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Intro & Part 1 : Kash SS Saathiyaa


Saathiyaa a new SS on Kash

Hey friends i am going to start a new story of Kash..

After DMG end i felt very sad for Shilpa yaar, aur uswaqt mere mann me bahoot gussa tha but yaah Armaan-Riddhima ko toh milna hi tha after all they waited for so long par Shilpa ke character ke saath unfair huaa tha.. Kyunki na kisiko pata chala vo Riddhima ki behen hai aur naa hi usko uska pyaar mila.. Toh main yeh story laayi hoon Kash ko lekar.. Jahan Dmg ke end ke baad Shilpa ke life me aage kya huaa hai vo imagine kiya hai..

Yup, i will bring proff Karan Malik for Shilpa jo bilkul Armaan ki tarah dikhta hai (Par Bhai nehi hai uska).. Dmg ke saare characters honge even AR also but baad me pehle Kash aayenge..

Introduction of Karan Malik

A very handsome & dashing businessman/proffessor lives his life fully according to his wish, He is a New York return loves his Dad(Malik).. He can do anything for his Dad who is a heart patient not to forget he hates his mother(who is not living wd them).. A cheerful funloving & very happy person but very sensitive also from inside, he rarely gets angry but anger is also a thing which is very dangerous from him that he can forget everyone in anger, he have bad habits like drinking smoking & also late coming but yes if he loves someone he can do anything & he can also leave everything for them

Shilpa ko toh aap jaante hi hain.. Jaise DMG se vo gayi thi bas.. Bas ab zindagi ko thoda alag dekhti hai..

Dekhte hain Karan ko dekhne ke baad Shilpa ka kya reaction hoga aur vo kaise ek dusre ke pyaar me girenge (Not to forget it will be a passionate story).. Haayyee ek toote huye dil ko sambhaalne ke liye ek Dusra tuta huaa dil hi aa sakta hai par vo jo zindagi ko jaanta hai aur jeena sikha deta hai..


Part 1 


4 years later
In Lonavala @ St. Holy Hospital
"Dr Shilpa.." as the nurse calls her name hurriedly the file stumbled from her hand who turned back immediately making her long hairs waved, wearing a dark blue dress she is looking as always stunning wd her innocent green ocean almoned eyes, in these years the only thing changed in her is the way she handles her work & life wd silence & patience 

"Aapne toh dara hi diya tha mujhe sister bataaiye kya huaa?" picking up the file from floor she asked politely but nurse gripped her hand and dragged her towards the OT
"Dr Shilpa vo.. Ek naya patient admit huaa hai jiski condition bahoot critical hai.. Usko heartattack aaya huaa hai please chaliye" this made her worried so she immediately ran towards the OT where that patient was laying on stretcher, in a minute she took him inside the OT and immediately started operating him.. After few hours that patient was taken to one of a rooms coz the operation went successful
"Dr vo thik toh ho jaayenge naa??" an almost 50 years old man asked to Shilpa who just came out from that patient's room 

"Ji vo abhi tak toh vo thik hain par main kuch keh nehi sakti.. Kya aap jaante hain ki unke heart me hole hai aur unke paas time kam hai?" she asked in very careful way which made that man to give a nod in Yes "Toh phir aap itne laparwaah kaise ho sakte hain.. Aap jaante hain ki inhe ab bachaana impossible hai phir kyun aapne inka dhyaan nehi diya.. I mean unko yeh sudden attack kisi shock ki wajah se hai phir kyun dhyaan nehi diya aapne??" in very strict way she started scolding which made that man looked down on floor

"Dr kya hum akele me baat kar sakte hain please" as that man requested she couldn't said No and giving a nod in Yes she took him inside her cabin where she made him sat on chair infront of her "Actually Dr.. Mera naam Arun Gokle hai main inka care taker hoon aur yeh Seoul (South Korea) ke bahoot hi jaane maane businessman Mr Raj Malik hain.. Basically hum rehte Seoul me hain par pichle 4 saalo se hum New York me reh rahen hain kyunki inka iklauta beta Karan wahin job karta hai par thik 3 saal pehle inhe pata chala ki inke heart me ched(Hole) hai toh inhone apne heart ka treatment karwaana shuru kiya New York me par kuch bhi nehi ho paaya kyunki ab yeh nehi bach sakte hain..Inke paas zyada se zyada cheh mahine hain jeene ke liye.. Aur isi wajah se inhone decide kiya ki yeh apni aakhiri saans India me apne seher me lenge jahan yeh pale bade hain.. Toh isiliye yeh yahan aa gayye aur yeh baat inke iklaute bete ko kal tak nehi pata thi par aaj shayad Karan Baba ko New York me inki reports mili jo kaafi pareshaan ho gaya..Aur India ke liye nikal chuka hai, yeh pareshaan ho gayye ki jab usse pata chalega ki ab inke paas jeene ke liye time nehi hai toh kya hoga kyunki Karan Baba ko sir aur maine paala hai bachpan se, bina Maa ke hain vo aur koi bhi nehi hai unka sir ke siwa, toh yeh baat vo bardaast nehi kar paayenge.. Yehi sab sochte sochte sir ko attack aa gaya.." as Arun finished Shilpa became serious also got worried for the patient 

