Monday, 12 November 2018

Part 1 : Sunday (mini ss)

Armaan's POV

Urgh! Why the hell is it ringing? I didn't even set it last night!

I cursed my alarm whilst I tried to turn it off with my blanket on my face. I didn't want to face sunlight for at least an hour more. If I did, it will spoil my sleep and Sunday is the only sleeping day which I spend with no one but myself. And this Sunday is also the sa....


I just remembered that today is the day I'll be meeting her again after three whole years. And the rest of our friends. Tonight was our college reunion. OK, I wasn't 100 percent sure if she will be there but it was our college reunion and I still have hope.

Oh shut up Armaan, my mind told me, it's not like you ever proclaimed your undying love to her. You were always a coward and always will be.

That was true, I never confessed my feelings to her so I never found whether she had an interest in me. And it's not like she was shy or anything to tell me. Oh no, she was the most outspoken and feisty girl I've ever seen. And I was the nerdy boy sitting in the corner of the room. I had completely forgotten about that. I no longer wore glasses and braces and didn't look anything like nerdy. I had changed. No one is going to recognize me as the nerdy boy. In fact, they wouldn't even remember such a boy existing. OK, maybe that was pushing it a bit too far and I'm sure that made me sound like a loner. I did have friends. Not too many but a few. We were a group of six. And she was part of our group. Our group was quite popular since in our group we had her (who all the guys fancied) and Rahul (who all the girls fancied).

It's not like it mattered if people didn't recognize me but it was the fact that people will recognize me as the successful young businessman. I want to be known Armaan, Ammy, Ammu (she called me that) not THE ARMAAN MALIK.

I went back into flashback mode and all the events of college came flashing in my mind. Funnily, the only person present throughout all those scenes was her. Whether it be Rahul and her fighting or Muski and her singing on the way to the trip to Goa. I knew I will never forget her. Now I was going to see her again after breaking contact with her and the rest of the gang.

I checked the time and it was 11 am, nearly lunch time. I took a quick shower and headed downstairs and saw Mum and Nikki watching TV.

"Good morning ladies!" I said cheerfully. They turned around and gave me weird looks.

"More like good afternoon! Why are you up so early? I mean, why are you even up today?" Nikki asked, her eyes full of suspicion.

"Oh, tonight is my college reunion so I thought to get up now so that I won't have trouble waking up later"

"But you said that you weren't going yesterday"

"Changed my mind"

I can't keep hiding away from them all. I had to face them all. Including her. I don't even know what she's doing. She might even be married. With kids. I chuckled at the image of the mini version of her that formed in my mind. Choo chweet! Just like her.

I went to my wardrobe and took something out without looking at random. I knew if I started trying to choose between them, I will never get to the reunion. It just so happened that what I took out was a plain white shirt and blue jeans. I got changed and looked at the time again. It was 5pm and the reunion started at 6pm. I left home soon later and arrived at college to see it looking pretty much the same as before. Only change was that now it looked more well kept and there were decorations and signs presumably set up for the reunion.

I parked my car and walked inside. There were so many people most of whom I can recognize. I saw heads turning back at me, some looking surprised. I immediately regretted coming here. I was going to look like a loser that I thought I had left behind three years ago. From the distance, I spotted our gang or shall I say their gang. They were laughing and smiling, all of them; Rahul, Muskaan, Atul, Anjali and her. She was there wearing a purple sari and her hair let out loose, looking as beautiful as ever. I was staring at her in awe when I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Abhi.

Abhimanyu Modi is my friend who also studied in the same college as me which was obviously the reason why he was here. However, we weren't friends then. In fact, I didn't know he was in the same college let alone the same batch until we met properly. We met about 2 years ago and have been great friends since. He had been a great support and knew everything about me. I met him through Nikki. They were going out then but now have broken up 3 months ago. I don't understand why but they never told me reasons and Nikki always avoided his topic and gave evil stares at him. It was obviously a misunderstanding. Plus Abhi still loves her, he told me himself.

"Armaan! I thought you weren't going to come!"

"Well, I changed my mind"

"Oh cool! Hey, you can meet the girl my mum has chosen for me to marry! She's the same college"

"Why should I meet her? You're the one marrying her."

"No! I am not marrying her! In case you have forgotten, I'm in love with your sister!"

"So why do you want me to meet her?"

"So that you can help us stop this wedding. She's also not interested"

"OK, fine!"

"Oh, look there she is!"

Abhi dragged me along to meet the girl whilst I was busy
lost in her thoughts. I had seen her once again and that was enough to last me a lifetime.

"This is my friend Armaan and he's promised he'll help us.
He's the best one for this kind of thing because he got our friends Sid and Shilpa married. That was hilarious! Basically..."

I heard him talking with people in the background whilst I was lost in my thoughts to the scene I had witnessed earlier. I don't think she was married but I am sure that Rahul-Muskaan and Atul-Anjali got married. I was brought out of my thoughts when Abhi clicked his fingers right in my face. I turned and faced him.

"Armaan, are you listening?"

"Yeah, of course. Why wouldn't I?"

"OK, so what was I saying?"

"Uh, that you, um, plan to run away..."

"No, I said that you should come up with a plan"

"Yeah, that's what I um meant. You should run away."

Abhi slapped his forehead with apparent disbelief.

"You idiot, we don't want to get together. We want to stop this marriage. Remember, I love Nikki!"

"So run away with Nikki"
"What kind of brother advises a man to run away with his sister? Plus Nikki is not even on speaking terms with me"

"Then talk to her. Buy her flowers, take her on a date or something. Or kidnap her and run away"

"You are not going to leave this running away business, are you?"


"You are useless!"

"Glad you realised that! Can you let me go now?"

"Can't you come up with a decent plan? Like you normally do? Like the one you did for..."

"Abhi, today's Sunday and brain cells are usually asleep at this time on a Sunday. If you want a decent plan ask me tomorrow. If not ask her. She's the best one for these kind of things and she's here somewhere."

"If you hadn't realised, I don't know the name of your "her". It might help if you told me her name"

"I don't know"


"I meant I don't remember"

"That's why you never mentioned her name. But I don't get it. So what did you call her?"


"What kind of name is that?"

"Just my nickname for her. I never called her anything other than that, so that's why I can't remember her name."

"Freak! People have name for something you know! Now I have to go around asking for Basket."

"No need" A voice replied from behind.


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