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Last part : Pyar ke side effects (ts)

1 month later
arman is sitting at floor in his room with a diary in his hand..looking devasted. face unshaved for don't knw how many days.. He also loose some weight..dark circle under his eyes proving his sleepless nights..
In this month he visit ridhima everyday at hospital bt never dared to go close to her as he felt guilty..he always see her from the glass door of her these days he very well got to knw how much she mean to him..his life become soulless without her..his heart arched seeing her in this condition..

And today when he go to hospital shashank handed him this dairy saying with teary eyes and in a painful voice "mujhe ye ridhima k room m mila h..iske upar tumhara nam likha tha shayed koi special day m tumhe dena chahta tha par pata nhi ab vo kabhi de pata ki nhi to socha m hi tumhe de du.."

arman very carefully open the dairy and his lips curved into a smile seeing the front page there was written HAPPY 1ST ANNIVERSARY OF OUR RELATIONSHIP JANU with a attached pic of them..they were looking so cute there together..
He then turns pages and found there was written every single bit of their love story starting from their 1st met then becoming frnds then lovers, their fun and many more..
He remembers how he fall for her when he for the 1st time see her, how he used to follow her everywhere in the university and secretly watched her till the day she called him..
R: hello Mr. Yes i'm telling u here
A: ji boliye
R: kuch din se dekh rahi hu aap mujhe har jagah follow kar rahe ho what's the matter huh??
A:ji main?? nhi to.
R: to aap mujhe follow nhi kar rahe?
A: nhi
R: ok to phir aap jayiye..
Arman take few step back then again turns and called her..
A: suniye..
R: ab kya h?
A: vo mera nam Arman. apka nam?
R: m ajnabi ko apna nam nhi batati
A: oh to kya hum frnds ban sakte h?
A: oh ok :( (he said sadly and then again turning back start walking bt again stoped by her voice
R: Arman tum abhi kaha ja rahe ho?
A: college campas.
R: chalo phir sath m chalte h..
A: huh!!! :-/
R: are ab hum frnds h to sath m hi jayenge na..
A: (exitedly) hum frnds sach m?
R:nhi jhut m.. Ab chale
A: han han chalo
Flashback end

He smile at his foolishness and her cleaverness then read all the pages with a faint dreamy smile on his face chereshing the happy memories of his with her all over again..

His smile vanished realising its come to an end and reading this he very well can understand how much worry she was for him when he didn't received her call for 2 days.. His eyes become wet again feeling her emotions that time..he was about to close the dairy as after this page it was blank as she couldn't write next..when he noticed something written on the last page of the dairy..

He opened the last page and reads " meri gift kaise lage kutkut?? Ok tum mujhse gussa ho kya kutkut..??m bahut buri hu na tumse kya kya karati rehti hu..par janu ye sab to m bas tumhare acche k liye hi kar rahi hu na..mujhe pata h tumhe vo adrak ka juice kitna na pasand h par tumhare smoking chodne k liye vo jaruri the janu..tumhe pata h na smoking sehet k liye kitna hurmful hota h..our phir oily foods aur alchohol b tumhare sehet k liye accha nhi h to m tumhare health ko lekar risk kaise le sakti hu..and trust me janu m tumse aaj tak jo kuch b karaya m b vo sab kuch krti rahi..tumhe ye sab karake taklef deke m aram se kaise reh sakti hu bolo..?? Aur mujhe pata h tum mujhe jarur samjhoge.. :) Ok bahut ho gaye meri bakbak ab m chalti hu..are mera maltab diary se TUMHARE PASS SE NHI ;) Kyu ki vo to m kabhi nhi ja sakti pyar jo krti hu tumse I LOVE U MY KUTKUT"

A: I LOVE U TOO RIDHIMA I LOVE U TOO (He said while crying his whole heartedly..)
After reading this he felt the depth of love she has for him and he once again falls in heads over love with her.. )

