Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Chapter 6: Where Did I go Wrong

 She let him take over her senses with increasing passion, she didn't know what was happening, not aware of reality, not aware of herself, It was as if she stopped denying what her heart wanted, unsure of her mind but he knew what he wanted and he wanted Riddhima to crave for the same too, entwining his fingers with hers he guided her hands on his shoulders, she felt his body crushing against hers as if wanting to get inside her, she knew that and she wanted it now, His hand began to trail down her throat which was soon followed by his hot mouth, she felt him plucking on her shirt
buttons, one of her shirt buttons opened, then another one, peeling the fabric of her flesh that was being a hindrance to the reigniting flames, He pushed one side of her shirt off her shoulder and kissed her shoulder, slowly at first and then deepening it as he traveled to the inner curve of her neck. His hand slid behind her waist under her shirt, making goose bumps erupt on her back as she felt something snap, she was exposed, her neck arched at the slightest pressure of his hand on her hair, never once had he stopped placing kisses on her neck as he lifted her against him placing her back to the wall and holding her there with the support of his body. She felt his heart beating hard and fast against hers, the flames were licking inside her, white hot and dangerous, she was afraid if this didn't stop soon the flames would set both of them ablaze, his hand slide to her thigh and as if on its own
accord that leg wrapped around him soon followed by the other, she tried stifling her moan as his mouth went lower demanding more, sending ripples of pleasure deep inside her, persuading her to give in, "Stop" she gasped "please". Her tone was begging him to stop, but it went unheard, a tear glistened from the edge of her eye as they reached the pinnacle of passion, her head was beginning to reel, she shut her eyes, trying to think straight, she tugged at his hair, all the frustration of the past year was only beginning to come out.

"You're killing me Riddhima" he whispered, his voice ragged.

"You're punishing me Armaan" her voice came out equally ragged.

She had said it, the pride when he heard his name from her mouth was unexplainable.

 Her legs were back on the floor, she felt it wobbling, their eyes connected, their warm breaths sending unknown signals conversing in a language of their own, strands of her hair stuck to her face, the beads of sweat were now trailing down behind her back. She broke the connection and looked at his chest glistening with sweat, the shirt sticking to his body.

His hand reached up to wipe away her tear "Riddhima, I - -

The ring of the phone in the shocking silence felt like some old guitar was being played, both their heads turned to the direction of the phone, "Don't move" he clearly told Riddhima and went to get the phone.


"Yes Armaan, The Dean wants you in 15 minutes" said a familiar female voice from the main office.

"Why suddenly?"

"I wouldn't know that Armaan, would I?"

"Yeah, silly question, I'll get there, Thanks" he put the receiver down.

When he turned back to the door Riddhima was properly dressed and had already opened the door knob to get out from the room, with 2 swift movements he shut the door and held her tight in place.

"I'm not done with you yet"

"Leave me Armaan, You have lost your rights, don't you dare take advantage of the authority you have as a professor, commanding me to behave at your service, and bigger even, don't dare plunge into my 'personal' life"

"Don't have authority over 'your' personal life? I'm a part of it, no denying and you just gave into me"

Riddhima paused and looked away, and then she replied, keeping a big stone on her heart.

"Gave into you? What? I would give into any man as capable and demanding as you"

It was as if Armaan was thinking, hard and fast his heart at the verge of shattering into bits, may be it with have completely shattered if he had not let his mind work "Then why don't you look at me and tell me that, don't look away" he steered her face back to him so her eyes bore into his.

She hesitated, tried to repeat what she said moments ago, but she could not bring herself to do it, instead she freed herself from his tight grip, "Stay outta 'our' life, don't come back into our lives again, we don't need you"

"Fine Riddhima, Ok, Just tell me what was my mistake? What did I do wrong? Where did I go wrong?"

Riddhima snorted, "I've never seen anyone as unaware of yourself"

"Riddhima why can't you just straight away tell me, stop this twisting game"

"Your questions are not of academic concern, and I find no reason to answer them, I'd prefer if you allowed me to go"

He walked closer to her, again cornering her to the door, this time she stood with her nose held high though her heart began beating drums fiercely at the proximity.

"Run all you can Riddhima, this heart of yours (poking his index finger to her heart) will always remain with me"

"Armaan, just leave me alone, is it to much to ask for?" her eyes welled up.

He cupped her face "Yes Riddhima, your asking too much from me, have you ever been asked to stay away from your soul? Then you'd know how it feels"

Her heart melted, but it had to stop melting and remain like a rock. Rocks don't melt.

"It's over Armaan, Its over, your no more in 'our' lives" she cried holding his shirt collars tight.

"I don't think so; tell me all what happened just now was not love? It was just physical? Tell me Riddhima"

Her voice choked she tried composing herself, trying to speak, but nothing came out.

"I've to go to class"

"Riddhima? That's not what I asked"

"But that's all I could care about right now, let me go"

"Ok, I'll let you go, but on one condition"

"Whats that?"

"Confess that you still love me"

"Armaan, this is getting pointless, stop it and let me go"

"Getting pointless? Riddhima, I thought the whole basic idea was that my 'love' would mend anything that you're hurt about, if only you'd tell me what I did wrong"

"How irrelevant could you get? I'm guessing you're not going to leave me till you get what you want, stubborn little git that you have always been"

"I like when you call me little"

"Cut the crap, fine then, you wanted to know that the passion between us a few minutes back was physical or not?  Then listen, No it was not physical, I loved and will always love you and if possible I love you even more after our separation. FINE? Are you happy? Does your heart go jingle bell? Now let me go"

She turned around and within a second lifted her bag that was right outside his door hoisted it on her shoulder and disappeared downstairs.

If he could not get much out of her, Atleast she confessed sincerely that she still loved him and that was enough to make his heart go jingle bell.

A call for him reminding him that the Dean was awaiting his presence in the office was when he actually readjusted himself checked for any "after love making" marks just incase and preceded downstairs his heart feeling considerably lighter than it was.



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