tell me you are not serious and this is just a joke..."I looked at her, still trying to digest the words, the words I heard just few moments ago from her mouth. How I wished it was nothing but another creative dream of mine, but it wasn't coz in my dreams Riddhima never looked like this- the way she was looking at me, totally devilish, with red horns on her head and the weapon in one hand.

"But Armaan..can't you do this much for me..for your one and only wife..."she pouted and as much as I was trying to control my inner demon looking at her. Now don't think I am talking about that demon..dirty mind. I wanted to grab her neck, shook her really hard and ask her "Riddhima do you even know you are married and I am your so called 'legally-wedded' husband and not your bodyguard anymore." I mean she is always ready with some plans of hers without giving a second thought how it's going to affect me.

"Riddhima you know what you are talking about. We came all the way to a FOREIGN land to enjoy our honeymoon and you want me to do this? Do you even care for my feelings or as a matter of fact do you even think that I have feelings" I said stressing on the word 'foreign' hoping that maybe hearing this word, she will back out. I looked at her annoyed, angry but most important with a hurt face but no asar on her.

"Armaan...please one last time, I promise iske baad I'll never bring your name. In fact, I'll stick my mouth with the glue before going to the disco or any public place" She looked at me with a hope of getting a yes.

"Riddhima why do you even promise something you can't stand more than a week. Even I know, you and your BIG mouth..and sticking with glue..your mouth is such that even with glue you'll be able to speak... to tera kucch nahin hone waala..I won't do it.... means I WON'T DO IT...SAMJHA" Pointing my finger at her, giving her an ultimatum I turned to moved towards our suite.

"Sticking with glue..She thinks I'll believe her..Nautanki..."the last words were almost a whisper but when you have a wife like her, you should not even think about saying in your mind. Now if you are wondering what I am talking about, so let me refresh your memory..


3)      No name calling i.e. nautanki or drama queen

Punishment: In case any of the above rules are broken, the person breaking the rule will do what the other says.

Point no. 3) that I can't call her nautanki which I broke in front of her. I slowly turned, keeping my finger crossed hoped and prayed that maybe..maybe..but all my doubts were cleared looking at her face.

Roote kaaye ko hum Roote kaaye ko hum
Hona hai jo ho Sad hote kaaye ko hum

Cry Cry itna Cry Karte hain kaaye ko
Itna dartein hain kaaye ko Pal Pal martein kaaye ko

I was sitting in the bar, crying buckets sipping drink after drink as she was standing beside me, grinning looking at my condition.

"Why Riddhima...kyun?" I looked at her accusingly and all I got in return was her shining white teeth.

"Armaan don't look at me like this..I didn't do only broke the rule aur rule break hoga to punishment to milegi hi na" she looked at me and there wasn't even a tinge of sympathy towards me. Instead she was so happy as if she won a lottery or something. But I can't blame her entirely coz when she breaks the rule even I don't leave a single chance of punishing her, especially when she comes up with hideous excuses of avoiding milk.

"and what about our plans...hamare plans ka kya hoga...Remember.." I was trying to remind her about the plans we made while coming here and it had just one thing- Shopping. Actually, it was all her plans which I hated at that point but in front of this dare, even that was like a good deal.

"Don't worry Armaan, I haven't forgotten about our plans..ek baar yeh kar do then we'll go on with our plans.." she stated as a matter of fact.

"you won't back down..isn't" I asked to see her shaking her head. "fine Riddhima..last time..just for you..but if I lost then I don't want to hear you complaining about it." I simply told her to see her nodding her head.

"I know you won't lose Armaan.." she said as I gave a questioning look.. "coz you love me too much.." she said fluttering her eyes as I shook my head.

We entered our room and tired to even move, I laid down on the bed. She went to the washroom as I closed my eyes mentally preparing myself for tomorrow. I was sure about one thing- this one was going to be the last time. The phone rang and I took it out from the pocket. Watching the name brought a smile on my face. The only person who understood me was on the other line.

"Hey..Aunt Carol" I greeted getting up from the bed.

"How are you honey and how is she?" she asked. Ab mein unko kya bolta how is she. She was the only one enjoying the honeymoon.

"She is fit and fine as ever.."I told her and hearing the tone she must have guessed something must have happened. Actually I wanted her to know so that's why I spoke in this way.

"Kya kiya usne Armaan..." she asked and dhan-tan-nan...bull's eye.. main bechara ab aunt se to jhoot nahin bol sakta tha yaha Aunt ka concern and here I opened my mouth..

