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Part 9: How Much - U Love Her (mini)

"Hey Alman' see this' I love to play carom allot" Rehan pulled him to

 his room' after playing basket ball' criket' Rehan took him in' seeing how Tired he was'whole evening has turned out to be great from Rehan and he was happy that Arman came'

"Bi' u go and sleep' we will eat dinner with Mama'" pause "Right? Alman"

"Yup' Bi' app jaye' so jaya..!"

While the old lady nodded and went away

"Hey check out this '?" Rehan said pulling his video game from under his bed'

"Rehan'"  arman said

"yea?" Rehan said while looking in his video game'

"U met ur father'?" Arman asked'

Don't know what made him ask this' he

"No" Rehan looked deep in his game'.

"Hey' let me play tooo'" Arman said, he placed him on his lap'. And they played together'

Arman told him' he can tell him how to play foot ball if he wants too

Rehan hurriedly said yes'.

After while they ' did the punch fight'

Rehan sat on his chest' and kept on punching him on his chest'.

Arman just protected his face' while he kept on trying hard to hit Arman on face too' soon Rehan got tired and placed his head on Arman's chest'

And dosed off'


'The house is still the same' she didn't even change a bit  here' he smiled walking up stairs'

Flashes came when he walked up to her room

He opened the same room ' and saw a white sheet'

'that day it had white sheet too'' he smiled

He walked up to her side table' and saw his photo' placed there'

He picked it up and smiled at it'

"Hmmm so madam' take my pictures tooo" it was new' he was looking in a file '

He saw a photo' peeping out from her drower' he pulled it out' and it was also Arman's talking to his intern Nikita' he turned the photo

Where Riddima had written

"Chipkoo' never Leaves a chance to flirt" he read it loud' and laughed whole heartedly

Curiosity took place in him ' he pulled the drawer out to see that it over flowed with his ' Only His photos'

He digs his hand and took hold of couple of them

"I have your memories' now Arman' if u left me I don't care' your baby is with me' and this pictures' will keep me alive' that I met u again' I touched u once more'"

"Rehan has got the same dimple as his father" he was again shocked to see this written on his individual photo'

He hurridly flipped others

"A.R Arman and Rehan" tears float down'

"Rehan loves his papa'" "Mama also want him'!" His voice cracked reading this'

Tears float down '. He can't help but cry'.

Soon the door cracked and he turns to see Riddima standing there shocked

"what are u doing here" she walked up to him' and took hold of the pictures' and pushed him away

 He just looked at her'

"GET OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW!!" She shouted'. Her breath heaved'. She was scared to death

"Whom were u married to??" He asked moving closer '.

"I Told u before' and I telling u again ' U DON'T KNOW HIM !!" she kept the pictures back in the drawer'

"TELL ME??" he took holds of her elbow and spun her to make her face him' and pulled her closer'.

"WHAT ??" she asked trying to free her self

"WAS he better than me in bed'?" he asked angrily'. Wanted to know the bloody truth' he had been away from everything for 7 years' if once she had called him' and told him everything he would have came back' but

If he had stayed their that night everything would have been perfect' he agreed it was not only her fault' he was totally in faults too' but now it was high time' he want her and his baby


He pushed her on bed behind her' and jumped over her'. He ripped her pallu away' she tried to free her self' making her hand in fist and kept on hitting him' he opened her plates' and threw her sari away'

"Moron ' Scoundrel'. bas***d leave me" she kept on saying what ever her mouth made her say '

She twisted' hit him 'tired her best to move him away'.

He took  hold of her face' and kissed her hard'. To make her shut up ' smiled a bit in middle'

"did he kissed better than me..!" trying his best to make her say the truth..!

"Arman !!" she moved up and pulled a sheet to cover herself'. "Get out" she mumbled'.

"Why THE f**k don't U TELL ME REHAN IS MY SON!!!" he shouted '

Her eyes pop out' and she ran out in the gallery'.

He ran after her' and spun her around' rain had started'

"Tell me!" they were getting wet ' pain was visible on his face'.

"No he is not urs'" she tried to get her self away from him'

he parted her sheet and pressed her body with her'

"Say it '. Say the truth'Riddima"He kissed her forehead' claming himself a bit'

" No he is Not yours.." she mumbled'. He ripped her blouse from back'.

"I want the truth" he kissed her below the ear lobe' tearing her blousing' and pulling it down'

She gasped as '. His hand' were opening her bra'.

