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A 6 years old girl was standing on a door .. She had tears in her eyes .. All her fears were coming true !! ... She blinked her small greenish eyes to get rid of that blury vision .. She gasped when she felt some one's hand on her shoulder ... She turned around and found HER .. The biggest problem of her life .. The person who was trying to snatch everything from her and somewhere she succeeded ...
She came towards her and held her silky black hairs harshly .. The little girl hissed in pain ... " what were you saying to him ??? " she asks furiously .. " I was just " ... " shut up !!! From now u can't talk to him .. If you try so I will .... " she stopped when she saw a 8 years old boy with some bags .. ..

" oh !! RIDDHIMA please come with us .... We are gonna miss you a lot dear haina RAHUL " she said in suger coated voice .. " yes didi!!! .. Please ridzi chal na yaar " .. .. Ridzi shook her head ..
" it's alright dear !! Now we have to go .. Chalein rahul ?? " that Lady said .. Rahul nodded .. They were going but rahul stopped when he felt a grip on his hand .. He turned and found ridzi " please don't go " .. She said with pleading face ..
That Lady saw this and rolled her eyes she came took out rahul's hand from her grip " sorry dear we are getting late chalo rahul " .. Rahul started following that Lady while looking at ridzi .. Who was following them too while crying ..
" please don't go .. Please bhaiyya "
She got up with a jerk ... She was sweating and huffing badly she glanced at the side table and found water jug empty she was about to get up but found a water glass infront of her .. She looked up and found her best friend ..
" phir se wohi nightmare ?? " her bestie asked to which she nodded her head .. " tu bhool q nahi jaati WO sab ?? " " kaise bhool jaon MUSKI ?? Mai ...mai chah kar bhi nahi bhool sakti wo sab .. " tears started falling down on her cheeks .. Muski wiped her tears " nahi ridzi Jo ho gaya us pe Rone ka koi faida nahi hai .. Aage dekh kitna kuch para hai zindagi mai karne ke liye uske baare mein soch !! " ridzi nodded..
" aur waise bhi kal to bohat khaas din hai kal tu apni sasuma se Jo milegi " muskii said in teasing tone .. Ridzi smiled " chal ab sote hain " " kya baat hai bari jaldi hai sone ki ?? Han han intezaar nahi Ho raha hoga na !! " " shut up muskii " ridzi said while blushing .. She covered her face with blanket .. Muski smiled and went to sleep ..

