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AR os : One Decision


ARMAAN  is a orphan and a seven year old boy.. and worked in a sanjeevani hospital canteen as a waiter… one day shahshank eye fell on him and he asked abt him then armaan told him that his father and mother died in a car accident and there is no relative of him so he is working there to earn his livings.. shashank got impressed…and take him to his house…       in house shashank has a daughter RIDDHIMA GUPTA apple of her father's eye.. but when he saw arman with him she got feel jealous..

 Slowly time passed away … shashank gave money to armaan for his studies and he became a very good doctor… and also riddhima has completed her studies in medicines… armaan is very handsome and good looking any girl can do any thing for him but he never wasted his time on these cheap things where as riddhima is also very beautiful and look like angel… armaan secretly like her but does not have guts to tell her… and also he respect shashank from core of his heart…

One day riddhima told shashank about her liking towards ABHIMANU MODI and told him that she wants to marry him.. because of only daughter shashank said yes.. marriage was fixed whole house was decorated like a bride..   every one was happy.. armaan was helping every one in making arrangements but some in deep his felt very week as love of his life is getting away from him… but he thought if riddhima is happy then I m also happy…

 ABHIMANU reached there with his family nad friend mandap was ready…

Pandit ji " kanya ko bullayiye… phero ka waqt ho gaaya "

Shashank told armaan to bring riddhima… armaan went to riddhima's room and told her friends to bring riddhima down.. then suddenly armaan see riddhima she was looking very beautiful in her red lengha.. he just lost in her beauty…

Then came back to senses.. when saw riddhima going towards mandap..

Then he herad a voice and that is of abhi's dad…

" main kuch nahi jaata shaadi tabbi ho gaayi agar ap mujhe abhi 5 crore de gaaye… warna hum abhi baaarat le kar vaapis chale jaaye gaaye…"

" modi sahib samjhne ki koshish kijye main aap ko itne paise nahi dee saakta.. meri itni hassiyat nahi hai.."

"who sub nahi jaanta.. mera beta bahut bada doctor hai uss ke liye kitne rishtey aaye par main mann kar diya kyun ki uss aap ki beti pasand thi..par mujhe toh paise chhayiye.. bus.."

Shashank mde him understand abt he didi nt listenand at last went without getting married … riddhima kept weeping on his luck as well as on her father's condition..

" baarat chali gaayi ab kaun kare gaaya is ladaki se shaadi is ki shaadi toh umar bhar nahi ho gaayi.." old ladies and other people start commenting..

Then shashank went to armaan and said him to marry riddhima for his sake and reputationand riddhima's life…armaan can not say to no to shashank as because of him today he is a doctor… firstly riddhima oppose but due to her father he cannot say no..

Both get married in the same mandap.. armaan was very happy as his wish come true… but riddhima is not he still loves abhi…

In the room

Riddhima is very scared as she does not know what is going to happen..

Armaan came in and see riddhima sacred.. as he approach her… she scared more..

" riddhima do not worry I will not touch you till you want… sleep on here on bed.. I will sleep on the couch.. do not worry.. I will not force you for this relation ship…" for first time riddhima like armaan for his innocence..

Next day.. riddhima get up first and saw armaan sleeping like a cute baby… he just memorized him.. then next moment his cell got ring up.. she saw it was of abhi firstly she disconnected but then.. on again she pick up abhi said her to meet once…

In evening she abhi  he said what just happen because of his father.. he is not at fault… and requested her to forgive him and to start a new life…riddhima melt on seeing abhi ..

When she return home..she was in a great thought what to do and what not to do… her heart sway armaan is not bad.. as he does not force her for relation ship and also care for her a lot.. then her brain say that she loves abhi not armaan… she decided to leave house.. and she left house with her necessary  things leaving a note that she going with to start a new life… and will never return back…

When shashank came to know that he was very hurt..and decided t never forgive riddhima…

On the other side when riddhima came to abhi abhi asked her form abt money and jewellery.. that she had brought with her from her father's house.. riddhima told that she had brought she has left her house..  but abhi said that she is useless.. and his father was right he should marry some one else…and left riddhima crying..

Riddhima came back home…  she was about to enter when she heard armaan shashank conversation..

