Thursday, 15 November 2018

part 24 : College life

Vicky : chal bhai raat ka intjam karte hain .
Sachin : but humara room to ek hi hai .
Vicky : to kya hua bed to do hain na and I don’t mind in sharing.
Sachin: haha that will be fun .
Vicky: yes brother we will have fun all night .
Sachin: but bhai ager inhone ye chod diya to .
Vicky: bro they already have half glass or half glass enough hai.
Then both leave from there and on same time .
Arman and atul come where ridhima and anjali is standing.
Arman: so girls kesi lagi party .
Anjali: bhut achi hai tumne bhut ache se arrange ki .

Ridhima: yes , and Atul tum or arman kafi ache se ghul milgye nyi ?
Atul: ya vese main arman ko phele se nyi janta although uski family me ana jana hai phele se but phichle kuch time se humari achi bonding hogyi.
Arman: atul is gem of person i like hanging out with him.
Ridhima: grt so atul what’s going on in your life .
Atul : nothing much .
Arman: let me get som drinks for us as u both already have.
Arman get drinks for atul and himself.
Atul take glass.
Atul: this drink is really nice .
Arman: yes its mocktail cuddles on the beach.
Ridhima: I don’t know what we are having .
Arman: want to taste mine .
Ridhima: yes .
Arman give his glass to ridhima and take ridhima glass .
Ridhima: wow this is yum sry arman am not giving you back this and vese bhi sharing is caring and wink .
Arman chuckle
Arman: no problem girl i am happy with this and wink back and start sipping from ridhima lipsticks mark on glass.
Ridhima: smile,anji u must try this .
Anjali: degi tabhi try karongi na .
Ridhima: no main apna kyu don tu apna le vese atul hai tujhe dene k liye use le na.
Anjali: no itz ok .
Atul: u can have this anjali.
Anjali: no itz ok .
Atul: actually I want to try urs can i .
Anjali: ohh ya sure .
Atul exchange his drink with Anjali.
Anjali: yes this is really nice .
Atul give smile to anjali. anjali understand atul exchange drink for her .
Then they chit chat for long time .
Arman: vese guys aj raat after party kya plan hai .
Atul: I don’t know.
Anjali: i think u have some good options for us don’t u .
Arman: yes i have we can enjoy night together as di and jiju is busy with their friends , rahul is busy with our cousins nd plus point is atul and me is sharing room and same u girls are sharing room so we can easily sneak out or we can stay in one room . We can play some games or chit chat whatever you guys like.
Anjali: this is grt plan but u guys are sharing room that’s great.
Atul: ya arman insist me and am really thankful for this because I don’t know here any one except u guys .
Arman: itz ok buddy actually i also want to know u more.
Ridhima:ok guys lets have some dance .
Anjali: as u say sister.
Arman: am coming and pull atul to dance floor.
Dj is playing music all is doing dancing .
Vicky and sachin see they are dancing .
Vicky : 1 hour hogya hai to hum bhi dance floor par chalte hain inke as pass rhenge or jaise hi muka milega inhe yhan se le chalenge.
Sachin : ok chal .
All are dancing like crazy.
Dj : now the couple dance but u guys have to switch with the music and jo bhi apke samne hai apko uske sath dance start karna hai abhi.
All start dancing in couples.
Ridhima dance with atul and arman with anjali .
Anjali: Thanq.
Arman: for what.
Anjali: for surprise and making atul comfortable here and i knw raat ka plan bhi mere liye bana hai .
Arman: anything for u and i knw u love him kya pata aj raat confession ki raat ho.
Anjali: I don’t know about him .
And same time music change .
Everyone switch partners.
Rahul: hello bhabhi .
Ridhima: rahul no plz .
Rahul: what no ap bolte ho bhabhi na bolon ammy bolta hai di na bolon to kya bolon .
