Friday, 16 November 2018

part 2 : Pyar ke side effects (ts)

1 month later
arman getting tired from running for half an hour in his jogging suite stopped under a tree..ridhima who was also running in her jogging suite also stopped and come to him..

R: kya huya janu? Tum ruk kyu gaye?
A: ridhima baby m bahut thak gaya hu.. Plz aaj aur nhi..aur iski jarurat hi kya h..dekho mera body to aise hi akdam perfect h..
R:aise kaise arman tumne to sirf 8 rounds lagaya h aur b 12 rounds lagana baki h..aur admi ko perfect se imperfect hone m jaida wakt nhi lagte.. Ye lo energy drink piyo dhakkan dur ho jayegi..
A: (drinking the drink) par baby thoda to kam kar do *pleading*
R: ok baba chalo 11 round kar di..pura ak kam kar di..
A: ak???

R: han pura ak ab chalo start karo..dekho m b to kar rahi hu na..
A: (in mind) kisne kaha tha tujhe medical student se pyar krne ko ab bhugat..
R: kuch kaha kya?
A: nhi to chalo lets start..
Unwillingly he has to follow his gf's order :p

Arman with a cigerette in between his lips searching his lighter all over his appartment..he searched under his pillow and found a small peice of paper.. There was written " kuch dhund rahe ho kya janu?" then he opended a drawer and found another peice of paper "janu tum na mujhe promise kiye the" then at kitchen "iske ilawa nhi chalega kya?" now he got frushtered and shouted for his servent.. MOHAAAN MOHAAN
Mohan comes running to him..
M: ji bhaiya
A: jara apna lighter dena..
Bt mohan remain silent bending his head..
A:kya huya? Ok lighter nhi h to match box do
still he remain same..
Now arman got very angry and shout
A: m tumhe kuch bol raha hu damn it..
Mohan got scared seeing him this much angry..
M: (nervously) vo bhaiya ridhima didi ne apko lighter dene ko mana kiya..
A: tu kiske kam krta h meri ya didi ki?
R: apke par bhaiya m didi se kiye promise kaise todh sakta hu? Akhir apke health ki sawal h..
Saying this he run from there for saving himself from his boss further anger.. Arman also stromed out from there in anger now in search of a shop..


At a dinner date
R: arman ye kya kar rahe ho?
A: (confuse) huh khana kha raha hu aur kya?
R: are tum kaise kha sakte ho?
A: (making horrified face) kya ab m kha b nhi sakta..bhukha rehna hoga kya?
R: are mera maltab ye nhi tha..mera maltab tha ki tum ye oily foods nhi kha sakte aur alchohol to bilkul b sab health k liye accha nhi h..tum ye salad khao aur juice piyo..
A: (looking sadly at salad) yeah of course jaise aap kahe maharani..
R: BTW aaj subah vo adrak(ginger) wali juice to peye the na?
A: kyu tumhe tumhara jasus mohan ne bataya nhi?
R: han bataya tha..phir b yad dila rahi hu..
A: to himself.. Socha tha gf k sath date pe aya hu to kuch romantic time spend karenge par yaha b madam apna chamber khul beitha h..wah kya gf mila h aise doctor gf to kisi dusman ko b na mile :')


like this 8 months passed..
8 months later

Arman and atul sipping from there bear can while talking at his(arman) house..
At: hahahahaha (cluching his stomach laughing hard) haha arman mere bhai hahaha bhabi tujhse ye sab karwati hahahah aur tu b unki order follow kar raha h haha thats news yar hahah
A: agar tu apne ye bakwas hasi abhi band nhi ki na to m tujhe hasna to dur ki bad rone k b layek nhi chodunga..
At: (controlling his laugh) ok m akdam chup..ab bol kya karega?
A: mere pas ak plan h
At: kaise plan?
A: m paris chala jayunga
At: paris?? Par bhabi ko kya bolega?
A: use bolunga ki mera dadi bahut bimar h..kabhi b upar ja sakti h aur vo mujhe dekhna chahta h
At: dude apne dadi ko lekar aise ghatiya plan chi
A: oh come on Atul..mere pas ab yahi ak rasta h..
Their talk go interputted by ridhima's voice..

R: Armaaan
they both got scared thinking she has heard everything..and they hurriedly hide their beer can under sofa set..
A/At: (in shattering voice) ridhima/ bhabi

R: (from back) hi guys
(boys turns back) aree kya huya? Aise dekh rahe ho jaise koi bhut dekhliya ho..
At: apne hamare bate nhi suni?
R: nhi kyu kya bol rahe the tum dono?
At: vo hum apke
A: (cutting atul) hum tumhare bare m hi bat kar rahe the..vo tumse kuch jaruri bat krna tha mujhe
R: han arman bolo
A: (making a sad face) vo ridhima papa ka phn aya tha paris se..dadi bahut bemar h shayed unke pas aur jaida time nhi h(now crying).. Aur vo mujhe dekhna chahte mujhe paris jana hoga..
R: han arman of course tumhe jana chahiye..kab jayogi aur kitne din k liye?
A: 2 hafte bad aur kuch months to lag hi jayega na ane m
R: kuch months?? (Bt she controlled herself seeing his crying face)
its ok arman (forcing a smile)
A: (in a fake crying voice) par m tumhare bina itne din kaise rahunga ridhima?
R: yes mere pas ak idea h arman
A: idea??
R: han m b chalti hu tumhare sath paris..meri chachu bahut dino se jane ko bol rahe h..par m mana kar rahi ab jana chahungi to papa b man jayenge..

