Monday, 26 November 2018

'PART 13 B : Sab Mera Tu (season 2)


After six months (Arsh's wedding)

"I don't believe this.. Humaari sachme shaadi ho rahi hai?" still in daze she looked at her groom who is sitting calmly beside her in Mandap but hearing her voice he looked at his Bride(She was wearing a Red & Gold bridal outfit wd yellow mix, her pinkish glowing make up was only making her gorgeous, for Armaan she is defining beauty wd her simple yet classy look, her dark mascara filled green eyes were only showing shyness & her rosy lips wd sweet smile is like cherry on cake where as Armaan is looking stylish in his white dhoti & light cream mix wd white kurta not to forget the green ornament on his neck is making him Royal)
"Tumhe yakeen dilaane ke liye kya karun" lowering his head till her ear he whispered wd a smile while the priest was chanting the Mantras and others were staring them smilingly (After exchanging the garlands they sat for other rituals, the whole wedding preperation is done according to Arsh's choice whose wedding is happening in one of a royal weddings of India, there are medias, paparazi's & every important person is invited here after all it is the wedding of 'Rockstar Armaan Malik & his childhood love Shilpa Malhotra' and about Armaan's fans they can see this live on social site)
"Tum mujhe kiss karo.. Tabhi yakeen karungi main ki humaari shaadi sachme ho rahi hai" at her teasing plus slow voice his head snapped look at her shockingly while wd bowed head she controlled hard not to giggle and seeing this Gautmi frowned

"Armaan kya huaa beta?? Koi problem hai?" he looked up slowly as he heard Gautmi's concerned voice which made Ronit, Ram & others confused while Armaan was about to say something when
"Kya hua Armaan?" Ronit also looked at him wd frown who opened his mouth to say when again someone's voice stopped him
"Haan Armaan kya huaa??" Deep Rati Ritvik Shaad & Sid asked in unionism making Shilpa giggle on which Nani slapped her head lightly from back saying 'Khud ki shaadi me aise haste nehi' which made her pout
"Kuch nehi huaa vo.. Bas vo mujhe kuch yaad aa gaya tha" his lie made Shilpa to poke her dark Henna filled finger on his thigh in tease while he closed his eyes trying not to react on this
"Ohh.. Tumne toh dara hi diya tha" Gautmi smiled even others also making Armaan to look down wd small smile also cursing her mentally
"Kahin tu tention me toh nehi aa gaya ki yeh musibat humesha ke liye tere gale pad jaaygi" Ritvik knowingly said this which made Armaan to give nod in Yes smilingly & at this others giggle but Shilpa's mouth hung opened
"Musibat kisse kaha tune?" Nani held her head as Shilpa looked up at Ritvik wd cute anger on which Ritvik pointed at himself scaredly only to make others laugh except Armaan who hide his smile seeing her face
"Aree Shilpa vo khudko keh raha hai" keeping his hand around Ritvik's shoulder Deep defended on which giving a glare she looked at Armaan as if asking what about him
"Mere liye toh yeh ek dream jaisa hai" he tried to cover up calmly making her to look down wd pout while others giggle
"Abhi bhi waqt hai Armaan sochlo.. Varna tumhari bhi haalat Deep jaise ho jaaygi sirf teen mahino me" Shaad's tease made Armaan chuckle while Deep showed his angry glare to him
"Kya matlab hai" smacking Shaad's arm Rati glared making Deep giggle at Shaad's face who apologised while rubbing his arm creating a fun atmosphere and like this everyone started pulling & teasing Arsh who were only trying to ignore when Deep thought to tease Shilpa more
"Acha Shilpa socho agar yeh Pandit ji nakli huye toh? Tumhaari shaadi nakli rahegi phir?" her eyes widen as Deep knowingly said this making Armaan to rub his forehead coz he knows how she will react while others also shook their heads at her cute face
"Pandit ji aap nakli hain?" at her innocent question priest gave her shocking look while Armaan gripped her wrist to stop when the priest said 'Beta main aapko nakli kyun lag raha hoon?' at this everyone giggle making Shilpa confused
"Kuch nehi pandit ji.. Yeh pagal hai.. Aap shuru kijiye" Armaan said in polite tone which made the priest smiled who shaking his head started doing his work but the word 'Pagal' made Shilpa angry
"Agar itni hi pagal hoon main toh shaadi kyun kar rahe ho kar lete kisi normal insaan se?" she looked at him angrily who held his head while others laughed "Maa dekh rahi ho abhi se yeh aise kar raha hai.. Toh shaadi ke baad kya karega..?" looking up at Gautmi she complained on which Armaan rolled his eyes while Gautmi looked at Ram to make her quiet for minutes where as Armaan tried to calm her 'I didn't mean it Shilpa.. Aur' but Shilpa's interruption only made them land in cute banter which only made their friends giggle at this scene so at last elders thought to stop them
