Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Part 7 : How Much - U Love Her (mini)


 "Yea'?" Riddima looked away'..

 "u know Arman Rite?" she nodded with a confusion ' "I want your help'!" pause "look ' I know' that night when I was performing rituals' Arman came to your room'" Riddima gasped'.

 "Please believe me I won't tell any one' I promise' I just want your help'!" Rahul said

 "what Help?" Riddima said with a scary voice'

"Look they r not believing me' I promise' I love Muskan' I will die with out her'. I can't give her a divorce' make Arman Understand' don't let them get married" Rahul fell on the bench

"heyyy Rahull' please'. Don't cry'. I will help u' Promise'" Riddima melted and gave him a side hug.

"U will?" Riddima nodded'consoling him


Arman walked in the corridor' thinking over things that he heard'

When he was pulled in the fire escape'

"what the hell?" Arman said' while He was banged' on the wall back

"Arman I Want TO TALK!!" Riddima whispered with a panic look and disturbance in her voice.

"RIDDIMA!!" he looked at her astonished

"Yes' I want to talk to u'" she moved a bit close' when he looked at her astonished

"What talk'" he moved her hand away' and turned her around while banging her on the wall

"Ouch'!"  she looked at him strangely ' keeping his hand on her bare-waist.

' she looks nice in sari...' he thought

"You can't Marry Muskan!!!!" She declared'

"Who r u to tell me!" he moved close pressing his abdomen with hers'..

She gasped'.she looked at him'

"I ' .I' I' I just want ' to say'" he moved his face closer to her "that

"That" he cocked his eye brows'.

"That Rahul Loves her' and so do' Muskan'!" her shoulders spring up' .her face full of fear'

"I know that '." He brushed his cheek' with hers '. Going to her ear he whispered'

She closed her eyes' inhaled his fragrance'

"Then u r not marrying her Right?"

With out even hearing him she pushed him away

"Good' Bye" she jumped up to stairs' and made her way'

"wait wait'!" he pulled her back' "I didn't said yes'" she frowned' while he placed his hand on her back and pulled her close ' tracing her spine bone'.

"what?? U know they love each other then too?"

"Yes' then too'" he moved his hand on her back' felt her bra's strips'

"u r such a jerk ' u know!"

"No I don't tell me!" he pulled her close with a jerk

She gasped ' and tried to make her self free'

"Leave me !!!" she twisted'

"what makes u think i' I will do what ever u say !!!" He made his to her hips'.

She slapped him across the face'

And walked out from their'


"Riddima'? Did he listened?"

"No'" she looked down in her coffee'

"I m trying Rahul!"

"hmmm '." Rahul drank his coffee'

She saw the couple coming cuddling in each others arms' whispering something

"IDEA !!" Riddima said

"Rahul ' say I love U" Riddima bend down and whispered

"Rahul ' say I love U" he copied her while hit her head "KYA'!"

"Just I love u!!" she whispered again

"Just I love u!!" He copied her ' soon she took the small vas and hit him on his head "owww"

"I love u" she knew he would say it now at least

"WHAT ?? RIDDIMA HAVE U LOST IT" Rahul shouted' making Arman and Muskan stare at them ' while she kept her palm on her forehead '. And kept on hitting their' constantly'

"Kya kismet hai meriiii" she said'

"Kya hua'?" Muskan said' while Arman stared at her '

"K-kuch nai'" She stood up and went out


"Acha ' tou yea plan hai' phela bata ti na PAGal!!" Rahul said while Riddima kept hitting her head'

"Whats wrong with u Riddima'?" Muskan butt in

"N-nothing'" Riddima walked away' leaving Rahul and Muskan behind and thought Rahul please call me

"RIdddimaaaa" he shouted'. While Riddima hit her head again' "I m coming wait'"

"what the hell is going on?" Muskan shouted ' she stomped her feet


"I love u" Rahul said while holding her hand

"What? Rahul'.? I m married'!" she knew Arman is also hearing she had to say this

"Your husband is dead'. And I will be alone after 5 months' please' I want u in my life Riddima!" said making weird faces.

"I need time Rahul" Riddima said after taking her hand off him' and slightly smiled and walked out

While some where in the corner' two heads popped out' looking at them angrily'.

Muskan tried to make a move' while Arman took hold of her ' and took away


"HOW COULD SHE?? Muskan shouted in the fire escape'

"Chill Muskan!!"  totally annoyed


While he leaned back on the stairs ' scared of being eaten up

"Oh ok" he whispered covering his face

"Let me think let me think'!!!" he nodded '. While taking few steps away'



"yes Riddima!" Rahul said ' putting his lab coat for duty'

"Ok'! I will marry u' and Rehan also needs a father" Riddima coped up' weirdly'

Arman's eyes pop out with anger'

He can't believe what he heard'

"Really Riddima??" Rahul Over-reacted and clutched her both hands'

"Really Rahuul" she crossed the line of over-reacting -jumped and they hugged each other

'I can't Believe Riddima is doing this'' he thought

Ohh GOD'!!


"ahhhhhhh" he pulled her in his cabin' and locked the door' behind her' "Arman!!!" she said with shock

"YES ME!!" he took hold of her arms' and pushed her back at door'

He kissed her cheek'

Went down to her chin' kissed her lightly'

"Ar' man..!" she tried to stop him

He went down to her throat' he turned his head' and dig in her neck' kissing her hungrily'. Pulling her sari... down'.

Placing his hand on her bare waist''.moving his finger on her back' playing with blouse dorii

She gasped as he opened it

"Arman'!" she said ' soon bit her on her nap'. Making her panic'. He grabbed her from back'. touched her bare-waist making her shiver'.

"Stopp!" she said' with closed eyes

 he turned her around that her back was facing him' he placing his palm on her abdomen' pulled closed'. Kissing her violently' moving her hair' on one side kissing her shoulder'. His hand went up to her chest' he touched them ' felt them'

 She gasped ' her eyes pop out '. She pushed him away' and as he was half conscious' he losses his balance and falls on floor' with a grin' and stared at her' while she glared and pulled her sari up'.


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