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Part 2 : How Much - U Love Her (mini)

"Hello this is Riddima'speaking from glamour's magazine" Pause "yes' I will check if u have any appointment with sir..." pause "No sir ' Today Atul Sir has cancelled all his meetings' due to some personal matters' I apologize on his behave' next appointment will be set soon" pause "thank you '" she hung up'

  Just to hear her personal phone buzzing'.

"I will come home 'hmmmm till 4" wrinkling her nose' with a smile "I promise'.I won't break the promise this time'" she said

 After while she bid bye '


 "Atul sir' I m going ' I have cancelled all your meeting' I have told Susie' not to allow any one come to your office'" she said with a smile'

"Thanks Riddima'" Riddima turned to leave "hmm Riddima?"

 "Yes?" she looked back at him

"Hmm nothing!" he looked back at his file ' she frowned and walked out with a smile'


"Mama' u r 10mins late'"  a kid around 6 or 7 ran up to her mom' not letting her enter'

"Sorry baby' it won't happen again ' I plomise'" Riddima said, while picking the baby up

"kahna lagun beta'?" a middle age women asked

"nai Bi.. bhook nai' Rehan melaa baby na khaya?" she kissed his chin ' and he giggled in delight

"ehhee hann"

"ok' challo hum upper challta hain" cuddling him in her arms' she took her up'


"Mama'." Rehan said while coloring his picture'

"Hmmmm" Riddima said, while writing Atul's tomorrows appointment in her dairy'

Being a temporary P.A of such a big Magazine company was not easy' she knew it' she had to give her best' or he can simply throw her out'he won't but still he want every thing best' and she want every thing best for her son' and for that she need money'

"papa ' kab ayein gaya'" Rehan asked while putting his elbow on the other side of table ' and his palms beneath his chin' and looking up at her mom, who has dig her head in the file'

"Rehan" she said with a warning voice' while Rehan got a bit annoyed and walked up to her' and took hold of her file'. Rather snatched it' and went in between her legs and placed a hand on her face'

 "Mama I wanna know!! Why is he not here with us?" Rehan asked' with a crack in his voice'

 "I don't know'" she took her file ' "now get in ur bed' right now" she made him moved a bit away'

 Rehan walked in to his bed with two big fat tears'

"I miss him" he mumbled while Riddima made him sleep

 "I too baby'"


Flash back

"Ahhhhhhh" Riddima woke up with a bad dream, she remembered everything' she remembered him'. She soon tied the sheet around her chest and flunked her arms between her legs' and was deep in thoughts'

Thinking how much complete she was feeling ' the feeling she got last night was so pure ' so nice' she never ever thought ' that she would do that' but her heart never stopped her' she knew he loved Muskan' but the way he touched her '. Made her still complete'

It was hard for her as she knew he Didn't loved her' but still she felt nice whatever happened' in some way ' her loneliness was fading' this was the first morning which brought a smile on her face'.she wanted some one beside her ' she felt some else Love' but still FELT ' it'

She always dozed off thinking will she ever know what love was'? well she felt some one else love at least' she didn't care knowing that fact.

After few hours passed' she frowned' her frown deepen' she jumped off the bed to the bathroom ' there was no one' she ran down in her sheet' but he was no where'. No where in sight'

He was far gone' she went up to her room'rather ran, thinking he might have left a piece of paper or letter' but no' he was gone... he left her'

Tears fell.

Her dream shattered before she can built it' Her dream was collapsed like house-card'

She fell down on floor and sobbed ' sobbed ..

Flash back ends

I'm so tired of being here
Suppressed by all my childish fears
And if you have to leave
I wish that you would just leave
'Cause your presence still lingers here
And it won't leave me alone

These wounds won't seem to heal
This pain is just too real
There's just too much that time cannot erase

When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears
When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears
And I held your hand through all of these years
But you still have
All of me

"I will make it a memory for u!" his words' "I promise"

Still linger in her thoughts'

Yes he had made it a memory' she can't forget it' and after all he had given her a thing to live' Rehan' yes Rehan ' her life ' her love' her every thing

She didn't regret anything what ever happened that night' she was a complete women just because of him' she was some where happy she won't die virgin...and she had promise to live like this' she promise her self not to allow any one touch her again' as he did'' it had been 7 years' but still she felt his touch in the bed' in the same bed

She was his' her body ' soul every thing was his' she can't allow any one touch her'

She had to, She just had to buy this House from Muskan' she just had too' she just can't let any one ' live here'

This house was her every thing' the peace she got in bed' after he left completes her every morning' his smell still was their'

She couldn't blame him for any thing' he had never promised her to be beside her next morning'

Tears fell ' when she remembers she waited for a week for him to come back'touch her once more'only once' she would try her best to make it last for a longer time' but he didn't and soon after another week she got pregnant '

Before she knew she was pregnant' she thought to die' her life was use less... But now Rehan was there' she can't do anything but live the moment'

As she once lived 7 years back

But the thing made her cry every night was ' that she just knew 'How much ' HE love HER!'