"Bas karo tum dono, chup chaap shaadi karo.. Uske baad lad lena" Ronit's strict interruption made Arsh looked down immediately while others were controlling their laughs at their cute faces when Dhrashti teased 'Oyyee aaj bhi lad rahe ho dono.. Shaadi karni hai ki nehi' on which Surbhi also accompinied her saying 'Haan varna pata chala shaadi nehi karni aur faaltu me hum sab yahan ready hokar khade hain' it created a teasing atmoshpere for Arsh who were only smiling when Sukirti spoke 'Abhi bhi sochlo waqt hai' and at this Shilpa looked at Armaan for confirmation who smiled saying 'Sochliya hai ek pagal ke liye dusra pagal hi best hai.. Haina Shilpa' it made her to adored him while others teased saying 'Awww' and like this their cute teasing session went on until the priest made Arsh to stood for Pheras (Seven rounds) and wd their tied knot they started taking rounds of fire not to forget they have held each other's hands,Shilpa's heartbeat was fluttering wd little butterflies dancing inside her stomach while Armaan is only getting relaxed that finally they are tied in a knot.. After their rounds that Priest gave Armaan to fill Shilpa's scalp wd the vermillion which he did in very careful way as if feeling their every moment and about Shilpa she closed her wet eyes coz she is still not believing that she is finally going to be call 'Mrs Shilpa Armaan Malik' when he noticed her closed eyes and instantly it clicked she is getting emotional so he in very careful way blew air on her face who lifted her lashes up at him slowly only to find her one n only Husband urf Boyfriend in front her, she smiled delightly watching his face who winked when the Priest forwarded the wedding chain on a plate making Arsh realise that this the last ritual to make them from mates to soulmates and as Armaan tied the wedding chain around her neck carefuly while whispering on her ear 'Aaj se tum meri aur main tumhaara' a blush formed on her cheek while her fingers touched the small diamond of her wedding chain making her eyes moist 'Main toh tumhaari hi thi aur tum mere' at her low whisper his lips curved into smile when she gestured him to look down on her neck where that pendent (which he tied around her neck on Rati-Deep's engagement night) was shinning and it was enough for him to understand that she is talking about their first wedding chain while others were throwing flowers on them coz they finally became Husband & Wife! Armaan bend his head to tie her wedding chain tightly & in b/w he gave a kiss on her cheek whose eyes widen in surprise when he mumbled 'Ab toh yakeen aa gaya ki humaari shaadi ho rahi hai' at this she blushed making him sit back at his original place where as others were happily throwing flowers on them & at the end said 'Finally' making Shilpa giggle when taking some rose patels Armaan threw some flowers on her saying 'Finally' and she only managed to blushed making him to hold her hand smilingly, When Swayam teased Shilpa 'Ab toh main officially Bhabhi bulaaun naa.. Ki Shilpa di..' but poor he can't said ahead coz of Shilpa's cute warning glare and everyone laughed resulting their marriage funfill!
After few hours (In Naani's room)
"Tujhe dar lag raha hai..??" Surbhi asked in an excited way kneeling in front of Shilpa who was sitting on bed wd tired look
"Oyye yeh kyun dare usse.. Bachpan se toh jaanti hai isme darna kyun?" making a confused face Dhrashti asked which made Sukirti Surbhi & Rati giggle while Shilpa's mind was only planning about their first night
"Aree aaj iski first night hai come on yaar Dhrashti Armaan ka toh pata nehi par iske mann me zarur laddoo phut rahe honge.. Haina jaanu" hitting her wd her elbow lightly Sukirti teased while sitting beside her and this made Dhrashti giggle
"Aur nehi toh kya naa jaane kitne saal se humaari Shilpa sapne saja rahi hai.. Jo ab jaake pura hoga" standing up Surbhi spoke cheerfuly which only made the girls giggle except Shilpa who was calculating what do wd him in night and Rati observed this scene so she thought to tease Shilpa
"Acha Shilpa socho agar ki abhi tum apne room me gayi aur dekha Armaan so raha hai toh??" at this Shilpa's eyes widen who immediately stood up saying 'Nehhii' and it took girls's attention who hide their giggles
"Aise kaise ho sakta hai.. Kitna kuch karna hai aur vo aise kaise so jaayga.. Aur agar so bhi gaya toh bhi main usse jagaaungi huh" they all looked at her in disbelief when Dhrashti teased 'Kyun aisa kya karaane waali hai usse' which only made her realised what she just blurted out "Tum log bhi naa kuch bhi samajhte ho..Aree tum log nehi jaante, naa jaane kitne sawaalo ke jawaab lene hai mujhe usse, jaise bachpan me jab usne football maara tha mere sar par toh kyun maara tha, aur vo school me hume pareshaan karna jab ki vo mujhse pyaar karta tha toh phir kyun? Aur jab vo aaya tha tab?" but before Shilpa could say more Surbhi interrupted while others have held their heads
"Tu Armaan se apne first night par yeh sab sawaal karegi.. Gadhi" slapping her head lightly Surbhi scolded her who made a face
"Haan nehi toh aise me toh vo sachme so jaayga" Dhrashti joked making others smiled too but Shilpa was confident even Rati also who knows Armaan very well
"Lekin Armaan vaisa bhi nehi hai ki apni Shilpa ki baat naa sune.. Iski surity main deti hoon" keeping her hands on Newly bride's shoulder Rati supported which only made her smiled
"Exactly.. First night meri hai toh handle bhi main hi karungi tum logo ko fikar karne ki zarurat nehi hai vo mera Armaan hai jo mere liye kuch bhi karega" hugging Rati sidely she said in cheerful way which made three of them to say 'Armaan ki Diwaani' in teasing way and it only made her blushed who was about to say something when Surbhi pulled her leg saying 'Soch agar tu so gayi toh?' at this she gave a cute thoughtful look "Nehi aisa nehi hoga.. Main toh bilkul nehi sone waali after all itna wait jo kiya hai maine.. Toh main toh nehi sone waali" correcting her wedding Chuda she said in confident tone which made other girls giggle at her happiness even Rati also blessed 'I hope tum dono ko kisi ki nazar naa lage.. Aise hi khush raho' at this Shilpa smiled while hugging Rati and this made others too hugged them smilingly when Naani & Gautmi entered inside the room hurriedly coz the time has come to take the bride into her room
