Friday, 2 November 2018

Part 3 : The First Kiss 😘


The Malik's were having breakfast before leaving for work.
Billy was pouring his tea, "Toh Armaan beta...what do you think? would you be happy with Anjali?"

Armaan just shrugged his shoulders, "It is too early to say dad..."

"Kyon? Usme koi aisi baat hai jo pasand nahin aayi...I think she is beautiful, charming, very well educated....and ambitious girl.... hamare parivaar ke liye bilkul theek hai..." Billy was chewing on his toast. The Malik's were certainly a high achieving family. Their older "bahu" Muskan was also a PhD and a lecturer at a prestigious college. Ananya herself was a retired professor in English literature. In fact, Anjali's qualifications were a big attraction for Billy and Ananya as they both valued education over anything else.

Armaan kept quiet and then said, " aap theek samjhey....aap toh jaante hain college aur school mein maine kayi ladkiyon ko date kiya tha...parr obviously nothing worked....arranged marriage is probably the way to go..." Billy and Ananya had always had a very open relationship with their sons and respected their choices in life, whether it was their love life or career....

Rahul looked at Muskan and smiled, " me.... mom dad knows the best.... kyon Muskan?" he winked at her as Muskan blushed and got up to get her purse as she was getting late for work. "Rahul.... tum bhi.... let's go now.... I will get late for my class...." Rahul, an obedient husband that he was got up without finishing his breakfast, "OK...everyone...see you in the evening" he kissed Ananya and picked up his briefcase.
"OH...before you leave Rahul.... Mr. Gupta ka phone aaya tha.... he wants all of us to spend the weekend with their family at their Khandala home.... are you and Muskan free?" Billy asked.

"Sure dad.... we would love to come...." Rahul spoke as he left

"I think that would be a good way for both families to get to know each other...." Billy looked at Armaan

"Whatever dad.... I am free"


The Gupta's had reached their home in Khandala early on Saturday morning and were anxiously waiting for the Malik's to arrive. Armaan was enjoying the natural beauty and greenery from the backseat of the family car on their way to the Gupta's. He took out his binoculars to survey the surroundings. As they were approaching the Gupta residence, Armaan focused on their house to get a good look. He spotted Riddhima and Anjali on the first-floor terrace. His binoculars froze at the sight of Riddhima.....Riddhima was smiling and watering the plants....she looked so young and innocent in her white salwar kameez....Armaan then looked around to see Anjali busy on a phone call...she was engaged in a serious phone call and had a big frown on her face.....Armaan moved his binoculars back to Riddhima's serene face and followed her around the terrace.... "iss ladki mein aisi kya baat hai.... main nazrein kyon nahin hataa paata?" Armaan asked himself.

They finally arrived and were greeted by Padma and Shashank at the door. Anjali also came outside and greeted all of them. She looked happy to see Armaan.... "Aao Armaan.... main tumhein tumhara room dikha doon...."

"Wo beti.... abhi Hariram ney uss kamrey ki poori safaayi nahin ki hai.... abhi Riddhima key room mein samaan rakh do.... tumhara kamra bhi abhi saaf nahin hai...." Padma said.

Anjali guided Armaan with his bag but her cell phone went off again... "Oh Armaan I need to take this call...mere office mein ek important project chal raha hai.... I will be there with you.... Riddhima is in the kitchen.... she will show you..." Anjali went to another room to take the call.

Riddhima came out of the kitchen and saw Armaan standing with his bag. She smiled at him, "Main aapko oopar ley chalti hoon..." She was not as nervous to see him today as she had prepared herself to treat Armaan as her "jijajee" only.

Armaan followed her up the stairs as Riddhima opened the door to her room... "Aap abhi samaan yahin rakh deejiye.... aapka room tohdi der mein ready ho jaayega..."

"Can I freshen up here also?" he asked as he kept his bag down

"Sure...main neechey jaathi hoon" she turned around to leave. There was a breeze blowing through the open window.... her dupatta flew gently with the breeze and caressed his cheek as she was leaving. Armaan could smell her fragrance in the dupatta; he tried to touch it, but she was gone before he realized it. He smiled and turned around to use the washroom. He looked around at her room. There were a lot of old pictures on the wall.... some from school also.... there was one with Riddhima and a trophy that she had won for a singing contest.... he thought she looked so cute in her pigtails in some of her childhood pictures. He glanced down at the bookshelf and saw "St Joseph's year book"

He could not resist himself and picked the year book. The year book was from the year Riddhima must have graduated from high school.... he saw her pictures and then saw a group photo from the annual day play, he had participated in also. He looked closely and saw that someone had drawn a heart around his face and an identical one around Riddhima's face. He tried to remember if anything had happened between them but could not recall. He smiled as he closed the book; as he was going to put it back in the shelf, a folded note fell out from the book. He picked it up to replace it inside the book but got tempted and unfolded it.

He was surprised to read the few lines in the note, "mere school ki sabsey khubsoorat yaad wo hai jo aaj tak maine kissi sey share nahin ki....wo pehla kiss jo aaj tak mere hontoh parr mehsoos hotha hai....kaash wo mujhey phir mil jaaye....ussey graduate huye kitney saal ho jaane wo kahan hoga.....ussey toh yaad bhi nahin hoga....parr main kabhi nahin bhool payi.....uss kiss ko aur...Armaan ko....."

Armaan suddenly recalled how he used to love scaring innocent girls by his bold hugging them when no one was looking or planting a kiss on their cheeks to surprise them....and yes he remembered how he had kissed one girl on her lips once....that was the boldest thing he ever did but did not try that again in school as he thought he might get into trouble one day.....what made him do that to Riddhima....he still did not remember.....but he had the sudden urge to be with her at that moment...

After freshening up, he went down and saw Riddhima in the kitchen. She was mixing something in a bowl; both her hands with smeared with butter and flour. The kitchen phone rang, "Uffo.... yeh phone bhi naa.... Hariram zara phone uthaana...." She looked around for someone to receive the call but there was no one else around. Armaan went in and picked up the phone and held it close to her ear.

She nodded in thanks and started talking to someone. As she hung up, she realized Armaan was inches away from her, his fingers still holding the phone but touching the skin of her face, she could feel his warm breath on her face.... she turned red and pulled herself away, "Thanks...wo mere haath cake batter mein the..." she lowered her eyes and started mixing the batter again.

Armaan just stood there and looked at her, "cake batter? hmm that is my favorite part .... I have not had that in a while...." He grabbed her hand by her wrist and pulled it close to him; he then licked her fingers off the batter, "indeed it is my favorite part...." He winked at her and turned around to leave, wiping his lips....

Riddhima was stunned and stood there frozen, unable to comprehend what Armaan just did to her....

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