Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Episode 25 : Love Birds (AR ff)

Armaan, Riddhima... aur Sapna... I think sharning something with you is not at all a problem. I trust you three completely and this is what I wanted too.. 
Today the time has come and we will have to open up. It is so long. Pehle aap sab mujhe promise kejiye ki ab mein jo bhi aap logon ko batane waala hoon.. aap kissi ho nahi batayenge... This should not come out. Warna hamare pariwaar bohot bade museebat mein phas jayegi...
Armaan, Riddhima and sapna's face turn blank and they are unable to predict what Veer is going to tell.
"Where should I start from ? Ab mein o bhi keh raha hoon.. Riddhima.. Shayad tumhe yeh baat bohot dhuk degi. Lekin kya karoon ? Abhi yeh baat batana zaroori hai.
Ab paani hadd se guzar gayi.. Aur tumhe aur anjali ko sach.. sab sach sach jan na hi hoga" Says Abhi.
"Papa please jaldi batayiye. Agar dhuk degi to degi. Koi baat nahi. Please aap batayiye..." Pleads riddhima.
Armaa desides not to interfere until the time comes...
 "Ab mein kahan se shuru karoon ? Riddhima.. Tumhe yaad hai na beta.. Jab tum sab chote the, aur jab hum sab London mein hi rehte the... That time, we used to control all our business transactions across the world by appointing our business agents. Shashank aur mein yeh sab plan kar ke karte the... Hamare ek business property hai.. India mein...
It is like 75% of shashank's share and the remaining is my share. You got that property from your ancestors.
Iss property hamare wahan par ki bottling company ke liye hum use kar rahe the. Out of all our hotel groups and other properties and threshing plants across the world, this bottling plant gives us the maximum productivity. Most of our yearly profits were from this."  Says Veer.
All this time, Riddhima is seriously listening to Veer where as Armaan is still suporting Riddhima and Sapna was curious.
Veer Continues, " Riddhima.. Beta.. This is really a complicated and a ruthless world. There are people who are having golden hearts while simultaniously there are cold hearted people who can even take lives for the sake of money. I hope you guys remember... Armaan.. Tumhe bhi yaad hoga..."
Armaan, "Ji papa.. Boliye.."
Veer, " Ek din Hamare farm house mein ek uncle aaya tha na.. Aut unke saath do bacche bhi aaye hai.. You, Riddhima and Anjali played a lot with them.."
Armaan says, "Sorry papa. I dont remember"
Riddhima also nods her head agreeing with Armaan's statement.
Veer thinks and says, "Ok. I will give you another clue. The boy amongst the two kids broke Riddhima's favourite mug accidentally and you realy got angry armaan. Ab yaad aaya ? Tum usko aise maar raha tha.. Ki.. You just hated him that day and did not talk to him again... You even locked yourself and Riddhima in your room.. Aur jab hum knock kar rahe the.. you were telling that you were protecting Riddhima from those evil and wild kids.. You remember ?"
Riddhima is blushing even though it is a serious talk..
Armaan blurts our not even thinking about what he is saying and not even minding about what they were talking about "Haan dad.. Mujhe sab yaad hai... Kaise bhool sakta hoon uss kamine ko ? Woh koi bachcha nahi balki ghost hai... Shaitan hai... He is the worst person.. Aur uske saath ek chipakkali bhi thi... Baapre.. Bechari Riddhima..."
Armaan was about to continue but riddhima cuts him off by holding his hands and signals with her eyes asing him to stop...
Veer and Sapna laugh at the golden couple sitting infront of them..
Riddhima, " Toh kya hua papa. How are those kids related to mom and dad ?"
Veer comes back to seriousness and continues, "Riddhima, that day we all did not go to the farmhouse for picnic.. Me and shashank were having some important business meeting and we invited the family of the person whom we are going to meet and the kids are his..."
"He is Mr. Saahil Singhania.. And he is our business agent in India. We know his family also very well and he is considered as one of the most trustworthy worker in our company. His father and grandfather were also late employeesof our business and he is always treated as a family member. Me and shashank never hid anything from him and considered him as our brother..."
That day in the meeting...
Farmhouse - Meeing in the livingroom..
Veer: So saahil.. Liked the farmhouse ?
Saahil: Yeah veer. It is amazing..
Shashank: Come on.. Let us proceed with the paper works of our bottling plant..
Saahil: Yeah shashank.. I bought all the required papers...
They them proceeded to their seats and Saahil opened the papers...
The business discussions took place and it is now the time to wrap up all the office works...
Saahil: Shashank, I have to ask you something.. If you dont feel bad... May I ?
Sahashank: Arey Saahil !! Yeh kaise baat hai.. U know right.. You can ask me anything.. And you can never be wrong...
Veer: Haan Saahil.. You can ask out.. No worries.. You are our friend more than a business agent... Please dont have any hesitation...
Saahil: Well... All I would like to ask is... Both of you are in London and I am the one who is operating the business deals in India.. You are just planning the main things and I am the one implementing them there...
All I want to request is.. Why dont we divide the share of the bottling company ? Like shashank is having 75% share... We can mix up all the shares and divide it again into three.. I will also be satisfied and you also will be...
End Of Flash Back
.Coming to the present.
Armaan, Riddhima and Sapna had another shock..
Veer continues, "That property is like a sentiment to shashank. We all might be friends but he also should have limit to ask for the share... After asking also, Shashank, like a kind man told that he can give him a share of 15% only. But he demanded for a better share... And his bid was more than Shashanks share... He wanted the whole 50% of shashank's share.. This shocked us.. Saahil was quite and accepted a 15% share from shashanks side."
After some days, Shashank was asked to come to India for some works.. Your mom Padma ji also accompanied shashank as she was having some works in India. She left you and Anjali with us.  And I am sorry to say that.. Saahil was knowing about the plan of Shashank and Padma flying. He expected that you girls also will be going but it was wrong... He bribed a flight technition and made the fuel of the chartered flight malfuctiioned...
Veer was having tears while he was telling this to everyone..
Precap: What happened to Padma then ? Where is this  business game of Saahil leading to ?
To know more.. Keep reading Love Birds...
Deepu :)

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