Thursday, 11 October 2018

Unknown Truth continuation (5)

I was looking out of the window as she was sitting beside me. There was hardly any exchange of words between us. Even the staring session was not taking place and how could it, after what happened last night you can't expect me to say or even look at her. What all she did in her drunken state...sheesh...It's something way beyond my expectations.

After the realization hit her hard, the first thing I did - Book the earliest tickets back and pretend that nothing happened. Booking the tickets was quite easy but pretending everything to be normal was the most difficult task to do. Throughout the journey she tried talking to me but this time ' NO WAY.

We got down from the flight and reached home as I continued giving her the silent treatment. But Riddhima letting me give silent treatment for more than a day is impossible and that day too it was the same- as soon as I reached our floor we were greeted by Aunt Carol and JP. Not the usual hi, hello greetings but the worried wali greeting.

"Thank god you are back, we were about to call you.." JP said as I looked at him confusedly, having no idea what the heck was going on.

"Why...what happened?" I asked keeping the bag down.

And the answer I got was quite interesting. Apparently Riddhima in the excitement of going abroad forgot few 'SIMPLE' things before leaving the house like- locking the windows and cupboard which gave easy access to thief and rain to come and go as per their mood. No, this is not the end- she forgot to switch off the electrical appliances causing few of them to get fused during power fluctuations and the thief- he was so smart, he only took the good ones leaving the fused one behind so I can get it repaired. Last and the most interesting- she forgot to lock the front door- YES..isn't this interesting.

And I was left with no other option but to say 'BYE-BYE' to the silent treatment I was giving to her. If Aunt Carol wasn't there, I am sure I wouldn't be here telling you about the story. I mean, winning from Riddhima whether in physical form, verbal form or even mental form is IMPOSSIBLE. She has all kinds of excuses ready from small ones to big ones, sense to senseless ones- you name it and she has used it all.

Now as we didn't have had any temporary house to live, Dad offered his house. I was okay with it- who wouldn't? At least we were getting roof over our head till everything gets repaired but ...hey look where my wife's mind went this time. I don't know from where she got this in her head but she told Dad...we were also present btw...

"Dad..Me and in your house. How can you even think like this? I can't Dad...after pati's house is my house and my khuddari feeling is not allowing this. What are my padosi gonna think about this...thank you for the offer dad but we'll manage.."

To be honest, I was flying in air after hearing such a heavy, bhari dialogue from her mouth. Wife standing beside her husband- who wouldn't but the situation we were in- Why? Why is it that she always comes up with wrong dialogue at the wrong time? Before I could rectify her mistake I saw them having the proud daughter-father moment.

"Armaan, I am have changed my daughter for good.." Dad told me and all I could do was nod my head with a plastered smile.

And that's the reason why we are living in the guest room of the house and fighting for the bed every night. Now tell me- am I not the sufferer here and if for one night I do get the guest room to myself what's wrong in it. Itna suffer karne ke baad, thodi suffering to voh bhi utha sakti hai mere liye...par usko samajh aye tab na..She has this big misconception that she is the sufferer and not the person who makes me suffer...YEAH RIGHT.       


"Divorce..." the word is moving inside and outside my head and why? Coz after spending so much time with my lovable wife even I have got her bad habit of opening the BIG MOUTH at the wrong time.

She has done so many mistakes and just for a tiny-winy little mistake she told me the "D" word. Can't I be forgiven for one mistake considering the fact that I have forgiven her so many times?

Like always I am sure you must be eager to know what actually happened that made her scream "Divorce". So what happened was...

After 6 months of our marriage, one day we got to know about us becoming parents- the happiest day of our life. We were so happy- from two we were about to become three. Every day we used to talk about our baby and the responsibilities associated with it. Everything that the doc told us- we did, everything that Dad told us- we did, everything that Aunt Carol told us- we did, everything that even JP told us- we did and everything that Riddhima told me- I did but everything that I told her- she hardly did. Like, for example, I told her not to watch wrestling on T.V, what if our child turns out a wrestler. I don't mind but we already have one at home in the form of Riddhima so another one- Naahhh...but she never stopped watching. In fact, she made me watch it too and I have to say this- it's actually very entertaining. Like, I told her not to read my personal diary but she did. In fact she made a huge cry about it when she found out what all I was writing in it- nothing serious except that every night I used to pray and tell GOD " Please god give the child my brains and her beauty and not my beauty and her brains. Handling one Riddhima is such a huge task; just imagine having one more Riddhima's brain in the house. Mere bhi to sochiya, kaise handle karunga dono brains please..." Bas yehi to likha tha and she gave me the Dhamki "I am going to dad's house.."   

