Sunday, 2 December 2018

Last Part : How Much - U Love Her (mini)

"I want a girl'" he behaved adamant

"Arman ' Its not in '."

"same eyes ' same hair' same innocence ' same cuteness' as in a total duplicate of u '!" he interrupted her ', tears came out from her eyes'

"I m scared..!" she hugged him tight

"why?" he was worried because he thought now every thing is ok'.

"what if u left me again?" she sobbed'

"Not now Riddima' u r mine' and u will remain mine'" he rubbed her back'. Claming her down'

Soon both drift off in each others arms'.


"Good Morning'" he pecked her lips'

"Good morning '" breaking the kiss' due nausea' she got up from his lap'.

While he straightened his legs ' and relaxed his muscles' when he saw Riddima Running to the washroom.

"Riddima?" he got up with a confused look'. He felt his heart throb when he saw her puking'' "ohh' its ok' let me bring 'a rose soap or some thing ' that might make u feel good'" he patted her back'. Passing her a towel

"Bring the rose one' I feel much bad with others" she said while washing her face' he nodded and went down ' it was half dark out in world'

He felt peaceful' he didn't knew why 'but being with some one made him feel much calmer' living alone with walls was hard'. No one to speak for 7 years was hard'. He took a seat on the dinning table' looking around the house'

"Arman?" Riddima said walking down' "tum yahan ho'! I have been waiting for u up their from last 30 minutes'!" she walked up to him and grabbed a seat beside him ' snatched the soap from his hand'  she was shock to see two tears falling down from his eyes'

She herself didn't knew what made her do 'that but she moved closer and sucked each of them' he closed his eyes' and carefully made her sit on his lap' while she kissed his forehead ' kissing his eyes that just brought more tears due to affection 'then nose ' rubbing her teeth's their' and then giving him a small peck on lips' finally he smiled

"hmmm' I love when u smile..!" she said hugging him tight.. "please forget the past' I don't want to think of it now' I want to live the rest of my life'. Hugging u like this'" clutching her arms around his neck

"Probably my neck would break then" he chucked to get a smack on his back'.

"u always destroy the most intense moments' with ur sick jokes..!" she said parting away.. .but still sitting on his lap

"Oh really?" he smiled which surely reached his eyes'

"yes' and please can u go and make Rehan ready' as I m doing that from last 7 years' and  I think its high time' u start doing it now.." she said while getting up' and walking to the kitchen'

"Ok" he excitedly walked to Rehan's bedroom' she could tell ' that OK had soo much in it'.. She sighed and went in the kitchen


"hey buddy ' wake up!" Arman took him up in his arms'.while Rehan's head landed on Arman's shoulder ' "Oyee Rehan.. Get up..!"

"nooot in a mood'" he whispered while pecking Arman's cheek'

Arman smiled and kissed him back

"U have to ' or else ur mom willl eat u 'and me too" both giggled but soon Rehan opened half eyes'.

"hey dad'" pecking his lips' Arman's eyes cocked up ' he smiled ' his smiled got bigger and bigger ' he didn't knew if he could remember soo many kisses in one day' or what will happen if he kept  on getting this  again and again' he smiled thinking

"ok '. So u can't go school as ur feet is cracked a bit ' right?"  with a grin.

"yea'" Rehan said while keeping his head back in his neck "how is Mama..? is she ok?" he asked looking up at him

"yes' and u know we have a surprise for u'" Arman said with a grin

"I knew it I knew it ' a sister Right" Armans eyes pop out ' at his cleverness "How did u know'?"Arman couldn't help but ask'.

"Dad' I know every thing'" Rehan said proudly while brushing his hair away from his eyes'

Arman couldn't help but laugh

"tumpa Gaya hai' bohat batamiz hai'" Riddima walked in the room

"Oh mama'" Rehan jumped in her arms' "I want a girl' and I want it right now" he slipped down on his one feet' "where is it'"

"hey hey buddy'" making him stop' "it will take 9 months'" making Riddima go red'

"why not NOW!!" Rehan said'

"I don't know!" giving up '. Arman made a weird face'

"Rehan come here'" Riddima sat on bed while making him sit on her lap' while Arman moved his hand in his hair and sat on floor in front of her'. With cross legs'

"Look the baby is in my stomach'" she tired to explain him

"What' as in here" Rehan said keeping is hand on her belly '

"Yes'" she said -- Arman smiled

"how will it come out'?" Rehan's next question

"it will come out in 9 months by it self'" she was feeling hard to explain now'.

