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Part 5 : How Much - U Love Her (mini)

"Huh" she gasped loud to see him that close'. She was about to fall when his hand' brushed her arms' and he took hold of her throw waist' and pulled her closer'

Her eyes grew wider ' and she stared at him ' a bit shock'

Her mouth Opened '. She didn't know what to do '

"Dr. Riddima'!" Anjali ' shouted'  "Dr. Summit'" Anjali shouted' looking at him' and saw he had twisted Riddima's hand at her back'

"Sorry ma'am'." Summit said' While Riddima turned her back at him' and cleared her tears'

"Rectal Exam' Dr. Summit'" Anjali said....and he walked away' after giving a last glare to Riddima' "Riddima' Kya hua?" she turned her'

 "Nothing its just I turned around' and he took hold of me' and was not leaving it'" Riddima mumbled'

 "Hmm' its ok' and listen u have to be strong'. U can't look a scary cat' these kinds off guy' are really harmful '. U getting?" Anjali said with meaningful eyes' while she nodded in reply


"Anjali and Riddima' I want to tell u something'"

"yea Muskan!" Anjali said' while Riddima nodded and took a sip of her coffee

"I m getting married" she told NOT with excitement' it was more as a statement "again !" with a sigh

Anjali dropped her sandwich' and Riddima spitted her coffee'

"Hey watch out' my dress'!" Muskan shouted'

"Sorry!!" Riddima Apologized "Wait!! WHAT???"

"Shhhhhhhh" Muskan placed her palm on her mouth' "Ouch" Riddima bit her hand

"Look Calm down ' I m telling everything to' u guys' chill"

Both nodded and looked at her for explanation

She herself didn't know why she wanted ' to explain them'.

In few days' they were so close to each other' they didn't have their family' they had made their own family' and promised not to hide any thing

 Accept Riddima hid the guy whom she loved'

"he took me their for dinner ' when I saw Rahul ' holding a girl in his arms' and all, he consoled me through out the time'. He is really a nice guy' he helped me in many ways'" Pause "You know what'? People use to say' I can't be a mother ' that's why Rahul going around girls'" tears fell'

"and at that time' he consoled me' and was beside me' a week back he proposed me' and told me he really likes me' so' I said' I need time' and in morning' I told him' I will marry him'" Muskan Summarized it' and made it as shot as she can '

But still in many ways it was looking some kind of a sick joke'.

"Do u love him'?" Riddima asked astonished

"NO' he does'." Pause "I loved only one guy' and that is Rahul' I can't love any other guy' but the eyes' I m getting through people' as if I m  a whore' and all" A tear fell "Rahul destroyed everything' my name' my character ' my life !" Anjali ' rubbed her hand '

"Who is he Muskan'?" Anjali asked'

"Arman'." Muskan mumbled'

Riddima took a huge sigh' closed her eyes for a mere second and opened in a flash' stopped at Muskan' she felt dizzy' that was the last thing she wanted to hear'

HOW?? Why??

"What? As In Arman Malik?? Our friend?" Anjali said looking at her astonished

Riddima took hold of her breath and looked at Anjali

'Their friend?' she thought, a tear oozed out

"How come he loves you'?" Anjali asked'

"I don't know' he said he loved me way back'. And he is ready to take me now tooo" Muskan Panicked, and to cover up she sobbed.

Anjali frowned' and give it a thought'

She was shocked to see Riddima shocked ' tears falling from her eyes'

Anjali did not take a second to thing that HE is the one'!!!

"Oh GOD !!" She said

Riddima looked at her '. And shook her head' not too say any thing' she took a gulp

"Mu' Muskan ?" pause "U sure?" trying her best to fight her tears

"I don't know Riddima' why is life doing this to me'" she rubbed her face as she saw

Rahul coming in'. Riddima had her back to wards the entrance ' she turned and looked at Rahul', who walked up to them

"Hey Anjali'" he said taking a seat beside Riddima

"Hey'" Anjali mumbled' they never broke friendship' what ever Rahul and Muskan have or had been their personal thing ' they never made it show'

"Congrats' I heard u getting married' To Arman' after divorce'!" Rahul said ' but she knew it was much a taunt to her

"Yea'" she sipped her coffee'

"Great'" he looked at his side "U new?" Riddima nodded' and looked away

"She is Riddima' she lives in my old house'." Muskan said

"Oh yes' I remember u' u were so small at that time'" Rahul said with a smile' "And now u are quite big'" Rahul said eyeing ' body'

"Rahul!!" Anjali said' not liking the way at all

"WHAT??" Rahul said ' "Can't I talk to her??" he added while Anjali looked away

"Its' ok' Anjali' well Rahul time change' and every one grow up' like u r turning old day by day'" Riddima said while making the atmosphere light

"ha ha' yes' I m ' some others are too' but ' u know what' they just want to have fun' in there old age'" he said referring Muskan "too" he added

"Oyee' tujha Mujha SAye Problem hai tou Mujha Kah ' usa Kya kah raha ha'" Muskan stood up and banged the table 'with her fist

"Whateve'!" he leaned in his seat'

"Whateve' ka bacha'!! U were sleeping around' then didn't u thought ' that u r also an old guy' who is 36 .."