"Vaise toh vo ab thik hain.. Par inko ek hafte yehin rehne de kyunki unka heart bahoot weak hai toh inko bahoot care ki zarurat hai.. Aur haan ab inko har choti baat par aise attacks aa sakte hain toh dhyaan dijiye ki inko koi bhi baat pareshaan naa kare.. Thik hai" saying this politely she smiled making Arun to give a nod in Yes when a nurse knocked on her door who let the nurse in
"Dr Shilpa unko hosh aa gaya hai.." the nurse informed this politely on which giving a nod Shilpa & Arun stood to go.. After few minutes of checking Mr Raj Malik she left them alone inside the room
"Karan aa gaya kya?" in very weak tone Raj asked staring up on Arun who was sitting on chair beside his bed

"Nehi sir.. Baba ki flight ko abhi ek ghanta hai land hone me.." looking down at him he replied politely but hearing this Raj got tensed 

"Pata nehi pure flight me kya soch raha hoga.. Dekh lena gussa hoga vo humse ki kyun yeh baat chupaayi usse.. Aur zarur ro raha hoga yeh khabar sunke.. Aakhir baat itni badi jo hai.. Aur Arun kahin usne tez driving toh nehi ki?? Tumne usse baat ki naa?? Thik toh hai vo?" worry was clearly visible on his face which made Arun tensed seeing his condition

"Sir shaant ho jaaiye.. Vo bahoot strong hain itna toh handle kar hi lenge" he tried to make his fears vanish but Raj knows his son very well 

"Nehii Arun tum nehi jaante bahoot pareshaan hoga vo.. Yehi sochke pareshaan hoon main ki mere baad uska kya hoga" wd sad smile he thought about Karan which made Arun to rub his arm for comfort while in her cabin Shilpa was checking Mr Raj's file when her phone rang
"Haan Maassi.. Main khaana kha lungi don't worry.. Haan baba baccho ke liye gifts aaj lekar jaaungi main Don't worry.. Bas nikal hi rahi thi unse milne ke liye.. Muaahhh.. Aaungi main next week Panchgani.. Bye" talking to Maasi she hung up the phone and finishing her work as per her time she left for Orphange house
Next Day

Aise lehra ke tu rubaroo aagayi (x2)
Dhadkane betahasha tadapne lagin (x2)
Teer aisa laga dard aisa jaga (x2)
Chot dil pe wo khaayi maza aa gaya..

"Yeh Uncle bhi naa kahin bhi bhej dete hain mujhe.. Ab main kahan dhundhun vo Lonavala ki Kulfi.." looking around still sitting on his bike a young and Dashing man said to himself, wearing a black leather jacket folded till his elbows & gray t-shirt underneath wd demin jeans & white snickers he is looking Handsome, Yup! He is Karan Malik our Hero "Kaise pata chalega ki yahaan.. Vo Kulfi milta kahan hoga??" removing his goggles his eyes carefuly scanned the small markets of Lonavala but he didn't spotted any Kulfi stand which made him to wear back his helmet and starting his bike again he started looking again..Its not like that he is not aware about India, he had done his schooling in Lonavala's one of a biggest school also three years ago he got a call from Mumbai university's one of big collage for Student councelling which was done by him perfectly "I think i should go and check in some mall or something.. May be i can get there.. Hmm cool!" thinking this to himself he drove his bike towards any Mall and after searching for minutes he finally saw a big Mall so parking the bike he ran inside to look for it Meanwhile Shilpa also entered in mall wd her orphange kids who were roaming here & there
"Aree.. Ria udhar mat jaao kho jaaogi" holding a 6 years old Ria's hand she scolded which made Ria pout coz she saw few colourful balloons on ground floor while they all were on third floor
"Par meko..vo chaahiye Didi" pointing the balloons she whinned which made Shilpa smiled (Who have dressed a white full flare umbrella dress wd golden earings & silver bangles & not to forget her white Jutti on her feet where a simple golden anklet was making tingling sound, her black long hairs were opened straight) 