" nahi armaan main uss kabhi maaf nahi karo gaaya … who mere liye marr chuki hai.. baap beti ka rishata khatam ho gaaya mere liye…"

" nahi sir aap aisa nahi kar saakte.. who aap ki beti hai…  beti ki khushi mein hi baap ki khushi hai… aur main uss who khushi nahi de saakta jo abhi de saakta hai… pls forgive her.."

" nahi kabhi nahi… who kabhi is ghar main aayi gaayi.."

Riddhima get shocked on listening this… her one decision has changed all his life…she does not enter the house…and cry all the time..

After 3 years:---

Riddhima is in uninted states… working as a doctor … she left India and came there with the help of his friends…she devote all the time in serving patients… as she has no work to do in house as she life alone… she always thought  that her one decision had made her away from her father and his husband… yes now she thought armaan is the only person who can give her the real love and happiness..

On the other hand armaan is now the dean of hospital as shashank get retirement and went to lonavala… armaan thought that riddhima is happy with abhi so he was also… happy for her but he does not know what happen three years ago..

One day armaan has to go.. u.s as there is press confress and he has to represent sanjeevani there…

All the way he was very happy as he him self does not knoe why…but thought that some thing is going to good in his life…

In confress all big doctors were there as well as riddhima… armaan met so many people then suddenly his fell on riddhinma she was the same like before… but some thin and also her face was pale.. he went to riddhima and said hai from back.. as her back was facing armaan.. riddhima trun and saw armaan and surprise for a moment…

" tum yahaan??"

" hai main who yahaan sanjeevani ko represent karne aaya hoon…"

" that's great… "

" sunno armaan  shespeak hesitantly…

" ummmm who papa kaise hai…"

Armaan see concern in her eyes..

" who theek hai aaj kal lonavala main hai…"

" aur abhi kaisa hai tum khush toh ho naa uss ke saath…"

Then a man came and introduce them armaan meet her she is riddhima gupta very efficient doctor… and riddhima he armaan mallik fromindia dean of sanjeevani… both are shocked..

In whole confress armaan was thinking why that man introduce her riddhima gupta.. she is not married to abhi what happen to him are they are not togther… and riddhima was thinking.. he still cares for me.. and my happiness.. in the end riddhima left without looking towards armaan and ignoring his question… armaan was curious to know abt riddhima… he searched for her.. but do not get her… then he took his adrees from one her friend in the hospital and went to her place.. here riddhima was weeping on her luck… then she heard dorr bell and open it.. and saw armaan there she was surprised…  " armaan tum yahaan kya kar rahe ho ??"

" andar aane ko nahi kaho gaayi…yahaan bahut thand hai…"

" hai aayo naa"  " riddhima I want answers to my questions"

" whereis abhi why r u here alone..???"

Firstly riddhima didi not answer byut when armaan pinned her to wall she start crying and tell her what happened that night and also abt his conversation with shashank… aramman felt helpless on seeing riddhima like this..

" armaan sub meri galati hai I lost papa and my love just because of my one wrong decision.." armaan get shock again..

" yes armaan I love you… I love you a lot… a understand my love towards you when I left you.." she said while crying they were standing like boths head was join.. armaan is very happy to listen that riddhiam loves him… " I love you too… I still… love you "

 Listening this riddhima was overjoyed and join her lips with his.. firstly armaan get back.. armaan too gave in a kiss.. it was the passonate kiss… slowly they move towards bed and start exploring each other… "armaan I love you… I always fell come in complete.. today you make me fell complete…"said riddhima while kissing armaan on his chest.. they both made love till early in morning… and then slept in each other embrass..

 Next day..

Armaan called shashank and tell him that he is bringing a surprise for him…

Then they both left for India… armaan took riddhima along with him to lonavala and then both meet him.. shashank firstly get angry on seeing riddhima.. but when armaan told him wt happen with her that day.. he melt.. on seeing riddhima like this… and forgive her… on riddhima is very happy to get back her father, her husband and also love of her life…

After 2 years:--

" do not worry beta sub theek ho jaaye gaaya bus abhi thodi derr amin riddhima bahar aa jaayi gaayi.." said shashank to armaan as they both r standing outside of operation theratre…as riddhima is going to deliver a child… then they heard a cry of a child… doctors came out side and said…  "congratulations sir u r blessed with a baby boy…"

Both r very happy to know that… then they meet riddhima… and she was also very happy…to see her father and husband happy…and seeing a beautiful son …

Riddhima get opportunity to correct her decision but every body does not get opportunity to correct all his decisions… so


Chahat Malhotra 

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