Ridhima: I don’t know.
Rahul: ok i will call u bj .
Ridhima: bj means .
Rahul: bhabhi ji .
Ridhima: hehehe ok done .
Rahul: am happy for u guys.
Ridhima : vese tumhe kese pata laga .
Rahul : jis din ap ghar aye the or faint hogye the udin apki or arman ki baat sunli thi and fir niki di or arman ki baat suni fir bhut sari aise baat hoti gyi jise pata lag gya.
Ridhima: ohh very smart and sharp child han .
Rahul: ya
And song switch.
Now after so many switch ridhima is dancing with vicky .
Vicky : u r looking beautiful.
Ridhima: uhmm thank you bhaiya .
Vicky : ohh any way hows u feel .
And same time vicky move his hand sensually on ridhima bare back which ridhima not feel good . So ridhima try to move back but he hold her strongly .
Vicky : ridhima listen .
Ridhima: please leave me.
Vicky: abhi to chod donga but aj raat tum khud mere pass aogi .
Ridhima: what .
Vicky: kal khud sab samjh jaogi .
Ridhima: just leave me .
Arman watch only ridhima face which show she is uncomfortable from distance he doesn’t like this , so vo dj ko ishara karta hai song change karne ka .
Song change .
Arman come there .
Arman: ridhima may i have this dance .
Vicky leave ridhima.
Arman: kya hua .
Ridhima: nothing .
Arman: don’t lie tumhari shakal bata rhi hai kuch hua hai bolo varna main abhi uska muh tod rha hon jaker.
Ridhima: arman sach me kuch nyi hua i just feel suffocated can we move from here please.
Arman: ok come with me .
Arman without informing anyone take ridhima from there and due to crowd and dancing no one see them leaving.
Vicky : ye ridhima khan hai ab .
Come to sachin .
Sachin : bhai ye anjali khan hai main kab se dhund rha hon.
Vicky: ridhima bhi khin najar nyi arhi .
Sachin :ab kya karen .
Vicky : aise kese hum jane denge chal dekhte hain khan ja sakti hain yhin khin hongi chal .
Vicky and sachin keep searching ridhima and anjali but they was not able to search them and they even don’t know there room no so they can’t get in ridhima anjali room.
Sachin : yar bhai ye to kam kharab hogya hai .
Vicky: ruk khin na khin mil jayengi chal vapis chalte hain dhundte hain .
Meanwhile in anjali room
Atul : anjali tum thk ho ab tumhe itne chaker kyu arhe the .
Anjali: pata nyi mujhe but thank you yhan lane k liye .
Atul: itz ok kuch leker aon tumhare liye .
Anjali: nyi tum thodi der yhan ruk sakte ho pata nyi khuch ajeeb sa ho rha hai .
Atul: han main yhin hon tum aisa karo lay down nd take some rest.
Anjali: atul tum yhan aker betho na .
Atul stand up from couch but at same time feel heavy pain in his head due to which he get dis balanced and landed on bed.
Anjali: atuuuul tuuum thhk ho .
Atul: han stand up and sit on bed beside anjali.
Anjali: atul mujhe sab do do dikh rha hai .
Atul : mujhe bhi .
Anjali: hawww yhan do atul hain .
Atul chuckle
Anjali: mujhse abhi tak ek atul nyi pata do kese pataongi.
Atul look towards anjali.
Atul: han mujhse bhi anjali impress nyi ho rhi .
Anjali: anjali to main hon or main to already impress hon.
Atul: sach me tum impress ho .
Anjali: han budhu .
Atul pulling anjali in hug .
Atul: i luv u sunshine.
Anjali : i luv u 2 .and pull atul in passionate kiss . he continue sucking her lips making her shiver... Her eyes slowly got closed as she was lost in the moment to feel the warm manly lips over her as it gives a warm sensation in her body...

Forgetting everything atul move his both hands on her bare back while anjali hands move around his neck as it carelessly rest on his nape holding his face close to her... Soon the anjali was also kissing him back as they taste each other sweetness, without caring about the world.