"HOW mama!" Rehan asked wrapping his arms around her belly' and looking up'

"Ask ur dad'!" she made him sit on bed and walked out' while got all red

"dad' Explain" crossing his small arms on chest' sitting right in front of Arman, who sat on floor and was looking back at her disappearing body'

"Rehan' come on yar' forget it' we will see how it comes after 9 months ok??" he said getting up'.

"but'?" Rehan'

"hey ' u want new video game?" Arman said' picking him up


"ok kool' but promise u wont make ur mama embarrass by asking these type of question" Rehan frown and bit his lower lips with question and thought what was embarrassing in asking !

"Ok .. .but I don't get it'."

"u will'when u r at my age'" Arman smiled at how naughty yet innocent his son is


"Rehan Kahan hai?" Riddima asked feeling his presence in kitchen

"ba har '. Watching T.v..!" he moved closer with small steps' "u still wearing this sari'" he smiled at her seeing in the same sari' the green one'. He just loved this color on her "It looks nice. Really nice'" she gasped feeling his foot step getting closer'

"Thanks'." She placed an egg on the fry pen '. And turned it round while he passed his hands from her waist side and pulled her back' moving his hand on her belly'

"u know' I can't resist u'. I feel like making love to u here 'Right Here!" he said kissing her ear lobe'

"Shut up Arman '." Moving him away' she placed the break fast on table and walked out to take Rehan


"hey '. Dad' lets go we will watch film'" Rehan said pulling his arms up in ear, so that Arman can pick him up

"OHk' but which one'?"Walking in the dinning hall along with Rehan

"ahhh'.my favorite! Gajaini'.." Rehan said while Arman made weird faces

"ok'" Rehan kissed his cheeks' and played the Cd' and Arman settled on the front couch

"I will sit on floor'" Rehan said while placing a big cushion on floor beside Arman's Feet'

"Come" Arman said, patting the place beside him and looking back at Riddima who was thinking to go up in her room to change or sit here with boys

"ah' I was thinking to go and change first'"she walked up to them

"sit for a while then u can change'" he looked at lovingly'

"yes mama..!" Rehan said and pressed the play button

"Ok ' let me close lights'" Riddima said

After closing light she went and sat with Arman' who passed a simple smile to her' and took a sigh' his hand went around her waist to other side and pulled her '.close'

She gasped as his fingers stroked her bare waist while his eyes were lock on the T.v'. She had placed her head on his chest and was looking up at him '. Exploring his featured face'.

Soon a slight frown formed on his head when he felt a finger poking on his chest ' he looked down at Riddima and asked her with eyes'

She shook her head and kept her finger on his lips' and moved them'putting her finger in his mouth to part his lips' he was groaning insidely '. His eyes were locked in hers' he sucked her finger, she tried to take it out when he lightly bit it' making her glare ' she moved her finger on his check sensuously'. Making him moan quietly'

"Want to go in a room?" she mumbled across his cheek' he nodded weakly' and his finger kept moving around her back'. And then on her abdomen ' touching her navel' making her close her eyes'.

"U r pregnant'!" he said with pouted lips'

"I know..." she bit her ear lobe' "I m in my 1st month' and there's no problem ' until 3rd month'." She whispered '..Kissing his cheek lightly

"But ' it could be dangerous'" he whispered back

"No It wont be' I know ' Muskan told me" she said being restless moving her hands on his thighs'.

"Riddima'. I still think" his eyes pop out feeling her hand on his zip '"Riddima... Rehan '" she frowned irritatingly and moved away'.


"Yea mama'" Rehan said while looking at T.v

"I m going for changing ' and NO one disturb me'OK" with a stern voice'

"ok mama'!" still busy in looking movie'

"I mean NO one!!" she said it again and made her way' up to her room

Arman smiled and looked at the movie'

30 minutes passed away while the boys were busy watching the movie'

Soon phone rang' and Arman picked It up

"Hello who is it?" he smiled, hearing a sweet voice' "Yes sweetie he is here' me ..? I m his dad'!" with dimples "off course u can come and meet me when ever u want' Nisha'" Arman said

"Dad'Is it Nisha??" Rehan jolted up limping with the support of Arman's knee

Arman nodded

"Give it too me ' Give it too me" trying best to reach up to the phone

"OK ok ' lover boys chill" Arman handed him the phone and watched the movie' he saw Rehan hanging up

"I have to go to Nisha's place' she needs help in her homework'!" Rehan said while limping to the door' "She lives next door '. And Dad' I will be Ur best man '. Ok'. Tell me when r u getting married so Nisha can buy a nice dress'" he added while walking out

Leaving a half shock Dad ' behind... he sighed'

'Man!! He is surely my son!' Arman thought and made his way up to her room


"Riddima..?" he opened the door' and peeped his neck in ' to see her rapped in a shot white towel' around her body'. That landed upper than her knee' ear phones in her ear' and head moving with the flow of song' her eyes were closed '. Body was leaning back on her one arm' kept on the bed and other opening her hair knots'.