This is not the reason of her asking for "DIVORCE".               

One day we went for shopping for the new born and instead of buying for the baby she started shopping for herself. Mujhe bhi gussa aa gaya coz just two days ago she had done shopping for herself. So I didn't gave her the money and she again gave me the Dhamki "I am going to dad's house"..

Still this is not the reason for her asking for "DIVORCE".

One night she was having difficulty in sleeping while I was too tired to even open my eyes. She got up from the bed and went to the drawing room to watch T.V. It was okay with me but what was the need of forcing me to get up and watch with her. She forced me to give her company in watching cartoons. Mujhe bahut zyada gussa aya and she again opened her mouth and told me the same old ghisha-pita dhamki "I am going to dad's house". But this time even I was ready with the reply. I told her directly on the face "Why don't you go then?...kab se sun raha hoon- I am going to dad's house...I am going to dad's house but you never go. Aaj to ho hi jaaye- Go Riddhima Go..."

Again I have to say- This is not the reason for her asking for "Divorce". In fact, that night I went to Dad's house coz she threw me out of the house.

The actual reason for her asking for Divorce happened today...

Her labour pains started and talking about labour pains- you know melodrama na ho, impossible and I had prepared myself for the melodrama. That's what I have been doing from the last nine months.

We reached the hospital and Dad, Aunt Carol and Sumu were already present. Sumu is her doctor so she was bound to present, otherwise Riddhima would have killed her. SO as I was saying- we reached the hospital, not before the amount of pain she gave me all through the way by pulling my hair. She was in pain and watching me look so calm was something she couldn't digest so she grabbed my hair. Abhi tak dard ho raha hai. One more kilometre and my shining and conditioner hair would have been in her hand. But thanks to JP who drove like an expert all the way from the house to hospital that I was able to save my hair. Anyways so we reached the hospital and the moment she was laid on the stretcher...BAS...yaha Riddhima on the stretcher and waha her melodrama started.

"It will be a normal delivery" Sumu had told her so many times and everyone knew...ab 9 months se she is eating and eating and eating and doing nothing- even if the glass of milk was next to her she was like- "Armaanaaannn...please..tum pila do na...". I mean, in serials and films we always see the pregnant woman fighting and getting mad coz she is not allowed to do even the light work. But in my case, I had to literally push her to do some work...there is also a limit to laziness...maine bhi bol diya "if you are going to show this level of laziness we are not having more kids..." and then what...Still no asar no her, instead I had to change my statement to "If you are going to show this level of laziness we are going to have more kids..." 

So Riddhima's drama started on the stretcher as we were taking her to the OT. The moment she was about to be taken inside the OT, she grabbed my hand in hers and said in between her pain, the typical senti dialogues " me...If something happens during the delivery..."

You know how it is, the whole nine months she did nothing except eat and watch television. Ab kucch to asar hoga na itna TV dekhna kaa. Her company is quite contagious so I cut her off and told her "Riddhima baby, I promise if something happens, I will marry once again and bring a new mumma to our baby.."

I said looking at her with a big grin on my face and this was followed by a complete silence, not only from her but even Dad, JP, Aunt, Sumu and even the nurses.

I know...wrong timing but the damage was already done before I could take it back.

"DIVORCE...Dad call the lawyer..I am getting a divorce..I want a divorce..." I am telling you the exact same words that I heard from her mouth.

I tried opening my mouth but... "Don't you dare Armaan...don't you dare..." She told me pointing her finger at me as the nurse took her inside. And I don't know how to manofy her. Even Dad is not talking to me as he is giving me the typical angry father-in-law look who hates his son-in-law from the bottom of the heart.

To be continued...

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