Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Part 3 : Sunday (mini ss)

Armaan's POV

"No need" A voice replied from behind. I turned around and was shocked! I saw my Basket standing right behind me with a smirk on her face. I looked around and saw the whole gang smiling at me. What the hell? Suddenly realisation dawned upon me... she was the girl Abhi's mom fixed for him and they all heard everything that I had said to Abhi!
"What do you mean Riddhima?"
Oh yeah, that's her name.
"Riddhima= Basket and Basket=Riddhima"
Abhi suddenly getting it, started laughing hysterically.
I looked around in embarrassment and saw my old gang who were smiling at me a second ago, now glaring at me. I think they had just remembered.
When it was the last day of college, everyone was promising each other that they will contact. The same with our gang and I too had promised. However, after I had moved to the UK for further studies a month later, I realised that I wasn't able to forget her so I decided to break contact with her. If I broke contact with her, it meant I had to break contact with them all. It took so much effort to avoid their calls but I managed to do it thus resulting in contact in the last 3 years. So they were all probably glaring at me for not keeping in touch. But they didn't know how much I had missed them all. Especially Basket.

They were still glaring at me and it was obvious that they were trying not to break into fits of laughter along with Abhi. Finally, giving up, they all looked at each other and then smiled at me. If you're thinking it was a forgiving or welcoming smile, then you're wrong! It was a cunning one that the whole gang shared excluding me.
I wasn't sure what they were planning this time but I knew that I was in trouble. They approached me with slow steps whilst I brought up my arms to my face in defence. Before I knew it they had started attacking me with handbags and jumpers. After a ten minute session of "Beating Up Armaan" and the "Hugs and Reunion" session began.
"Armaan, we missed you man!"
"I missed you too guys!"
"Yeah so why weren't you picking up our calls"
"Um, just got busy"
"For 3 years!"
This time it was Riddhima. I turned and looked at her. I don't know why but she looked slightly upset. I couldn't stand it. I went up to her and cupped her face in my palms.
"I'm so sorry, Basket!"
"Its OK, Ammu!"
"Urgh, can you not call me that!"
And she pointed her tongue at me. I smiled. It felt so good to have her beside me after all these years. We all sat down at a table with our drinks and started catching up on each other's lives. As I had guessed before, Rahul-Muskaan and Atul-Anjali had got married a year ago and Riddhima wasn't yet married.
"Haha, only Armaan and Riddhima aren't married in your gang. Hey, wait, I've got a plan!" said Abhi.
"What? To stop your wedding?" I asked confused.
"Yeah, kind of! Armaan, you know I was always try to get you and Swetha together?"
"Urgh, not her again! I am not marrying her"
"Well, don't! There is someone much better than her!"
"Who?" That wasn't me but it was Basket. She sounded very curious which made me curious too!
"WHAT?!" I shrieked whilst everyone looked at me. Abhi winked at me and I knew what that wink meant. He knew about my unrequited love for Basket. I then glanced at the two couples. Anjali and Muskaan looked worried at my sudden outburst whilst Rahul and Atul looked at me with a smirk on their faces. They also knew about my love and can probably tell I still had feelings for her. I then looked at Riddhima who had an unreadable expression on her face.
"Cool down, Ammy! Everyone else in your gang are couples whilst you and Riddhima are still single and you both will make a great pair!"
I blushed at his last comment. I saw everyone else including Anjali and Muskaan and excluding Riddhima looking at me with a smirk on their faces. They looked at me as if telling me to confess my undying love. I just sat there speechless whilst Riddhima seemed to stare into space. Seeing me sit in silence, Abhi decide to speak. I soon realised that it was better for me to speak instead of letting Abhi speak.
"Let me carry on my plan. Ok, so you two can get married which means that me and Riddhima cannot get married! So the wedding will be cancelled and I can get married to Nikki. Done"
"Abhi, I thought, you wanted to stop the wedding. Not have an extra wedding! My running away idea is way better!"
"Armaan, if you can't give a decent plan, at least listen to what Abhi's saying! This way no one gets hurt" said Atul.
"Yeah, Armaan go on!" said Muskaan
I knew why they were all doing this. But I didn't want to do it that way. I glanced at Riddhima who had apparently agreed to the plan. What had happened to the bubbly old Basket? I was about to disagree when Abhi started talking again.
"Armaan, please do this for me. You know I love Nikki. It's just that both my mum and Riddhima's mum were childhood best friends so they wanted to get us married. If both of us were already in love, they would agree to it without getting too upset or anything"
I couldn't say no to that so I reluctantly agreed. Everyone was talking happily whilst I decided to go and talk to Riddhima. She was sitting in a corner all by herself. I had to fire questions at her. I can't stand the fact that she was sitting here in silence. Something was definitely wrong!
"Hey, Riddhima, what's up?"
"Uh, nothing Armaan! You go and have fun!"
"Basket, are you hiding things from me now?"
"Of course not Armaan"
"Look, Basket, I know this plan is really weird but I have to tell you that um, I... Basically I love you. I don't know when or how but it happened back in our college days. I always thought it was attraction and that I will get over it but it never happened. Even now, I love you as much as I have ever done before or even more than that. I know you don't like me, but..."
I looked up at her with my heart still paining after saying the last line. Her eyes had moistened and now she was glaring at me. She got up from her chair and stomped away from me. She probably hated me now but I had to tell her one day. It's just that I couldn't keep it in myself any longer. After a while, I decided to follow her. I couldn't help but let my eyes fill with tears. I had finally got some courage to confess but she just runs off. I've never felt so rejected in my life even when I was the nerdy boy.


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