"Aree waah.. Birthday mera hai aur gift aapko chaahiye not fair" making a cute adorable face she said in kiddish tone while bending to Ria's level who giggled mumbling 'Pease' which Shilpa cannot refuse "Acha thik hai par aap kahin jaana mat main laati hoon thik hai" kissing her cheek she said lovingly while behind her Karan was coming ahead busy on his phone
"Kya musibat hai yaar.. Ek Kulfi ke liye pura Lonavala dekhna pad raha hai.. Sheyy" cursing it he just passed near from Shilpa who was busy wd Ria while Karan moved towards the lift when Shilpa handed Ria to Rihaana(25 years old orphange girl who is elder in orphange house) then walked towards the lift for ground floor "Vaise Kulfi toh main unko de dunga.. But abhi bhi main unse aur Dad se baat nehi karunga.. Aise kaise itni badi baat vo bhi itne saalo se chupa sakte hain vo.." he mumbled to himself as he entered inside the lift facing the back of lift and still looking down on his phone he pressed the ground floor button when he heard a melodious voice of someone from behind him

Mere rashqe qamar, Mere rashqe qamar, Tune pehli nazar jab nazar se milaayi, Maza aagaya..

"Ek minute.. Mujhe bhi aana hai" running inside the lift Shilpa panted but Karan was facing the back side of lift wall so he could't saw her face but yes her voice gave an unknown sensation inside him who turned to look at her but bad timing she has already turned her back at him, an automatic smile came on his lips as he saw her dressed in Indian wear coz he rarely seen any girl wearing dress since he came in Lonavala
"Baal kitne bade hai iske?" he thought amusingly while keeping his back against the lift wall but yes his eyes were scanning her from head to toe while Shilpa was humming a song (Cham Cham.. From Baaghi) wd a smile but what took Karan's attention was the tingling sound of her simple yet beautiful wd few tingling drops her golden anklet on her feet coz she was slowly slowly tapping on floor "Amazing yaar.." he whispered surprisingly coz this thing he never saw in today's gen on anyother girl he met, Shilpa tucked her hairs a side making her bangles to make noises which made Karan more interested to see her face

Josh hi josh me mere aagosh me
Aake tu jo samaayi maza aa gaya
Mere rashqe kamar, tune pehli nazar
Jab nazar se milaayi maza aa gaya..(x2)

"Jo peeche se itni khubsoorat lag rahi hai aage se toh aur hogi.. I think dekhna padega.." wd crossed hands he thought about her deeply while he moved his head a litte side to see her face "Lambe baal.. Vo bhi black straight.. White dress like a fairy.. Bangles Anklet.. Amazing" he smiled at his thought and pressing his lips he thought to see her face when a phone call disturbed his intention and in very rude tone he attented "Yaah Messy.. What's wrong??" his voice was uninterested but hearing his voice Shilpa's eyes lifted up surprisingly coz it sound familiar (It's not like this she is still stuck in Love wd Armaan.. No not at all coz in her life she is completely over wd him coz it was one sided that too from her side and since she got Riddhima & Armaan united she is genuinely happy for her sister coz how much they suffered she had read on Armaan's dairy.. She is moved on her life wd the success of hers coz now she is one of a best heart doctors in Lonavala so she is happy in her life except the only thing which always made her lonely is the truth that 'She too have family a mother & a sister but still she is away from them' on this she can't do anything but yes there is no regrets & expectations from God.. She is happy and also is ready to face anyone from past happily only if they treat her as Shilpa not Riddhima's sister coz at this point she have accepted that her world is different from them.. And about the voice familliar.. Come on yaar.. Aawaaz se toh kisiko bhi farq padega especially jab aap bahoot saalo baad suno)
"Yeh awaaz toh Arm.. Lekin vo yahan kaise ho sakta hai.. Main bhi naa kuch zyada sochti hoon" she thought confusedly when she heard the man behind her talking again which made her curious to check slowly but before she could look back a sudden move of lift made her frightened coz the lights of lift went off "Aaahhh..." she shouted in fear as the lift jerked them making her bumped wd the side wall while Karan's phone fell down and hearing her scared voice he got startled

Ret hi ret thi mere dil me bhari (x2)
Pyaas hi pyaas thi zindagi yeh meri (x2)
Aaj sehraao me ishq ki gaaon me (x2)
Baarishen gir ke aayin maza aa gaya..

