Friday, 16 November 2018

Last Part : Sunday (mini ss)

Armaan's POV
I looked behind us and saw Abhi and the rest of the gang whistling and laughing at us. I looked at Riddhima. She was just as embarrassed as me.
"Care to explain what is going on?"
"Armaan, I thought you weren't interested in this plan"
"Um, well, uh,"
"Stop fumbling!"
"Awww! He's blushing! Armaan you're so cute!"
"Now that the plan has turned into reality on Armaan's side, I think it's time for Abhi to try and patch up with Nikki"
"For that we need another plan!"
Everyone turned to look at me.
"Why me?"
"Because you are good at this kind of thing!"
"Even after my running away idea, you think I'm going to give a better idea"
They all glared at me.

"He's useless, guys!"
"Finally, you've let me go!"
They all started talking within themselves to try and find a solution for poor Abhi. I watched them and felt really happy. In one night, I got everything back: my friends and my Basket! I still can't believe that she actually loves me. And my friends had forgiven me so easily. I watched out into the sea and silently thanked God for giving my life back to me. Suddenly, the world seemed a better place than it had seemed this morning. Plus, today turned out to be the most productive Sunday of my life!

3 years later
"Armaan! Get up! Stop trying to escape! Today it's your turn to cook!"
To be honest, I was least be bothered about doing the cooking. It was just too much effort. And plus, it was Sunday! My sleeping Sunday! Things might change but me sleeping on a Sunday till late in the afternoon will never change. Unfortunately, my wife after being married for 2 and a half years, still doesn't seem to understand the fact.
However, unfortunately, my sleep got disturbed even further as I felt something on me. I opened my eyes and saw my 1 year old daughter, Anuya trying to balance on my tummy whilst my 1 year old son, Arjun, her twin looked at me if I was mental for sleeping for so long. I unwillingly got up which apparently made Anuya upset because she started hitting me as if trying to get me down again. So to cheer her up, I started tickling her. Actually it also cheered me up because normally people like to hear the sweet laughter of their kid when they wake up, not the annoying scolding voice of their wife!
I heard her calling me yet again but as always I ignored her. I heard a plonk on the table downstairs and heard her march up the steps. Oops, time for war, I suppose! She now stood at the door and from the corner of my eye I could see her glaring. I pretended as if I didn't notice her. But she knew me too well.  She came up to me and took Anuya straight out my hands.
"Armaan, go and freshen up! You have to cook today!"
"But, Basket, I was sleeping!"
"No, you were playing with Anuya!"
"But that's because you stole my sleep. It's so early, Basket!"
"What early? It's 11.30 am!"
"WHAT?! I didn't think it was that early!"
"That's because you're not tired anymore. Now, chop chop!"
She was so annoying at times. Now I had to cook as well! I watched her walk out of the room when she suddenly turned around.
"Oh yeah, Ammu, I forgot to tell you that our friends are coming round for lunch!"
Make that double annoying. Our friends have got to be given the prize for being the "Most Annoying Friends". Even, after knowing my Sunday habits, they have to do this so called friends get together every other Sunday. This means that every other Sunday I have to get up early. But this Sunday, it's get up early and cook!
I was cursing everyone whilst cooking at the same time. Learning to cook probably has to be the biggest mistake, I've ever made. I mean, I learnt to cook from my mother whilst Riddhima was pregnant with Anuya and Arjun so that I'll do the cooking without getting her doing any work. Now a 9 month thing has turned into a lifelong punishment.
I had just finished when I heard the bell ring. I looked at the time. It was nearly two. So typical of them to be late. But I wasn't complaining because it gave me enough time to cook. I went towards the door to open but Riddhima got there before me. They all piled in - Rahul-Muskaan and their daughter Meera, Atul-Anjali and their son Akash, and finally Abhi-Nikki and their daughter Roshini.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, Abhi finally managed to convince Nikki that he was worthy of her. In fact, it was the most hilarious thing ever seeing as it is Nikki who is someone who doesn't do anything without some drama whether it be going shopping or getting married to her love.
"Armaan, you daydream too much!"
"I do that because some people don't seem to understand the concept of having an only sleep day thus resulting in me having to daydream instead of proper dreaming."
"Armaan, I am your sister! Don't you feel happy to see me!"
"Oh god, Nikki! No drama on Sundays!"
"I get the no waking up on Sundays but why no Nikki drama!"
"Because Sunday is the only day I see her!"
"Urgh! You're so mean!"
"OK, guys, stop fighting! Let's eat!"
And they all rushed into the kitchen. Any mention of food, serious fights within our gang would stop in a second. I was now currently standing at the doorway of the kitchen. Already, war has erupted between Rahul and Muskaan and I could see the food that I had spent my sleeping Sunday preparing, being used as weapons. And then, what next? The rest of the gang joins in too, with the exception of Riddhima who with her mouth wide open was watching her beautiful kitchen being destroyed by our "wonderful" friends. I chuckled unbothered even though my food was being ruined. Well, the main reason for that was that I wasn't even sure the food that I had prepared half still in my sleep, was even edible. Well, so there is one advantage of the food fight – no one gets ill!
I turned my vision to the living room where all the kids were. Anuya, Meera and Roshini were intently watching television whilst Akash was playing a big brother role to Arjun by teaching him how to play cars. It was such a cute sight! I mean when are kids this quiet? I then glanced back at the scene in the kitchen which looked never ending. I kept on switching between both scenes. It was hilarious! The adults were acting as kids whereas the kids were acting all mature! I couldn't prevent the laughter erupting within me!
Half an hour had past and the fight still hadn't subsided. I saw Riddhima, finally, giving up on being peacemaker even for the sake of her beloved kitchen. She came and sat beside me on the sofa.
"Armaan, do something!"
"Your problem for inviting them to lunch! And tell them that they have to stay behind to clear up the mess! I am not paying to get some cleaner to clean up a food fight!"
"Armaan, they're getting worse and worse!"
With this I cracked up once again.
"Riddhima, you do realise that we're talking about Rahul, Muskaan, Atul, Anjali, Abhi and Nikki here! Not Arjun, Anuya, Meera, Roshini and Akash!"
With this she also started laughing with me. I looked at her sweetly laughing. This was the first time all day I had noticed how beautiful she was looking. My sleepiness had subsided away. I had this sudden urge to kiss her. I pulled her close to me and she looked at me with an expression of fright.
"Armaan, the kids!" She warned me pointing at them.
"I don't think they give a damn"
Before she could reply I pulled her right towards me crashing my lips against her. After a while she relaxed until I heard a cough! Urgh! Why does this always happen to me?
We broke out of this kiss abruptly expecting Abhi or Rahul to be standing behind us. But to our horror we found all the kids standing around us.
"Riddhi aunty, can you read us a story please?" Akash asked Riddhima cutely.
Suddenly an eruption of laughter was heard from behind. I turned around to see the gang grinning and laughing like freaks! Man, this way too embarrassing! But I knew that they were too sharp to miss something like this! I looked at Riddhima or shall I say Riddhi who was looking so embarrassed by all this. I mouthed an "I love you" to her. I heard the expected oohing but this time I didn't care. This has become too much of a habit on Sundays!


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