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chapter 5 : SHALL WE DANCE?

  Girl you are my fantasy
                        Girl you are my ecstasy
                   Wanna be your lover baby
                           Whenever I see you my heart goes thoya thoya

                  Thoya thoya thoya thoyya thoyya thoya –

 Armaan embraced the cushion on the couch as his dream took him closer to Riddhima and her hip swaying movements. In his deep and sweet slumber, he hummed, "thoya…thoya.."

"ARMAAN!" A shrill voice jolted him out of his wonderful dream.

"Rosie?" He rubbed his eyes, "what happened?"

 "What happened? I have been waiting for you in the bedroom forever……and you are sleeping here?"

"Rosie," he stretched and got up from the couch, "sorry….I didn't want to disturb you……why don't you go home…'s pretty late now."

 "Home?" She pulled his hand, "I am not going home…..come darling….let's go to the bedroom."

 He pulled his hand away, "Rosie…please leave!"

 "Armaan! You can't be serious…'s me," she knelt down at his feet, "your Rosie….what's happened to you? Rhea is sleeping….are you worried about her?"

 "NO! I am not interested in sleeping with you…..or seeing you….or having you pester me like this……PLEASE LEAVE BEFORE I CALL SECURITY!"

 Rosie got up, humiliated and furious, but tried to hide her emotions and forced a smile, "sweetheart……I know you are upset right now…..I will see you later," she ran to change back into her clothes.


A tearful Rosie gathered her toiletries and clothes from his room and ran out as fast as she could, "you are worse than I thought." She slammed the front door as she left.

Armaan sighed and went back to his room and sat with his head in his palms, "am I really that bad?"

 He thought about Nikita. She had slapped him 9 years ago. Did he care? NO! Good riddance!

 He thought about Rosie and the numerous girls he had had flings with. They left him or he dumped them. Did he care? NO! Good riddance!

Then he thought about Riddhima. She did not make any bones about her hatred for him. Did he care? YES HE DID! He really cared. Why? He had no answer this late at night but he knew that he wanted to see her again……and again….and again….

 He wanted to be with her…..

He wanted to dance with her…..

He wanted to hold her…..

He wanted to kiss her……

and he wanted her to like him……

Riddhima's piercing words echoed in his mind….worse than cancer……andha……jerk….arrogant……dumb….buzdil……badnaseeb…..Did he deserve all those titles or was it her way of forcing Rhea's care on him? Hopefully Muskaan would have more answers the next day.


Armaan did not oppose Rhea's willingness to accompany him to the cricket field again. In fact, he looked forward to her dance class more than the cricket practice that morning. Teddy made sure Rhea was well fed and packed extra snacks for her day, so she wouldn't be as tired and hungry like the previous day.

"Rhea….don't you go to school?" An ignorant Armaan could not help asking as they arrived at the field amongst cheers and welcome greetings for Rhea by his team mates.

 "Uncle!" She rolled her eyes, "winter holidays chal rahi hain na aaj kal…..aapko itna bhi nahin pata?"

"OH…of course….of course…I was just testing you," he replied sheepishly, "kaunse school mein jaati ho?"

"Delhi Public School!"

"Really? Main bhi wahin jaata tha….kaunsi branch?"

"Mathura Road!"

 "Main bhi!" He grinned excitedly like a young boy; he was pleased that Nikita had made sure Rhea went to a good school. If it were not for his wonderful teachers at DPS after 3rd grade and his mother's efforts, he would still be illiterate. With Rhea's dyslexia, he was reassured that she was in good hands.

"HI RHEA!" Atul jogged towards them, "Hi Armaan," he added softly. Armaan just nodded gently.

 "Hello uncle! Aapki beti aayi hai aaj?" Rhea asked.

"Haan wo dekho…udhar benches par baithi hai Radhika….tumhara wait hi kar rahi hai…..she has some story books so you both can read."

Armaan snapped his head at the mention of storybook. Quickly, he took Rhea's pad and color pencils from his bag, "Rhea….here…take your pad and pencils…..maybe you both can draw too……stories tho baad mein bhi padh sakte hain."

"Thanks uncle," Rhea looked at him gratefully. She was not looking forward to reading on her first play date with her new friend.

 Explaining that she had dyslexia and that she was not dumb, just different, could be an arduous task as she had learnt through her last few years in school.

The two men watched to make sure that the girls had found each other and then walked towards the nets without exchanging many words.

 That afternoon, Armaan took leave of the net practice early on the pretext of Rhea's dance class. Rhea, who was having a blast with Radhika looked at his watch, "uncle….abhi class mein ek ghanta hai…..itni jaldi kyun jaana hai?"

Armaan, who was looking forward to watching the adult dance practice, just stared blankly, thinking of an excuse, 'uh…wo….wo tumhari teacher ne kaha tha jaldi aane ko….kuch formalities poori karni hain."

"Ok Radhika….I will see you tomorrow," Rhea gathered her pads and pencils from the bench and bade goodbye to her new friend.

"Bye Rhea!" Atul and Radhika yelled.

"Bye Radhika…..bye Atul!" To everyone's surprise, Armaan smiled and waved at both of them.