"Hey relax yaar.. Nothing serious.. Bas lift hi toh ruki hai aur andhera hai isme itna chikhne ki kya baat hai.. Am i right??" kneeling on floor he tried to cheer her but yes he was searching his phone in dark when she started panting coz she have clastrophobia (A type of Desease where people have fears & breath problem coz of suffocation)
"Nehi..nneehi ho saakktii main shaant.. Vo voo.." her breath was getting heavier coz the darkness & suffocation was only making her weak in fact she didn't even noticed his voice or something just bcoz her head was spinning which made Karan frowned who can still see her white figure in dark
"Kya musibat hai.. Andhere me mujhe isse darna chaahiye kyunki khud white pehen ke baithi hai Chudail jaisi aur yeh dar rahi hai" he thought trying to understand her meaning, when he heard the sound of her bangles & anklet making loud noises coz she was trying to stand still holding the wall but her knees were getting weak while her eyes were getting heavy "Aree isme dar kyun rahi ho yaar.. Don't worryy sab thik hoga.. I am sure bahar sab thik kar rahe honge miss.. Chu.. I mean jo bhi aapka naam ho.. See" as he got his phone on his hand he stood to calm her but her next words made him stopped
"Ttuum.. Samajh nehi rahe ho..mujhe band jagah se ghutan hoti hai.. Aur aur.." trying to stand she panted which made Karan a little worried coz in his whole life he never got stuck wd any women like this in fact in any situation like this and before he could take any step towards her she directly fainted ahead making Karan to hold her wrist instantly

Mere rashqe qamar, mere rashqe qamar
Tune pehli nazar, Jab nazar se milaayi maza aa gaya...

"Aap.." but his sentence couldn't got finish coz the lights came back of lift but what stopped him was Shilpa, Yes wd her wrist on his hold she have fainted but was hanging down wd her hairs waving, few of them were scattering on her beautiful face which only made Karan's heartbeat skip who was dazed by her look, her pinkish chubby cheeks & rosy lips were only making Karan to guess she is innocent and her closed eyes hinted him they are big but what took his attention was the small golden 'Bindi' on her forehead, definately she is defining beauty.. In very careful way Karan pulled her closer who directly landed on his arms still faint "Woww!" he whispered lostly as she landed on his arms who have held her waist firmly but her head was bending down which he in hasitate way lifted up only to left mesmerised "Tum toh aage se bhi beautiful ho.." he whispered wd dazed smile while siding her hairs from her face but as he touched her face his heartbeat skipped unknowningly, he was holding her in strong grip while his eyes were only fixed on her face who have no idea what is going on wd her fainted figure, his eyes scanned her whole face and in end landed down on her red plumy lips which made his heart thump up loudly "Undoubtly tum beautiful ho" he smiled staring her when the door of the lift slowly started opening which made him alert so wdout thinking much he lifted her up whose head directly landed on his shoulder and as the lift's door opened he saw public who have made crowed to see them
"Sorrryy sir.. Aap dono thik toh hain.. Actually lift ki wires me kuch problem ho gayi thi toh ruk gayi.. Sorry sir" the workers of mall started apologising as he walked out wd Shilpa but he choosed to ignore them coz right now the girl on his arms is more important to him, Don't know why he felt a connection wd her when
"Didi.. Shilpa didi.." Shilpa's orphange kids & two care takers circled Karan who made her sat on one of a bench carefully
"Aap sab inhe jaante hain??" he looked at the care taker woman who immediately gave a nod in Yes worriedly while others started waking up Shilpa
"Jii.. Yeh humaari Di hain vo aaj inka birthday hai toh hum sab ghoomne aaye the aur.. Aur Didu ne promise kiya vo balloon dengi.. Phir" Ria in her kiddish tone tried to answer on which Sagar (8 year old boy) gripped her arm to stop talking wd any stranger but it only made Karan smiled then shaking his head he concentrated on Shilpa who is still faint.. Bending his face at her face's level he stared deeply while his heartbeat skipped wdout any reason

Ranjha ho gaye, Hum fanna ho gaye
Aise tu muskuraai mazaa aa gaya..