'He loves her ' Not me.!' She use to say' at night ' when that dark room was filled with silence'

She never came to know' she never got chance to know' if he made love to her as Riddima or Muskan'

It made her heart crash' in to pieces' she knew he loved Muskan'

And she knew '

She had fallen for him that night'


"Riddima' ur Fee's are charged ' you can complete your last year of internship in Sanjeevani'" the dean of sanjeevani told her

After Arman left she had started studying M.B.B.S' and took an old lady in home' who took care of Rehan'

Her parents died ' and she was informed '. That they had a fixed deposit which had lots of money for her to complete her ambition'

She bought the house ' and paid all the money for M.B.B.S in one go'. So that ' it won't bother her later'

One year of internship went good' Rehan was always a good boy' never disturb her' but she came to know that she had to give money for 2nd year of internship that she didn't have'

she had been collecting money for 6 months' yes she was a doctor' but due to less money ' she couldn't complete her internship and was thrown out from previous hospital'

Atul '. Yes Atul her boss ' asked the Dean... To take her ' if she pays her amount' and Dean happily said yes'

Atul Sharma was one of the big business men' and he treated Riddima as a friend'

Riddima was happy to know, he helped her' but stopped him from giving money ' she said she would work for him' and she would collect money' for her internship'

It took her 6 months because she had to run home at the same time

She was happy that after a year she would be hired in the same hospital as a professional doctor'

"Thanks Dr. Shahank' I obliged that u allowed me"

"Your Welcome Dr. Riddima"

She felt soo happy' Dr. Was attached to her name' her dream was complete' her dream of being a doctor ' will be complete in a year'

She went home ' told Bi' Rehan' Atul

Atul came to her house with her wife Anjali'..They partied till 9 ' and then Rehan was pushed to his bed by Bi'While the three sit together and told each other about their life's'

Riddima smiled when Atul told her how he proposed her' Practically..!!

She was much happier to know that Anjali was her senior there'

And Anjali liked her too, she didn't know how to ask ' about Rehan' Atul had warned her not too' as he remembers ' when she was pregnant and use to ran to university ' for studying and then she worked in his office' how hurtful her life was' but there was never regret on her face' she did everything with a different happiness'

But to there surprise, she told them by her self'

Anjali's heart melted towards her' she went and cuddled her in a deep embrace'

"U love him '?" Anjali asked while breaking the hug

"Yes'" she whispered' while Atul looked away... Feeling a dry lump in her throat

"He left u that night ' and still u love him'" Anjali looked shock at her'

"He never promised to stay'!" she looked down at her palm' trying to read her lines'

Anjali felt miserable' she hugged her ' rubbed her back' Atul walked up to Rehan's room' and brushed his fingers through his dark black hair'.

'he might looks like his father I think' because he is not a bit like Riddima' he had the naughtiness that Riddima' does not have'.' Atul thought and kept on caressing his head

"I never knew' that kind of love still is alive in this world'" a tear fell from Anjali's eyes' "I never knew ' u knew, he made love to u ' and told u how much he loved Her (Muskan) - Not u" pause "and still'  u" Anjali rubbed her arms'

They had been talking for around 4 hours' Atul was showed a guest room' he knew ' Anjali was a emotional girl' and won't sleep till she make Riddima calm' and peace full

"I' know'. Anjali' he loved me that night and how he loved me ' was clear for me to think that he was telling me how much he loved Her..!!!" she broke down

"Shh' Riddima' its ok' every thing will be fine'" Anjali cried with her' and rubbed her back'

They talked whole night and slept on the couch'

Riddima kept her head in her lap' while her hand was in her hair

They themselves didn't why they just bond up in 24 hours' it was a bond that they promised in their heart ' that they won't break'

A new bond was made'.!



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