Friday, 30 November 2018

Intro : Lucky...Who? Me...?


Ever wondered how it feels when someone calls you "lucky " Ask me?...why ? coz I believe I am the perfect example..I still remember I was 7 years old. I was playing with my mom. A lady came to us, she was a friend of her. She looked at me and said "you are a lucky girl". I couldn't understand what she said, but the way she said it felt nice. That was the first time i heard the word "lucky". I looked at my mom smiling at me. she took me in her arms and said  "she is my princess.. my lucky princess..she is lucky but I am more luckier to have a daughter like her" .

Later at night I was sitting on the bed. My mom entered the room. I looked at her and asked her " mom what is lucky". She smiled and making me sit on her lap said " baby.. lucky is someone who makes everyone happy..who bring a smile on everyone's face". I looked up at her and said "so I am lucky"..she smiled at my innocence.. "yes baby you are always make people smile..and promise that you always will". I felt so proud., I took at her hands and promised her..

Things always don't go as planned. And I am no exception. i can never forget that day.. day which changed my life completely. I was 10 years old. It was the day before my birthday. I was really looking forward to my 11th mom promised me a huge birthday party..i was so excited..she told me to get ready as we had planned to go shopping. I dressed up and waited for her. she came down looking as elegant as ever.. I looked at her and wished that one day I could be like her..we sat in the car and went to the mall. After shopping for about an hour and two..she told me to wait outside. I was moving out of the mall when I saw a guy selling colorful balloons..i turned and looked at my mom..she was talking to someone on the phone..i smiled and turning around I started walking towards the man.. I had just reached the midway.. I was about to cross the other half, when I saw a speeding truck coming towards me..before I could react I felt myself being pushed out of the road. i turned and saw a lady crushed under the truck. Her face and body was covered with blood. I couldn't see her face properly as people gathered around her..i heard people shouting for help. I somehow managed to enter inside to look at her. I looked at the women who saved me and she was none other than my mother. I was standing there..still .looking at her face..which was slowly turning from red to dark red..i heard ambulance moment I saw her being taken to the hospital..i was too young to understand anything..

it's almost 2 hours since the operation started..i was sitting in the hospital with my father..after the operation was done the doctor told us that they couldn't save her.. I saw my father shattered by this news..he was devasted..that was the first time I saw my father crying..and maybe the last time..he came to know the cause of her death..he looked at me..i could see the anger in his eyes..i felt like I was responsible for her death..from that day he stopped talking to me was limited to formal talks..many people who were not my well wisher saw this as an excellent opportunity to separate us..they started calling me "unlucky".. my dad didn't reacted to this earlier..but then came the big blow.. it was just over two months since my mom passed father suffered a big loss in the business..he couldn't handle this and got a heart attack..people started blaming me.. i used to close myself in my room and cry..cry for hours, for days..there was no one to console one to listen to me..only one word was moving in my head'that I am "unlucky"..i was just 11 but I could very well understand what it meant.. I felt that indeed I am "unlucky".. I am not a "lucky" person anymore..i stopped talking to anyone..i used to stay in my room..i had no was just me and only me'

it's almost 10 years. i am 21 now. I am sitting in my balcony..looking at the sunset..tomorrow it will rise again.. a new day a new start..something like this is about to happen tomorrow'coz tomorrow starts a new chapter in my life'I am getting married..tomorrow.. I still remember what my mom used to say " one day your prince charming will take you away from us..he'll love you more than us..he'll make you feel special..make you feel the luckiest person in the world..make you feel like a princess" ..

Will I be lucky this time?.My name is Riddhima Gupta and this is my story'.


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