Saturday, 24 November 2018

Part 4 : How Much - U Love Her (mini)

"I mean'. She is the Muskan ' who lived here' it's her house'" Anjali gasped' putting up the things together'

She looked up at Riddima' trying to find is she THE one?? While Riddima slightly nodded making it unnoticed to Muskan' who was looking at floor'

"Oh..." Anjali exclaimed' her eyes got watered' thinking how hard it was going to be for Riddima'

"But now it's hers'.!" Muskan butt in

 "I know Muskan' She told me'" '. "Really?" Muskan with un-amused look' while Anjali just nodded'

 "Tell me about ur life Riddima?" looking around the house ' as if searching for some one

"Muskan'. I '. I was married' but my husband Died'" Anjali looked up shocked to her death'. While Riddima copped up every thing in one line'

While Muskan's eyes pop out and she just could say 'oh God!' that was much to mumble' bring her hand up to her mouth

"how did u grow up this child all alone'" Muskan couldn't help but ask

"he is the only thing ' that has kept me alive'" Riddima looked away' rubbing away the tear that oozed out'

"does he ask about his father'" Riddima nodded lightly'. "I m sorry Riddima'" Muskan went and hugged her '

While Anjali went and made coffee

"I caught Rahul ' at hotel lounge' a girl in his arms' and he asking for her rooms key'from the receptionist" crying "I heard him ask for keys' by my self' I saw him smiling at the girl in his arms'" pause "His hands were on her bare thighs'" Muskan trailed it off'. Not feeling good to say that'

"I knew he was going for something bad'" pause "we just had a mere fight ' in morning and he'" Muskan broke down in Anjali's arm'

"I wasted my life on that jerk' and what I got ' nothing' just a betrayal' I hate him' I wasted 7 years of my life' and what he did was nothing' he stopped me from getting pregnant' as he was not ready' he slept around I don't how many time's'.. I hate him ' I hate him'" she told in low voice ' thinking the baby was right at their back'

Who was looking at them from his corner eye, who somewhere knew they were consoling each other.

"shhh Muskan' Shhhhhh'" Anjali patted her'

Riddima brought water for her'

They sat their till Rehan finished his homework' and then they talked to him'

Both loved the boy' he was cute and naughty'. He flirt with them' in that small tender age' and they just couldn't do any thing but laugh'. While Riddima just smiled at him' looking how big her son was being ' trying best to impress the girls in front of him

They bid bye to Anjali' and went to sleep in guest room together' as she didn't want her to sleep ' on 'her' bed' as it's the place which she cannot share

Muskan got the hint and did not argued


Next few days' went ok' they knew each other '. Better'

Riddima had taken glimpses of Rahul' wearing a doctor Coat' she was surprised to see him there too' and that too as Doctor

She didn't know he would also turn out to be a doctor... In the same hospital...!!! Well she knew they were studying Medical' all of them'including Him'!

But the Point was' they were here. And the thing 'afraid her was'

What if he is here too? Is Arman here too?

She was excited if he really is here' but she was afraid at the same time ' if she came from no where in his life' if he had his own life' a wife? Her heart throb'.!! But she couldn't do anything' She just can't destroy his life in any way' that was something she DID not wanted'. At all'.

A tear fell' thinking' where would he be'.? Is he a doctor'? Well Muskan use to tell they studied together in same medical college'.

So did he take it as a profession?

Her pager rang'

'Meet me in Caf' at lunch'.' Riddima smiled reading Muskan's message

'ok'. Tell Anjali too''  Riddima replied'

'Why do I have to tell every one? Why can't u just tell her by urself'!' Muskan replied

'Ohkay ohk chill' I will do it''

'Good Girl''

"Dr. Riddima'?"

"Yes?" Riddima turned to see Nurse calling her' placing her pager in lab-coat pocket.

"Ma'am ' there is a boy calling u in gernal ward'"

"Who?" Riddima walked with the nurse to gernal Ward

"Ma'am Gappu" nurse replied walking a bit behind her

When a shadow passed by her'

She frowned, closing her eyes ' as she inhaled the fragrance '. And turn to see a man' she wanted him to look back'her eyes were longing for that man to turn' and prove her thought right'' she saw his big arms' that he brushed with hers'.her eyes fell on his back head' she tried her level best to see him'.but soon

 She saw him going in the lift'. She frowned and shook her head and walked away

While the person at once stopped the lift and looked out to see a patient' on a wheel chair' was there a girl..?

 'Did I saw some one in blue dress ' that to churidar dress' rare...' pause 'I felt I knew her' he thought 'forget it' brushing away his thought.

He pushed the 4th floor button and the door closed'.


"yes' Gappu u called?" Riddima moved her hand in his head

"Yes' Dr. Riddima' tell them ' I won't take any kind of injection' and not from Him!!" Gappu pointed at the guy, who stood behind her'.

Riddima turned

 "Huh" she gasped loud to see him that close'. She was about to fall when his hand' brushed her arms' and he took hold of her through waist' and pulled her closer' crushing her delicate figure with his'

Her eyes grew wider ' and she stared at him ' a bit shock'

Her mouth Opened '. She didn't know what to do '

 "Dr. Riddima'!" Anjali ' shouted'


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