"Kitni masoom aur bahoot khubsoorat ho tum.. Aaj tak aisi Indian ladki nehi dekhi yaar" observing her every features he thought smilingly coz the way his heart is reacting he never felt before wd any other girl, he moved his hand to tap on her cheek but his phone's ring made him stopped while Shilpa's all kids & two gaurdians circle her "What mil gaya.. Thank you.. Main abhi aata hoon.." he smiled widely as his one of a driver informed he caught a Kullfi stall so hanging up the phone he turn to go when something stopped him which only made him to look down in fact other kids and everyone also at his wrist
"Hehee.. Didi ka duppatta toh inke watch me fas gaya" a little girl's giggle made him smiled who looked down on his wrist watch where her duppatta's hem stuck wd it
"Jii main help karti hoon" one of a gaurdian lady said to him politely who first looked at her then back at Shilpa

Mere rashke qamar tune pehli nazar
Jab nazar se milaayi mazaa aa gaya (x2)

"Nehi main karta hoon" saying this formly he tried to detach the duppatta which took a lot of time then finally he removed her duppatta from his watch's hold making Karan relieved who was about to go near her but again a call made him stopped so attending the call he ran to go only soon realised about Shilpa which made his legs stopped, he looked back for her from far and he saw she have opened her eyes staring at everyone wd innocent weak look "Gorgeous!" wd a smile he stepped back still staring her who stood up only to hugged by kids which made her giggle where as Karan immediately ran out for that Kulfi stall unknown wd himself that he have fell in love wd her that is also Love at First Sight!! Where as After spending her half day wd kids Shilpa sent them to orphange house while she went to buy something for her patients and from there she directly went to hospital
"Nurse yeh sab kuch healthy chize hain aap jaakar saare patients ko de do.. Main aati hoon" giving the bags to nurse she said in polite tone which made the nurse smiled
"Vaise Dr Shilpa Happy birthday.. Aur aaj aap bahoot acchi lag rahin hain.. Itni ki mujhe dar hai koi aapko dekh kar flat na ho jaaye" she giggled at nurse's compliment
"Flat or bunglow chodo jo kaha hai vo kardo.. Main Mr Malik ko dekh kar aati hoon" saying this smilingly she went towards her cabin to pick Raj's file meanwhile Karan after handling the Kulfis to his Dad & Arun thought to meet his dad's doctor so he was also coming towards Shilpa's cabin
"Dad ko kya lag raha hai ki main unse baat karunga.. Nehi bilkul nehi.. Vo nehi samjhenge ki mujhpar kya beet rahi hai yeh sunne ke baad ki ab unke paas life bahoot kam bachi hai.. Aur jab bolo New York jaane ke liye toh janaab ko sunni nehi hai meri.." he was blabbering to himself while texting his clients something important when he bumped wd Shilpa who was correcting her bangles

Barq si gir gayi kaam hi kar gayi
Barq si gir gayi kaam hi kar gayi..

