Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Unknown Truth continuation (4)

I got up to go into the room. This was the limit. Just to manofy me, she acted like "what a melodious voice" she has. Melodious voice..yeah sure. I should have guessed it in the first minute itself but I was so astonished that this thought didn't even crossed my mind and what excuse she gave- "it's one of my hidden talent". One more time- yeah sure. Actually I agree with her on this statement- she has a hidden talent of coming up with crazy ideas. Mere tak to it's okay to experiment but what if other's had caught the ghapla she was doing. Lip-syncing the song- making everyone believe that she was singing it. I was sure this time- if she was caught, people would have definitely presented her with food and I would have had made sure that I was one of them.

"and where is she now?" I have no idea coz I left the moment I got to know about the truth and this time, she didn't even tried defending herself as she knew she was wrong.

Getting out of the bar, I entered the lift mentally preparing my mind not to forgive her at all. Her child like face and actions she makes on getting caught won't work this time and I'll make sure of it.

I was standing in front of the room about to open the door when I heard some noise coming from inside. Stopping of a second and taking a deep breath to strongly prepare myself not to forgive her I slowly opened the door and     

                                              Mein Bechari Hoon Awari

                                            Bolo Samjahon Mein Yeh Abb Kis Kis Ko

                                              Dil Mein Mere Hai  Dard-E-Disco

                                                  Dard-E-Disco Dard-E-Disco

She was sitting near the window, looking out at the city with a sad face, singing this song. I don't know from which angle she thinks this as a sad song except that it has the word "dard" and her favourite hero SRK.

Hearing some noise, she turned and looked at me as I stood at the door waiting to know her first step.

"Armaan.. I..."

"Not now.." cutting her off, I went inside the bathroom. She was looking so sad that one more second there and I would have forgiven her. In order to avoid the situation, I left her alone. Now the problem came- how to pass time, I mean attitude to dikha diya tha maine uske saamne but there was no radio, no T.V., Even the mobile gave me the Dhoka at the last moment, showing 'low battery' and Riddhima-not even for once, she knocked on the door.

And she was still in the room as I heard no voice of door getting open or close.

I don't know for how long I was in the bathroom, doing nothing except looking at myself and my handsome features but then came the time when I couldn't take this anymore. I had to go out of the bathroom, even if it means forgiving her.

I slowly opened the bathroom door making as little noise as possible. Actually the hotel doors weren't making any sound but our human tendencies; we don't want to take any chance, especially we the police officers. So I entered the room and there was this complete silence and darkness.

"Hotels too have power cut, don't they have the backup" I thought and turned back to close the door.

"Snap.." I heard the snapping of fingers and the red night lights were switched on.

"Riddhima that you?" I asked loud enough for any person in the room to hear it clearly.

I slowly turned back and what I saw in front of me- Oh gosh it was like something totally unimaginable. She was standing at the bedroom door, her back with the door frame, one hand over her head, one leg on the opposite side on the frame, wearing my white shirt, my red tie, her black shots with the cowboy hat and boots.

All I could do was look at her with open mouth. I closed my eyes and shook my head to erase this image but when I opened my eyes again, she was for real. And if this wasn't enough- she was giving me those looks- Actually I couldn't understand her looks at first. Ab itna andhera tha aur upar se, I was standing at one corner and she was at the other end. It was only when I narrowed my eyes- I got to know that she was giving me those seductive looks. 


Initially I gulped looking at her, to be honest she was looking very "HOT", but her overacted seductive looks spoiled everything. She was looking so funny that it was so hard for me to control my laugh. At one point, a small laugh even escaped my mouth but I controlled it which btw was very hard.

I had made up my mind of forgiving her. She thought about this just to manofy me was more than enough for me but what she did after this- totally unexpected.

Closing the bedroom door, very slowly she started moving towards me. Heels ki aadat to hai nahin and on top of that she was trying to walk like a supermodel so finally something expected happened as she tripped and hit the floor.