Ridzi was waiting outside on her house she was wearing a pink colour churidaar suit with white earings and brecelete on her hand ..she had some make up on her face which was unnecessary becoz she was indeed beautiful .. Suddenly a car stopped infront of her a smile came on her face .. She sat in the car and hugged the person ..
"I missed you " she said while coming out from the hug "me too wify " she smiled " chalo bas ab jaldi ghar chalo armaan " .. " kya baat hai bari jaldi hai ghar Jane ki .. Aur mom se Milne ki bhi " .. Ridzi smiled and armaan frowned becoz usually she argued with him but now she was just smiling ... He took her hand in his " dar lag raha hai ?? " she nodded " tum bilawajah hi dar rahi ho .. Konsa mom tumhey reject kar dengi .. Aur agar kar bhi diya to tum bhool rahi ho hamari shaadi ho chuki hai infact 1 month bhi ho gaya hai hamari shaadi ko .. " she nodded and gave him a weak smile.
Car stopped in front of MM .. Ridzi came out from the car and nervously looked at the house .. Armaan sensed her nervousness .. He stood beside her and held her hand .. Ridzi looked at him and he nodded ..
They entered in the mansion .. Ridzi scanned the house and found no one .. She thought that her mother in law would be in her room or kitchen so she thought to first check kitchen .. She was going towards the kitchen but stopped in mid way when she heard a familiar voice " kya Bhai kitni deer laga di aane mai aur bhabhi kahan hai ?? " she turned.
Ridzi was shocked !!! She couldn't believe on her eyes ... Is he really standing infront of her or is she dreaming ?? ... She was going to smile but stopped when she saw that bitch !!! Arggg !! Why couldn't she leave him alone ..." Armaan !! A gaye tum .. Bari deer laga di tumne .. Meri bahu kahan hai ?? Mai bhi to dekhun kon hai wo jisne armaan malik ko apna dewana banaya hua hai " ..
Armaan smiled and turned towards ridz " ridhima " ... Ridzi looked at him .. Armaan gestured her to come forward she nodded and stood beside him . " ye rahi aapki bahu aur Teri bhabhi .. Ridhima " .. " arey wah ye to waqai bohat khobsurat hai .. Sorry beta mai tum dono ki wedding attend nahi kar payi .. Wahan kuch emergencies thi aur phir flight ka bhi masla tha .. "
"Its OK mom !! We understand haina ridhima ?? " ridzi forced a smile and nodded .. " kya hua beta tum kuch bol q nahi rahi ?? " nandini asked " nahi kuch nahi wo .. Bas kuch theek nahi lag raha aur sar mein bhi dard ho raha hai " she lied .. "Its alright beta tum room mai rest karo OK " nandini said .. Ridzi was hell confused .. Was she really sweet or she was prentending??
Ridzi passed a smile then went to her room .. She sat on the bed and held her head .. She didn't know what's going on ?? .. All of a sudden her life took a turn .. All the horrible memories of past was now flashing in her mind .. .. Suddenly her mobile started ringing !!
" hello " she answered unwillingly she wasn't in a mood to talk to anyone .. " ridzi !! Kya hua wahan pe aur tu itni udaas q sound kar rahi hai ?? " " nothing muski !! " .. " ab tu mujhse bhi jhoot bolegi ?? muski said in stern voice ..ridzi sighed " mai unse mili abhi " she stated .. " unse ?? unse kis se?" .. "Rahul bhaiya se " she said in chocked voice " WHAT !!! tu apne bhai se mili !! ye to bohat achi baat hai lekin tu ro q rahi hai ?? " .. " wo bhi hai unke sath " ..." wo kon ?? nandini dii ?? O god !! ye peecha q nahi chor deti tere bhai ka ?? BTW tu unse mili kahan ?? " muski asked " wo meri mother in law hain !! "
"tu mazaaq kar rahi hai haina" .. "nahi muski yehi sach hai nandini dii armaan ki mom hain " she said while holding her tears.. " kya sach mein " muski said in disbelieve " maine socha tha armaan ke aane ke baad ab teri life mein khushiyan aayengi but yahan to wo nandini wapis a gayi " muski said .. Ridzi heard some footsteps " muskii mai tujhse baad mein baat karti hun" Ridzi hung up the call and wiped her tears .. she heard a knock on the door .. she opened the door and found rahul ...

"Wo armaan ne ye medicine bhijwayi hai " ridzi looked at the medicine and took it " andar aao na " ... " nahi bhabhi mujhey kuch kaam hai " he said while going.."app mujhey bhabhi mat bulaye mai aapse choti hun " she said and he turned " but rishte mai to aap meri bhabhi hi haina " " i know but phir bhi please mujhey mere name se bulaye " she said with pleading face .. "lekin mujhey to appka name pata hi nahi " ridzi made a confuse face " but abhi pehle to deer pehle to armaan ne .." " yeah !! but maine theek se suna nahi " " its ok " he gave a smile to her " Riddhima !! " she saw expressions of rahul when rahul heard that name his face became pale .. " kya hua ?? " she asked " huh ?? kuch nahi " he turned around to go but again ridzi stopped him " armaan kahan hai ?? " he turned and " usey office mai kuch kaam tha to wo office chala gaya mai bhi wahin ja raha hun " ridzi nodded and he left ..

Ridzi closed the door and let her tears roll down which she was holding back .. destiny was playing a game with her .. she had move on but destiny made her stand there again where she was standing 15 years back .. she didn't have courage to face this .... but she had to ... she didn't know what to do .. she didn't want to leave armaan but she couldn't face her too ... she went to her bed .. opened bedside drawer and took out picture of her with rahul .. she laid down and started caressing the pic .. she didn't know when she felt asleep ..