"Aunty...We went to a disco and you know uske baad kya hota hai..." just this much of hint was enough to let her know what must have happened. This was not the first time aage bolne ka need hi nahin tha..

"This girl...she is married par aadat baccho jaisi" she said on the phone as a big smile appeared on my face. I could imagine the scene of Aunt scolding her... ".and you Armaan..why did you even took her to the disco? Tum bhi na.." the 32 watt smile vanished as I heard her.

"But aunt what did I do?" I asked. My plan took a wrong direction as I felt the tables turning against me. Plan was to give Riddhima a heavy dose of Aunt Carol. It feels music to my ears when I see my lovely-dovely wife standing in front of her like a 8-year old who is caught doing something wrong as I stand behind Aunt Carol doing my jig, clicking her photos. Kya hai na..she looks adorable and so cute and I just feel like pulling her cheeks. It's not like I am the only one- even Riddhima does that aur mujhe to isse bhi zyada daat padthi hai Aunt se coz she knows that out of the two of us I am the more mature one or I should say- I am the only mature one. So we have this competition kinda thing as in- who gets the more spanking from Aunt Carol and the score is 10: 5 with me leading with 10 spanks as compared to hers 5. Surprised, don't be coz in real mine's only 2, the rest added when I jumped in the middle like an ideal husband to save her.


"Okay know I can't say no to her...aur..."

"You love her a lot don't you..."she asked and I nodded my head as a smile appeared on my lips.

"She is the best thing to have happened to me Aunt and I just...Love her.."

Now as I look back, I am thankful to God for bringing her into my life. I remember when I saw the name "MY LOVE", in her cell. It was the first time when I felt something burn inside me- Yes I was jealous. But when you have a blabber mouth like hers- I don't think there's much to say. As she started talking about her so called her boyfriend, I was like "how come I don't know about him?" coz I had all her information starting from the day she was born and there was no mention of any boyfriend. But when she started telling me about his qualities, it was difficult for me to control my laugh. The best was when she told me how he saved her from the Gundas..the way she enacted the whole scene in front of me- Doing the Dishum-Dishum and punches and kicks, it was so funny and how he can write with two hands at the same time. This was the ultimate. I couldn't wait to meet her boyfriend. So I went to the restaurant where she was supposed to meet him. I was looking around when I saw her bumping to the waiter and after that what happened. She came running like a fighting bull and for a second I thought she'll jump on me but she jumped on JP and everything was right in front of me. There was hardly a similarity between JP and her so-called boyfriend and I couldn't wait to pull her leg. When I got to know about JP being her neighbour, for a second I thought he can't be the one but all my doubts were cleared when I went to her home for the dinner.

JP was practising for forgiveness in the lawn and I forced him to tell me the entire story. That was it. Yaha JP opened his mouth and everything was right in front of me. I was dying to see her expression and it was priceless as she took JP to her room after realizing that I know the whole truth.

But as everyone says "It was your destiny. It was destined to happen" so Riddhima was my destiny and we were meant to be together.

"Armaan...Armaan..Are you there..Armaan"


"Mr. Gupta wants to speak to you..." Aunt Carol said on the other side.

I was talking with dad on the phone when my eyes stopped at the paper peeping out from her jacket. Making sure the coast was clear as the bathroom door was still close, I opened it and looked at it in horror.

"Riddhimaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..............." I screamed in my mind looking at her devilish thoughts.

Another list was right in front of my eyes, in my hand. I was shocked as I re-read and repeated all the points.

"So my wife was planning this behind my back....interesting..Now see what I am gonna do Riddhima...mwahahahaha..." I told myself and kept the list back before she came out.

The whole night I was planning "How to get back to her?" She thought she'll able to hide it from me... "You are not that smart Mrs. Malik." I looked at her and saw her sleeping. How could she? My sleep was running away and she was in deep sleep. After spending so much time with her even I have got the habit of "tit-for-tat". So without making much movement, I slowly removed her hand from around my neck and leg which was lying on top of mine. She sleeps like a baby shifting all the time. One time I remember, we were sleeping and I was not in a deep sleep. She was in such a deep sleep that she rolled, rolled and "THUD", she rolled down the bed hitting her bottom on the ground. I quickly got up hearing the noise switching the lights on and looked around; what if there's an intruder or something. Not hearing or seeing any movement, I was about to go back to sleep when I felt something miss. I looked down and the duvet was missing. It was only when I turned my head I saw the bed empty.