"Ho gaya ho toh ab chalo apne room me.. Yaa phir nehi jaana tumhe.. Jisko itni mehnat se banvaya hai Armaan ne" as Gautmi said smilingly she smiled while looking at herself on mirror where as Rati got confused at this coz she doesn't have idea about it
"Armaan ne kya banavaya??" Rati asked in confusing tone which made Sukirti giggle
"Aree tumhe nehi pata.. Humaari Sehzaadi ke liye unke Jahapanah ne Taj ki tarah kamra banvaaya hai" Surbhi's teasing taunt made Shilpa rolled her eyes while Rati frowned which Gautmi noticed
"Actually beta.. Huaa yun ki Shilpa ko apna room nehi chodna tha aur Armaan apna nehi chodna chaahta tha kyunki vo kamra bachpan se usika hi tha.. Toh sab log sochne lage kya karen tabhi Armaan ne suggest kiya ki kyuna in dono ke hi kamre ko tod kar ek kamra banwa de.." saying this smilingly Gautmi corrected Shilpa's wedding duppatta who was doing touch ups (Actually getting ready for her 'Jaan Armaan')
"Haan isliye bechaare Sid ko sacrifice karna pada kyunki uska kamra beech me aata tha in dono ke.. Aur toh aur is ladki ne wedding gift hi maang li Sid se ki tu apna kamra bhool jaa ab, bechaare ne de bhi diya" Naani tried to tease Shilpa who only giggled while Rati chuckled at this
"Bhai hai itna toh kar hi sakta hai Naani.. Aur shukar karo mere bahaane pura ghar rennovate ho gaya vo bhi do hafto me" she defended herself proudly making Gautmi to smack her head affectionally
"Lekin jo bhi kaho in dono ka kamra sach me Taj mahal ki tarah white aur Blue hai.. Haina Jaanu" Sukirti complimented making the ladies giggle while Shilpa blushed when Rati questioned 'Toh ab Sid ka room kahan hai?' making Naani smiled
"In dono ke room ke bagal hi hai.. Par yeh sab chodo raat bahoot ho chuki hai toh ab jaa tu apne kamre me ladki.. Bidaai me toh ek aansoon bhi nehi bahaaye tune at least ab toh kuch dhang ka kar" Naani's scold made them laugh except Shilpa who making a face looked at them
"Haan jaaungi.. Lekin aapse bata dun ki main kyun apne aansoon bahaati jabki aana toh mujhe issi ghar me tha.. Agar dusre kisi se shaadi kar rahi hoti toh roti bhi main Armaan ko yaad karke par jab Armaan hi mera dulha hai toh main kyun apne aansoon waste karoon.. In fact Bebe(Surbhi's granny) ne toh yeh bhi kaha tha mujhe shaadi se pehle ki.. Kudiye pyaar ki jang toh tune jeet li hai toh ab apne aansoon mat bahaana.. Dekha jaaye inhone hi toh mujhe motivate kiya tha jab Armaan ne reject kiya tha mera love.. Aur aaj dekho hum saath hain toh kyun roke main apna best day worst karun Haina Surbhi" her nonchanted voice made Naani to smack her head lightly while Surbhi said Ofcourse hifiving wd her and after few more minutes of talking in b/w pulling each others leg finally the time came for Shilpa to went inside their decorated first night room where Armaan wasn't there coz he was busy wd his friends on terrece.. As Shilpa stepped inside their room left astonished finding the room only decorated wd white flowers & white net curtains not to forget at few places red roses were also put, she knew this must be Armaan's idea coz it is decorated in a way she wants, in fact seeing this her friends also left flabbergasted and after some teasing session they left her alone inside coz its the time of Armaan's arrival who is actually unaware about his wife's ecstatic feelings "Finally.. Armaan hum ek hain aaj sirf naam se hi nehi pure dilse" sidding the white net from her bed she sat at the edge of it and traced the rose patels which were scattered on the soft mattress "Mera sab kuch toh maine tumhe pehle hi de diya hai.. Ab kya doon aisa jisse tum sirf mere raho" picking up the patels on her henna filled hands she whispered wd moist eyes then looked at their room which is really a Taj for her coz its created by them, the interior of it designed by them only & the way it is looking was all planned by her "Jaldi aao varna mujhe neend aa jaaygi.. Par Shilpa tu nehi soygi yaad rakhna kyunki yeh waali raat sirf ek baar hi aati hai samjhi.. Toh tu nehi soygi" sitting properly on middle of the bed she blabbered to herself while pulling her knees closer to her chest "Par yeh Gadha hain kahan??" wd a pout she kept her chin on her knees while her long wedding net veil was hidding(Not exactly) her beautiful face where as here Armaan & Ritvik were coming downstairs from terrece when they both saw a scene where Sukirti was coming from downstairs wd a plate of sweets but she bumped wd Sid who for few seconds became stiff and here Ritvik looked at Armaan
"Ruko main help karta hoon" kneeling down wd Sukku Sid helped her while picking up the Laddoos and thanking him wd sweet smile Sukku left wd the plate leaving Sid there who was only staring her wd longing look making Armaan to put his hand on Ritvik's shoulder for support, Ritvik managed to smile then they both after hugging each other went towards their rooms but before Armaan could enter his room his phone rang
"Haan.. Prince bolo.. Kaam huaa??" picking up the phone he went upstairs again coz its very important work
"Jii sir kaam toh ho gaya.. Bas kuch chize reh gayi hain.. Jiske liye aapka yahaan hona zaruri hai" at Prince's careful voice he rubbed his forehead to calm himself coz how can he leave this country when his Heart is living here "Aur haan sir.. Main jo jo kaam ho gaya hai uske pics send karne waala hoon aap dekh lo aur finalize kardo" he said in polite tone on which approving it he sat on one of a chair and kept his legs on small table
