Friday, 16 November 2018

Part 8 : The First Kiss 😘

Next morning, everyone was busy talking about having the "sagaayi" ceremony the same day. Armaan was restless and desperately needed to talk with someone. "Muskaan bhabhi...yes.... she can help me" he went to Rahul and Muskaan's room. Muskaan was laying out her sarees on the bed, trying to decide what she would wear for the ceremony. "Armaan...aao...kuch kehna hai?" she smiled and invited him inside "Bhabhi...wo.... aapki help chahiye..." Armaan said Armaan's red and swollen eyes told her that he had not slept all night. She teased him, "kyon.... pyar mein neend udd gayi hai kya?" "Kuch aisa hi samajh leejiye.... parr jo aap soch rahi hain.... waisa nahin hai." he sat down on the bed and buried his head in his hands. Muskaan kneeled down on the floor and looked at him, "Armaan.... if my observation is not wrong.... you are in love with Riddhima!"
"Bhabhi! aap ko kaise pata?" Armaan looked up in disbelief "You know Armaan...tumhari aur Rahul ki personality bahut different hai parr ek cheez mein tum dono bilkul ek jaise ho...." "Wo kya bhabhi?" "Tum dono ki aankhein tumhare dil ki baat saaf bolti hain....bas unhey padhney wala chahiye" she winked at him "Bhabhi .... please help me.... yeh engagement.... I don't want to go ahead with it..." he sounded desperate. "I am very happy for you Armaan.....I feel Riddhima is the right girl for you aur mera bhi faydaa hai....I would rather have her as my sister-in-law instead of you know who..." she laughed and got up, "ab tayyar ho jao....I will manage the rest" Armaan got up and hugged Muskaan, "You are the best....bhaiya is so lucky!" Rahul walked in from the bathroom, "Arre yeh devar-bhabhi mein kya mili-bhagat ho rahi hai....?" "Bhaiya.... yeh hamari secret hai" Armaan winked at Muskaan and left. Padma and Riddhima were busy in the kitchen since early morning. "Riddhima beta.... khaatirdaari mein koyi kammi nahin honi chahiye......pata hai beta Anjali ko maine itna relaxed kabhi nahin dekha.... warna wo hamesha kaam mein itni bust rehti hai.... lagta hai Armaan ka saath uskey liye acha hoga..." as soon as she said that, Riddhima accidentally cut her finger while chopping some vegetables. "Arre...Riddhima...dhyaan se..." Muskaan noticed the blood from Riddhima's finger as she was entering the kitchen "Riddhima! Beta.... yeh kya ho gaya.... lao mein sabzi kaat leti hoon.... tum oopar jaakar bandaid laga lo." Padma took the knife from her. Riddhima turned around and left. Muskaan could tell Riddhima had also stayed up all night and was not her usual chirpy self. "Aunty.... mujhey aap sey ek zaroori baat karni hai..." Muskaan said "Haan...bolo beti..." "Wo.... engagement Mumbai jaakar baad mein nahin karr saktey? Darasal Armaan chahta hai...uskey dost bhi ceremony mein shaamil ho.... main mom dad sey bhi baat karr loongi...." Muskaan tried to read Padma's expression. "Beta.... wahan jaakar phir karr lengey...aaj tohbas choti si ceremony, sirf ghar waalon ke beech hai.... Mumbai mein ek badhi party karr lengey..." Padma tried to reason with Muskaan. "Wo...actually Armaan ka best friend, Shabbir abhi bahar hai...aur Armaan uskey bina koyi naya kaam nahin karta.... wo bachpan ke dost hain.... harr kaam saath hi kartey hain..." Muskaan tried her best to convince Padma "Acha...main Anjali ke papa se punchti hoon...." Padma wiped her hands and left the kitchen When Billy and Ananya heard about the possibility of delaying the engagement from Muskaan, Billy got furious, "yeh....commitment ki baat hai will not look nice...Mumbai mein phir ek badhi ceremony karr sakte hain..." Armaan also walked in, "Dad....I need to tell you the truth...main Anjali sey shaadi nahin karna chahta....I love someone else." Billy's eyes turned red in anger, "What do you mean? Abhi ek hafte pehle maine jab tumsey pooncha tha ki tumhari nazar mein koyi ladki hai toh tab tumney inkaar karr diya tha.... ek hafte mein aisa kya ho gaya?" Armaan lowered his eyes and said softly, "Mujhey pyar ho" It was seldom that Billy lost his temper with his sons. "Pyar go gaya! Armaan tumney na jaane kitni ladkiyon ke saath pehley yeh kaha hoga.... I don't believe ki ek hafte mein tumhey kisi se itna zyaada pyaar ho jaayega.... I am sorry son, I think you are just shy of commitment but remember Billy Malik is not.... WE ARE NOT GOING TO BACK OUT!" Ananya intervened, "Zara Armaan ko thoda time aur de do Billy, engagement Mumbai jaakar hi karr lengey.... abhi itni jaldi kya hai.... aakhir uski zindagi ka sawaal hai.... kuch din sochega toh phir maan jaayega.... I know my boy..." she affectionately patted his back in support. Billy conceded, "OK.... main Shashank se baat karta hoon.... parr yeh batao...yeh doosri ladki kaun hai?" he looked at Armaan Muskaan interrupted, "Dad...wo Mumbai jaakar baat karr lengey...warna yahan tamasha khada ho jaayega..." Muskaan was aware of the dynamics between the 2 sisters and she did not want Riddhima to get into trouble. She thought that later they would approach this subject tactfully. "OK.... waise mujhey pata hai. Armaan ko love-shove nahin huya hai.... yeh sab bahaane hain.... anyways we can wait a few days.... Anjali is a good girl.... she will understand..." Billy said as he walked out of their room.

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