Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Part 1 : How Much - U Love Her (mini)

"Congrats Muskan" he said

"Thanks Arman' Thanks For every thing'" Muskan said'

 "Congrats dude'"  Arman said

 "Thanks man.! U have been a great friend'" Rahul her finance said'

"Shaadi ko tou time hai' why don't we have a drink'" Arman Suggested Rahul '.

"No' Arman' tu peeta hai' tou pagal ho jata hai' NO" Muskan butted in

"Come on baby '. Just one" Muskan was about to retort back ' when he kissed her full mouth

 "Waiter!!" Arman shouted'

"U go and get ready'." Rahul hushed her away


"Riddima' I be leaving this house today' and u know mom dad ' will go back to U.S' then why don't u buy this House ? Aren't u tired living in this small pent house'"

"Muskan' I m happy in this pent house' and u can close the rest of house' I don't need it'" While pinning her duppatta'

"but why don't u just buy this house'" Muskan stood up ' and pulled her dress a bit down' making her belly a bit bare'

"I don't have that much money' don't u know' how hard it is for me too pay u ' monthly charges'" Riddima stood up

"hmm' then its final' until I find some one, who wants to buy this house' u can live here'" Muskan made his way to wards the door' "till then whole house is yours' change and come down'"

"thanks' Muskan' no I won't come down' I m ur renter'not ur family member' and I don't even no any one there' So no arguments'" Riddima made her walk out

"But I would have been happy if u could just come once'" Muskan said


"Acha thanks Riddima '. For every thing u did'like arrangements and all'" Muskan said while walking down with a pile of girls around her

"Your Welcome' Enjoy ur life' Bye'" she gave her a final hug'


Where at one corner Arman was drinking through a bottle' Muskan and Rahul were sitting together cuddling to each other'

Soon his eyes fell on a girl' who was wearing a mango-yellow halt shirt... Showing her perfect curves'. And a black skirt that ended exactly beneath her knee'he looked up at her long hair '. Landing on her hips'. And her face ' it had nothing, nothing at all' she was plain' looking very gorgeous' he himself didn't knew' in whole evening this was the first time he just forgot Muskan

Showing her slander legs' shining, wearing a simple rubber chapel' and walk down from stairs to kitchen'

He remembered her ' she had helped him in every thing' 'She is a paying guest' he thought dropping down throw his throat third bottle of alcoholic'

he saw Rahul and Muskan called for rituals' and the girl in simple dressing walking with a bowl of noodles upstairs' he took another bottle' and walked up to her'.


"May I come in"

"Who is it?"

"Arman" he walked in

"hey'. How r'. " Pause "u  r drunk?" she asked, while sitting on the edge of her bed with cross legs and a pillow placed on her lap and the bowl on top of it'

"yea'" he walked to other side of bed and settled beside her' " a bit'" he took a sip from bottle again' "can I have it?" he asked looking straight at her' while she just nodded and gave him the fork "Thanks" pause "uhmmmmmmmm tasty'" he took hold of her fork' and took a bit of her noodles'

"Thanks '." Pause " uhm' uh' can I have a glass of it'"

"U want this..?" he pointed at the bottle'

"Yea'" she said while playing with the noodles "if u want'" biting her lower lips'.

"This is not good'uhmmm"

"Riddima" she helped him, well she knew why he would remember her name "I just want it '" she pleased'

"Ok" he smiled and passed her the bottle' she gulped it.. And passed him back the bottle

"It stinks' ughhhh ' my throat' its burning'. Ewwww'" she said' while he ate the noodles'

"I told u' its' not good" he smiled '

There was silence' they didn't know why they share the noodles they just did'

After a while Riddima tired to drink again' and she liked it' she really liked it'

Soon Arman brought to more bottles and they drank it'

They laughed' told jokes' cried a bit in end'

Then would just be quite and hear the things in silence'

"You love '.Muskan?"

"Yup I DO" he stood on bed and shouted' "YESSS"

"Shhhhhhhhh" she pulled him down and kept her elbow on his chest'


Rahul and Muskan' Performed the circles'..

Smiling at each others' flowers were falling on them'


"Kya hua?" Arman Whispered

"AReee koi suna legaa'" she said while moving her head down to him

"Tou ab kya kiya jayee'?" he asked tilting his heas a bit up and placing his both hands on the other sides of her waist' holding her on top of him

"no one is there to love me" she said, with a painfull look "tell me how much u love her'" she told unconsciously' keep her head on his chest'

He lined her shirts end '.. And pulled it up a bit'. Touching her skin with his middle finger'

"I would tell u how much' I want u rite now'Riddima" he said' he pulled her up a bit'

"No I want to know, how much u love her' the Muskan "she hit him on his chest repeatedly'

He pulled her shirt up ' and took it ' off' making her arms go up'he pushed her down' and climbed on top of her' he kissed her full mouth while'. Touching her virgin body

"U haven't done this before?" he threw her shirt far away' as he saw her taking hold of it' to cover her chest'

"No'." she whispered with a gasp "I havn't" she mumbled' closing her eyes'.

"Then '. I will make it a memory for u '." Pause "I promise '." He bit her 'on her nap' grabbing her bosoms' playing with it' torturing her' sucking it' making it hard for her to breathe' and she kept on moving her hands in his long thick hairs'

"I want more'" she whispered' he went down to her belly ' kissing it ' trying hard to take hold of her skin' white skin that glowed with the moon

Which peeping in through the curtains' wind blew fast'

Rahul and Muskan were way back to there own new house'

While Arman pulled her skirt down' he could hear her gasps in that dark- silence room'.

He crawled up to her' kissing her belly'

"Take off my clothes'" he kissed her below her ear lobe' feeling her breaths getting sharp

She nervously ' trembling moved her hands to his buttons'.

"Hurry up'" he said while biting her ear lobe' he could hear her moans'

She opened his buttons' and he threw it far away' soon he took off his rest cloths'. Tangled his body with her'.

"U r really hot'" Arman said while moving his hands on side-waist to her thighs'

He grabbed her one thigh and parted it from other' kissing her vigorously '. Making it hard for her to do any thing'

Soon he was in her' she was taken away to a different world' he could hear her gasps' he soothed her while kissing her on her lips' relaxing her'.

He turned her upside down which made her moan in pain'.

"Armmmmmman" she whispered in pain ' while he grabbed her hips... And kept on pulling her in'. sucking her ni***es she groaned in delight'.

After making love for numerous times he went out in a gush ' making her moan all over again'. Hearing birds voice she pulled a sheet on top of her ' while he hold her tight under the sheet'.

love ya


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