Saturday, 3 November 2018

part 4 : The First Kiss 😘

Armaan joined the rest of the group in the living room. He could still taste the chocolate cake batter flavoured with Riddhima 's fragrance.

" Aao aao beta" Shashank welcomed him to join them.

They all discussed plans for their stay in Khandala.

Anjali also joined them, "Armaan…let's go hiking…we can carry a picnic lunch with us….Riddhima  and Hariram will make sure we have plenty to eat…."

Muskaan, who had gotten fond of Riddhima  since she first met her, came to her defence, " Why don't we all go…Riddhima , Rahul…and you guys….it would be fun…I will go and help Riddhima  pack for the picnic…." She got up and joined Riddhima  in the kitchen.


"Hello Riddhima …kya banaa rahi ho?" Muskaan saw Riddhima  standing still with her hands in the bowl. Riddhima  got startled as she was still in a trance after what Armaan had just done.

"Oh….aap? Bas thodi cake banaa rahi thi…" Riddhima  fumbled as if she had just been caught red handed.

"Chalo…let me help you pack…hum sab hiking aur phir picnic karney chaltey hain…the elders will stay back and relax…' Muskaan started working like an efficient worker.

" Didi…aap rehney di jiye….main aur Hariram karr lengey…"

"No way Riddhima ….we will all do it together…warna der ho jaayegi…"

Riddhima  smiled and finally relaxed. Riddhima  and Muskaan had struck a good rapport in just two meetings….something Anjali and Riddhima  had never managed to do in so many years…..

They carried tea to all the guests in the living room. Muskaan announced, "chai peetey hi, we will all leave …..we are ready with the food…"

"sounds good!" said Rahul

Armaan looked at Riddhima  and mischievously licked his finger as if he was still tasting something…Riddhima  turned red and almost dropped the tray of tea…she turned around and started serving to everyone but ignored Armaan, hoping Muskaan would reach him first.

Armaan got the message……Riddhima  was probably upset with his flirtatious behaviour…he would have to do be a little subtle…

Riddhima  sat next to Muskaan and Rahul with her cup and started chatting with them.
"Riddhima …zara phone dekhnaa.." Shashank interrupted her as he often asked her to do his chores and run around obeying his commands. He seldom asked Anjali to do such menial jobs as he always considered her time more valuable.

"jee mausaji... main dekhti hoon" Riddhima  got up to get the phone.

Armaan saw Riddhima 's cup of tea placed on the side table; he could not resist himself and came and sat next to Rahul and Muskaan. He engaged them in a conversation and tactfully exchanged his cup with Riddhima 's. He sipped the cup where Riddhima 's lipstick stain was still fresh and savoured the taste…..

Riddhima  came back, “Oh sorry…aap ney lagta hai meri chai galti sey….”

Armaan acted surprised, "Oh really…..I am sorry…baton baton mein badal gaya hoga….you can have it back…" he grinned.

"No thanks….main doosra cup ley loongi" Riddhima  had a disgusting look on her face. Armaan smiled mischievously as Riddhima  left. Muskaan noticed the expression on Armaan's face and was surprised; was she imagining or was Armaan showing undue interest in Anjali's younger sister??? she smiled to herself as she was not very fond of Anjali herself - she seemed a little snobbish and elitist, whereas Riddhima  was more down to earth and "normal"

They all went upstairs to change into comfortable hiking gear. Armaan knocked at Riddhima 's bedroom door, "excuse me….main apna bag lene aaya hoon"

"Haan…please…come in…" Riddhima  spoke politely although she was still upset about the cake batter episode.

Armaan came close to Riddhima , "I am sorry about the episode in the kitchen….darasal I got a little impulsive…bachpan mein meri bua hamesha cake banaate samay mujhey batter taste karney deti thi….mom ney toh aaj tak cooking ki nahi….toh could not help it…" he had such an innocent and honest look on his face that Riddhima 's anger melted away instantly, "No problem….aapki shaadi ke baad main aapko batter ki regular supply bhej thi rahoongi…..didi is in the next room…..aap bhi ready ho jaaiye…" she smiled and hinted him to leave her room.

As he left, Riddhima  shut her door and thought, "OH God….please give me the courage to face him….why do I become so weak when he is near me….HE IS GOING TO BE MY SISTER'S HUSBAND….SISTER'S HUSBAND! She had to keep reminding herself again and again…..

Tiya Gupta 

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