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Unknown Truth continuation (7)

"Riddhima , this is my last warning.. We can live happy ever without causing much fuss or we can do it the other way around baby and still we are going to live happily ever your choice..Or ..."

"Or what?" She gives me a challenging look and I give her the same look..

"Or..I'll...I'll.." think Armaan think. Come on it's not gonna be that hard? Why is it that my brain goes into the sleeping mode when I need it the most? Coz even my brain is afraid of Riddhima and her replies...but I am sure this one will definitely work. It's a tried and tested one so yeah. A big smile appears on my face as I open my mouth and tell her "Before I tell you my intentions I want to say one dialogue so it will be easier for you to understand what I am going through..." I say and look around to see them waiting. Taking a deep breath I calm down my nervous coz I don't know how she is gonna react after hearing me out this time.

Last time when she heard this from my mouth she kinda went into a crazy mode, thinking about what I'll do to know my true intentions. Now that is a different thing that what I told her came out of nowhere.. I mean you know just like that but the way she reacted..I felt like doing balle-balle at that time.

"Riddhima if you have made up your mind of not forgiving me then "ek baar jo maine commitment kar di phir main apne app ki bhi nahin sunta and you know you..I mean still want to hear me out..?" I ask and the response I get...

"Salman Khan..." they reply in unison. Filmy Freaks I tell you...

"I know Salman Khan" I say rolling my if I don't know "but understand my intentions behind the dialogue. I am definitely going to do something bad this time and you know it..." I try pressurizing her, so what if I have no idea what I am gonna do..I go step by step..First scare her so I won't have to use much of my brain but if she doesn't agree then to problem ho jayega..


"Riddhima you are stretching it way too much..." I try one more time. I can't seem to come up with any idea of what I'll do so that's why I am trying my best to avoid it.

"No.." She says shaking her head...

"Riddhima...please" This time I plead as there is no melting of her heart.

 "Fine but on one condition..."

"Any condition just open your BIG mouth..." I say without thinking as she narrows her eyes "I mean you just open you cute-small mouth and say it".I say putting my best lovely-dovely expression just to keep the punishment as chota as possible..the result is the price that I'll have to pay in the future..


4 years later...

Ruk jaana nahin tu kabhi haar ke...

Kaaton pe milenge ke sahil bahar ke...

Oh rahi...o Raheee...

No price in guessing what condition was kept in front of me but before you jump to conclusion...that's not Riddhima and that not me and it's not even any CD or's actually our 4 year old daughter singing.

Before I continue I need to thank God for granting my wish. Maana, our daughter got my Brains and Riddihma's beauty with the only exception being her passion for singing. But trust me there is a huge difference between hers and Riddima's voice.

"Pa. are back.." Watching me Maana comes running towards me as I enter the house.

"Yes baby, Pa is back and he loves your singing like always." Kissing her cheek I pick her up as we move to the couch.

"Where's ma?"I ask looking around. She is always there when Maana sings but today..

"Nanu's house. She's katti.." keeping her thumb in between her teeth she points the thumb at me.

"She's what?" I ask, having no idea about her actions. 

"Pa Katti...She's katti" She says repeating the same action.

"huh..."I make a weird expression, still no idea what it means.

"Oh ho..Pa..." She slaps her forehead at my stupidity. "You don't know anything. She doesn't want to talk to you. She's katti..."She replies and wiggles out of my hold as Aunt Carol enters the room with the glass of milk.

"Oh..Katti...Now I get it" Kids and their languages. Who is she playing with? I am sure it's not Riddhima otherwise I would have definitely known the meaning.

"Maana you are not getting away this time. Come on finish it or no cookies.." Aunt Carol makes an angry face and I can't help but smile at Maana's reaction. Typical Riddhima.

"But I had one glass in the morning and you even allowed Ma to skip one and.."


"Pa please?"She looks at me with her adorable little pout.

"Oh no no no.." I quickly get up from the couch before she gets away with it. Knowing that this won't work this time- "You are not getting away this time baby girl."I grab her hand before she tries to hide under the table. She is just 4 year old but when it comes to milk...she is a bigger drama queen than Riddhima. Giving her the glass of milk and making sure she drinks it I turn and look at Aunt Carol.

 "Why is she KATTI?"I ask Aunt Carol making her smile as Maana finishes the milk and runs to grab her cookie.

"you know why Armaan. You promised last week and forgot and now know she was so looking forward to her favourite hero Shahrukh Khan Movie but you cancelled it at the last moment...this doesn't work in her dictionary"

"I know Aunt Carol but a meeting came up at the last moment and I had to cancel it. I told her to go with Sumu or JP"

"But she wanted to go with you. It's been so long you guys went out. I think she is right this time. And looking at you I believe you know that so explain this to's between you and her." She says. Like always, Aunt Carol right and to the point.

"Was she?" I ask, feeling guilty for not giving her the time. I know, my fault and her actions are totally justifiable. I mean it must be more than 6 months we went out. She was so excited for this movie and coz of me...ARGH...

"Absolutely." She says confirming my suspicion. Riddhima is mad at the moment and I'll have to come up with something special to bring that smile back on her face. Chal Armaan lag ja...