1 months later
At hospital
shashank, arman and atul all gathered at doctor's cabin as he called them for some important discussion..
S: doctor aap hume aise achanak apne cabin m kyu bulaye? Sab thik to h na aur meri beti vo thik kab hogi doctor??
Doc: dekhiye shant ho jaiye mr. gupta aur abhi m aap sabko jo bolne wala hu vo aap sab jara dhyan se suniye aur samajhne ki koshes kijiye..
At: kya huya doctor?
Doc: do mahine ho gaye miss ridhima aise coma m life supporter k sath je rahi h par unke koi improvment nhi ho rahi aur itne din m jab nhi huya to mujhe nhi lagta age jake b hoga.. To m bolna chahti hu ki..(he looked at them nervously)
A: aap kya bolna chahte ho doctor?
D: (taking a deep breath) i am sorry but i think ki ab hume uski life supporter hata dena chahiye..akhir kab tak aise rahegi vo isse uski aur aap sab ki bas dukh badegi..aur kuch nhi

Arman's breath stopped realising the doctor's words..he felt as if the world comes to a stand still..he felt if his life his soul is leaving him..his trance broke by a crying shashank then again felt numb listening him..
S: (crying) m apne beti ko aur aise halat m nhi dekh sakta..apko jo thik lage aap kijiye doctor..bas meri beti ko shanti dijiye..

Arman once looked at shashank shocked then rushed to ridhima's cabin.. Till now he didn't dare to go inside but today he couldn't stop himself from going there.. He go and sit beside her then very softly take her one hand in his hold..tears fall on her hand from his eyes..he said in a shattering voice, "ridhima dekho m tumhare kutkut..mujhe pata h tum mujhe feel jarur karogi..tumhe pata h doctor kya bakwas kar rahe the vo tumhe mujhse dur krna chahta h bolo aisa kabhi ho sakta h kya?(now crying loudly) M tumhare bina nhi jee sakta ridhima..plz mujhe maf kardo aur mujhe chod k mat jao m mar jayungi tumhare bina plz ridhima plz..
He kept crying when he felt some movement of her hand in his hold..and he shout for doctor..

5th august 2016
Arman removed the blindfold from the girl's eyes..she opened her eyes slowly and got exited seeing the decoration..whole place was decorated by her favourate flowers, colours and bollons..and in the middle there was written HAPPY 1ST ANNIVERSARY OF OUR RELATIONSHIP TO MY LOVE RIDHIMA in a decorated poster..

A: (whispered in her ear from behind) do u like it baby?
R:uhmm i love it.. Its so beautiful arman..and happy anniversary to u to my kutkut..
Arman just hugs her from behind. They remain like this for few minutes enjoying each others warm..then arman come in front of her and taking out a ring box from his pocket he kneeled down on floor and said, " u knw na ridhima im not good in expressing my feelings so i just want to say ki i love u a lot and i want to stay with u till my last breath..wants to give u all the happiness that u deserved..will u give me a chance by marrying me??


A: (Shocked) what?? No!!
R:aree nhi nhi mera matlab ye nhi tha.. Of course i'll marry u bt how can u do this?
R: ye marriage propose.. M socha tha aaj shadi k liye propose krke m tumhe surprize dungi..par tum meri sare plan kharab kar di *pout*

Arman sigh in relief then slipped the ring in her finger and got up..
A: tum to meri jaan hi nikal di thi.. Btw thank u..
R: ab thanks kis liye?
A: there r 2 reasons.. 1st for coming in my life and making it meaningful and 2nd for forgiving after how wrong i did with u..(getting emotional)
R: in that case mr. im selfish enough to let u go from my life as i can't live without u kutkut..aur waise b har chej ki tarah pyar k b to kuch side effects hote h.. (she said winking at him)
A: han par true lovers sare side effects overcome krke apne pyar ko successfull kar hi lete h (he said while taking her lips in his for a passionate kiss)


With Love

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