Friday, 9 November 2018

Part 6 :The First Kiss 😘

As everyone gathered their belongings and dusted themselves of all the dirt on their clothes, Muskaan said, "Chalo ab ghar chalte hain.... sab log hamaara wait kar rahe hongey, waise bhi Riddhima aur Armaan paani aur mitti mein bilkul sann chukey hain...." She smiled as she saw the state they were in.

As they drove back, Rahul and Muskaan sat in the front seats; Anjali sat in the middle of the back seat with Armaan and Riddhima on either side. Anjali kept leaning towards Armaan and pressing herself against him but Armaan tried to keep a respectable distance from her. He finally put his arm around her, but his long arms could also reach Riddhima sitting in the other corner. He gently caressed Riddhima's ear with his fingers-the same ear he had kissed earlier-as if to remind her how his touch felt. Riddhima tried her best to turn her head away; she was red with anger and clenched her teeth. She could not say or move away too far in that closed space. Muskaan looked back to talk to them and noticed the expression on Riddhima's face, "Kya hua Riddhima? tumhara pair dard karr raha hai kya?"

"Nahin didi...bas wo ghar jaakar change karna chahti hoon...." Riddhima tried to regain her composure.

"Armaan...change karr ke, main tumhey apney favorite coffee shop parr ley jaoongi...." Anjali tried to get some attention too.

Armaan pulled his arm away and sat up, "wo Anjali...mere pait mein dard ho raha hai...I think I will pass on the coffee...." he was in no mood to spend time alone with Anjali.

They arrived home and after freshening up came down to have tea with the elders.

"Samose! my favorite...." Arman's eyes lit up at their sight

Riddhima was quick to respond, "Arre...Jijajee.... aapkey toh pait mein dard hai na.... aapko samosa nahin khaana chahiye...main aapke liye kuch aur bhej thi hoon..." she left for the kitchen

Padma and Ananya got worried, "Arre beta...kya hua...kuch dawaii le lo...Riddhima theek keh rahi hai...samosey pait aur kharaab karr saktey hain...." Padma said in a concerned voice.

Anjali added, "Pata nahin Riddhima ney khaney mein kya pack kiya tha...Armaan ke pait mein dard ho gaya..." Muskaan looked at Anjali and defended Riddhima, "Armaan ka system hi thoda sensitive hai...hum sab ney wohi khana khaya tha.... we are all fine..."

Riddhima sent Hariram with a glass of "haldi with milk"- "Sahib yeh aap ke liye hai."

Armaan looked at the contents of the glass with a disgusted expression, "Kya hai yeh...?"
Padma said, "Peelo beta...naak bandh karke peelo.... iss ghareloo ilaaj sey sab dard theek ho jaathe hain..."

Armaan had no recourse; he saw Anjali watching him-he would have to go out with her if he said he was feeling better...he pinched his nose and gobbled up the yucky mixture. Riddhima was watching him from a distance with a smile on her face, her tongue rolling inside her mouth at the pleasurable sight...she turned around and left for the kitchen.

Anjali followed her, "Riddhima...tumney ussey kya pilaaya hai.... that haldi ka doodh is disgusting.... I will call a doctor.... next time don't try these old-fashioned treatments on Armaan.... I will take care of him!" she stomped out and did not notice that Armaan was standing right outside the door. Armaan felt bad for Riddhima.... why did Anjali boss around so much?

Armaan went inside and said, "Riddhima...thanks for the really helped the way please call me Armaan...I am not your jijajee yet!"

Riddhima was surprised at what he just said. She replied, "you are welcome...A.. Armaan."

After dinner, everyone sat down to play cards and other board games.

Shashank felt a little chilly and said, "Riddhima beta zara oopar sey sab ke liye kambal aur chaadar ley aana..."

"Jee mausaji...abhi aayi..." Riddhima got up to get the blankets. Muskaan thought Riddhima might need some help, "main bhi aati hoon...."

"Nahin bhabhi.... let me go and help...aap bhaiya ke saath taash kheliye.... you both are winning anyways...main toh haar raha hoon" Armaan looked at Riddhima and emphasized the words "haar raha hoon...."as he got up to go.

Anjali saw Armaan leaving to help Riddhima, "Main bhi aati hoon...."

Shashank, who never wanted Anjali to lift even a finger, protested, "Anjali beta yahin baitho...mere paas...batao kaunsa card chaloon..." Anjali had no choice but to sit down next to her dad.

Riddhima pulled out a whole stack of blankets and sheets from the store room upstairs and turned around to go downstairs. She saw Armaan standing in front of her, "I can help.... laao mujhe de do." he extended his arms and tried to grab the blankets; he could not resist the temptation of brushing his hands against hers as he grabbed the blankets. Riddhima was aware he would do something like that, she took out a sharp hairpin and jabbed it into his arm.

"OUCH!" he screamed, "yeh kya karr rahi ho...main toh bas help karr raha hoon..."

"Jab mein local bus aur train mein travel karti hoon...toh saare perverts ko aise hi tackle karti hoon!" her eyes were burning with fury.

"Pervert? Is that what you think of me?" Armaan was also furious. He threw the blankets on the floor and grabbed her by her waist. He looked into her eyes and before Riddhima could set herself free, he kissed her passionately on her lips. Riddhima resisted it for a moment but then melted in his arms, returning his kiss with the same passion. Armaan then pulled her away and said, "main jaanta hoon Riddhima.... tum itney saal sey issi ka intezaar karr rahi thi...."

She was embarrassed but looked up, "what do you mean?"

He picked up the blankets and said, "apney dil ki baat kisi kaagaz parr likh karr mat chhoda karo.... pata nahin kab kiskey haath lag jaaye....?"

He turned around and left. Riddhima stood there like a statue trying to make sense of what was going on. Should she confide in Anjali or they will never understand.... Anjali would blame Riddhima instead of doubting Armaan's intentions.... she could not do this to her mausi, who had been like her mom all these years.... she started sobbing and ran into her room.

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