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Chapter 1 : Where Did I go Wrong

He was on the flight, that was on its way to Mumbai from the US, he was glad, he held the diary preciously in his hand, he was debating whether to read it or not, at last curiosity got better of him and he opened the book.

Jan 2nd 2007

@ 5:15 PM

Oaf, I am back, dead totally, exhausted, why? Will let you know some other time, boring really to
write the whole days not so good events, you're here to remind me only good stuff diary, so that when I open you some years later, I'll laugh at my own stupidity. It's been 12 hours since I got up, I am so sleepy, and I wish I could sleep, but I don't really have any time. Not today. Morning seemed pleasant enough, since I was a house wife, (no choice, no graduation is equal to no job) I was introduced 1st thing to the kitchen in the morning, who was to be my life long friend, so there I was making coffee for Armaan while mom in law made paranthas for him. I know how to make them, but she didn't allow me, I wonder why, so after breakfast there he was going to work (oh yeah, 4 days post marriage he had to work, mom in law insisted) and I like a ideal wife walked with him to the door with his mobile and purse, he never wore a tie, I wish he would, I knew how to tie a tie, I'd love to do it(who said it was only in movies), "don't wanna go" I heard him mutter, I laughed, he seemed like a kid who was at the verge of throwing a tantrum. "Never mind, come back soon" I said and pleasantly smiled, and suddenly he pulled me outside behind the door, giving a quick glance into the house to check if mom in law was there or not, convinced she was not there, he returned back to me, "what"? I questioned curiously, though I completely knew what his naughty mind was up to, he pushed back the damp hair outta my face, and without warning gave me a see off kiss, and in surprise and embarrassment I looked back actually stared back, "see you in the evening" I said, a bit sadly, I don't know why I sounded sad, or maybe I was tired due to lack of sleep(getting up at 5:00am everyday, something alien and hard for me to do) or maybe I wanted to spend time, for him, and for me, I wanted to be just with him. He gave me a warm hug,"get some sleep ok?" he whispered in my ear, "yeah" I whispered back,"are you sore?" he asked, his voice full of concern, my heart melted, the way he asked me in such a concerned way made me or rather my heart jump in some jig form, "no, how could I be, your so gentle, its just the sleep" I said pretty embarrassed already as I hugged him tighter feeling my face grow hot, as he kissed my bare shoulder, next to the sleeve. "Should I go?" he asked, coming out of the hug, "will you stay back if I say no?" I questioned back sorting out the creases formed on his shirt due to the hug, I had nothing more to hide, we were married, and there shouldn't be anymore hidden desires. I felt the tips of his fingers on my forehead and then cheek, "I want you to sleep, ok?" he said firmly, I just nodded and he left turning back a few times to wave, I didn't go into the house until I saw the car disappear around the curve. How could I tell him I had no time to even clean the dust off my eyes, let alone sleep, and that was because of mom in law.

He closed the book and looked outta the window, into the little buildings that looked like ants, he promised himself that he would bring back those days again, (without mom in law), how beautifully she had remembered and written down each and every line, there was so much beauty in it, truly, a woman was a woman, compared to all the creatures in this world created by God, Armaan silently agreed that women was, is and always would be Gods greatest achievement.

"Sir, would you like some tea or coffee?" The heavily perfumed airhostess questioned Armaan.

'I'll have coffee"

As she poured the coffee, "No I won't have coffee" Armaan said suddenly, "ok sir, tea then?"

"No, do you know why?" Armaan asked, while the airhostess stared blankly, "coz I am going back to my wife, who makes the best coffee you never tasted" he said proudly as if he won some national level competition. The airhostess smiled, "good luck sir" she said and walked away.

"Seeing your wife after a long time?" came the voice of a middle aged woman sitting next to him.

"Yeah" Armaan smiled.

"Why did she leave? Was it your fault?" the woman questioned.

Armaan turned to look at her so fast he appeared to have cricked his neck," what?"

The woman looked at Armaan. "I dunno if it was my fault or not, I didn't do anything to solve matters, I didn't do bad to her, but I didn't do anything good to her either" Armaan sighed, he didn't know why he was telling this woman everything.

