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Last part : Ought to happen (AR ff)

"Ar-man" she unplugged his hand and tried to go and change'. When he turned her round and pulled her night suit up to her chest ' and moved his hand on her  back sensuously  "arman..!" she gasped louder'. Feeling his hand.'

 "NO'." she pushed him away and looked at him ' scarily'

 "Don't u want me?" he make a step towards her'

"NO" she whispered, walking back'

 "then why did u wait for me whole day!" he pointed while walking closer to her

 "I didn't!" she replied

 "yes u did!" he sighed and made a step closer to her' while she banged right at the back' wall

"No ' I just'. I jus'" she tried to say'. 'GOD HOW do we say' this.?? I want to kiss u'! it will look awful!' she thought '

"U just What" pinning her'. Keeping his thumb on her chin and pulling it up ' staring at her pink  lips'. and then in her hazel eyes

"I wanted a kiss" she said it' she didn't wanted ' but the words just came out'.. she had no control over it'

"why? As per u ' U don't love me" he kissed her on chin, below lips' teasing her

"a.aaa I like u" closing her eyes'

"I will only kiss the one, who loves me!" he pointed out while touching her cheek bone through knuckles'.

"but I don't know what really love is" she looked up at him'

He shook his head'


"Love is love'.the person u care for' when u see ur love hurt u feel the pain right her" poking his finger in her heart' feeling how fast her heart beat was'. "When Ur love smiles' it feels ur work is done' ur work is finish' the work given to u was accomplish'!"he rubbed her arms'. Pulling her body weight on him lightly' "when u touch ur love ' u feel that was the only thing that u were waiting for' when u feel secured in ur loves arms'" he embraced her lightly' telling her did she felt safe! and she placed her head on his heart with closed eyes "when u feel u are aroused with a new feeling' when ur love, loves u' same as u want' when ur love do what u want'. U feel happy' and the truth is there is a hidden happiness of ur love behind the happiness u Feel'" he pulled her even more close

She frowned a bit '.

'why do I feel everything he said has already happening to me..!' she thought'

"hey soa gayi kya?" he chucked

"Nai' I feel secured here" she whispered ' both were just shock to here that' it was not meant to say ' it just came out from her heart' and she felt good' yea she felt good here' she wanted to stay here' for God know'how long'

"then ' we can sleep'as I m tired.." he answered back honestly'

"Ok'" she moved back'

"no ' I meant we can sleep while hugging" pulling her back into a hug and walking towards the bed' "did I told u ' u look Supper dupper  hot in this nighty?"

She shook her head' while keeping her head on his shoulder with close eyes'.

"then I m gonna tell u ' that u look ' extremely supper hot /'.." she placed her finger on lips'.

"shhuhuhhh' u speak a lot'. I like silence.. can u feel silence speak much more than words?" she crawled on the bed to her side' he stared at her in awe' and sat on the bed ..

"I can do things in silence ' that might be entertaining '" he looked at her ' tucking in the bed'.and winked

"do u want to sleep on bed or on couch?" she glared at him'

"hmmm' I can go on couch if u don't want me here" he teased her'

"fine ' get lost" she kicked his leg as he tucked in the bed'

"oww' crazy women !" Arman said, massaging his knee back'.

"huh?" she twisted in bed and looked away..

He smiled and slept peacefully'while hugging her from behind.


"u going?" Riddima asked while pulling his tie up to his neck'

"hmm" he moved his hand on her waist '

"u always go ' leaving me alone here!" keeping her head on his chest

"mom is here'. Every one is here' why do u feel alone" he embraced her in a hug with a hug smile' seeing how it was working on her '

"Armmmannn" she whined and twisted in his arms

"hmmmmmm" he said in the same voice holding her' kissing her hair "Arreee gira jayen ga Riddima'" before he could finish ' due to riddima's constant movement they were on the bed '

"ahh" she whined '

" I should be the one saying this '!" he looked at her "kya hogaya ha tumhe?"he moved the strand behind her hand' and pulled her up'

"Mujha ?Mujha kuch nai' tumhe kya hua? Ghar late ata ho'! Baat nai karta..! 1 month hona wala hai 'shaadi ko' aur" Pause "mujha office join karna ha dubara..Bas"she stood up angrily'

"but tum na hee tou kaha tah' give me time' I m giving u time Riddima'  take ur time to accept me as much time u need.!" He stood up ' pulling his shirt down'

"that doesn't mean u keep on running away!" she settled on bed and cried her heart out' "I have always got less love' I have never got what I want..! I always have to say what I want'! No one understands me..! u said u loved me? Right?  Then don't people understand each other in love?" she cried out '

He looked at her strangely.. and settled beside her

"kya hua hai Riddima" he moved his fingers in her

"Pyar HUA HAI ARMAN!!" she shouted and running to the gallery'

He smiled and jumped in excitement' while punching in air '

He went after her with a huge smile ' and spun her around '

She smiled with tears'

"say it again.." he rubbed his nose on her cheek' she shook her head and mumbled no "please" he said with dancing eyes

"I love .. u arman" she hugged him tightly'

"I love u too'" she twirled her around the room

"armannn .. Put me down!" she shouted '. While he kept her down with a huge grin and moved closer to her " no Arman" pushing him through chest'

"Now what yaar?" he whined'

"not Now..!" she said while pushing him through her palms' placed on his chest'

"now now" he whined and pulled her closer

"NOoo'" she turned her face side ways ' hitting his chest ' "ewww Armannn" she giggled, when he licked her cheek'  " stop it arman !" he went down to her collar bone' "ahhh" she jumped a bit as he pinched her waist.. "why did u pinched me?" she asked angrily'