"35'!" he corrected her

"Dhorra fita mua'" She cursed him, settling back on the chair.

"AND I was NOT Sleeping Around!!! I was dropping her to her room' "he threw the glass on floor and walked out' leaving a crying Muskan behind !!

I'm so tired of being here
Suppressed by all my childish fears
And if you have to leave
I wish that you would just leave
'Cause your presence still lingers here
And it won't leave me alone

These wounds won't seem to heal
This pain is just too real
There's just too much that time cannot erase


"I don't know why I feel...Rahul has not done anything wrong" Riddima said' while walking with Rehan in her arms, in Anjali's home

"What?? Riddima' she saw by her own eyes'"

"What if he really went to drop that girl to her suit'" pause "Look we know she loves her and he too'" they went in lounge to see a duo all ready sitting their'

"U met him?" Anjali asked taking her to kitchen' referring Arman'

"No' and I will never'" pause "I think Arman should stop making her his own' as he knows that they love each other' and should help them in getting together '. Not that he is full filling his old desire'by destroying others life." Riddima placed Rehan on the stool '

"He loves Muskan from a very long time Riddima!" Anjali took his side'

"But she doesn't" Riddima point "We should seek others pleasure first rather than Our.."

"Anjali' please bring two glass of juice"

"Coming" she shouted back

"mama' can I go and meet Atul uncle'?" Rehan asked while cuddling in her arms.

"hmm' No' Rehan it doesn't look good'" Riddima moved her fingers in his hair' brushing it away from his eyes'

'he is just like his father'! Same hair ' same eyes' same nose ' and same dimple.. .' she thought'

"Come Rehan' I will take u their' ur mom has lost it'" pause "It doesn't look good" Anjali imitated her'

While Riddima smiled and poured a glass for her'


"Hey thanks'!" Atul came up to her and picked up the tray'

"hey Rehan.. What r u doing here?"

"Came to meet u!" Rehan said ' walking in the lounge'

"Riddima here?"


"Ok u girls' talk ..." Atul kissed her lightly on lips' and she shook her head and went back to Riddima'


"Here' Arman'." Atul passed the glass'

"Thanks champ'. Who is this kid?" Arman stared at him with a smile

While Rehan' jumped over from one couch to other'

"Hey Rehan come here!!" Atul said

"jeee'" he ran and stood between Atul's legs'

"Meet Arman'. My friend' and Arman meet Rehan my best friend'" Atul kissed Rehan on his head

"hhee'" he always giggled when someone kissed him "Hello" Rehan moved his hand ' while Arman pulled him and placed him on his lap'

"Hi'" he kissed him' just to hear him giggle a bit'

"He is ticklish like his mother..!" Atul told' while Arman nodded'

"Wasa Rehan' u know' u stole my friend'!" Arman said

"Did I?" he asked with amusement filled with innocence'.

"Yup'Atul was my best buddy' but u stole him'" with grimy look

"ooohwww.." Rehan made a sound while keeping a hand on his mouth

While the two laughed'

"wasa Alman!" pause "sorry Uncle'" Rehan said

"Alman will work ..!" Arman said while laughing his head out' with Atul

"Ok' SO..? Will u be my friend?" He asked with cuteness' bring his hand forward.

"Off-course'." Atul was surprised to see him getting nice with kid' he did that rarely' but today'.

On the other side Arman himself was shock' why this kids presence' felt soo good' so complete' as if he got his missing part' he got the thing he was looking for years'.

He got the thing that will fill the empty ness he felt after that night'.

He couldn't help but smile with dimple'

Atul was happy to see his smile back' he knew he liked Muskan ' Loved or may be it was just an obsession that he wanted to complete once'! He tried to make him understand but'.

He knows' from last 7 years' Arman ' has always looked lost'

He was never the same' he was a change guy' A guy, who was full of fun ' was now a mature guy' who talk when important'

7 years has passed away' Arman never came to parties' no pub ' no friends hang out' totally avoiding every thing'

Atul always wanted to know' everything' but that was always kept a secret by two people' who the the two people were'  known to the that only two people.

 "Rehannn!" The girls walked in'.



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