Thursday, 15 November 2018

Part 4 : Sunday (mini ss)

Riddhima's POV

"Basket, stop, please!"

I didn't stop. I felt so much happier and I needed some time to clear a few things in my mind. If he loved me, then why did he break contact with me? Why did he seem annoyed with Abhi's plan? Then I scolded myself for looking too deep into the matter but I needed to know his side of the story too!

I smiled thinking how adorable he looked when he was confessing and saying that he thought I didn't like him too. I suddenly got angry. How dare he think that I didn't love him? True, I never told him my feelings but he didn't too! Plus, I was sitting on my own upset with getting married to him thinking that he wasn't interested when in fact he also loved me. Urgh, he got me depressed over nothing! Idiot!

I was still walking away in my thoughts until I bumped into something hard. I knew it was him. I looked up to see his face. I could see tears forming in his eyes. I immediately felt bad and my anger for him vanished at once.

"Basket, I didn't mean to..."

"Oh shut up Armaan! Why couldn't you tell me this earlier?"


"I love you too, you dumbo! And don't you dare think that I don't!"

"What?! Really?"

"Yes, really!"

I immediately embraced him into a hug. He stood there shocked but I soon felt his hand reaching up my back. I had so many questions to ask but I decided to leave it at that for now. I seriously couldn't believe that this was happening to me. I mean I never knew he also loved me. Everything felt so perfect for once!

We broke out of our hug and stared at each other. We had so much to talk but we couldn't do that here.

"Let's go out somewhere, Armaan"

He nodded and we went out. We were sitting in his car with no idea where to go.

"Hmm, so where does Basket want to go then?"

"Not sure. Somewhere quiet and peaceful..." I was lost in my dreamland when I suddenly got an idea.

"Let's go to the beach, Armaan!"

"Now! Its freezing cold out there Ridz! No!"

"Please, Ammu! Please, please, please!"

"OK, fine! But only for a little while."

"OK, as you wish" I agreed but we both knew that we had so much to talk about which means that we certainly wouldn't be there for a little while.

Soon we arrived at the beach and Armaan parked his car somewhere nearby. The car journey had been very quiet but yet peaceful. It felt so good to have Armaan beside me.

We got out of the car and walked on the beach. I closed my eyes and I could feel the waves lapping at my feet now that I've taken off my shoes. I could also feel the breeze which was neither cold or warm on my face. I could also feel Armaan hand locked with mine indicating that he will never leave my side.

Soon feeling a bit tired, Armaan sat down on the sand pulling me on top of him onto his lap. His arms were around me and his head was leaning against my shoulder. It felt bliss.

After a while of calmness and satisfaction, I decided to blast my questions.


"Hmmm..." he said sleepily. He sure was tired.  Nevertheless I continued.

"Why did you break contact with us?"

I felt his body stiffen slightly and he seemed awake and alert now. He gently pushed me of his lap and turned me to face him.

"I always loved you. It was love at first sight to me. You came into my life like a breeze. I still remember what you were wearing. You were wearing a blue chudidhar and you were talking to Muskaan whilst walking along the corridor. That was the first time I saw and you were beautiful and you still are. I remember feeling a ping in my heart."

I gave him a weird look along with a blush when he said "beautiful". This was way too filmy but I loved it.

"And let me guess, my shawl was also flying in the air, right?"

"Stop making fun of me and by the way no point trying to hide the blush; I saw it"

I blushed even deeper this time whilst he laughed.

"Anyways, let me carry on. So yeah, we soon became friends, in fact close friends. I knew you considered me as your best friend and that was the main reason for hiding my love from you. I was scared that I will lose your friendship and affection so I kept silent."

"You're so dumb Ammu"

"Yeah, I know! After all, I fell in love with you!"

I glared at him. He shut up.

"OK, I'm sorry, darling! So where was I? Oh, yeah! After college finished I went to USA , as you know, but i still couldn't forget you so unwillingly I broke contact with you and the rest of our friends. However, that didn't work too. In fact, it made it worse because I felt lonely and I never stopped loving you!"

"Hmmm. I should kind of say thanks for breaking contact because if you hadn't, I would have never realised my love! It was only when I stopped having all those long talks with you on the phone, I realised that I loved you."

"So, it was good, after all!"

"Yeah. So what did you after leaving other than going to US and becoming a very successful businessman?"

"Are you asking about my love life? Well, I did go out with two girls"

"I wasn't asking about that but now that we are on that topic, may I ask you who those unlucky girls were?"

"Yeah. Everyone who is dumped by me is unlucky!"

"No, I meant that she was unlucky because she went out with you!"

"Says my latest girlfriend!"

"Whatever! By the way, don't have any plans of ditching me because I am not your girlfriend!"

"Then who are you?"

"I'm your..."

Who am I to him? Lover? Sounds too casual! Wife to be? He hasn't even proposed yet! I didn't know what to say. I looked at him and saw him grinning widely with victory. I sat there fumbling for words when suddenly I felt his lips on my mine. It took a while for my slow mind to register the fact that he was actually kissing me!

We broke out of the kiss after a while and he looked at me grinning once again whilst I blushed silently. He leant towards me again and I closed my eyes in anticipation.

He was about to kiss me again when we suddenly heard coughing from behind.


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