Saturday, 3 November 2018

INTRODUCTION : Unwanted Love

Riddhima  Gupta  well now Mrs Riddhima  Malik legally that is only, once in love with her childhood friend Armaan Malik, they were best of mates despise her being a girl, their parent were close friend both families were rich, they weren't at all popular that is until Armaan transformed into the high school's hunk, leaving Riddhima  being with the so called "nerd", as for their friendship , well he ignored her, acted as if they were strangers , hmm what else oh yeh made fun of her with his "popular gang", Riddhima  on the other hand had feelings already for him which in no time turned into love but she wasn't dumb to tell him, she knew he would laugh or worst tell everyone and make fun off her, then they graduated and finished college, Riddhima 's parents kept looking for boys to marry their only daughter, but she was rejected every time, one cause, her APPEARANCE, she was to plain, she wore glasses, had no style, she wasn't girly enough, it did depress her having the thought that she would spend her life alone, but to her rescue Armaan's parents got him married to Riddhima , he hated her even more, they weren't even married for two weeks, when packed his things and left without telling anyone where he was, Riddhima  cried, what was she to do, being a good wife she waited, where Armaan enjoyed his life partying, having different dates on different day and working not earning as much, but what happens when he suddenly returns home after and year due to a financial problem needing shelter, especially when he comes face to face with a changed Riddhima  or should I say his Wife? But what happens when he is in charge of one of his dad's business but how will Riddhima  react when Armaan kicks her out of the house after coming back or will he let her stay?

Tiya Gupta 

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