Friday, 23 November 2018

Part 3 : How Much - U Love Her (mini)

 "Good morning Interns' we have a new intern ' Dr. Riddima' she is new here ' and I want u too be nice to her' is it clear..?" Anjali said

"Yes ma'am" the four interns said

"Ok ' so ' u will be working under senior Dr.s here' as u all were doing'" pause "and Dr. Riddima' this is Dr. Summit' Dr. Sapna' and Dr. Nikita' and Dr. Abhimanuyi"

Riddima passed smile from which only Sapna passed a sweet smile while the guys looked at her disgustingly and Nikita the other girl' didn't even bother to smile' and rolled her eyes'

"So ' coming back to work' Dr. Nikita and Dr. Abhimanuyi working under me' Dr. Sapna and Dr. Riddima working with Dr. Muskan'" pause

Riddima looked up with a shock' she heard that name

 Is she the one?? No no' No she can't be a doctor' u have lost it' Muskan' a doctor' no'. she must be around 32 ' and she must be at home' holding 3 4 babies around her ' but I remember she was studying in the medical college'

Riddima thought with a smile'

"And Dr. Summit' u will be working with... Dr'."

 "DR. Anjalii' Emergency' A boy got hit by a car'" nurse shouted' while said summit to see the chart and told them to go and work


"Hi I m Sapna'"

"HI'. Riddima" Riddima said shaking hand'

"God' what type of weirdo people joining Sanjeevani these days'" Nikita said walking with boys'

Riddima look back at them ' who looked at her disgustingly'

"Leave them' we have to report' chaloo" Sapna pulled her trough arm and took her away



"OMG 'Riddima what are u doing here?" Muskan jumped at her'

Riddima '. Smiled vigorously' and hugged her back'.

"I happy too see... u" Muskan said while breaking the hug'.

"Me too'!" pause "So I m working under u'" Riddima smiled'

"Oh' so u r the new intern?"

"Yea'" Riddima said

"Good ' u look big'"

"As in ..? In size?" Riddima asked in shock'

"NO NO' in age'"  Muskan said while laughing in her own way'

While Sapna stared at the duo

"So u married?" Muskan curiously asked

"Hmmm' yea' I have a baby too" Riddima didn't know what else to say'

"WOW' u r fast' who is the lucky one'" Muskan said while chuckling

"Can we talk about that later' we have duty to do" Riddima abruptly told

"Yes ye.s'." Muskan felt uneasy


"Tiring day?" Anjali asked

"Yes's" Riddima pulled a chair' and switched her phone to see 5 miss calls'

She at once called home with worried ness all over her

"Bii'?? Rehan Called..! kya huaa?" Riddima asked' "ohh' where is he now" She took a sigh' "no no let him sleep"

And saw Muskan joining them "Ok ' I will get off at 6'." Riddima took a gulp ' when Muskan cocked her eye brows' "Ok bye' take care of him Bi'"

"take care of whom?" Muskan asked with a mischievous smile

"Her baby Muskan!!" Anjali said while smacking her arm

"Owwww' wow' Riddima ' tell me about ur hubby'?"  Muskan leaned closer to her ' from opposite side of table

Anjali stared at them with shock'

"What?" Anjali said

"Ahhh ' Anjali' let me tell her'" she glared at her' "Muskan forget about him' tell me about u and Rahul'"


Riddima looked at Muskan then at Anjali'. Who was avoiding her gaze'

Soon she saw her fellow interns coming up to her table..

"hello ma'am'" all wished the seniors.. "Riddima' why r u disturbing seniors'? Come we will tell u about hospital" Nikita rudely said while taking hold of her upper arm' totally not liking the idea of her being friend of seniors'

"Ahhh" Riddima pushed her hand off

"Leave it Dr. Nikita' she is Our Friend!" Anjali declared'

Which came to be a shock for all of them' while Riddima looked down in her plate'?

"What!" pause "this benjhi'? GOD!!" nikita turned and went to other table' with fellow interns

"Sapna'? You can join!" Riddima said

"Nahi Riddima'. Its ok... we will talk later" Sapna... Patted her hand and smiled at her' and she smiled back'


"Yea??" Riddima's voice brought her back'

"Tell me about u and Rahul'?" Riddima asked with a smile'

"RIdzz... uhmm' we r getting a divorce after 6 months..." Muskan said ' rubbing a tear that just float down'

"What!!" Riddima stood up'  "I mean  ...Why..?? U loved him? Then??"

"Riddima' shhh sit down plz'." Anjali pulled her down'

"But' mujha batoo hua kya'?"

Soon pager rang' and they left for their work'

During duty ' neither Riddima talked nor Muskan'


"Riddima' should I drop u home'?" Anjali walked in the locker room'

"hmm ' no I will go by myself" Riddima smiled

"No u come with me'" Anjali tucked her out with herself

"Hey Riddima'!" Muskan said' sitting in the front passenger seat'

"hey'" Whispered getting in the back seat'


"Come in '." Riddima invited'

"hm yea'" Muskan jumped out' while Anjali came in after parking '


"Hi baby'" Riddima picked him up

"How was your day??"

"Great Rehan'! Did u complete your homework'" looking back at the dining table filled with his books'

"No' doing it'" putting the end of pencil in his mouth'

While Riddima tucked it out... And pushed him to finish it' then they will sit and talk'

The three walked to the couch 'that were kept on the side of Dinning table'

Rehan looked at them and passed smile to the other two girls' while they smiled back

"So?" Anjali said


"Guys' Open up ' now!" Anjali added

"Riddima first!" Muskan put her legs up on the couch looking at the house'

"Anjali' this Muskan'."

"Huh?? I know that Riddima" Anjali interrupted her with shock

"I mean'. She is the Muskan ' who lived here' it's her house'" Anjali gasped' putting up the things together'

She looked up at Riddima' trying to find is she THE one?? While Riddima slightly nodded making it unnoticed to Muskan' who was looking at floor'

"Oh..." Anjali exclaimed' her eyes got watered' thinking how hard it was going to be for Riddima'


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