"Oh Hi Armaan jee… nice to see you again," Anjali met them at the entrance, ignoring Rhea as she usually did.

"Oh Hi!" Armaan halted in his steps and kept a safe distance from the overbearing owner, "How are you Anjalijee!"

"Anjali! Just call me Anjali….or Anji as my close friends call me," she smacked her lips.

 "That's OK….are..are we a little early?" Armaan's gaze wandered around the studio as he pretended ignorance. Rhea ran inside the studio In search of Riddhima.

"Koi baat nahin…come have a cup of coffee in my office….waise bhi aaj saari classes late chal rahi hain."


"Haan….Riddhima had to go for some audition or something… she will start a few minutes late….. Rhea's class won't start for at least an hour or so…..why don't we have some coffee….kuch gup shup karte hain……tell me about all the politics in cricket…..Atul aur aapke baare mein kaafi articles aate rehte hain press mein….come on Armaan jee," Anjali led the way as Armaan followed, not listening to her monologue ; he was wondering about the audition Riddhima had gone for.

"Audition?" He scratched his head.

"Yeah something like that…..Riddhima is a very restless girl…..she is a workaholic……I think she has gone to audition for some dance drama or something……haan tho bataaiye," Anjali settled in her chair after shutting the door after them. Reluctantly, Armaan obliged and sat across from her, "kis type ka dance drama?" He could not help asking.

"You are very curious about my dance teacher? Kya baat hai?" She winked at him, "we all know what a Casanova you are Mr Malik……but don't waste time on that girl."

"Of course not!" He shuffled uneasily in the chair, "I could care less about a girl like her…..itni bad tameez ladki maine aaj tak nahin dekhi……she has no control over her sharp tongue……wo tho Rhea ki wajah se main chup raha…..she has no etiquette… courtesy at all!"

 "I agree! I am just tolerating her through this dance competition…….the ball is in her court now……if our teams win…..she stays….or else she is out of here…..gali gali mein dance teachers milti hain." Anjali poured two cups of coffee, "sugar?"

 Armaan clenched his jaws, "no thanks…I prefer black." He was a bit put off by Anjali's criticism of
Riddhima. He had seen her with the students the previous day, and there was no doubt about her passion and dedication to her work. Somehow he felt her situation akin to his- despite all his talent he was constantly being appraised by the cricketing board, press and critics. Why did she have to win a competition to prove her worth?

"Tho Armaan jee….aapko hamara studio kaisa laga?" Anjali changed the topic.

 "Great! Nice! I love it!" He sipped his coffee and wiped his lips with his tongue.

 "Wonderful! I am sure you wouldn't mind donating something small in honor of this studio….aap is studio ki halat tho dekh hi rahe hain…..I want to expand this studio…..make it more attractive to clients like you… know cater to the elite and all…..tho bataaiye kya kar sakte hain aap?"

Anjali's shrewd and greedy overture incensed him further.

He placed his cup of coffee down and got up, "I will have my manager Muskaan contact you Anjali jee……she keeps track of my finances and accounting…..main tho sirf khiladi hoon….khelna jaanta hoon," with a subdued smile he walked to the door.

"Khiladi tho hain," Anjali walked over to him and drawled amorously, "saari duniya jaanti hai aapke khel," and traced her finger on his jaw, "kabhie hamare saath bhi tho khel kar dekhiye……aapko ek hi ball mein clean bowl na kar diya tho hamara naam badal dee jiye ga."

Armaan stepped away from her lewd advances, "wo…wo…I would love to Anjali…..lekin aaj kal meri ek steady girlfriend hai…..I can't be unfaithful to her."

 "Arre jaaiye bhi," she mocked flirtatiously and grabbed his hand, "is khel ka live telecast karna zaroori nahin hai…..we can keep the broadcast rights private….just between you and me…..kyun?"

"I think…..I need to go….phir kabhie," he forced a smile and threw the door wide open.

To his shock, Riddhima, dressed like a belle dancer stood outside the door with Rhea.

"Anjali hai?" Riddhima asked coldly.

"Riddhima! Why did you have to disturb us? We were having a nice private session inside," Anjali growled at her.

"Nahin….nahin….we were done," Armaan tried to explain. His gaze was glued to Riddhima. The thin veil on her head, shimmer on her face and neck, the figure hugging blouse, her slender velvety waist with a long flowing skirt made her look like an Egyptian princess today. He tried his best to hide his thunderstruck expression from her piercing gaze.
"I just came to inform you that Sid is running a little late……I can't start the adult group practice till he is here……aaj naye steps bhi sikhaane the……we are behind schedule……should I cancel the adult class today?" Riddhima asked matter-of-factly after giving a sharp snubbing glance at Armaan for gawking at her shamelessly.

"Cancel? No way! The clients will all kill me…..get a substitute or something……ask someone to step in for Sid…..that's not acceptable." Anjali glared at her.

"I need a man!" Riddhima stated, "because the step involves lifting …..I can't expect a woman to do that."

"Man? Koi tho hoga studio mein…..let's see," Anjali went ahead in search of a possible stand by partner for Riddhima.