They suck, chew, nibble and bite each other lips making it swollen until they were out of breath... Still they deep the kiss by moving their tongue in each other mouth to taste every possible corner of it with their tongues dance in domination...

Not being able to continue further without letting their lungs filled with oxygen, they break the kiss... Their breath were sharp as it make their chest rise and sink, heads touching against each other
Atul move his nose tips on her jawline, moving his lips towards her ears...

Feeling his hot breath caring her bare skin making her shiver and give a sensation in her body as butterflies in her lower belly, anjali gasp when his lips touch on her earlobe... She felt her pounding heart stop for a second as it forgot to beat feeling the proximity was taking all her sense...
'You shouldn’t initiate kiss like that, that too when you look tempting hot and sexy...'Atul whisper as he softly move his lips on her earlobe...then both get lost in their dream land due to the effect of drinks they don’t know what they are doing but they are sharing their feelings and also fulfilling their desires.
Arman room.
Arman and ridhima also start having effect of drink both stumble on their feet but manage to come in room.
Ridhima start crying.
Arman: jaan kyaaa huaa
Ask cutely like a kid .
Ridhima: sab ladke gande hain .
Arman: main bhi .
Ridhima: nod in no like kid nyi tum to bhut ache ho .
Arman: fir tum roe kyu rhi ho .
Ridhima: vo vicky hai na usne mujhe galat tareeke se touch kiya.
Arman: main abhi uska khoon kardunga.
Ridhima: nyiiii fir tum jail chale jaoge main fir kese rahongi.
Arman: han ye to hai fir kya karon.
Ridhima: hum na use paani me gira dete hain kisi ko pata nyi lagega.
Arman: han chalo.
Ridhima: nyi abhi nyi baad me .
Arman: nyi mujhe gusa arha hai usne tumhe aise kese touch kiya .
Ridhima: tum thk kardo .
Arman: kese .
Ridhima: kiss karke simple.
Ridhima turn around and show her back to arman.
Arman kiss on her bare back .
Arman: ab thk hai .
Ridhima: han arman i luv u .
Arman: i luv u infinity.
Ridhima: arman mujhe na tum par bhuttttt pyar arha hai .
Arman: mujhe bhi . Tum gussa to nyi karogi na .
Ridhima: nyi kabhi bhi nyi .
Arman pull ridhima into deeper kiss and ridhima feel eagerness in his kiss ridhima slide her hands across his chest he trails kisses down her neck letting one of his hands slip down to your waist he lets out a soft groan as ridhima lips find his again .
Not getting enough of each other both kiss each other .
Ridhima hands move on arman coat she push down his coat from his arms now her hands working on his shirt buttons in no time arman is free from his shirt .
Arman help ridhima to move out from her gown.

Armaan started to care her cheek and jawlines with his lips as he slowly move it taking all the time he needs to believe that she was truly his... Riddhima just stay like that, letting him pleasure her with his touch and kisses knowing his arm is the place where she belongs to be...

Armaan slowly started to leave kisses on her face, her eyes, cheeks, jawline and chin... Also near the lip, without giving to his desire as he try not to loose his sense but today he is not able to control himself he is loosing himself in the moment... While Riddhima was slowly loosing the remaining sense left in her feeling Armaan love which he was showering on her...

Armaan again look at her face as Riddhima slowly open her eyes looking at him to see his strong gaze... Seeing the passions it his eyes which has got darken, Riddhima felt a shiver as very well knowing what it means... Armaan who capture her orbs for a second, move it on her lips as his desire rise to seal it and taste every sweetness of it..

Without wasting another second, Armaan move his face closing the distance between their lips making Riddhima moan as Armaan hurriedly slip his tongue in her mouth... Riddhima free hand go around his neck pulling him close while Armaan let his body jammed on her as they dig in the bed, with their legs being tangled

Armaan sucks Riddhima tongue as he bite it softly making her moan, when he got enough of her tongue he slowly started to taste her lips as Riddhima also respond equally kissing him back... Armaan took a turn and make her laid on him but still neither of them break the kiss...