"Jaldi karna.." saying this he hung up the phone and relaxing on chair he looked up at the sky wd tired look (He have changed his clothes which is a dark blue opened sweat shirt wd gray t-shirt underneath & a black joggers wd slippers) "Damm.. Kya din aa gaya hai apne hi first night me main late jaane waala hoon.. I hope Prince jaldi sab kuch send kare" cursing the time he thought still staring up the star filled sky when he saw a star twinkled which only made him smile coz it instantly showed Shilpa's face (Mujhe toh ab bhi yakeen nehi ho raha hai ki finally humaari shaadi ho gayi.. I mean sirf cheh mahine me kya kuch nehi ho gaya yaar ek Bachelor se Married man ho gaya hoon main, Actually Shilpa sahin kehti hai sab kuch abhi bhi ek dream lag raha hai.. Kabhi nehi socha tha ki mera liya gaya huaa faisla sachme pura ho jaayga, sorry mera nehi Shilpa ki maangi gayi hui wish jo yahaan tak le aayi hume aaj.. Kya kya nehi huaa, mera aur Shilpa ka alag hona, mera ghar aana humaare, Dad ko manana, Sid ki problem solve jarna, sab kuch thik karna and not to forget mere aur Shilpa ke rishte me kinhi dusro ka aana par vo toh hume aur paas karke gayye.. Everything looks cool now, lagta hi nehi ki kabhi kuch kharaab tha.. Aur yeh sab sirf meri Shilpa ki wajah se huaa jiske wish ne mujhse itna kuch karva diya, Actually huaa yun ki Shilpa ke birthday waali raat hum ek dusre ke saath time hi spend kar rahe the ki pata nehi phir kahan se Shilpa ko ring ki yaad aa gayi aur vo phir zidd karne lagi)
"Meri ring kahan hai??" this is the third time of this night she asked the same question again which made him chuckled who was playing wd one of a balloon while she was blowing small bubbles in air wd bubble water.. After their dance they walked on beach coz of Shilpa's demand & enjoyed the peaceful view of blue sea but the darkness of night made her scared so she dragged him back to the cottage which only made Armaan laugh and to make her busy he gave a small bottle of bubble water which worked also "Armaan bolo naa ring kahan hai meri?" keeping the bottle aside she demanded again which made him smiled who leaving the balloon in abrupt manner pulled her back on his arms making her startled
"Ring chaahiye.. Haina??" as he asked softly she gave cute nod in yes which made him to locked her on his arms "Lekin vo toh main tumhe tab dunga jab hum apni official engagement karenge sabke saath" cupping her face he whispered softly which made her pout
"Par mujhe abhi chaahiye.. Aur hum engagement nehi karenge direct shaadi karenge" he chuckled at her words and kissed on her nose lovingly
"Aree nehi pagal itna wait karne ke baad main ek normal shaadi toh nehi chaahunga.. Come on I am a rockstar.. Aur main apni girlfriend ko aise toh nehi milaana chaahunga sabse" his cool voice made her happy somewhere but she pouted mumbling 'Toh meri ring nehi milegi mujhe' he smiled "Vaise engagement waali ring toh nehi par ek ring hai jo may be tumhe khush kar sake.. Toh apni ankhen band karo" saying this wd an excited smile he made her closed her eyes who wd curiosity held his jacket waiting for his surprise when she felt he held her one hand then kissing it he inserted a ring on her small finger which made her excited still wd closed eyes "Aankhen kholo" as he whispered smilingly she opened her lashes then looked up at him who gestured her to look down which she followed only to left surprise finding a small beautiful wd one diamond attatched ring on her small finger and automatically a smile reached her lips who looked up at Armaan whispering Beautiful when he said something which made her frown "I know.. Par dhyaan se dekho isse may be tumhe kuch yeh simillar lage yaah phir yaad aaye" at this she wd confused look tried to recognize it but she failled making Armaan smiled "Lagta hai mujhe hi bataana padega.. Actually yeh vo ring hai.. Jo maine tumhe bachpan me propose karte time di thi jisse tumne phek di thi.. Jisse maine apne pocket money se kharid ke li thi.. Aur jisse tumhaare phekne ke baad maine utha kar kasam khaayi thi ki.. Main tumhaare baal kaat dunga" her eyes turned moist looking at the ring then up at him who traced her hairs while saying the last line which only made them smiled
"Tumne.. Tumne yeh ab tak sambhaal ke rakkha tha?" her voice turned emotional which made him to cup her cheeks softly
"Sambhaala nehi tha bas rakkha tha.. Actually jab tum yeh phek kar gayi thi maine aise hi utha li, aur uswaqt se yeh mere pocket me hi thi phir mom ki death hone ke baad jab main apni saari important cheeze ek small box me daal raha tha jo mujhe Dubai le jaani thi; usme yeh bhi daal di thi aur wapas kabhi dhyaan nehi diya.. Haan ek baar dekhi thi is ring ko jab main Dubai ke ghar me shift huaa tha uswaqt sab kuch sambhaal ke rakhna tha ek important room me, main toh phekne waala tha par naa jaane kyun mera haath ruk gaya aur isse wahin rakh diya.. Par" caging her on his arms he replied in soft voice which only made her smitten "Jab last week main wapas Dubai gaya toh mujhe yaad aaya isse tum tak toh pahucha hi doon aakhir meri pocket money se li thi maine" as he finished she pulled him in tight hug emotionally and whispered 'Main kitni lucky hoon Armaan main bata nehi sakti.. I am sorry uswaqt tumhe hurt karne ke liye, i am really