Entering the house isn't a big deal especially when I have done it so many times in the past few years, the only problem now-trespassing HIM, who at the moment it looking at me with deadly eyes. I don't know what problem he has with me and why he hates me so much? He is the only kaanta standing between Me and Riddhima. Just look at him- even now he is looking at me with hatred, just coz once upon a time I called him in hindi -" the K word", instead of doggie, he just can't stand me. That day it was Maana who stopped him but today- I should have let her come with me. At least ghar ke andar to entry mil jaati.

"Doggie..sho..sho..." I try moving him away as he is wriggling his tail. I have to say this- he is the most silent dog you'll ever encounter. You know the phrase 'Actions speak louder than words'..Well it's true in his case. I have not heard him barking much but his action- I can proudly say that I am the one to experience it the most.

 Since he won't let me enter the house alone, I have no other option left but call my best friend, the only person who can help me in this situation.

"What took you so long?" I ask when he doesn't respond instead look at me angrily.

Patthar Ke Sanam
Tujhe Humne Mohabbat Ka Khuda Jaana
Badhi Bhool Hui
Arey HumneYeh Kya Samjha Yeh Kya Jaana
Pathar Ke Sanam

I frown at his response. Is he alright? Or maybe drunk? I try one more time when he doesn't respond properly

"What took you so long? Are you okay?"

Dushman na kare dost ne woh kaam kiya hai
Umar bhar ka gam humen inaam diya hai

"Seriously Man..I know Riddhima is your inspiration when it comes to singing but she is not here so stop irritating and we can get to work." I tell him feeling pissed. He is definitely not drunk coz when is totally talli he sings fun songs and not the dard bhare geet he is singing at the moment.

He opens his mouth one more time, knowing very well that I have reached the limits. So just to keep his mouth shut I take out my water filled pistol and insert it in his mouth. For the first time, this pistol will work.

"Promise me you won't sing anymore or I have the real one also with bullet this time" He nods as I slowly takes it out of his mouth.

"KATTI..." he says looking at me angrily and now I know who Maana's friends are actually.

"tujhe aur koi time nahin mila call karne ke liye. I had to leave Shahrukh Khan movie...imagine Shahrukh Khan movie and now Sumu is not talking to me...teri wajah se..." He points his finger at me. He can be angry later but right now I need him to bring my story back on track.

"Koi baat nahin. We are still best friends and I won't leave you this easily even if you are Katti with me." I side hug him, something which he may pretend he hates but I know he loves it. " I'll help you in manofying Sumu but first help me in manofying deal?"

"Deal" He says making a face coz he knows there is no other option left for him. He needs me just like I need him. So it's a win-win situation for both of us.

Either we'll manofy both or none of them but since we believe in B+ve, we'll go with the first option.

"What's the plan?" He asks. I whisper it in his ear and he looks at me wide eyed.

"And what made you believe that I'll do it" JP starts moving back. Not surprised much coz this was expected from him.

"You are my closest friend aur tu to best friend se bhi bada my brohter. Kya tu itna nahin kar sakta mere liye..Please...Riddhima ko patane ne meri help kar na" I make the most adorable face to make him agree. You see in our crazy family you need different pouts/ expressions to melt their hearts and after being with them from the last 4-5 years, I have mastered the art. So just a simple adorable face and...Mwahaa..

He thinks deeply for a minute which I know is a waste of time considering I know what his reply is going to be.

"No.." he simply says keeping a straight face and I look at him in shock. This was so not expected.

"NO.. as in NO are kidding?" I ask, still not believing at his response. JP can be funny at times and I hope this is those times.

"No I am not and my answer is NO"

"but why?"

"coz what you want me to do, I won't do it. Sumu was mad and stopped talking when we did that...remember... and even though I love you too from the bottom of my heart, I don't want a repeat of that so... sorry bro..teri love story tu hi handle kar. I'll deal with mine" He smiles showing those dimples and although I am a bit angry I can totally sympathise with him. Dosti ek taraf aur pyaar ke taraf..we both have a good experience in that department. You see JP and Sumu are in a relationship. It started shortly after Maana was born and now we are just waiting for JP to propose to her..which I am sure we'll be seeing before I say goodbye. And about what he is talking about.. Apparently I am not the only one who is not a big fan of Doggie. Sumu, after having a big fight comes to this house to avoid JP. So we tried to come up with a permanent solution to our problems. NO we are not talking about killing Doggie...Ram..Ram..we are not murderers for God's sake...we sort of.  Like...tried kidnapping Doggie and were even successful. We had reached the gate and were about to cross it when we heard Maana screaming her heart out.

"MA...SUMU AUNTY...COME FAST THEY ARE TAKING DOGGIE WITH THEM..." She screamed so loudly followed by sobbing that for a second we thought we lost our hearing senses. That was the first time I got to know that my baby can scream that loudly.

Hearing her sobs made us stop and the rest I don't think there is any need to explain. The only good thing- as it was dark, Maana still doesn't know who were the kidnappers that night. That was the night and today is the night...but this time I am not thinking of kidnapping Doggie...I just...

"But I know one person who'll definitely help us..." he says rubbing his chin, like a bulb just glowed in his head."Who else...but" Watching his smiling face I can't help but look at him in shock.

"but what if he tries to back out.." I ask a bit unsure coz I don't think he'll agree for this one.

"Nahin mane to mana lenge...Remember he is 'The third musketeer in the three muskeeters'..." we look at each other and smile devilishly as JP takes out his cell and click on the name Shashank Gupta.


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