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Part 5 : The First Kiss 😘

Everyone came down after getting ready. Armaan could not help noticing that Riddhima  looked really slim and ravishing in jeans and a sleeve red shirt with her hair tied in a ponytail. Riddhima  also noticed him in his well fitting jeans with a t-shirt accentuating his well-chiselled physique and biceps. She felt guilty for noticing Armaan in that way, after all he was her future brother-in-law!

"Main apna bag lekar aati hoon" she lowered her eyes, well aware of Armaan's piercing gaze on her.

They drove to the hiking trails and carried their bags on their backs. Anjali held onto Armaan's arm and started walking ahead of the gang. Rahul gave company to Riddhima  and Muskaan. Riddhima  was a little relieved that Armaan was ahead of her; she could be more relaxed in Muskaan and Rahul's company. After they had been walking for a while, Riddhima  noticed that Rahul was starting to get closer to Muskaan and walk a little slowly. She got the message; she smiled and said, "aap log saath saath walk kariye….main thoda jaldi chalnaa chahti hoon" She lied and tried to get ahead of the lovely couple. She spotted Armaan and Anjali ahead of her; Anjali was still hanging on to his arm and engaging him in a deep conversation.

Riddhima  took her walkman out and started listening to her favourite music and walked at her own pace.

Armaan had been following Riddhima  all this while with the corner of his eyes every so often. He took out his phone and clicked some pictures with the built in camera; Anjali thought he was taking pictures of the natural beauty but Armaan managed to capture various poses of Riddhima - wiping her sweat, eyes closed while listening to her music, smiling to herself……

"Armaan ruk kyon gaye?" Anjali saw Armaan looking behind

"Wo Riddhima  akeli reh gayi hai"

"Ussey tho aadat hai….she will be fine….she knows how to entertain herself….waise bhi she won't be able to keep up with our pace….chalo…" she pulled Armaan by his arm.

Armaan started walking with her as they discussed a recent merger of 2 companies and their share values.

Anjali did not realize that as she kept talking, Armaan had stopped midway and was walking with Riddhima  now.

"Riddhima …kya sun rahi ho? " Armaan interrupted Riddhima

"Oh…aap?" she removed her headphones.
"Tum apney bare mein kuch batao…kya college mein ho?" Armaan asked

Riddhima  was surprised at his curiosity about her, "Haan…main BA final year mein hoon…aur sangeet mein bhi training karr rahi hoon…."

" That's great…ek saath do-do degrees…aagey kya plan hai?"

Riddhima  was more relaxed now that they were talking like 2 civilized people.

"Main. journalism karna chahti hoon" She smiled and answered. Armaan was pleased to know that Riddhima  was not as unambitious as he was made to believe.

Anjali caught up with them and was not happy that Armaan left her to give Riddhima  company.

"Armaan let's go….wahan ek bahut sunder jheel hai aur aagey ek bahut khubsoorat trail"

Armaan looked at her and then Riddhima , "ya…let's go"

The 3 of them walked together for a while till they came across the stream.

"Humein jheel cross karni padhegi" Anjali pointed to the other side of the stream. Anjali, the more athletic of the two sisters, was fearless and started stepping on the rocks in the stream to cross. Armaan followed her.

The stream was very shallow but the rocks were extremely slippery. Riddhima  stepped on them carefully; she was not the most athletic person and before she knew it, her foot slipped and she fell in the stream. Armaan heard the big splash and looked behind. Riddhima 's foot was stuck between 2 big rocks and she was partially submerged in the water. He retraced his steps and extended his hand to help Riddhima . Anjali also turned around and was not too happy to see the sight- Armaan was holding Riddhima 's hand and helping her free her foot. The foot was stuck firmly; Armaan maneuvered her leg and freed her foot. He was also drenched in the process. He helped her get up on her feet but Riddhima  had sprained her foot. Armaan picked her up in his arms and walked in the water to cross the stream. Riddhima  had no choice and she saw no point in protesting. Her shirt was completely wet and she could feel his wet and warm body through it.

Armaan placed her down when they reached the other side. He regretted that the stream was not a little wider.

"Riddhima …tum ab yahin aaram karro…tumhare pair mein moch aa gayi hai….Armaan chalo main tumhein aagey uss trail par ley chalti hoon" Anjali tried her best to control her anger.