sorry' tears started moving out from her eyes while her hold on his back tightened who caressing her back tried to calm her "Ssshhh.. Yaar tum kitni emotional ho.. Yeh baat mujhe ab pata chali" parting her slowly he tried to cheer her who sniffed wd bowed head "Shilpa uper dekho" making her look up at him by her chin he whispered which she followed still in tears "Jo hona tha so ho gaya yaar us chiz ko lekar nehi baith sakte par haan usse cherish zarur kar sakte hain" wipping her tears he cheered her who gave a silent nod staring at his handsome face "Acha meri vo ring kahan hai jo tumne.. Mujhe propose karne ke liye li thi" stepping a little away from her he asked in calm tone but from inside he was excited coz it is still laying in his wallet 'Vo toh.. Vo wahin gir gaya tha Armaan.. Main itni heartbroken thi ki usko dekha hi nehi' wd lost look she replied (Main jaanta tha usse nehi pata ki ring mere paas hai aur vo uswaqt bahoot cute lag rahi thi sochte huye ki main dekhna chaahta tha ki vo kya karegi.. Lekin hai toh vo Shilpa hi jo sab kuch unexpected karti hai..Suddenly sad ho gayi mujhse sorry bolte huye toh mujhe uska haath pakad kar usse swing par bithaana pada aur usse jab tak gale nehi lagaya maine tab tak vo kuch boli hi nehi) "Tum toh dusro ko rula do khud kaise rone lagi" hugging her comfortly he made them laye against the swing's arm post wd lots of cushions & teddies under their back while hearing this she smacked his chest lightly wd a pout "Acha yeh chodo zara apni aankhen band karo" making her laye under him he whispered in soft voice making her frowned who wd small grin asked 'Kyun?' while putting her hands around his neck "Dirtyy mind.. Chalo band karo aankhen apni" wd a smile he made her eyes closed who giggled & waited for his move who grabbing her one hand kissed it lightly which only made Shilpa to felt loved (Waqt aa gaya tha ki usko vo dedun jiske liye vo thodi der pehle ro rahi thi.. Bas phir kya tha pocket se maine vo ring nikaali aur rakh di uske palm me jisse dekhne ke baad vo itni shock hui ki khadi hogayi surprisingly.. Madam ka pehle question jo expected tha vo yehi tha ki 'Armaan tumhe kahan mili yeh, yeh toh gir gayi thi.. Tumhe pata hai meri teen mahino ki salary se li thi yeh' uska vo excited face dekh kar mujhe sachme bahoot hassi aayi aur phir mujhe usse bataana pada ki kaise yeh mujhe milli aur jo reaction diya usne main bata nehi sakta)
"How mean Armaan.. Main vahan ro rahi thi aur tum mujhe sirf dur se dekh rahe the.. Mujhe doubt tha ki tum vahan ho par tum toh sachme vahan the aur kuch kiya nehi.. I hate you" picking up few cushions she started hitting him who tried to save himself by his hands while saying 'Aree suno toh.. Meri baat Shilpa' but it was useless coz she wasn't stopping "I hate you, vahan mere aansoon nehi ruk rahe the aur tum Insensitive Heartless aur Sadu ki tarah mujhe dekh rahe the" sitting beside him she stopped hitting but really got sad making Armaan to look down guiltfully "Doubt toh mujhe usiwaqt hi ho jaana chaahiye tha jab Sukku ne tumhaara heart check kiya tha.. Ki tumhaare paas heart hai ki nehi lekin dekho vo bhi galat nikli tumhaare paas sachme heart nehi hai tabhi toh mujhe rote huye dekh" but poor girl couldn't say more coz he started laughing at her last line (Can you believe.. Usne mera heart check karvaaya tha yeh check karne ke liye ki actually me mere paas dil hai ki nehi.. Trust me main bahoot hass raha tha vo scene yaad karke kyunki uswaqt mujhe samjha ki kyun Shilpa ne meri heartbeat check ki thi lekin jab maine meri Shilpa ka vo cute wala angry glare dekha toh chup hona pada aur usse tight waali hug de kar usse wapas mana liya)
"Shilpa uswaqt main majboor tha isliye nehi gaya.. Kyunki mujhe yeh bhi laga mere jaane se tumhe jhooti ummeed milegi.. Tabhi toh Shaad ko bheja maine.. And trust me tumhaare jaane ke baad main subhe tak wahin tent ke paas baitha raha yeh sochte huye ki tumhe kitna hurt huaa hoga" making her laye under him again he shared in loving voice which made her calm whose one hand cupped his cheek making him smiled wd her touch "Aur ab tumhe nehi lagta ki tumhe mujhe thank you kehna chaahiye tumhaari teen mahine ki salary bachane ke liye" she giggled as he lighted her mood who tracing his side face thanked him then forwarded the ring to him "Aaahhaan.. Aise nehi jaise pehle diya tha" at this Shilpa smiled then kissing his jaw put her on hand on his shoulder
"Thik hai par main yeh tab dungi jab mera mood karega.. Kyunki dena mujhe hai" caressing his face she whispered wd a smile making him to give a nod in yes wd thoughtful look
"Jaise tumhaari marzi" siding her hairs aside he smiled making her to pinched his nose tip lovingly who only made a face removing her hand "Vaise tumhe yaad hai jis din tum mujhe le gayi thi Sukirti ke paas hospital me.. Usse pehle hi mujhe tumpar doubt ho gaya tha kyunki tum daud ke jo aayi thi mere bike ke saamne.." he was saying this smilingly which only made her giggle but soon she got lost on his adorable face who was sharing that day's whole incident smilingly which made her to observe his happiness and also she started thinking How he takes her care, How he had kept that rings safely and most important the way he is making her days special is beyond her dreams, So wdout wasting a second she cupped his face who frowned "Shii.." but before he could say ahead she pulled him in a surprise kiss which not only made his eyes widen but also it was not at all expected from her, the way her hands caressed his hairs it only made him lost so wd closed eyes he responded more than to her passion, his hands caressed her curves passionately while Shilpa is in under his spell but getting out of breath she broke the kiss gasping for air, They panted while touching their foreheads "Tumhaare.. Aise sudden surprises mujhe.. Acche lagte hain" wd heavy breath he whispered smilingly which made her blushed who immediately pulled him in a loving hug smilingly and till few minutes they stayed in each others arm, her head was put on his chest while he was staring the sky smilingly playing wd her fingers