"Ouch.." escaped my mouth looking at her. Quickly getting up, passing a big smile she removed the hat and threw it somewhere in the room as she started with her walk from where she left few moments back.

"Riddhima are...are.. you okay...." I asked as I noticed no stopping from her side.

She stood just millimetres away from me and then very sensually and slowly started moving her forefinger on my face as my focus kept shifting from her face to her finger on my face.

I closed my eyes tightly as she pulled my towards herself holding my shirt collar. Did I forget to mention that she was drunk while doing this whole act? When I had entered the room, I saw one bottle in her hand but it never crossed my mind that it was an alcoholic drink. 

" should.." I tried releasing myself from her hold. She kept her finger on her lips, and I had to shut my mouth..kya zamana aa gaya hai..

"Shhhh......".The next moment...she took out the tie from her neck and put it around my neck. Like a love stuck puppy, she forced me follow her as she pulled the tie. She pushed me on the bed and then came the final blow-

Piya tu ab to aa jaa
Shola sa mann daheke, aake bujha jaa
Tan ki jwaala thandi ho jaaye, aise gale laga jaa
Aa ha aha, aa ha aha, aa ha aha, aa ha aha

Making a Himesh Reshamiya pose, she held an imaginary mike in her hand and started singing the song. Not to forget the shaking of the head with the singing. By the time we reached the third line she shifted to the cabaret dancing, the shaking not just limited to head, trying to imitate the 70's cabaret dance moves, in which she failed miserably.

Armaan oh my darling, Armaan oh my darling
Monica was replaced by my name, and .....

Pyaase pyaase in mere labon ke liye
Tere honton ne hazaar vaade kiye
Bhoolne waale koi jiye to kaise jiye
Arre haan, arre haan, arre haan haan

I jumped out of the bed, slowly took steps back as she was coming towards me doing the cabaret when my back hit the wall stopping me from moving further. Feeling her hands on my shirt, I closed my eyes tightly, having no interest of watching this anymore. Horrible dance and Horrible singing- to be honest it wasn't even funny anymore, rather it was scary.

                                         La la la la la la la la la la la la                                                                       La la la la la la la la la la la la la 

She pulled me in the middle of the room, AGAIN with the help of tie that I forgot to take out and made me move around her, more like run around her in circles, the tie in my neck not leaving her hand for a second and finally after getting tired, she pushed me, AGAIN on the bed.

Piya tu ab to aa jaa
Shola sa mann daheke, aake bujha jaa
Tan ki jwaala thandi ho jaaye, aise gale laga jaa
Aa ha aha, aa ha aha, aa ha aha, aa ha aha

 Jumping on me, I felt her hands inside my shirt, the next moment I felt her opening the buttons of the shirt and the next moment, I was shirtless, the singer in her not leaving for a second. By the time we reached the last line..... I can't say further...Only thing I can tell you is, the red lights were turned off, "How?" I have no idea....


Tadap Tadap ke Is Dil Se Aah Nikalti Rahi
Mujhko Saza Di Pyaar Ki Aisa Kya Gunaah Kiya
To Lut Gaye Haan Lut Gaye
To Lut Gaye Hum Teri Mohabbat Mein

I was sitting on the bed as she was sleeping beside me with a satisfied smile on her face. Hearing my sobs, she opened her eyes and got up looking at me in horror.

"Armaan..why are you crying?" she asked as she tried touching me. I quickly moved back covering myself with the duvet till my neck as she looked around the whole room and saw my clothes lying on the ground.

" could you" I asked her. "kal raat..tumne..tumne mere saath. How am I gonna show my face to everyone" I covered my face with my hands weeping.

"but what did I do?" she asked confusedly, thinking about last night.

"What did you do? You... just look at me, look at my state. You still want me to tell you in detail."

She covered her mouth in shock, looking at me as she realized the gravity of the situation.

"I didn't..." she hoped looking at me.

"you did Riddhima. I tried stopping you. But you...." I got up from the bed, holding the duvet around myself and locked myself in the bathroom.


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