Atul who was trying hard to control his laugh seeing this melodrama of his frnd couldn't control anymore and brust into launging..
Arman glared him angrily

R: aree atul tum aise has kyu rahe ho??
At: (controlling himself) vo bhabi vo khusi m..aap dono sath m paris ja rahe ho na is khusi m m has raha tha..aur is khusi m arman k liye ak adrak ka juice to banta h bhabi..
R: han par sirf arman k liye hi kyu m tumhare liye b banake k lati hu..
Saying this she left for kitchen leaving a horrified atul with an angry arman..

At: tera wajah se m b phas gaya yarr bt in return he got hit by a pillow as arman start hitting him with the pillow..

A:bahut huya ab aur nhi..maine decide kar liya h..
At: accha kya decide kiya tune?
At: WHAT?? Pagal ho gaya kya?
A: abhi tak to nhi par uske sath raha to akdin jarur ho jayunga..
At: dude jalbazi m koi decision mat le..aur kya bolega tu bhabi se reason kya h?
A: reason to tab bolna padhega jab m usse bat karunga..m aj se uski sath koi contrack nhi rakhne wala
At: arman ye tu kya bol rahe bhabi tujhse bahut pyar krti h vo pereshan ho jayenge
A: oh come on atul chill.. kuch din pereshan hogi aur phir bad m sab thik ho jayega..aur uski doctorgiri b kam ho jayega..
At: par arman..
A: oh now stop it yar kuch hi dino ki to bat h..let me be free for some days...

2 days later
As arman said to atul he didn't received ridhima's any call nor reply to her msges in this two days bt ridhima continuously kept calling finally being frusterred he swiched off his cell and sleeps..

At early morning
Arman's sleep got disturb by the sound of his door bell someone was pressing it as if his life depends on arman give up his sleep and walked to door while rubbing his eyes..
As soon he opened the door atut brust on him..

Arman in his life never saw atul this much angry..
A: hey dude calm down..m to bas sone se pehle phn band kar diya tha..par huya kya?
At: BHABI KA ACCIDENT HO GAYA U DUMBOO..tu to pehle se hi unke phn rcv nhi kar rahe the aur jab tune apna phn swiched off kardi to bhabi bahut tensed ho gaye the aur raat ki 12 baje tujhse milne nikal padhi par raste m unke car ak truck k niche agaye..

Arman was shocked he felf the ground moved under his leg.. He can't belive ridhima is in danger that too bcoz of him..
Then coming out from the shock he run towards his car..atul also follow him..
At Hospital
they both reached the OT.. Operation was still going on..they found a middle aged worried man there..the man looks at them and gestured to come near him..they follow his gesture..
Man to Arman: tum arman ho na?
Arman become shocked how did he knw his as far he remember he didn't see him before..
A: ji par apko kaise pata?
M: m ridhima ka papa shashank gupta..ridhima hamesha tumhare bate krte rehte the.. (to atul) aur tum to atul ho na?
At: ji
S: uske bato se saaf pata chalta tha ki tum dono uske kitne kareb ho..

Just then the doctor come out from the OT..
Shashank and atul rushed to arman just keep standing there..
S: doctor meri beti vo thik to h na?
Doc: i'm sorry mr gupta.. We tried our best par hum jaida kuch kar nhi paye..ridhima COMA m chali gaye..

The trio got shocked tears start falling from there eyes..they become numb to do or say anything..
Arman slowly start stepping back then turns back and start walking towards exit..
Arman keep walking randomly at road..his vision go blur due to his tears..he noticed he reached a park then he sat on a bench..the bench which have many happy memories of his.. He goes back to his one of the memory..

ridhima was sitting at the bench wearing a red gown looking beautiful..when someone from behind said in his husky voice.. "HAPPY 23th BIRTHDAY TO YOU MY LOVE"
Ridhima smile reconiging the voice..
R: thank u janu :)
A: my pleasure baby
arman come from behind and sat on the bench..he placed a small cake and a candle there..then lighting the candle he asked her to cut the cake..she happily blow air on the candle then cut the cake..arman sang bd song for her then taking a piece of cake fed her lovingly..she also fed him back with love..

R: ab bolo mere gift kaha h kutkut?
Arman take out a mp3 player from his pocket..
R: seriously this mp3 player??
A: are ye nhi iske andar jo recorded h vo.. He gesture her to put on the ear plug..
She put the ear plug on her ear and then her face slowly turns various shape 1st confusion then surprized the exited..
Few minutes later she put off the ear plug exitedly..
R: OMG Arman tumne ye kaise kiya? Tumne itne sare language kaha se sikhe?
A: Mr. Google helps me in this sweety..ab bolo tumhe gift pasand aya?
R: of course arman it is very special for me..i'll always keep this with me..i love u kutkut..
A: bas ak bar??
R: huh??
A: aree maine tumhe 23 bhasa m 23 times i love u bola aur tum bas ak bar bolke finish..not fair *pout*
R: aww ok i love u, i love u, i love u, i love u, i love u...she kept saying..
Flashback end

he smiles in spite of his tears remembering that golden days...her chirpy voice is still ringing in his ears...
To be continued..

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