Ridzi entered in the room and found armaan almost ready for office "Armaan breakfast ready hai " armaan looked at her and then again started doing his work .. " mujhey bhook nahi hai " he said coldly .. ridzi felt hurt but she ignored it and said calmly " but armaan tumne kal raat bhi kuch ..." "MAINE KAHA NA MUJHEY BHOOK NAHI HAI " ridzi looked at him in disbelieve she didn't know what happend to him he made is way towards outside but ridzi held his hand " Armaan bohat ho gaya !! mai kitne dino se notice kar rahi hun tum mujhse seedhe muh baat bhi nahi kar rahe ho ... Akhir hua kya hai ?? " she said in irritating tone . " Tum mujhse poch rahi ho hua kya hai ?? ye tumhey khud se pochna chahiye tumhey kya ho gaya hai ??" ridzi looked at him with confuse expressions " mujhey kya ho gaya matlab ?? maine kya kiya hai ?? door tum ja rahe ho mujhse mai nahi " "door jane pe majboor bhi tum hi ne kya hai " with that he left leaving confused ridzi .
In afternoon she was working in the kitchen .. she heard her mobile ringing .. she answered the call " hello " ..." helllo !! ridzi !! kaisi hai tu ?? " A smile crept on her lips " muskii !! mai theek hun tu bata ?? " ..." mai bhi theek yaar !! acha sun kitne din ho gaye shopping pe nahi gaye aaj shopping pe chalte hain na please " muski said in pleading voice .. " umm wait mujhey mom se permision lene de " " to us nandini se permission q le rahi hai ?? " muski said in annoying tone " muskii !! she is my mother in law i have to " .. " acha chal theek hai jaldi le aur msg kar dena " she smiled "ok" with that she hang up the call .

She entered in nandini's room .. and found her talking with someone on the phone she waited for her to hang up the call when nandini saw her she ended it and asked " kuch chahiye beta ?? " " jii mom wo mai aaj shopping pe jana chahti hun agar aapki permission ho to " ... han beta zaroor jao is mai pochni wali kya baat hai " she said while made her way towards hall ... Ridzi followed her.. "thank u and mom mai to ghar pe nahi hongi to kya aap dinner bana dengi " she said with pleading face .. " beta dobara kehna wo maine suna nahi " she said .. " aap dinner bana dengi " she smiled and said " han beta q nahi !! "

"Mom dinner q banayengi " ridzi turned and found armaan " wo mai shopping pe ja rahi hun " .. " so .. mom dinner .. " nandini cut him in between " huh choro na armaan its ok mai dinner bana dungi " ... " but mom ..." .. .. . "Armaan !! tum ye sab choro aur mere sath room mai chalo tumhari file mil gayi hai " she left and armaan followed her.

In evening Ridzi cameback fom shopping she was hell tired ... she went to the kitchen and found nandini there ... " a gayi beta !! so , kaisi rahi shopping ?? " she smiled " achi thi mom " .... " beta mera ek kaam kar do please " .. " boliye na mom " .. " wahan ek plate hai us mai jo khana hai wo phenk do " ... " but q ?? " .. " wo kharaab ho gya hai kisi ke khane ke layaq nahi raha " .. " oh !! mai abhi phenk deti hun " ... Ridzi picked up the plate and threw the food in bin .. she startled when she heard a loud voice "RIDDHIMA" she turned around and found armaan standing there she can sense that he was very angry at that time but why ?? .. he made his way towards her and grab her shoulder hashly " kya kar rahi ho tum ye ?? " he asked " kuch nahi armaan mai to bas ... " he cut her off "mai to bas kya ek to tum shopping pe chali gayi mom ko dinner banane ka order de kar aur jab dinner ban gaya to tum usey phenk rahi ho " ridzi looked at him in disbelieve " nahi armaan tum galat samajh rahe ho mai isey is liye phenk rahi thi q k ..." .." armaan !! kya hua tum itne gusse mai q ho ??" nandini came towards them and asked ..