"So you're going to get her back?"

"Yeah, that's the intention; I hope I find her back there"

"You will, go son, find her, get her back, even if you don't get her, Atleast you will console yourself saying you tried but destiny wasn't in your hands, and also try till you succeed, if you don't succeed, love will" her voice was a nice deep one, she smiled warmly at him.

He smiled back to the motherly figure, "thank you".

He was back, back in Mumbai now, he felt as if he already was a lot closer to Riddhima, owing to the fact that he was in the place where she resided, he felt he was inches away from her, he only had to put his hand out and from the air he caught he was sure he would catch something invisible that would be Riddhima, and now it was time he got her back. He was going back to the college he himself completed his education and spent a part of memorable moments of his life, and he after all met Riddhima there.

A Week Later

"I don't believe it, your going to college again, to finish your graduation", Neha exclaimed in utter shock looking at Riddhima touching up her gloss, she was dressed in a light and dark blue stripes shirt with jeans.

"Neha, common, relax, I know I am a mother of 3 month old, doesn't mean I don't have youth blood in me, that's ridiculous, I'll enjoy as much as I can, after all I am only 22, doing final year graduation" Riddhima jovially said as she brushed her hair, "I cant wait for it to begin, its been a week since the re-opening was delayed.

Riddhima hadn't completed her graduation, big mistake, though she still did not blame anything in particular, nor her marrying Armaan, neither destiny, what had to happen has happened and gone, who can walk aside if fate comes to you at force when your not looking. Not in your hands really. Riddhima brought back a few moments in mind, remembering when he officially proposed to her, which was totally outta the world, how she said yes and he had lifted her off her feet.

"Whats on your mind now, definitely Armaan, you're smiling", somehow there was a kind of happiness when Neha said that. Ahana seemed very happy to; she kept giving random smiles to anything and everything.

"Nothing, look how happy Ahana is" holding out her finger to Ahana, who playfully grabbed it. "By the way, what did Adi say?

"Adi, err, he told me to wait; he is not sure about this adopting matter"

"What? Come again? Why? I thought we agreed to it"

"He still suggests that we should hold on and not be hasty"

"If it was some other man I probably would have not listened, Adi is unlike other men, where does he get that maturity", Riddhima grumbled. "Hasty you say? About what, eh, He doesn't think Armaan is coming for me I hope"

"Don't asks me all that, ask him" Neha said, washing he hands off the matter about why Adi says no.

"Fine, I'll talk to him", she grabbed her bag and walked outside the room after kissing Ahana, as she reached the main door'

"Do you really want us to adopt Ahana? Answer me honestly Riddhima", Neha directly questioned Riddhima which made her stop abruptly, with her hand on the door handle.

"No, I don't want that, but I don't have another choice" Riddhima stated, without turning to look at Neha, a tear dropped from her eye as she shut the main door.


"Adi, that's ridiculous, Armaan according to you will be back in my life, that's why you want to hold on to the adopting issue?" Riddhima incredulously shouted at Adi while he drove her to college.

"Yeah, that's right" he simply stated.

"What on earth makes you think like that?"

"You said it wasn't completely Armaan's fault, he wasn't the reason you left, right?"

"Right"! Riddhima said puzzled.

"You guys aren't yet divorced, and as far as I now you, bits of paper don't end a relationship, so again you aren't the one to go into legal matters, again I am right"?

Riddhima silently agreed, but she didn't wanna admit, instead she said "so?"

"So I insist we wait, instead of hasty decisions" bringing the car to an abrupt halt and smiling at her, a smile that said I won the battle.

Riddhima looked at him disappointed, "I am sorry Adi, I have been this kabab main haddi from the time you guys got married, and now I say adopt Ahana, stupid me"

"Stupid you'? That's the most silliest thing I ever heard, it's not stupid you, you're the cutest cupid I could have ever seen and felt, how many people do you know who have been face to face with their cupids?"

That made her laugh, an empty laugh, it had no meaning, the laughter didn't reach her eyes. As she got down the car and waved, Adi someday hoped that he would see a real laugh that in place of that forced one.


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