Armaan pull Riddhima close to him as he hide his face on her neck, leaving kisses on her nape, neckline and shoulder-line... Riddhima just closed her eyes, enjoying the kisses as Armaan hurriedly sucks her skin trying to shower all the love he has in his heart for her...

Armaan didn't care as he continue kissing her neckline and move to her throat as he gave her open mouth kisses... Riddhima hands were around his neck while Armaan one hand was under her head while other hand move sensually on her bare body, trying to feel every part of it...

Riddhima rise her upper body to give him more access on her chest as Armaan face move on her throat and down to collar bone... Being lost, Armaan move down to her chest as he leave kisses and rubbed his lips on Riddhima perfect chest

As the sensation make hard for him to control his desire, Armaan put her skin in between his teeth's as he left a mark on her skin... Riddhima moan feeling sudden pain but Armaan make her relief by moving his tongue on the spot, Riddhima one hand move on Armaan hair as she took it in her fist feeling the pleasure Armaan was giving her...

Armaan rubbed his lips in between her valley as he try to control his desire but feeling her so closed, he has no control over him anymore...

Armaan sucks, nibble, chew and bite her skin one by one as he left many kisses and bites all over her chest shoulder and neck marking her as his... All this time, Riddhima try to hold her moans and groans without letting it out from her mouth as she bite her lower lips with her eyes closed feeling the pleasure...

Armaan move his face up to her throat and jawline before moving out looking at her face... Seeing how she was biting her lower lips to control her moans, Armaan move his hand on her chin making Riddhima open her eyes...

Armaan move his thumb on her lower lips, making Riddhima leave her lips as he move closed sealing it with his... Sucking softly her lower lips, Armaan slide his hand down on her leg which was around his torso as he sensually pressed it making Riddhima moan again...

Sound didn't come out as Armaan kiss her on full mouth, moving his tongue inside it tasting her sweetness... Taking control over, Riddhima push him on the bed as she move over him without breaking the kiss...

When they were out of breath, Riddhima break the kiss and move her lips on his perfect jawline and chin kissing it hard... Armaan let his face move back giving her more access as she move her face down on his throat and chest...

Riddhima hands sensually move on his perfect abs as she kiss his well built chest, leaving marks... Feeling Riddhima showering him with kisses, Armaan closed his eyes as he enjoy the moment as he always love bold side of her than the shy side...

So letting Riddhima pleasure him, Armaan just stay without stopping her as she sensually kissed every part of his body before moving further down to his abs
Armaan groan as he felt the warm of ridhima

Riddhima who was kissing his abs, look up to see Armaan looking down at her as his eyes turn dark with passions... Just to tease him some more, Riddhima move herself up letting her body parts touch over his as she slowly rubbed it over his body...
Feeling Armaan fingers doing wonder in every single part of her body, Riddhima move her hands on his shoulder and
Ridhima: i want shower .
Arman: no but i want u .
Ridhima: i want shower with u .
Ridhima pull arman in shower with her as arman move with her closing the door behind them...

the water running down their body has he open the shower letting it fall on them... Arman was just looking at the ridhima with love in his eyes as his desire were on fire
Armaan...ridhima whisper as the he pull her to him as their naked body touched...
as he move his face closed to her trying to control himself as it was getting hard for him not to just eat up her like that with pleasure...

Before the ridhima could respond, Armaan seal her lips with his kissing her hurriedly... Her lips curve in to a smile feeling Armaan lips hurriedly moving on her, she let him kiss her as he roughly sucks and chew her lips... Armaan push his tongue inside her mouth as he just wanted to feel every corner of her mouth...

When Armaan deep the kiss, ridhima also started to kiss him back making the fire heat up the place with their passion... Armaan move his hands on her bare back as her hands also move on his back, not getting enough of her skin he move his hands further down holding her waist making her moan in to the kiss...