Armaan glared ridzi " mai wo is liye phenk rahi thi qk wo kharab ho chuka tha kisi ke khane layaq nahi raha tha " she explaind but got shock when " ye tumse kisne kaha ?? " nandini said .. she was looking at her with wide eyes .. she was the one who said this and now she is denying .. but why was she lying?? that thoughts was roaming in ridzi's mind ... armaan dragged ridzi towards their room and locked it " q kar rahi tum aisa .. ridhima tum aisi kab se ho gayi ??? jis ridhima ko mai jaanta hun wo baro ki izzat karti hai .. wo kisi ko jaan bojh ke takleef nahi de sakti .. aur yahan tum pichle 2 hafton se meri mom ko takleef pohcha rahi ho wo bhi jaan bojh ke !! " ridzi was shocked at his statement she was about to say something but armaan continued " jab mom ne mujhey first time bataya to mai khud heeran tha mujhey unki baat pe believe nahi hua q k mai tumhey jaanta hun lekin phir maine khud observe karna shoro kya aur phir mujhey ehsaas hua ke mom kitni sahi thi .. aur mai kitna galat !! mai tumse baat karna chahta tha but har baar mom ne mujhey rok diya ye keh kar koi baat nahi wo samaj jayengi khud hi usey waqt do aur tum subah poch rahi thi na ke mai tumse itna rude q baat karta hun that's the reason " ridzi shook her head and trying to explain but armaan stopped her " kuch kehne ki zarorat nahi hai ab kehne ko kuch nahi bacha maine aaj sab khud apni aankhon se dekha hai .. Ridhima mai apni mom se bohat pyaar karta hun aur ye kabhi bardasht nahi karonga ke unhey koi bhi takleef de koi bhi matlab koi bhi .... so MRS. RIDDHIMA ARMAAN MALIK WAPIS MISS RIDDHIMA GUPTA BANNE KE LIYE TAYYAR HO JAO " he left ..
Her mind took some time to register his words and after that tears started rolling down from her eyes .. she sat on the ground helplessly .. she knew that she did it .. but why ?? why did she want to destroy her ... she had snatched her's only family her brother and now she was trying to break her marriage .. what did she want ?? !!


"Q ?? " rahul asked " i have told u the reason " armaan said " but bhai ho sakta hai tujhey misunderstanding hui ho ?? " .." mujhey koi misunderstanding nahi hui hai " .." tune Ridzi se baat ki ??" .." nahi aur na hi karna chahta hun " rahul sighed and sat beside him " dekh bhai ye bohat bara faisla hai tum dono ki zindagi ka sawal hai thora to soch " .." sochne ke liye kuch baaqi nahi raha " .." mujhey samajh nahi a raha ho kya gaya hai tum dono kitne khush the mere jaane se pehle aur ab ye sab .... mujhey kuch nahi pata tu ek baar us se jaa kar baat kar " .. " mujhey koi baat nahi karni hai rahul " .. " didi aap samjhaona isey " .rahul looked at nandini " mai kya bolo rahul maine bohat samjhaya isey but ye meri baat bhi nahi sun raha " .. she saw ridzi going outside " umm mujhey kuch kaam hai mai tumhey baad mai milti hun " she left.

Ridzi entered in a old house and found no one .. she turned and found nandini there " kahan ja rahi ho ?? " ... " aap yahan ??" she smiled evily " maine hi tumhey yahan bulaya hai " ridzi looked at her with confusion all over her face " mai jaanti hun tum kya soch rahi ho yehi na maine tumhey yahan q bulaya .. well mujhey tumhey kuch batana hai .. aur kuch pochna bhi .. chalo pehle poch leti hun tumney rahul ko sach q nahi bataya ?? q nahi bataya ke uaey ke tum uski behn ho ?? tum soch rahi hongi mujhey ye kaise pata chala ... us din maine tumhari baat sunli thi jab tum apni dost ko mere aur rahul ke baare mai bata rahi thi .. to batao q chup rahin tum ?? " ridzi didn't said anything " samaj gayi armaan ko kho na do is liye but afsoos tum dono to waise hi alag ho rahe ho jo ke mai chahti thi .. tumhey kya laga tum armaan ke zariye rahul ko wapis pa logi .. no dear .. isi liye maine ye sab kya .. na jaane armaan ko kitne jhoot bole .. phir un jhoot ko sach bhi kar dikhaya .. mai jaanti hun mera beta mujhse kitna pyaar karta hai aur mujhey yaqeen tha ke ye karne ke baad wo tumhey divorce zaroor dega jo ke wo de raha hai "

