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Last part : Kismet (AR ss)

after got dischared from hospital armaan took riddhima along with him to his house' he was very happy but do not know why??????

" riddhima aayo ye tumhara room hai'.tum yahaan raho aaram se koi problem nahi hai..'"

" armaan tumhare gher mein koi aur nahi hai'" asked riddhima hestitatly'

" nahi actually I m bechalor toh koi nahi hai aur hai waise bhi main delhi mein rehta hooon toh rent par hai'"

Armaan understand her hesitation'

" do not worry riddhima trust me...... I will not cross my lines'"

" its okay armaan I completely trust you'" said riddhima with a assurance'

" okay riddhima tayyar ho jaao' we have to go to a party'"

Both get ready for the party'armaan gave riddhima a pink churridar for party' riddhima like his taste very much'

In party'every one was congratulating armaan for his success' riddhima was very happy to see that' when they called armaan to stage for medal riddhima clapped with full force' as she can do'

In party a friend of armaan vivek was gazing riddhima continuously'. He was lusting on riddhima' he came close to riddhima and put his hand on her thigh and start creasising it' riddhima did not like it' she just get up and start going from there'

" kahaan jaa rahi ho' " saying this vivek pull her towards him'

" bolo ek raat ka kitna lo gaayi..."  then he just get a punch from armaan on his face'

" tumhe pata nahi hai izzat daar ladakiyon se kaise baat ki jaati hai'"

" izzat daar aur ye'" said vivek with a grin..

" oh come on armaan hum sub jaante hai ki tum is ko kahaan se le kar aaye ho ek beer bar se naa' toh wahaan kaun kaam karte hai a proticiqute'

" just shut up' khabar daar jo is ke bare mein kuch bhi kaha' I will kill you'" saying this they left the party'.

Riddhima was weeping '.all the way to home in car she was crying silently' armaan try to make her calm but she was riddhima and did not stop crying'

As they reached home riddhima ran to her room 'and start crying again' armaan felt really sorry'

" riddhima pls chup ho jaao' pls' dekho' who toh hai hi aisa' main jaanta hoon ki tum aachi ladaki ho 'pls riddhima do not weep'" he said while cupped her face in his palms'

He can not see her in pain' and now he is sure that he loves her'

Saying this is slowly put his lips on hers' she also respond it'

" riddhima main tum se kuch kehna chhahta hoon' riddhima riddhima'..         '..I love you'."

She felt so everwelhmed, she didn't how the reply, she was so surprised to say something. Then suddenly word came out "Yes"

Listening to Ridhima, Armaan jumped in joy,

He hugged her tightly and kissed her gently in her lips as he found her responding he kissed her passionately. Moving back he said "Say me again that you love me"

"I love you" and this time she kissed him encircling her hand around his neck and he placed his hand around her tiny waist' They broke from the kiss as they were out of breath. Armaan looked at Ridhima with such a passion that she lowered her eyes and hugged him'

" riddhima will you marry me'."

" yes''"   listening this armaan filed with joy for the first time in life he was so happy'. Armaan kissed her again'.

"Ridhima if you don't want me to continue then stop me right now, I won't do anything"She kissed his chin giving him signal to continue.

Armaan kissed her on her face making her breath with difficulty. Armaan took out one by one Ridhima dress. He kissed on her body everywhere, not leaving a single place.

Ridhima moaned and then he took his clothes, she kissed him on his chest making him groaned. He gently parted her legs one he was sure he can continue, he entered making her cry in pain, pain of pleasure. Moth moved in rhythm with each other.

Once they were exhausted, they both fall asleep, in each other's arm.

Next day the went to mandir and marry their riddhima was very happy as she is married now ' with a person who loves her a lot'

And they went to delhi as where armaan was used to live' and was on mission in Mumbai'

Armaan take her to his house' that's is a bunglow'.

"armaan ye hum kahaan aa gaaye'"

" riddhima ye tumhara ghar hai humara ghar hai..." said armaan while huggging her from back...

" armaan par ye toh..."

" riddhima yahaan meri mom dad rehte the.. par unnki death ke baad mera yahaan mann nahi laaga aur main flat mein shift ho gaaya tha.. par ab nahi ab ho naa tum mere saath...  we will live here and will start a new life from here..." riddhima truned and kissed him'

In night'armaan gave her a beautiful but sexy gown to wear'

She was looking beautiful and extremely hot, in the red sexy nighty up to her knee and it was really short. Her wrist were full with red bangles, Her parted hair were full with vermilion and the mangalsutra was tied around her neck.

He take her in his arms' and headed towards to the bed'

He kissed her forehead, her eyes, her cheeks, her nose, her chin. Ridhima moaned.

Armaan smiled and kissed on her lips. Then they freed each other from their dresses. Armaan took bangles out and with each bangle he left a kiss here and there. Once her wrist were empty, he took his lips to her neck and he kissed there. Ridhima took her hand in his hairs and moaned.

Armaan kissed her there and took the mangalsutra out as it was disturbing him from having a better access. He then gave her a love a bite which made her cry. Armaan then licked the same place making her lost in their love land.

They spend the night making love to each other, it wasn't their first time but still it was their first time after their marriage.

Like this they live their whole life with love'.

"Mauqadaar likhne waale tunne kammi na ki'.

 Mauqadaar likhne waale tunne kammi na ki'.

Ab kiss ko kya milla ye mauqadaar ki baat hai...."

"God ne sub ko aachi kismat di hai.... so never cruse god if any thing just wrong happen in your life...."

Chahat Malhotra 

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