Armaan's heart fluttered at the thought. How he would love to step in-even if it was for a few minutes. He knew nothing about dancing, but was willing to become the best and most obedient student for his enchanting teacher.

"Aise ghoor ghoor kar kya dekha rahe ho?" Riddhima snapped her fingers in front of his face, "Ladkiyaan tho bahut dekhi hain tumney…..main koi ajooba hoon kya?"

"Why…why," he was all flustered, "why would I want to look at you? How can you be so presumptuous? How do you know what I am thinking?" His nostrils flared angrily.

 "Mujhey kya pata? As far as I know….men only think from below their waists….not their heads…..mujhey kya pata is dimaag mein tumhare kitna bhoosa bhara hua hai?" She scorned at him.

 "YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT!" Armaan was offended by her constant jabs at his intelligence and thinking, "tum apne aap ko samajhti kya ho?"

"An intelligent, smart and brave woman who men like you can never intimidate or get… it Mr?" She snapped her fingers again, turned around and slithered away like a serpent after spewing her venom.

 Armaan, stung by her nastiness one more time, was rendered speechless and wordless yet again. The more she nipped at him, the more he wanted her. No woman had ever dared talk to him like that, and no woman had ever consumed him the way she had. Her flowing skirt and her sinuous gait sent him into a frenzy of emotions.

 Transposed to another dreamland where he was a devoted diwana- a qawali singer this time, and she a belle dancer like Sushmita Sen and amrita Arora in 'Tumse milke dilka' from "main hoon na'…….

Ishq jaise hai ik aandhi, ishq hai ik toofaan
Ishq ke aage bebas hai, duniya mein har ilzaam
Ishq mein sab diwaane hain, ishq mein sab hairaan
Ishq mein sab kuch mushkil hai, ishq mein sab aasaan
Dekho pyaare, ye nazaare, ye diwaane, ye parwaane
Ye ishq mein kaise gum

Haay! Tumse milke dil ka hai jo haal kya kahen
Ho gaya hai kaisa ye kamaal kya kahen
Tumse milke dil ka hai jo haal kya kahen
Ho gaya hai kaisa ye kamaal kya kahen

(Dhum tara, dhum tara, dhum tara, dhum tara
Dhum tara dhum tara dhum-ma
Dhum tara, dhum tara, dhum tara, dhum tara
Dhum tara dhum tara hum) -2

Dil toh ik raahi jaana, dil ki tum manzil ho
Dil toh hai ik kashti jaana, jiska tum saahil ho
Dil na phir kuch maange jaana, tum agar haasil ho
Dil toh hai mera tanha jaana, aao toh mehfil ho

Aftab & Hashim:
Ishq se hi saari khushiyaan, ishq hi barbaadi
Ishq hai paabandi lekin, ishq hi azaadi
Ishq ki duniya mein yaaron, khwaab ki aabaadi
Ho gaya woh jisko manzil, ishq ye dikhlaadi
Dekho pyaare, ye nazaare, ye diwaane, ye parwaane
Ye ishq mein kaise gum

Haay! Tumse milke dil ka hai jo haal kya kahen
Ho gaya hai kaisa ye kamaal kya kahen
Tumse milke dil ka hai jo haal kya kahen
Ho gaya hai kaisa ye kamaal kya kahen

Dhum tara, dhum tara, dhum tara, dhum tara
Dhum tara dhum tara dhum-ma
Dhum tara, dhum tara, dhum tara, dhum tara
Dhum tara dhum tara hum

Tumko puja hai, tumhaari hi ibaadat kee hai
Hamne jab kee hai, toh phir aise mohabbat kee hai -2
Dil mera paagal hai jaana, isko tum behlaado
Dil mein kyun halchal hai jaana, mujhko tum samjhaado
Dil ka jo aanchal hai jaana, isko tum lehraado
Zulf jo baadal hai jaana, mujhpe tum barsaado
Jaana leke jaaya hai, tera ye diwaana
Jaan tujhpe mit jaayega, tera ye parwaana
Jaana mere dil mein kya hai, tumne ye na jaana
Jaana tujhko yaad aayega, mera ye afsaana

Aftab & Hashim:
Dekho pyaare, ye nazaare, ye diwaane, ye parwaane
Ye ishq mein kaise gum

Haay! Tumse milke dil ka hai jo haal kya kahen
Ho gaya hai kaisa ye kamaal kya kahen
Tumse milke dil ka hai jo haal kya kahen
Ho gaya hai kaisa ye kamaal kya kahen

(Dhum tara, dhum tara, dhum tara, dhum tara
Dhum tara dhum tara dhum-ma
Dhum tara, dhum tara, dhum tara, dhum tara
Dhum tara dhum tara hum) -2

"ARMAAN JEE!" This time it was Anjali who jolted him out of his day dream.

"Huh? Yeah?" He shook his head out of his stupor like state.

"Would you mind being a stand by till Sid gets here?

"Stand by?"

"Yes…..if it's not a problem?" Anjali looked helpless.

"Sure," he grinned wickedly, "anything for you Anji!" He winked at her and strode nonchalantly towards the dance studio where the anxious dancers and teacher waited for him……

 …to be contd

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