" MAI RIDHIMA KO DIVORCE NAHI DE RAHA HUN " nandini turned around and found armaan and rahul there her eyes got wider she had trapped she looked at riddhima and found a winning smile on her face
with tears..." Mujhey pata tha ye sab aapne kya hai .. shak mujhey tab hi ho gaya tha jab armaan us din us waqt ghar aaye tha jis din mai shopping pe gayi thi .. armaan kabhi bhi us waqt ghar nahi aata phir us din q ?? phir jab apne file ka kaha tab mera shak aur barha qk iska matlab aapko pata tha ke armaan ghar a raha hai lekin mujhey ye samajh nahi aaya ke aap karna kya chah rahi hain is liye mai chup rahi .. aapne jaisa chaha waisa hua armaan ne meri ek baat nahi suni .. lekin phir jab mujhey call aayi aur kisine mujhey yahan milne ke liye bulaya tab mai samjh gayi wo aap hain phir tab maine "

Armaan entered in his room and found ridzi there " tum yahan kya kar rahi ho ?? " .." tumse baat karni hai " .." mujhey tumse koi baat nahi karni" he turned " please armaan .. please sirf ek baar meri baat sunlo .. sirf ek baar phir bhale hi mujhse kabhi baat mat karna lekin please sirf ek baar " she said in pleading tone .. he closed his eyes then said " bolo " .. "yahan nahi kahin aur aaj shaam ko 5:00 baje mai address msg kar dungi " he nodded and left .
" Q mom ?? Q ?? " armaan asked .. he has tears in his eyes ... nandini looked away .. " mai batati hun armaan inhone ye sab q kya ... inhone ye sab is liye kya qk inhey dar tha ke kahin mai sach na bol dun aur inki hath se property na chali jaye !! " armaan and rahul both were confused and said in unison " property ??" .." han property !! jo rahul bhaiyya ke name pe hai " armaan and rahul looked at eachother " mere name pe koi property nahi hai " rahul said " hai aapke name pe property hai lekin aapko ye nahi pata qk inhone kabhi aapko pata lagne hi nahi diya .. jab inhey pata chala ke Mom and Dad ki death ho gayi to ye orphanage aayi aapko adopt karne but obvoiuse si baat hai aap inke sath q jayenge so ye roz aane lagi ta ke aap ke dil mai apni jagah bana saken .. jo inhone banayi aapko sab se door kar diya mujhse bhi door .... lekin phir jab inhey pata chala ke mai inki bahu hun .. to inhey laga ke mai aapko wapis lene aayi hun but that's not true mujhey to ye pata hi nahi tha ke ye armaan ki mom hain .. mai sach bata deti par kabhi himmat nahi hui phir aap business meeting ke liye chale gaye aur mai kuch nahi bata paayi .. mai nahi bata paayi ke mai hi aapki ridzi hun .. mai nahi bata paayi ke 15 saal maine akele kis tarah guzare ye jaante hue ke mera ek bhai hai jo mujhey chor ke chala gaya .. nahi bata payi mai kuch nahi bata paayi " she started crying rahul came towards her " off button kahan hai ?? " .. ridzi looked at him with confuse expressions " kis cheez ka " .. " is paani ki tanki ka jo kabhi bhi chalo hojaati hai " Ridzi hugged him and he hugged her back .. they came out of hug when they heard "Armaan !!! ... armaan ruko meri baat suno !! armaan !! " they saw armaan was going outside ..

Nandini was going behind her but ridzi stopped her " No !! aap uske paas nahi jayengi .. pehle apne bhai ke paas jane diya tha aapko aapne usey mujhse door kar diya lekin ab ye galti nahi karongi !! us waqt bachi thi but kuch kar nahi paayi lekin ab bachi nahi hun aur na hi akeli " she said while looking at rahul " aapke liye behtar yehi hoga aap yahan se aur hamari zindagiyon se chali jaye warna mai shayad aapka lihaaz bholl jaonga " rahul said .. and nandini left ..

Armaan was standing beside his car .. he felt a hand on his shoulder he wiped his tears and looked at riddhima then looked down " I am sorry ridhima maine tumhare sath bohat bura kya .. galti meri hai maine bhi unpe believe kya jo unhone dikhaya dekha aur sirf uspe hi yaqeen karta chala gaya .. i am really sorry " tears started rolling down on his cheeks .. she wiped his tears " nahi armaan galti tumhari nahi tumhey nahi pata tha ke wo aisi hain .. bhool jao sab ek nayi shuruat karte hain in sab se door chale jaate hain jahan honge sirf mai , tum aur rahul bhaiyya aur hamari khushiyan " he nodded and hugged her .



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