"Shilpa maang le Armaan se jo tu chaahti hai.." playing wd that ring (Her salary ring) she thought then looked up at him who was cherishing this moment when she whispered his name who only hummed playing wd her hairs "Main tumse kuch maangu toh kya tum mujhe vo doge??" she in very careful way asked which made Armaan smiled who making her laye under him smiled and said 'Agar mere bas me hoga toh main zaroor dunga.. Bas aap farmaaiye' tucking her hairs aside he said in normal voice which encourages her "Armaan.. Main chaahti hoon ki tum apne aur Ronit uncle ke beech ki distance khatam kardo.. Aur hum sabke saath raho.. Humaare ghar me.. Aur" but before her hasitating voice could say ahead he wd serious look sat up making her disappoint who also sat when he said something which made her sad
"I am sorry Shilpa par mujhe nehi lagta yeh ho paayga.. I mean Dad kabhi maaf nehi karenge mujhe aur agar vo kar bhi denge main uss ghar me nehi reh paaunga" somewhere she was expecting this reaction from him but moving closer to him she grabbed his one hand then looked at him asking 'Why?' which made him to look at her wd serious look "Kyunki mujhe vo ghar mera nehi lagta Shilpa, haan main tumse bahoot pyaar karta hoon aur apni family se bhi but vo connection jo mujhe bachpan me lagta tha us ghar se vo ab nehi lagta.. Jispar main kuch nehi kar sakta.. I am sorry" her hold loosed wd his words but not loosing her hope she said 'Tumne kaha tha tum sab thik kar doge.. Par kaise karoge jab tum us ghar me hi nehi jaaoge.. Armaan maine already Mom Dad Naani aur Ronit uncle ko bahoot hurt kiya hai..Mujhe guilt hai ki meri wajah se tum dur huye ho Uncle se aur agar sab thik nehi hoga toh kaise hum ek dusre ke saath rahenge' seeing her eyes wet his heart ached who immediately cupped her face "Haan maine kaha tha main sab thik karunga.. Jo main karunga bhi par us ghar me wapas main nehi jaaunga.. Mujhse nehi hoga Shilpa.. I am sorry" Saying this softly he looked away from her who only stared him silently but yes her eyes were wet "Aur ek baat tumhaari wajah se mere aur Dad ke bich problem nehi aayi Shilpa.. Yeh toh distance hai humaare bich jo shayad kabhi kam nehi ho sakta" he tried to vanish that guilt from her heart but he have no idea that his refusal made her a little worried about their future so she said 'Mujhe ghar jaana hai Armaan.. Mujhe ghar chod do' it was a shock for Armaan who for few seconds only stared her "Shilpa tum?" he still didn't believed she wants to go but when she stood to go he pulled her back wd such force that she landed on him and when she looked at him blankly he felt that ached again,So holding her back firmly he tucked her hairs aside lostly who looked away from him wd moist eyes (Is ladki ko handle karna sachme mere liye imposssible tha uswaqt kyunki shayad usse sachme bahoot bura laga tha jisse kisi bhi tarah maine manaaya yeh kehkar ki thik hai main Dad se ek baar baat karunga..Jispar vo pehle khush hui lekin phir khud hi mana kar diya yeh kehkar ki 'Sirf mere liye mat karo' sach kahun toh is ladki ko main kabhi nehi samajh sakta pehle kehti hai baat karo phir kehti hai mat karo.. Par maine bhi decide kar liya tha ki ab toh dad se baat karni hi padegi aur yehi baat maine usse samjhaayi jo finally maan gayi aur wapas hum normal ho gayye.. Shilpa mere paas hi soyi thi ki maine pucha dad kaise hain aur ispar vo pehle hasne lagi phir kaha 'Finally tumne pucha toh kyunki jabse main tumse milun hoon tumne ek baar bhi nehi pucha unke baare me' baat toh uski sahin thi kyunki main Shilpa me itna duba huaa tha Dad mann me aaye hi nehi aur yeh baat maine Shilpa se bhi kahi thi jisne mujhe bataaya.. Dad mujhe aaj bhi yaad karte hain, unhe sab kuch pata hai phir bhi vo chup hain kyunki vo mujhse naraaz hain ki maine kyun unhe sab kuch nehi bataaya aur yehi ek reason hai jiski wajah se Shilpa chaahti hai main sab thik karun jo maine bhi decide kar liya tha ki ab toh thik karke rahunga.. Shilpa toh so gayi thi par mera dimaag shaant nehi ho raha tha kyunki uswaqt mere dimaag me sirf yehi aaya ki Shilpa sahin hai bahoot kar liya apni manmaani waqt aa gaya tha sab kuch apne haath me lene ka jo tabhi ho sakta tha jab main is ghar me aata, isilye maine decide kar liya tha ki main ghar jaaunga sab thik karne vo bhi bina Shilpa ke kyunki us ghar se ladaai mere andar ke sukoon ki thi jisse mujhe jeetna toh tha hi.. Lekin next morning jab maine Shilpa ko bataaya ki main next day jaa raha hun Mumbai vo bhi ghar uske bina, vo naraaz ho gayi ki kyun main akele jaaunga, Haan maine usse samjhaane ki koshish ki par vo gusse se chali gayi aur shaam tak humne baat hi nehi ki.. Uswaqt tak mujhe laga yeh ladki mujhe nehi samajh sakti par jab uska phone aaya aur vo sorry bolne lagi, That was the moment I realised how much she loves me and i am such an idiot.. Jo uske dil ki baat nehi samajh paaya aur uper se uska birthday kharaab huaa vo alag.. Main turant usse mila aur le gaya ek beach side restuarant me jahan usse Sorry bhi kaha aur assurance diya ki main thik karunga sab kuch, haan vo baat alag thi ki vo dar rahi thi mere is faisle se aur mere saath jaane ki zidd bhi kar rahi thi par maine kisi tarah uska mind divert kiya aur uska birthday acche se celebrate kiya.. Phir kya tha next morning main airport par tha Shilpa ka wait karte huye, Deep aur Rati already nikal chuka tha Mumbai ke liye aur maine unko nehi bataaya tha ki main wahan aa raha hoon surprise jo dena tha, actually vo dono ussi subhe hi nikle the toh unhe maine bola hi nehi ki main aa raha hoon.. Khair main Shilpa ka wait kar raha tha jo aayi lekin is andaaz me ki pucho mat)