Armaan was reluctant as his shoes were heavy with all the water, "Anjali yahin baith kar thoda dry ho jaatein hai aur kuch khaa lete hhai" He tried to find a reason to stay back as he did not feel like leaving Riddhima  alone with a sore foot.

They unpacked their lunch and were soon joined by Rahul and Muskaan. After lunch, Armaan took his shoes off and lay down under the shade of a tree and dozed off.

Rahul, Muskaan and Anjali chatted for a little bit till Muskaan looked at Riddhima , who was listening to her music and humming something.

"Riddhima …please hum sab ko gaakar sunaayo…."Muskaan pleaded

"Oh..yes…please gaana sunaayo.." Rahul requested.

Anjali was not liking the undue attention Riddhima  had been receiving from the Malik's but before she could protest, Riddhima  had started singing- "ek din fursat" from "zindagi rocks"

Ek Din Fursat Mein Thaamein Haath Hamare
Le Gayi Uss Dagar Pe Jahaan Rehti Hai Bahaaren
Chal Diya Ham Bhi Ghar Se Ham Ke Kuchh Befikar Se
Dil Tha Apne Bharose Ham The Dil Ke Sahaare
Ek Din Fursat Mein Thaamein Haath Hamare
Le Chale Uss Dagar Pe Jahaan Rehti Hai Bahaaren
Raah Mein Mod Aaya Roshani Ho Gayi Kam… (2)
Kuchh Dil Ghabraya Ke Kahaan Aa Gaye Ham
Aage Uss Mod Ke Bhi Toh Bahaaren Nahi Thi… (2)
Bhule Kuchh Khwaahishen Aur Khwaab The Bas Hamaare
Ek Din Fursat Mein Thaamein Haath Hamare
Le Gayi Uss Dagar Pe Jahaan Rehti Hai Bahaaren
Bewajah Lag Rahi Thi Jab Talaash Hamari… (2)
Ek Khushboo Uthi Aur Rutt Badal Gayi Saari
Saamne Tum Khade The Faila Ke Baahen… (2)
Jaise Har Dard Mera Khud Mein Roke Samaaye
Dil Bada Mukhtasar Tha Tere Seene Pe Sar Tha
Yun Laga Marr Na Jaaye Itni Khushiyon Ke Maare
( Ek Din Fursat Mein Thaamein Haath Hamare
Le Chale Uss Dagar Pe Jahaan Rehti Hai Bahaaren )... (2)

Armaan woke up to the melodious voice; he sat up and was in a trance as Riddhima  finished singing. Anjali noticed Armaan staring at Riddhima ; as soon as the song finished she said, "Armaan…hum yahan baithney nahin aaye hain….let us get some exercise"

Armaan had a brilliant idea. " Let us play tug-of-war….I have a long rope in my bag…"

Rahul protested, "Nahin nahin…Armaan tum sabsey strong ho….hum sab ko hara do gey.."

"Nahin bhaiya!….Ok let's do one thing….Main aur Anjali vs aap teeno….then it would be fair…2 vs 3…"

"OK…let us try….Riddhima  can you take part?" Muskaan was concerned about her foot.

"Haan…ab theek hoon…I think the rest helped…"Riddhima  got up and tested her foot.

Anjali was happy as Armaan had chosen her over anyone else.

They were ready for the tug-of-war: Armaan leading on one side with Anjali holding on to him from behind; Riddhima  led from the other side with Muskaan behind her and Rahul pulling their team from behind.

Both sides tugged evenly but Armaan finally used all his strength and pulled the other team with a sudden jerk…..Riddhima 's team got pulled with a big force and they all fell down on their opponents. Riddhima  landed right on top of Armaan; her hair clip falling off in the tussle…her hair covered his face….he could not resist himself and planted a kiss on her earlobe under the veil of her locks….

Anjali shouted, "Armaan you are crushing me!!!" Armaan realized that Anjali was lying under his weight, "Oh..sorry Anjali.." he rolled over still holding on to Riddhima  and this time landed on top of her staring into her eyes…. she was in a state of shock and anger as she realized what he had just done…..was this an accident or part of his game plan to embarrass her like he did in high school???

Riddhima  freed herself, still red with humiliation and anger…

Rahul said, "Armaan….next time I am not playing this game with you!" they all started laughing but Riddhima 's heart was still pounding as she touched the ear, Armaan had just kissed….it was still warm to touch….she could feel his lips on them….

Tiya gupta 

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