So the moment Armaan hold her waist she let him hold her pulling her off from the feet as she push herself in to him

Both groan feeling their body contact over each other knowing they wouldn't be able to control long Armaan move out from the shower as he turn off it but still didn't leave her lips as he continue kissing her without letting her break either...

When they came out from the washroom, Armaan move to the bed letting them fall on the bed him above her... Finally having enough of her lips, Armaan move his face on her throat, drinking the water drops as he let his lips move further down on her collar bone and soft spot sucking her skin in between his teeth leaving a mark there making her moan in pleasure...

The heat between them were getting out of control as their hands move on each other naked body, trying to feel every bit of their body parts... Leaving her skin, Armaan move his face further down to her chest .

Her legs move around Armaan torso as she was having difficult when she was in need to feel him deep inside but Armaan was taking charge of pleasuring her with his kisses, she was biting her lower lips to control her moans and groans she was holding his hair in her one fist while her finger nails were leaving marks on his bare back making him go more crazy for her...
Both lost in their love land .
Next morning
Anjali room
Atul and anjali is sleeping in each other arms peacefully.
Atul sleep get disturb he open his eyes and look in front he found anjali in his arms .
Firstly he gets shock then he started to get flashbacks he remembered only the confession part and the kiss part uske bad kya hua use kuch yaad nyi arha hota hai but then he feel anjali is waking up so he get nervous and close his eyes and pretend he is sleeping.
Anjali open her eyes and found atul in front of her she give smile .
Anjali: i luv u so much atul.
Atul: i luv u 2 .
Then anjali realise this is happening for real.
Anjali get panick an get up and sit and then get biggest shock of life she is in atul shirt.
And atul is sleeping next to her .
Anjali: tum yhan kese .
Atul: tumhe kuch yaad nyi hai .
Anjali: no
Atul: am sry whatever happened i must leave.
Anjali: just a minute
Anjali close her eyes and try remember something and get flashbacks how atul help anjali how she confess how she kiss
Nd then she open her eyes
By her face expression and blush Atul get to know anjali also know what happened last night.
Anjali: am sry I don’t know how .
Atul : shhh and put his finger on her lips
Listen whatever happened I don’t remember clearly but by seeing room condition and our clothes on floor i think a lot happened between us but I don’t regret that because I love you.
Anjali who is going to break down any moment look towards atul in shock and happiness.
Anjali: you what .
Atul: smile I really love u just a second close your eyes.
Anjali close her eyes .
Atul come out of bed pick up is pants put them back on him then pick up his blazer and pull out a box from that .
Atul come in front of anjali.
Atul: miss anjali gupta i love u and i want to spend my whole life with you will u give me honour to be your husband will u marry me .
Anjali: yes yes i luv u 2
Anjali is having tears in eyes and beautiful smile on lips .
Anjali pull atul in hug and then atul kiss her softly and put ring in anjali finger.
Atul: i want to make this perfect but i think ise perfect time or koi nyi ho sakta and mom dad tumhare mom dad se baat kar chuke honge.
Anjali: what r u serious .
Atul: yes.
Anjali: but atul ek baat samjh nyi ayi humne hard drink to ki nyi ye sab kese hua .
Atul: I don’t know anything mujhe kuch yaad bhi nyi hai or arman or ridhima khan hai.
Anjali: pata nyi mera phn khan hai.
Atul : take mine .
Anjali Dial ridhima no but no one pick .
Anjali: did u have arman no
Atul: of course tabhi yhan aya honga na .