"Aaahhh..!" but as she bumped wd him closed her eyes in fear while he immediately held her from her waist and as he saw her face an unknown happiness reached his inside his heart
"Tumm!" wd an amusing tone he looked at her surprisingly who opened her eyes slowly but what she saw made her eyes widen, For few seconds both of them staring each other wd different feelings Karan wd surprise & Shilpa wd shock who immediately stepped back pushing him "Hey hiii.. Remember hum.." in excited way he said to her who was completely shocked taking him as Armaan also she thought Riddhima must have sent him for her so giving a nod in No she ran before Karan could finish his sentence making him incredulous that why she ran "What the..?? What was that? Maine aisa bhi kuch nehi kaha??" he soliloquized at this scene coz he was expecting a Thank you but instead she ran away giving him a horrified look as if he is some ghost or demon "Ajeeb hain yahan ki ladkiya" making a strange face he thought to himself then shaking his head he went to look for Dr Shilpa in her cabin but finding it empty he moved away from there.. Where as in fire escape Shilpa was trembling while trying to understand Did she actually saw him
"Zarur..dddiii..ko pata chal gaya hoga..hum behne hain..tabhi Armaan aaya hoga mujhe lene.. So that main Di ke paas wapas jaa sakun.. Pppar.. Mujhe nehi jaana" she sniffed while saying to herself (Her emotion can never be understood by anyone coz what she faced in past don't want in future.. Yaah she had went to look for her Sister & Mother in Sanjeevani but seeing them happy in their lives she got they don't need her.. Also she lost her heart to the person who is madly in love wd her sister although now she doesn't have any feelings for him except he is her sister's husband but now she can't go back there..Coz she have understood she don't deserve a family) "Mmmain dii se keh dungi ki main nehi aaungi.. Haan" wipping her tears she decided "Bhagwaan agar gift dena hi tha toh kuch aisa dete.. Jo main sambhaal paaun.. Yeh nehi kuch bhi par yeh nehi.. Main nehi reh paaungi" she cried while praying to the God!
After 30 minutes in Raj's room
"Kulfi khilaane ka yeh matlab nehi hai ki maine aap dono ko maaf kar diya hai" wdout averting his eyes away from his phone he said to Raj & Arun who were staring him smilingly after having their Kulfis while Karan was sitting calmly on the couch put inside their hospital room
"Sorry Karan.. Par baat ko samjho na yaar.. Kyunki agar main teen saal pehle tumhe batata toh tumhe bahoot takleef hoti aur main apne bete ko marte time toot te huye nehi dekh sakta tha.. Aur" as Raj tried to make him understand he got angry so keeping his phone aside he stood up
"Haan taaki jab aap chale jaate is duniya se aur mujhe pata chalta toh bahoot khushi hoti naa?? Aur kis takleef ki baat kar rahen hain aap.. Vo jo mujhe kal mila.. Aap nehi samjhenge Dad mujhe kitna hurt huaa yeh jaankar ki mere Dad is condition me hain.. Aur main bewkoof teen saal se samajh nehi paaya" pain was clearly visible on his face which made Raj emotional even Arjun also "Aree isse toh sahin yeh hota ki aap mujhe pehle hi bata dete at least yeh toh pata hota ki mere Dad ke saath mujhe time spend karna hai.. Business ko side kar deta.." this he said in soft voice which made Arun to move and rub his back to make him calm "Rehne dijiye aap toh bilkul.. Vo nehi bata sakte the aap toh bata sakte the naa.." pushing his hand like an angry kid he looked at Arun who smiled knowing very well its his helplessness
"Sorryyy" both the oldies held their ears cutely which somewhere melted his heart but showing not to them he made a straight face
"Rehne do rehne do.. Mujhe farq nehi padta.. Main aap dono se baat hi nehi karne waala.. Jaa raha hoon aapki Dr Shilpa se milne ki ab kya report aayi hai aapki" saying this cute in anger he turned to go making both of them to smiled at his anger which is like a monsoon weather

Aaag aisi lagaayi mazaa aa gaya..!!!

"Sister unko sirf healthy aur.." Shilpa was coming towards the room while instructing the nurse when she bumped wd Karan who was in hurry which resulted Shilpa fell on floor "Ouch!" her hairs hidded her face which made Karan to apologise while saying Sorryy when she looked up "Andhe ho.." but her sentence couldn't got finish as she saw Karan who was already staring her in surprise coz this is the third time of this day he collided wd her
"Dr Shilpa aap thik toh hain?" nurse asked concernedly but her shock eyes were only fixed on Karan who too was staring her but wd unknown feelings
"Karan kya karte ho beta.. Dekho vo gir gayyi" Arun scolded which broke both of them's thoughts and in slow way Karan forwarded his hand to her who wdout looking up at him ran from there which made everyone confused
"Areee phir..??" Karan was not understanding why she ran again when nurse said 'Dr Shilpa suno toh' it took Karan's attention "Vo.. Vo Dr hai?" as he asked this unbelievingly nurse gave a nod in Yes
"Haan.. Vo meri dr hain Karan.. Shilpa naam hai.. Bahoot pyaari hai" hearing his Dad's voice he looked back still not believing she is a doctor
"Par samajh me nehi aa raha vo bhaag kyun gayi?" Arun spoke confusedly which made Karan to shook his head
"Unbelievable.. Ek number ki darpok aur doctor??" as he said this unbelievingly Arun & Raj frowned wd amusement while nurse giggle hearing this when Raj asked 'Kya tum mil chuke ho usse?' at this shaking his head he sat on a chair beside his Dad's bed "Haan aaj hi mila isse.. Aur kya Darpok ladki hai Dad aur ajeeb bhi.." in excited way he narrated the whole incident which made both the oldies laugh coz Karan told how she reacted seeing him few minutes ago outside her cabin, Nurse also giggled hearing this, Karan have no idea that he have fell in Love at first sight of Shilpa!

Let's see How he will realise this and How Shilpa will get that he is Karan not Armaan.. Just wait for the next part who loved this story and who not, i can't help it!

Do tell me.. Kaisa laga Karan aur uski kahaani?



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