He smiled ' and walked up to her'. He sat beside her and his eyes fall on her chest that was oozing out'. He felt a pang to open it 'his hand went forward '


He touched and it fell as it was not tied properly' Riddima felt the towel moved away from her breast she opened her eyes to see Arman's face right next to hers'. She gasped '. She felt his eyes boring in hers'

She gasped louder when his palm captured her one bosoms'

"Arman'?" she said with closed eyes'.he went down and sucked it '. "Armaannn" she whined, her hands went down to the towel that was on her belly ' she tried to push it up but his face turn to other bosom' he sucked that too'. And played with the others' making her shiver'. She pushed him roughly' and pulled the towel up to her chest'.

And shook her head vigorously' backing on bed'

He nor smile neither frowned'. He crawled up to her'..

"u made Nisha call at home?" he bit her ear lob' she could help but nod' "So now ur son is gone'. And we can'. U know'" kissing her shoulder'.

"I think'. We should not '." She tried to back off' feeling how passionate he was getting'

"I don't think I can back off now'" sucking her throat'

"Arman' I feel ' different'" she tried to explain'. He snatched the towel and looked at her body'' she slapped him to make him look away' "Stop staring airman' as if u haven't seen me'" she said while taking a pillow and keeping it on her body as a cover'

"No 'Riddima I haven't seen' let me have a look at it'" he moved up to her and tried to moved the pillow but she hugged the pillow and smirk' "SO 'Soon to be Mrs. Malik is playing with me'haan" her breath did stop for a second but soon she smiled that reached up to her eyes' his hand went around her bare-waist and he turned her around '.. making her on top on him'.

The pillow was still in-between them'.

"Ahhh ' Arman.." she gasped feeling his hands capturing her hips'. Through his palms'.Moving them ' sensuously ' "stop that Arman  ... please'. No Arman'." She felt his hand going down to her inner thighs' "Please don't even think of it'" she pleaded' while he smirk' seeing how nervous she was'

He reached the spot'.

" no Arman '" she whispered and moved the pillow away ' her body fell on his' he stroked the place' and pulled his finger in ' she moan really loud' she had never in her wild dream thought that he will do that' soon he turned her round ' making her cry in pain'  "Please Arman sto ..stop' it" she tired to make him stop''. Trying to reach the hand '.but her hand never reached his' he kept on moving it in' making her moan '. He went down and kissed her stomach'.

"I wont stop ' until u take off my cloths'" he said while moving his finger in her'

"How ' will I '" she cried '. While moving her hips

He sat on bed and pulled her in his lap ' while moving the finger in her'.

"ahhh Arman'." She ripped his shirt '.. and threw it away '. While moving up due to pain he was causing'. "U r a moron u know'" pushing her away' he took of his jeans'. He jumped over her'.

"Yup I know'." He went in her '. With a gush


"So guys '.ready..? It's a big day for u both?"

"Yes Muskan we r'" Arman said ' keeping his hand on her waist' while Riddima just smiled "where is my best man'" Arman asked while looking around '

"Here I m dad..!" Rehan came

Soon the father called them'.

"Do u take her as ur wife?" Father asked

"Yes I do'" Arman said holding her hand

"And do u take him as ur husband'"

"Yes I do'"

"U may exchange the rings'." Father said'

Rehan gave them the rings and soon they placed it in each others fingers '.

"Now u can kiss the bride'" father said with a smile

Arman moved closer '. And moved the white net away from her face' Riddima's breathe were raised up to no limit'

He took hold of her one hand'. And while his other went to her waist ' he made her tilt a bit down and went down to kiss her '.. they soon broke the kiss ' seeing people eyeing them'. And doing awww ohhhh

"wow' I m happy to get a super Kool Dad..!" Rehan jumped and went up to Nisha'

"I love u" Arman whispered while pecking her lips once more

"I Love u' too Arman" Riddima said while standing straight on her feets'

"U know' if it wasn't your five month then I would have Told u How Much ' I love u!" he took hold of her swollen lips' while she smiled in between the kiss'


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