Anjali: ohh han then dial arman no
After long ring arman pick up the phn .
Arman : hmmm
Anjali: arman khan ho .
Arman: anjali main room me
Anjali: ridhima sath hai kya .
Arman: hmmmm
Anjali: arman we are coming in ur room in 10 min .
Arman: ok and disconnects the call .
Arman room
Arman is sleeping peacefully then his phone rings he talks to the person but in sleep he don’t know what person is saying what not but his sleep is get breaks when he feel naked body against his body .
He jerk open his eyes
He found ridhima and himself naked under the duvet .
Arman get panicked plus shocked and look around found his clothes on floor with ridhima clothes he gets big shock of his life then he remembers phn conversation so he check his phone again to confirm did he really talk or just his illusions
Arman: ohh shit vo log ate honge
Arman come out of bed and put over clothes .
And pick up clothes from floor and put them in closet.
Then get fresh pair of shorts and T shirt for ridhima.
Arman: ridhima wake up .
Ridhima: get startled because arman never wake her up like this
Ridhima sit due to which duvet going to slide down from her upper body but arman on time put duvet on place and cover her properly and that time ridhima realises that she is naked in front of arman.
Then she look towards arman but arman is not looking in her eyes so she get to knw this is truth she is naked and arman knows that.
Before ridhima ask nd said anything door bell rings
Arman : anjali hogi you go wear these clothes in washroom main dekhta hon.
Ridhima cover herself with duvet then go in washroom.
Arman open the door .
Arman: hey good morning.
Anjali: good morning
Atul: good morning.
Arman: what happened guys all well .
Anjali: ya where is ridhima.
Arman: washroom me hai .
Anjali: ridhima
Ridhima goes in washroom and try to remember everything kya hua kya nyi mager kuch yad nyi ata bas itna yad ata hai ki vicky ne misbehave kiya tha fir vo arman k sath room me ayi uske baad kuch yaad nyi ata use .
Ridhima: god kya hua hai kal kuch yaad kyu nyi arha
Then ridhima look in mirror and found some purple marks on her body
Ridhima: ohh shit now what shayad arman ko yaad ho ohh god ab main uske samne kese jaongi kya karon bas vo ye sab regret na kar rha ho.
At same time ridhima ko anjali ki awaj ati hai ridhima wear clothes and open her hairs to cover her marks .
Ridhima: coming anjali.
After 5 min ridhima comeback from washroom.
Ridhima:good morning.
Atul : gm but ridhima tum yhan kese .
Anjali: ye dono relationship me hain .
Atul: mujhe lag hi rha tha .
Anjali: guys mujhe kuch baat karni thi .
Arman: han sab thk hai na .
Anjali: yes actually atul propose me for marriage.and i said yes
Showing her ring to them
Ridhima: what really am so happy for u and give hug to anjali.
Then congratulate atul then arman congratulates both .
Arman: am really happy for u both .
Atul: thanks buddy vese arman mujhe kuch puchna tha .
Arman: han bolo .
Atul : raat ko humne jo drinks li thi usme alcohol tha kya .
Arman: nyi kyu .
Atul: actually raat k bare me kuch yaad nyi arha hum dono ko .
Arman : actually mujhe bhi raat ka kuch yaad nyi hai.
Ridhima: mujhe bhi bas itna yaad hai hum dance kar rhe the fir hum room me aye uske baad ka kuch nyi pata.
Arman: yar am 💯 % sure alcohol nyi tha ager alcohol hota to hum half glass me kuch nyi bhulte and plus uska asar ek dum hota hai kuch or hi hai ye .
Atul: han ye baat to hai .
Anjali: fir ye kese ho sakta hai .
Ridhima: hum baad me sochte hain hume ready hona Chaiye bhai or bhabhi ate honge .
Anjali: ya come hum ready hoker milte hain.
Anjali and Ridhima go in their room.
Anjali:ridhima kya hua .
Ridhima: yar ye hi to pata nyi kya hua hai kal .
Anjali sit on bed beside ridhima.
Anjali: han yar samjh nyi arha kal kya hogya can u believe we confess , we share first kiss and don’t know what else we have done and that all in nashe ki halat me .
