Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Part 2 : Sunday (mini ss)

Riddhima's POV

It was a very sunny Sunday morning and I was sitting in front of TV. I know I should go out there and enjoy the sun but I couldn't help but feel all jumpy and excited about the reunion tonight. It was not only that but the prospect of meeting Armaan again made me blush. I was madly in love with him. I had always been in love with him but I never realised it until he had gone. Though, I was very very angry with him for breaking contact with me and the rest of our gang, I couldn't help but still love him.
I don't know if he also had similar feelings for me but he was one of my best friends. I would never want to lose his friendship over anything. But if he even did have any feelings for me, he would have told me. I sighed and decided to go and choose something to wear tonight.
I looked through my wardrobe and spotted a simple purple sari which I've never worn before. It was perfect. It was two in the afternoon and I heard a knock on the door. I unwillingly got up from the couch and opened the door. It was Anjali and Muskaan.
"Oye, budge Ridz!"
"Why are you guys here?"
"Is that a way to welcome your friends. I feel so upset!"
"Shut up, Muskaan! Answer my question!"
"What do you think? You need a makeover for tonight! You are meeting Armaan and if he sees you after our extra special makeover on you, he will..."
"Run away?"

"No, fall in love with you at first sight!"
"Guys, I am not letting you do anything."
"Oh come on, Ridz!"
"I said no"
"Oh well! You're the one missing out! Anyhow, he will probably still fall for you!"
"What? You've already admitted that you love him! So now what's the problem?"
"I mean he probably doesn't love me. Otherwise, he would have kept contact with me. Plus, he may even be married!"
"With kids! Haha! Imagine a mini Armaan with the same glasses and braces!"
"He doesn't look like that anymore!"
"Yeah, now he's some businessman so he probably might not even come with work and all that!"
I froze. I hadn't thought about that. What if he didn't come? I had high hopes of meeting him all this week but now I'm not so sure anymore. Anjali must have seen me upset because she comforted me saying that he might come. Well, he might!
After a long chat and hours of getting ready, we finally arrived at the college. Just the look of it took me on a journey back into the past. And of course, Armaan! The sweet, loving, caring, adorable, cute guy who was now apparently hot and sexy too! I can't wait to meet him. I feel like a teenage kid but that's what happens when you're in love.
The five of us, including Rahul and Atul, were standing there trying to recognize everyone who walked into the hall. It was so funny because it turned into a mini competition between us. After many people coming in, suddenly he made an entrance.
"Oh god! Here comes Mr Businessman who is busy for friends and who our friend is helplessly in love with!"
"Shut up Rahul!"
"Let's say hello!"
"Ridz, stop staring at him!"
But I couldn't help it. He looked much better than he did in pictures and things. I couldn't believe that my Armaan had changed so much. I suddenly saw his gaze turn towards me. I swiftly turned my gaze and so did the rest of the gang. We pretended that we hadn't noticed him yet.

"Guys, is he is still staring?"
"Um, I don't know but he's with a man"
I turned and looked at him taking a chance to stare at him. I suddenly realised something.
"Oh my god! That's Abhi!"
"The one I'm meant to marry"
"Oh go, Ridz! He's coming towards us!"
"Both of them"
I turned and saw Abhi with a dazed Armaan who wasn't paying any attention to Abhi.
"Hey Riddhima!"
"Hi Abhi!"
"This is my friend Armaan and he's promised he'll help us. He's the best one for this kind of thing because he got our friends Sid and Shilpa married. That was hilarious! Basically, they were in love but Shilpa's father decided to get her married to someone else. He didn't know about Sid. So Armaan sketched out this plan in which he diverted the guy, who was meant to marry Shilpa, by saying that she was a psycho. Of course he didn't believe at first but after seeing Shilpa's act, he believed it and ran away without telling anyone. God, the guy's reaction was unbeatable! And then Armaan fooled Shilpa's father into believing that Sid was the groom and got them married."
"So has Armaan got a plan this time too?"
"I told him to come up with one but he says that he is too sleepy to think"
I looked at Armaan. He was still dazed out like before. I think Abhi also noticed that.
"Armaan, are you listening?"
"Yeah, of course. Why wouldn't I?"
"OK, so what was I saying?"
"Uh, that you, um, plan to run away..."
I wanted to laugh at that moment. He was so cute.
"No, I said that you should come up with a plan"
"Yeah, that's what I um meant. You should run away."
Abhi slapped his forehead with apparent disbelief.
"You idiot, we don't want to get together. We want to stop this marriage. Remember, I love Nikki!"
"So run away with Nikki"
"What kind of brother advises a man to run away with his sister? Plus Nikki is not even on speaking terms with me"
"Then talk to her. Buy her flowers, take her on a date or something. Or kidnap her and run away"
"You are not going to leave this running away business, are you?"
Aww! He's adorable.
"You are useless!"
"Glad you realised that! Can you let me go now?"
"Can't you come up with a decent plan? Like you normally do? Like the one you did for..."
"Abhi, today's Sunday and brain cells are usually asleep at this time on a Sunday. If you want a decent plan ask me tomorrow. If not ask her. She's the best one for these kind of things and she's here somewhere."
Is he referring to me? Probably not!
"If you hadn't realised, I don't know the name of your "her". It might help if you told me her name"
"I don't know"
"I meant I don't remember"
OMG! He forgot my name! OK, I don't know if he is talking about me but if he is, I am seriously annoyed. I mean, I breathe this guy's name all day even in my dreams and here he doesn't even know my name!
"That's why you never mentioned her name. But I don't get it. So what did you call her?"
Aaaaaah! It is me! But he still forgot my name! Idiot!
"What kind of name is that?"
"Just my nickname for her. I never called her anything other than that, so that's why I can't remember her name."
"Freak! People have name for something you know! Now I have to go around asking for Basket."
Well said, Abhi. I think its time to make an appearance and shock Armaan!
"No need"


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