"No'" she mumbled' his hand dig in her skirt' and ripped it too'. It fell down'. "Arman!" she gasped his name' and he placed his hand on her hips' pulling her closer'

Her sheet was sticking with her body ' he pulled the sheet down a bit and bit her shoulder'.


"Tell me he is my son'! Or I will bite u ' all over" he whispered' making her trembles as he moved his hand under her panty'.

"ARmannn!" he pinched her ' anger took over him' he pulled the sheet away' and stared at her in awe' his eyes' linger on her body' she ran in side'

Afraid ' if some one saw her' than' she gasped' pulling his shirt through his head'. Pushing down his soaked pant' down'. And looked at her bending down and picking the sheet again' when he spun her around '. And placed the sheet around his back'. Making it round her back'.. and pulled her closer

"Arman no'!" she closed her eyes' feeling his hand ' open the clips' tearing her panty' and throwing it away'. He placed his hand on her hips' and pulled her up'..

He grinned'.

He gasped'. Ragging her body with his ' he took hold of her face ' and tilt it a bit''. He explored her body' and threw her on bed'.

Soon he jumped over her'. And separated her legs'.

"Are ' u telling me how much - u love her???" Riddima asked breaking the kiss (she asked r u telling How much u Loved Muskan..)

He took hold of her lips' and kissed her again

after parting her legs' he went in with a gush' making her shout in pain'

tears came out from her eyes' he kissed her eye lades' sucked her tears'. He moved up' making her moan in delight' her body shivered'. Due to wind'. He pulled the blanket over him'.

"Let me tell u how much I Love U!" he sucked her bosoms'

Whole night she shouted in pain' the sweet pain he kept on giving her'.

(do listen this song... its from devdas... really touching .... listen while reading the part)

Hamesha tumko chaaha aur chaaha
Aur chaaha chaaha chaahaHamesha tumko chaaha aur chaaha kuch bhi nahinTumhe dil ne hai pooja, pooja, poojaAur pooja kuch bhi nahinNa na nahin, na na nahin nahin nahin nahin nahinKuch bhi nahin, ho kuch bhi nahinOh, kuch bhi nahin

As he saw dim light on sky' he pulled himself away' and lay beside her' and pulled her close'. In his embrace

Jo daag tumne mujhko diyaUs daag se mera chehra khilaRakhoongi main isko nishaani banaakarMaathe pe isko hamesha sajaakarO preetam, o preetam bin tere mere is jeevan meinKuch bhi nahin, nahin, nahin, nahin, nahinKuch bhi nahin

"Will u leave me again?" looking up at the ceiling trying to catch hold of her breathes while he pulled up a sheet on top of them'

Now she was scared to let him go away' she will die if he went again leaving her alone in this world..

Beete lamhon ki yaadein lekarBojhal kadmon se voh chalkarDil bhi roya aur aankh bhar aayiMann se aawaaz hai aayi

"NO'." he whispered and kissed her head' "just tell me ' is he mine'"


"Yes" she whispered' he smiled with tears and hugged her tight'

O preetam, o preetamBin tere mere is jeevan meinKuch bhi nahin nahin nahin nahin nahinKuch bhi nahinHamesha tumko chaaha, aur chaaha chaaha chaaha

"why didn't u tell me?" Arman asked with moist eyes' rubbing his hands on her back' trying his best to control the strom that wanted to come out and kill every one '!

"U didn't loved me'!" she sobbed' "U made love to me that night' and through that u told me how much ' u loved HER'!" she sobbed on his bare chest

Aur chaaha chaaha chaaha - 2Haan chaaha chaaha chaahaBas chaaha chaaha chaahaHaan chaaha chaaha chaahaAur chaaha chaaha chaaha - 2

"Riddima ' no ' I knew u were not Muskan' and I made love to u to tell u how much I loved u that moment'" He moved his hand under the sheet rubbing her bare back

" why did u left'?" she looked up with tears brimming in her eyes'

"I thought' u won't like it' I was scared' I know I was wrong' but I never knew ' going from there would tell me how much I loved u'."

He turned her and pushed himself in her in rush ' making her cry ' all over again'

"what will we say to Rehan?" she moved with him'

"forget about everything right now ! lets live the moment' that we r dying to live for 7 years" he moved his hips' while hold her ..

Aayi, khushi ki hai yeh raat aayiSajdhajke baaraat hai aayiDheere dheere gham ka saagarTham gaya aankhon mein aakarGoonj uthi hai jo shehnaaiTo aankhon ne yeh baat bataayi

 Love ya


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