"Riddhima..." I called her name but no response. When I moved to her side of the bed, I saw her crawled on the ground, sleeping with the duvet. Moving closer, I removed the duvet and pulling her up made her sleep on the bed. Now don't think that like a typical hero, I took her in my arms and laid her down. Sometimes she is so into her sleep that even if I shake her, she won't get up. So I pulled her by her arms, made her sit on the bed and laid her down. The best part- next day she had no idea what happened last night, instead she told me "Armaan..I don't know why I am having pain in my back" and I just looked at her in disbelief.

I got up from the bed and took the list out of her jacket pocket. I read all the points and my brain started making plans of revenge.

"Bulls eye.." I told myself as I got the perfect plan to get back to her. Coming back to the bed, I pecked her lips and bringing her closer, I closed my eyes as a victorious smile played on my lips.

Next morning when I opened my eyes she was still sleeping. I got up and went down for early morning walk. Since the list which we had made together consisted of 'no exercise', I couldn't force her. After walking on the beach for about an hour, I moved back. I entered the room and she was not on the bed as she was taking clothes out with her back towards me.

"Good morning baby..." I greeted her and sat on the couch.           

"Good morning..." she turned, grinning and the only word that came out of my mouth were..

"Jesus Christ.." I kept my hand on my chest and sighed trying to calm myself down as I looked at her face. "you scared the s*** out of me Riddhima. You want to give me a heart attack or what?" I took a deep breath "...and what's up with your face" I asked looking at her face.

"'s my new face pack, aaj itna bada din hai.." she said as I frowned looking at her "I we'll show him who is the loser, so I want to look my best when I make a loser sign like this..that's why" she told me making a L with her finger with a dreamy smile on her face.

"Waise I think even you should try it once, it's very good. Even SRK promotes facial cream and I am sure voh use bhi karta hoga. So why don't you.." Again SRK..this guy was getting onto my nerves.

"SRK to main kabhi nahin use karunga.." I told her, looking at her angrily and entered the washroom before she torches me with her SRK talks. Seriously, Riddhima and her craze for SRK was making mad.

After having the breakfast, we reached the place with our weapons and waited for our dushmans, I mean the competitors. The more the nervous I was, the more excited she was- wearing new clothes, new make-up and there was this glow on her face. Even I was surprised looking at her glowing skin. It was hard to depict whether the glowing skin was coz of her new face pack or the fact that I was about to become the 'bali-ka-bakra'.

Those guys came and there was an angry eye-lock competition between us. I was still looking at them normally but Riddhima- it looked like, she was in a mood to kill them with her eyes, now the question haunting your mind will be- Aakhir what did Riddhima told the guys? so the answer to this simple question was ' Water Balloon fight..yeah..I who would have thought that behind this simple, innocent face hides a total devil.

Now the question was- Who's gonna go first? We had a toss and by God's grace, we won. Before I could even say something- Riddhima had already opened her mouth. They were told to go first.

Next came the twist in the tale- the competition was not to save our self from the water balloons but to make sure it hits us. The more you get hit the more you are away from the tile of  "LOSER". Now I don't think it's necessary to tell you who would have thought about this.

The competition started and we started hitting with the balloons. Now I was aiming the target but Riddhima, she had her own plans. She purposely was throwing in such a way so that it doesn't hit him. I noticed it after 2 shots only but the other guys had no idea as they were into the fight.

I looked at her accusingly as she avoided my gaze, looking everywhere. Our chance got over and now it was their turn. I positioned myself as I waited for the balloons. One hit, two hit, three hit, four hit, five miss, six miss, seven miss...........20 miss....30 miss...and game over.

"We won..we won..." the guys were celebrating as Riddhima returned the angry-young woman look.

"What?" I asked her.

"You did it on purpose..Isn't?" she asked. It was clearly visible that I did it intentionally and to be honest I wanted her to know as I nodded my head.

She started moving out of the park and I ran behind her to get a hold on her.

"Riddhima..wait...Riddhima.." I turned her back and made her look at me.

"Why don't you go an enjoy being a loser...I am going to our room.." she said trying to release herself from my grip.

" when you are giving me this attitude...fine..I won't stop you but before you leave don't you want to know why I did this" She looked at me confusedly as I took the paper out of my pocket and kept it on her hand. She looked at the paper in her hand and looked at me.

She opened the paper slowly and gasped. "From where did you get this?" she asked.

"From the same place where you were hiding it all these days" I told her taking the paper out of her hand and bringing it in front of her face.

"My SRK inspired list" she whispered and gulped as I looked at her accusingly.   

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