Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Intro : How Much - U Love Her (mini)

Arman Malik' Yes Arman ' Loved her lot'.until he heard the news of her getting married'

He couldn't cry'Not Now. He had to be brave; he had to be brave for his friends' for her' For Her happiness'

"I want you'. But I can't have u'." he kept on saying ' to himself'.

He saw his love sitting with her love' he couldn't control his pain'

He had helped them in every way he could' he had done a great decoration great catering' every one from Her family was delight full and happy for their children to have such friend'.

No one knew how hard it was for him' to do this' to make their wedding bed' to fill it with red petals' to keep every thing at place' to go and get her dress from tailor'

He was hurt' he drank as much as he could' he saw them performing rituals'

They were married' she was gonna'

She was no more his ' he was all alone'

Just as his parents left him' she left him'

He was rich' he had home' money ' the thing he needed was true ' pure love' he was afraid that he might die with that ''''.

"Baby' I will miss you" he said ' sitting far' looking at her car' being pushed by his family members' "I miss you 'Muskan" he whispered'


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