"Excuse me!!" hearing a known female voice he looked up only to find a girl in black 'Burqa' which made him to look at his bodyguards as if asking them 'Why they let her near him' when the girl sat beside him who instantly moved a little away from her making the girl giggle "All set.. Mr Malik?" he immediately recognised the voice which made him to look at her confusedly
"Shilpa??" he exclaimed watching her who just put off her black veil wd a giggle "Kya hai yeh?" he asked incredulously which made her to show him her beautiful smile wd her shinning oceanetic green eyes
"Isse burqa kehte hain Armaan.. Tum bhi naa" slapping his arm lightly she said in her cheerful way which made him to hit her head lightly wd his phone "Aaaaw Armaan" wd a pout she looked at him confusedly while rubbing her head
"Mujhe pata hai isse Burqa kehte hain, Par tum yeh pehen ke kyun aayi ho yahaan?" he almost asked in strict tone which made her giggle
"Vo kya haina maine socha yahaan bahoot public hogi aur media bhi toh agar kisine mujhe tumhaare saath dekh liya toh vo news mein aayga phir humaare family ko aise hi pata chal jaayga humaare bataane se pehle toh maine socha kyuna main Burqa pehen loon koi pehchaan nehi paayga" her nonchanted reply made him to held his head while his bodyguards hide their smiles watching this scene (Trust me maine uss jaisi unique ladki aaj tak nehi dekhi)
"Shilpa baat toh log vaise bhi karenge naa, Kahenge aaj Armaan Malik ko kisi Burqe waali ladki ke saath dekha gaya tab kya karogi" hearing his calm voice she smiled cutely
"Aree tab bol dena.. Vo meri ek fan thi " saying this coolly she looked at him wd smart look which made him to shook his head wd a smile "Toh kya.. Mr Armaan Malik aap apni Iklauti Girlfriend ke saath thoda time spend karenge, Kyunki aaj toh aap jaa rahe ho mujhe chodke" he shook his head at her Dramatic way who giggled as he looked away from her to hide his smile "Acha bolo kuch socha hai tumne ki kaise manaaoge sabko?" holding his arm she asked wd a smile which made him to look back at her calmly while giving a nod in No silently (To be frank mujhe sachme nehi pata tha ki main handle kaise karunga par Shilpa ke liye mujhe dikhaana toh tha hi isiliye usse jhoot bola jo mujhe cheer karne lagi, i know usse andar se accha nehi lag raha tha mera jaana par hai toh vo meri Shilpa jo ek Magical wand hai meri) "Tum toh history likhne jaa rahe ho, Tum vo karne waale ho jo zyada kisine nehi kiya abhi tak.." her twisted words made him to look at her questioningly when her veil fell on her face "Aur.." but before she could say more he took a sigh
"Pehle isse peeche karo.." putting the veil back he scolded her who giggled at his this new side "Ab aap farmaayengi.." his extra sweet voice made her to adore him wd a teasing grin
"Aapke liye toh bilkul.." she said in dreamy way which made him to give her a serious look (Which means Be serious) and seeing his look she pressed her lips to hide her smile "Hmm, Toh main keh rahin hoon tum duniya ka sabse accha kaam karne jaa rahe ho pucho kyun..?" as she asked curiously he gave her calm look "Aree pucho naa" nudging his hand she insisted which made him to reply 'Kyun' uninterestingly "Haan.. Kyunki ab tak jitne bhi lovers the.. Unhone ladki ke Father yaah family ko hi manaaya.. Like DDLJ ka Raj, Maine pyaar kiya ka Prem aur baaki jitne bhi lovers hain.. Sab.." he was staring her amusingly coz her way of talking always made him to admire her "Par Tum.. Toh apne dad ko manaane jaa rahe ho vo bhi apni girlfriend ka haath maangne ke liye jo i don't think so itni aasaani se maanenge.. Mere dad toh maan bhi jaaye par tumhaare dad kabhi nehi maanenge Mujh jaisi haseen ladki ka haath dene ke liye tumhe.. Toh huye naa tum different lover" a chuckle escaped from his mouth hearing her cheerful exciting voice then taking a similing sigh he sat comfortabely on chair while looking at her and tucking her veil aside he said 'Hmm baat toh sahi hai.." as he gave her calm nod in Yes she forwarded her hand for hifive which he did wd a smile (I love her isliye main aur bhi confident ho gaya tha sab kuch thik karne ke liye) "Vaise mujhe pata hai tum mana loge unhe.. Kyunki tumhaara Charm aisa hai ki koi bhi ghayal ho sakta hai.. Aree jab mujh jaisi Strict aur Focus waali ladki.. Phisal sakti hai tab baaki log kya hain" her pridefilled voice made him to look at her amusingly whicle crossing his arms
"Strict aur Focus.. Vo bhi tum??" hiding his smile he looked at her wd calm look on which wd attitude she gave nod in Yes making him chuckled "Kyun mazaak karti rehti ho tum Shilpa.." hearing this she smacked his arm lightly
