Saturday, 1 December 2018

Part 1 : Lucky...Who? Me...?

Today I am standing in the balcony looking at the sky..remembering all the good and bad memories'rather I should say more bad memories..coz I hardly remember any good is my last day in this house..the house where i grew up...i house which gave me everything.. I closed my eyes..i could feel her presence..i know she is looking at me' " I am starting a new life..i need your know you can hear me..give me the strength'. I need you today more than ever.."  I opened my eyes..i could hear them approaching towards me'. "riddhima ..the baraat has arrived'he is looking so handsome"..i saw them entering the room..i quickly wiped off my tears coz I don't want them to see me this state.. I could see the happiness on their faces' happiness not because I am getting married..but because I'll be leaving this house forever..

They grabbed my hand and took me downstairs' "the time has come" I thought...i slowly started moving downstairs..i could see people staring at me..looking at me..i hate when people stare at me'I tried to remain calm'I looked at my father..he was standing near the mandap' I looked at his face but there were no emotions in his eyes'I saw the same expressions which I am used to seeing' tears formed in my eyes..i was on the verge of breaking down..but I had to control myself'I turned my face the other way and quickly wiped off the tears..

 Slowly I moved towards the mandap'I looked at the mandap..I saw him looking at me..he was staring at me but the moment I looked at him he turned his made me smile a bit..he is my soon to be husband..Armaan Malik son of famous industrialist Mr.Anand Malik..i don't know much about him..coz ours is an arranged marriage'You can call it an arranged marriage'.

Not so long ago his father and my father were one of the toughest competitors in the business world..more than competitors they were enemies.. .battling for the supremacy in the business world..but things change'here also it changed after the entry of Mr. Shiv Grewal 'head of the Grewal Empire'In a span of 1 year he emerged as the biggest business man of the country' his rise in the business world was the talk of the town'..last month he was awarded the " businessman of the year award"'.and next day the headlines in the newspapers were " Gupta's and Malik's joins hands"'.that day my father called me'that was the first time after mom's death that he called me'I was so happy..i thought that now everything's going to be normal the way they used to be when mom was alive'. But destiny had planned something else' I dressed myself properly and went to his room'after so many years I had a smile on my face a genuine smile...i wanted to hear my name from his mouth'I was dying to hear that'but then came the unexpected'he told me that my marriage is fixed and I'll be getting married next month'I looked at him'I couldn't believe what I heard'.he told me that I'll be getting married to Armaan malik'son of Mr. Anand Malik'I nodded and went to my room..i could see my dreams shattering into pieces'tears formed in my eyes'I lied on the bed and cried'marriage was something I thought dad would ask me'but I was again wrong 'I never thought he would do something like this' he fixed my marriage without even asking me'.i think I was over expecting' I wiped off my tears and started preparing for my marriage'

I looked at him'he was looking down'I could sense that he was not at all happy with the marriage'and why should he'we don't even know each other'this is the first time we are seeing each other'although I have seen him before'in newspapers and magazines'he is known as the "ultimate bachelor" of the city'with girls all over him'the "ultimate playboy"'.talk of the town kind of guy.'I have seen his picture.. mostly everyday on page 3'.. And today he is sitting beside me...

I don't know what the future holds for me'coz I have stopped dreaming'.only those whose dreams are fulfilled dreams'but in my case'I haven't seen any of my dreams getting fulfilled....and that's why here I am sitting in the mandap getting married to a complete stranger'.

Will my dreams be fulfilled this time''my dreams'.dreams of Mrs. Riddhima Armaan Malik

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