Friday, 12 October 2018

Unknown Truth continuation (6)

Pyaar Hamen Kis Mod Pe Le Aayaa
Ki Dil Kare Haay
Koii To Bataaye Kyaa Hogaa

The song is being played in the background as I am standing in front of the maternity ward waiting...waiting.. and more waiting...waiting for her to let me in. Everyone...I mean everyone has met her except me and Why? Just coz I opened my funny mouth at the wrong time...

I have tried everything...literally everything and when I say everything..I mean trying to blackmail the nurses so they can let me in... YEAH I know.. But my bad luck..Apparently Riddhima has already told them about me using this so I can go inside so they are not buying this. Ab mujhe ideas bhi nahin aa rahe hain.. The only person who is with me is JP..YES, for the first time in the history of my life I have realized what a gem of a person JP is. He is the only one supporting and standing beside me.

"Armaan you shouldn't have cracked such a joke at that time...teri wajah se Riddhima mujhe bhi andar nahin jaane de rahi.." Now if you are thinking what the whole story to cut it short... When I had cracked the dumb joke everyone went silent and the silence was followed by a big laughter not from me but from JP. As much he tried to control his laugh he wasn't able to so Riddhima punished us both by kicking us out of the ward.

"This is not fair weren't able to control your laugh so how is it my fault.. main joke crack kiya so kiya..par tu kyun hassa...Ab wrong timing par hasega to kick hi milega na..kiss to nahin..." I tell him.

"Still what you did was wrong...if you hadn't opened your mouth..we wouldn't have been in this condition...Admit it are at fault..."

"No ways..meri galti nahin hai..."

"Riddhima ki yeh aadat bhi lag gayi isse..not admitting his fault...ab aur kya dekha reh gaya hai..." Dad murmurs to himself but having sharp ears I hear him.

"Dad.." I look at him in surprise..

"What Dad..I am saying the truth..isn't JP?" He looks at JP as he nods.

"JP you too..."

"Yes are right..I wonder what else he learnt from her..Riddhima ne apni saari wrong aadat sikha di hai ise..He is not the same Armaan anymore.. yeh badal gaya hai..YOU HAVE CHANGED ARMAAN...You have changed." JP says poking his finger on my chest as I narrow my eyes and look at him murderously. Oh yeah..I forgot to tell you one more thing. Apparently, my father-in-law, I mean Dad is quite easy to handle and he is an easily forgivable person. When he was giving me the angry looks, I responded back by making a sorry-puppy face. I was giving the looks to both Dad and Riddhima and although her heart didn't melted...Dad's did but Riddhima being such a clever lady noticed that Dad is going to forgive me so before he could even open his mouth..the result is in front of you guys. Even he is not allowed to see her...At least he got the chance to meet her once..mera aur JP ka to number abhi tak aaya bhi nahin...

The only people to see her are Aunt Carol and Sumu. Sumu we all know why and Aunt Carol..coz she has a lot of self control. She can control her laugh as and when required. So I am sure she must have controlled it or like Riddhima she is angry too...something I have a doubt. I cracked such a dangerous PJ so her being angry is not an option considering she likes mine Pj's more than hers.

Sitting outside the ward, I am thinking of plans to manofy her when I see a very familiar looking man coming towards us. As he comes closer...I get to see who that person is.. LIKE SERIOUSLY out of all the people in the whole world, she had to call him..just him...

"Mr. Malik what a pleasant surprise..Aap yaha.." He asks and even though I feel like killing..I can't... Now I can't kill my own mouth, the root cause of the problem I am facing right now..

"Yes Sir...Voh..."

"Just a second..." He says as we are interrupted by his mobile phone.

I quickly turn and look beside me.. "JP did you call him..." I ask and he shakes his head. I look at Dad who is standing at the other side looking up, here and there.

"Did you..." I don't have to complete my sentence as I see him avoiding looking at me.

" actually took her words seriously and called the lawyer...Why?"


"and what about me? Riddhima ne ek baar bola and you want us to get a divorce...Why dad Why?" I look at him and this time I am giving him the angry man look.

"I called him by mistake...mujhe laga Riddhima is actually main and then you apologized and I completely forgot. And..I..I want to see my"

" you are ready to separate us just to see your grandchild..Aakhir aapne dikha hi diya that you are just like the typical father-in-law we see onscreen..Sasur aakhir sasur hi hota hai...papa nahin..."

Oh god the whole Gupta family has gone bonkers and inke saath main bhi..I can't believe I said such a dialogue... "Sasur aakhir sasur hi hota hai..papa nahin.." yikes it's so filmy..Riddhima has really left a deep impact on me..

Before I could say more I see the lawyer entering the ward..."Main aisa nahin hone dunga.." I make up my mind and run towards him before he can enter.

But too late...the lawyer enters followed by me and I am followed by JP and dad.

"Riddhima you can't do this to me...main..Main tumhe divorce nahin dunga..." I tell her as she is sitting on the bed, her eyes fixed on me.

"and who are you to decide...I never expected such a statement from you have already made plans of marrying again and I am just making it easier for you.."

" know I was joking...I can't even think of anyone else. Aur tum...Waise to tum meri koi baat seriously nahin leti..par yeh...Why this an exception..?"

"coz mera maan kar raha leave.. I want to talk to him.." She says and I can feel my BP going up.

Before exploding, I try the last statement that I so wanted to avoid but she has given me no other option..

"bhagwanji..ab sab aapke haath mein hai..please be by my side..please.."I silently pray and open my mouth...

"Riddhima , this is my last warning...Forgive me and we can live happy ever after or..."

"Or What?" She gives me a challenging look and I give her the same look..

to be continued...

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