"Main mazaak nehi sach bol rahi hoon buddhu.. I am a strict & professional girl" at this he laughed which made her pout "Hass kyun rahe ho tum Armaan.. Its a fact" making a face she tried to explain when he looked at her still smiling
"Acha thik hai chalo tumhaari khushi ke liye maan lete hain tum strict aur professional ho.. Bas khush" he spoke in teasing voice which made her grumpy who said 'Mujhe naa tumse baat hi nehi karni' saying this angrily she sat wd grumpy look which made him giggle (Trust me agar airport par nehi hote naa toh wahin kiss kar leta usse kyunki vo itni cute lag rahi thi) "Thik hai.. Agle paanch minute tak bolna mat.. At least peecha chutega" hearing this her mouth opened in O shape and dragging his name she started beating him "Aree Shilpa suno toh" he giggled at her typical self while defending himself from her hands who getting tired moved a little away from him
"I hate you, ek toh bina meri marzi ke jaa rahe ho uper se mujhe thikse bye bhi nehi keh rahe ho, and most important yeh jaante huye ki akele main yahaan kaise rahungi.. Phir bhi tum.. I hate you" hearing her sad voice he pulled her in a hug then kissed her head lovingly (Usse yakeen dilaana bahoot zaruri tha ki sab thik hoga varna vo Goa me rehkar sirf pareshaan rehti isiliye maine Wahid ko uski safety ke liye wahin chod ke rakkha tha, uper se Sukirti bhi wahin par thi toh zyada fikar ki baat nehi thi.. Ki tabhi Shilpa ne kaha ki 'Abhi kitna kuch karna tha hume aur tum jaa rahe ho, abhi toh tumhe humaare sapne pure karne the' yeh ladki sahme pagal hai main bol raha hoon)
"Konsa sapna?" still smiling he asked which made her head snapped turn at him and giving a smack on his shoulder lightly she pouted
"Tum kaise bhool sakte ho Armaan.. Mera aur inka sapna" pointing at herself then back at his bodyguards who stood straight hearing this while he frowned at her words "Yaad nehi main chaahti hoon.. Ki tum mere liye aur inke liye gaana gaao vo bhi live" wd an exciting smile she answered his unasked question who looked at her wd an amusing smile while his bodyguards smiled at her words
"Par yeh toh humesha mere gaane sunte hain mere concerts mein.." staring at her he said this in calm way
"Offo! Armaan tum bhi naa.. Yeh toh vahan tumhaari security ke liye khade rehte hain.. Toh kaise feel karke sunenge tumhaare gaane" she scolded in her cute angry way which made him smiled "Toh isiliye main chaahti hoon ek din aisa ho.. Jahan tum humaare saamne baith kar gaana gaao aur hum sab tumhe dekh kar muskuraaye.. Bina kisi media attention ke.. Haina Laxman aur sab" saying this happily she looked at Laxman and others who wd a smile gave a nod in Yes saying 'Jii' which made Armaan to shook his head coz he knows his bodyguards are more connected to her "Toh bolo kab gaa rahe ho?" gripping his hand she asked curiously on which smiled
"Abhi toh nehi.. But i promise zarur gaaunga sirf tum sabke liye thik hai" he assured wd a smile on which she smiled back even his bodyguards also and Shilpa was about to say something but his flight's announcement made her heartbeat skipped who immediately held his arm wd fear (Shilpa ko khudse alag karna main kabhi soch bhi nehi sakta tha, lekin uswaqt karna pada jo mere saath andar bhi aana chaahti thi par maine usse samjhaaya ki nehi main kar lunga lekin uske baad jo usne kaha main mana nehi kar paaya)
"Jaa toh rahe ho par yaad haina mera promise" playing wd his jacket's button she looked up at his face emotionally who was standing calmly and was admiring her "Vo promise ki agar mujhse nehi raha jaayga toh main vahaan aa jaaungi, haan hum kisiko bataayenge nehi par main aa jaaungi yaad haina" pointing at him she reminded on which he gave a nod in Yes wd a smile while replying 'Yaad hai' it made her smile too "Haan good.. Aur haan agar vahan kisine tumse yeh kaha ki business join karlo toh tum nehi karoge chaahe kuch bhi ho jaaye.. Aur Sid ko ignore karna kyunki mujhe pata hai vo tumse ladne ki koshish zarur karega lekin tum sirf Uncle ko manane pe concentration karna, Vaise toh maa hain vahan vo sambhaal lengi tumhe aur dhyaan bhi dengi tumhaara lekin phir bhi tum apna dhyaan dena aur mujhe roz phone karna mat bhulna.. Aur haan" but before she could instruct him more emotionally he put his palm on her lips then pulled her in tight hug who responded emotionally when he cheered her while saying 'Tum toh aise bol rahi ho jaise main tumhaara koi soldier husband hoon jo jang par jaa raha hai' at this she giggled still hugging him who kissed her head lovingly and wd heavy heart parted (Usko chodkar jaana easy nehi tha par announcement ki wajah se mujhe usse last hug dekar nikalna pada, jitni vo dari hui thi mere liye usse kayi zyada mujhe uski fikar ki fikar thi ki kya waqai me main sab thik kar paaunga.. Pure flight me main yehi sochta raha ki ghar par kya bolkar main entry lunga lekin jaise hi flight land hui mujhe Gautmi aunty ka call aaya jinhone apne us happy waale voice se kaha ki vo mera wait kar rahin hain main jaldi se aa jaaun wahan, main samajh gaya tha ki yeh baat unko meri Shilpa ne bataayi thi so that mere support me koi toh rahe.. That's why i love her.. Aur dekhte hi dekhte meri car humaare ghar me enter hui aur meri dhadkane badh gayi)
This is it.. Don't worry guys do teen parts me flashback khatam hoga.. But trust me.. You will enjoy their this flashback so don't miss the parts.. Uske baad to Arsh ki First night & Honeymoon!
also agar comments jaldi mile toh parts bhi jaldi milenge


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