Ridhima: what tum logo ne bhi .
Anjali: matlab tum logon k beech bhi kuch hua kal .
Ridhima: apni halat dekh kar to lagta kuch nyi bhut kuch hogya hai .
Anjali: what .
Ridhima show her marks on shoulder and neck .
Anjali: ohh my god ek min .
she stand up in front of mirror and remove her hairs nd scan her body.
Anjali: ohh my god shit shit ridzi look here
Ridhima: matlab tumhare bich bhi bhut kuch hogya .
Anjali: yar ye sab kese hogya .
Ridhima: arman kabhi aisa nyi kar skta hosh me main to fir kar sakti hon but ager ye sab meri vje se hua to main kya karon yar anjali.
Anjali: ab to mujhe bhi apne uper shak ho rha hai main ye sab kese .
Ridhima: yar ab arman mujhse dur rhega is sabke baad or ye sab regret kar rha hoga.
Anjali: tujhe to fir lag bhag 2 month hone vale hain par mera soch first day .
Ridhima: han yar
Anjali: chod yar jaker ready ho or fir arman se baat kar jaker .
Ridhima nod in yes go in washroom to get ready .
After 20 min .
Arman room
Ridhima knock the door
Arman open the door .
Arman: kya hua .
Ridhima: tumse baat karni thi .
Arman: hmm bolo .
Ridhima: tumhe kal k bare me kuch yad hai .
Arman: nyi not meeting his eyes with ridhima.
Ridhima: u love me .
Arman: yes look towards ridhima .
Ridhima: then why r u regretting all this.
Now ridhima having tears in her eyes.
Arman cup her face and wipe her tears .
Then hug her tightly.
Arman: am not regretting anything but am angry on myself that how can i lose control.
Ridhima: arman i knw we both lost in the moment u r not at fault .
Arman: but jaan .
Ridhima: plzz just forget that please aise cold behave mat karo .
Arman: am sry ager tumhe preshan kiya .
Ridhima: i luv u .
Arman: i luv u 2 .
And both come out of hug .
Arman: i want to show u something.
Ridhima: kya.
Arman open his shirt and then show marks on his chest on his shoulder and then turn around and show on his back with the nail marks .
Ridhima: blush hard am sry .
Arman: vese mujhe nyi pata tha tum itni wild ho .
Ridhima: shut up apna karnama dekha hai .
Then remove her top from shoulder nd show her neck and shoulder.
Arman: ohhh mujhe laga bas tum hi wild ho is it hurting .
Ridhima: nyi but arman kal ye sab kese hua or kuch yad kyu nyi hai.
Arman: main bhi ye hi soch rha tha .
Ridhima: atul khan hai .
Arman: vo deck par gya hai anjali ka phn dhondne .
Ridhima: ok arman mujhe kuch batana tha tumhe .
Arman: kya bolo jaan .
Ridhima: arman i think some one spiked our drink.
Arman: what aisa kyu lag rha hai tumhe.
Ridhima: u remember i told u about sid .
Arman stiffen on the mention of sid name .
Arman: hmmm
Ridhima: that time bhi aisa hi hua tha may be kisi ne kuch milaya ho drink me .
Arman: this can be possible but kisne .
Ridhima: vicky ne .
Arman: what tumhe aisa kyu lag rha hai.
Ridhima narrated everything what happened and what vicky said to her .
Arman blood boil.
Ridhima arman ruko khan ja rhe ho pls tumhe meri kasam .
Arman: main chodonga nyi use .
Ridhima: no arman mujhe shak hai may be aisa na ho .
Arman: but ager ye sach hai vo dubara koshish karega .
Ridhima: tum ho na mere sath .
Arman: main hon but usne tumhe touch kese kiya uska hath tod donga main .
Ridhima: abhi kuch nyi please meri kasam hai tumhe .
Arman: ok but sirf is bar ager dubara kuch aisa kiya usne to main chup nyi rahonga .
Ridhima : han baba , acha chalo villa chalte hain baki sabko bhi boldo aj mhendi hai to time se phuncna hai .
Arman nod in yes and then call rahul .
Rahul inform that everyone already gathered on deck so arman , ridhima and anjali join them on deck and then all leave for villa .

Hey guys here is the next update this one is really big and full of ar romance hope u guys like this i try something new please do share u r valuable reviews do like and comments
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