"I felt like" he twisted his nose ' and pulled her closer' moving her kurta a bit up ' and touching her waist "can I do that once more" he pleaded

"no'" she turned "go Arman' u have office'"

"We have a Honey moon waiting for us'" she turned with surprise ' shock and a bit mouth open'

"Oh my God 'Really.?? We going out ?? on a trip" she jumped over him "I love u Arman' I was sooo bored up ' now I can have some fun and all" she jumped like kid while hugging him

"yea fun with me' in bed" he whispered in her ears'

"in bed??" she moved away but her hands were still locked on his neck'

"yup.!" He nodded with a grin' "what else people do on honey moon?" pulling her closer

"hmmm' roam around streets ' look at shops' buy staff' cuddle each other' and"

"and love each other ' the most important thing'" he kissed her ' and both fall on bed ' kissing each other as if it was last thing they just wanted to do'.

She tried to break' as it was her longest kiss till now and she surely wanted air' but as for him'. He was not in a mood to let her goo' he moved Stroking her waist''finally leaving her lips'. He went down to her throat '. Kissing it'..

"Ar' man" she moved her hand down to stop him'.  While fidgeting with her hand

Soon he pulled the skirt a bit down' her hand was a bit far to pull it back up '. He rubbed his thumb'. On the strip of her panty. ' making her panic'.. after while her eyes pop out feeling his hand on her upper th***s' grabbing them ' massaging them'. '. She at once pulled her self up ''to log '.. he was still sitting on knee' her knee were close to her face'. She shivered feeling his lips on her knee then thigh'

She pulled her knees up to her face' he grinned  taking off his shirt making her close her eyes' and he pulled the tie of his head'  he moved up to her' touching her legs that were pulled up to her face' his fingers brushed her legs which were touching her legs'. She tried to get up' but soon his palm grabbed her knees'.. and slowly he parted them'''looking straight in her eyes'..he pulled them around his waist' she gasped in fear'

He grinned while stroking her '. Not to find anything'..soon she stroked his lips' moving them up and down' feeling his dry big lips'. Making it moist' he groaned' when she bit his lower lips'.. he broke the kiss .

"let'. Me open it first" he tired to say but she was far away to here this ' she went to his neck and bite him their'. Moving her hands on his back'. Making him go crazy with her wild things' he took hold of her kurta from down and pulled it through her head'. Seeing her arms setrch up in sky he took hold of her breast' she moaned '. He pulled her shirt away and grabbed them'.  She knew there was no back out now' and she knows whatever is gonna happen she wont regret it ' as she is doing it for her self too' she needed him as much he needed her'. Soon he throws all the barriers'. And threw her on bed while going up to her throat ..'. She kept on twisting her head' hitting the pillow'.. Trying her best to say him '. Come back not to go down any further.....

He kissed her on her lips'. Making her calm a bit'. He kept on kissing her till he went out of her'. They both slept after kissing each other once more '. Cuddling in each others arms'.

He forgot everything '. Even that it was 10 in morning ' but they were so exhausted that they just went to sleep' and she due to pain 'cuddled next to him


"I love u Arman" she said, while coming out of the car' and walking in to their office

"I love u too' sweetie..!" he kissed her right on her lips' and she reciproted with love and care'

"I can't believe it had been 3 year'. And ' and" he closed the lift'.

"and we still love each other the same we did.!" Arman completed the sentence'.

"hahha yea'.. and we have"

"two kids'" he again completed'. Pressing her body with his'. The lift jerk a bit'

"and ' and '"

"and we are gonna have a third one" he placed his lips on hers'. Making her blush to core'. He touched her check with affection and stared at his love ' with all zeal'

Their eyes had a different spark'.

Lift open ' they walked out in hands'

"hey love birds" Atul came up to them'.

"Hey.." both mumbled' leaving each others hand'.

"No ' no .. .hold it' this whole Office is Your Bed room'! Right guys" Atul shouted in middle of the office area

"obviously'" all shouted'

"happy anniversary 'man" atul said' hugging them in one go

"thanks.." they mumbled blushing hard'

"I want a girl This time ..bhabhi.!" atul said ' "two boys are enough" giving arman a highfive

"I can't believe I fall for my boss.." Riddima said ' making the dou chuck '.and saw her walking to her cabing and shouting on Alexander'.

"Gosh' Atul I love Her..!" Arman said

"Things that are ought to happen' just happened'" Atul patted his back 'and walked out'

"Hmmm ' it was ought to happen" he smiled dreamily ' and went to her cabin'



"hmmm" hugging her from behind'

"we got the tender.." she whispered while he kissed her cheek

"really?" he twirled her around carefully.

"yea'." She smiled --- but soon frowned "Ouch" she clutched her abdomen'

"Kya hua?" he looked deep on her'

"Ouchhhh" she shouted pushing him away "GODD' I HAV TOOO GO TO HOSPITAL..!!" she shouted..

"Shit shit ' its 8  and half month how come now'"

"f**k I don't KNOW !!!" she pulled his shirt '.

"ok ok ' relax' come '"

"Ahhhhhhhh" she shouted'

He picked her up '

"ATULL'. HURRY UP" Atul, who was talking to an employee' took his phone and booked everything at hospital and ran after the dou'

"Riddima everything will be OK" Atul tried to help'.

"SHUT UPPP" She shouted' making his look straight' while arman drove to Hospital'


"Congrats Mr. Malik ' it's a girl..!" Doctor shook hands and walked away with a smile ' while the brothers jiggled at the news' after few minutes Arman was allowed to go in'. to meet his lover ' and his girl'

Things that were ought to happen just happened!

-------------The End-------------


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