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part 1 : ought to happen (AR ff)

somewhere in India...

sometime in the twenties..

Arman Malik came out of his porches to his new office in Delhi... with a body guard following him with every ones eye on him. He had money, power, razor-sharp wit and fame, it all showed.

He was five foot and eight inch tall with great looks thick black here always messed up,penetrating green eyes, a pointed nose with a firm jaw and a hard body. He was going to be twenty five after two months and was a younger archiver in business industry.... he has not been inherited a penny from parents as they were nowhere to be seen.

Arman Malik is one the famous businessman, who worked really hard to achieve his goal. He had to fought with people to there where he is today

"hello Arman!" a girl whistled as he came out of his car....wearing a mini skirt with a tight with halt "can I get an auto graph... I m cheerleader in my college and I m a great fan of yours...." he nodded with his killing smile'he had great teeth ' and looked at her over appreciatively noticing her curve and took hold of her dairy...

"hows your cheer leading going?" she would have been happy to answer, only he didn't wait ' walked in .. while the body guard moved her a side...

staff greeted him along the way..people came for interview use to stop and stare at him without a blink and a thin tall girl wearing a blue tank top with jeans waved. Arman did not stop until he reached his designation...

"hey maria...." he wished with a wink to a thin curvy personal sectary, who was busy finding papers and was looking totally disturbed..

"he-llo sir.." he nodded and went in his cabin ' body guard stood beside the door.

which a glass wall and behind his big desk, all messed up and a cozy big leather chair facing the entrance of the cabin. And two chair in front of it .. had a couch set on left ' while shelf and other accessory on right with a door which led to his rest room


he settled on his place

"sir... today you have a meeting with Harry, who is the en charge to clean up your office from L.A at 11 and Mannan who had been trying to contact you for a week and now its time to meet him at 2

and u have a date lunch with ma'am Tina at 3 or 4 and you have a meeting with all board members at 6... after that you have to go for the tender that you have filled for Mr. Zachary's at 8

dinner with Atul sir"

" Is He coming to Zach's meeting?"

"yes Sir..."

"ok Maria... now tell me whats up with you....? you don't seem OK..."

" I m fine sir.... and no excuses for work..." Pause she took hold of her dairy and looked up at his smile with the worlds cutest dimple... "anything else sir.?"

"no.... tell me when Harry comes..."

"yes Sir.." she walked out....

he sighed '




"Sir Your Coffee...."

"where is Ram...?" he frown looking at pale face

"on a holiday..." she muttered

"why?" a deep frown while she placed his coffee on the mate...

"sir... her daughter is getting married... and" he sighed...

"you shouldn't have done that... he works here ' and by giving him a holiday will make him lazy.... what will HE do in marriage..."

"Sir the girl only have her father... no one else..."

"hmm OK him..."

"but sir..."

"Maria!!" he hated the word 'BUT'

"sorry sir..."

"thanks for the coffee by the way" he saw her exiting


"so Harry... done with paper work.... things transfered... staff appointed and the old one got Jobs too... clients few disappointed few OK and"

"Enemies happy to get rid of u sir '."both laughed

"yea.... so anything else you want to tell...."

"yea there r some machines and equipments left over and some employees are ruined nothing to do...."

"hmm.... transfer the machines and equipments to factories here if they r worthy or throw them or sell it I don't care and employees..... call them and make them sit in plans WITH family and transfer them here... and gave them the same job that they have their..." they walked throw lobby which had small cabins... every one busy with there work..

"but where will they live...."

"hmm.... listen make a colony where are employees can live with their family who don't have place...and that work should start soon '."

"OK I will find a builder for it ..."

"First transfer and assure the employees that we r doing work for them and then find the builder" Maria Approached..

"Sir...! Sir Mannan is here..."

"OK make him sit in cabin I m coming ' and Howard do that and keep in touch with me... find the builder and arrange a meeting with me '."

"OK Boss!" both smiled while went to there opposite sides...

Harry... he use transfer cocaine white powder in big parties...' totally study alcoholic student turned into a drug addicted ---

half white ' half Indian... being a son of Hindu was good as he turned to be nice person ...but a mother being a Christan and upon that a bar dancer... made him turn into pimp when he was sixteen, he dropped school and soon when his father died, once he was arrested at in his early sixteen, he ran away to L.A..

where he turned to be a smuggler... but met A boy who was studying on the scholarship



was the first phrase both said to each other... soon turned to friends ' good friends ' buddies...


"help me Arman '. police is after me..."

"Harry .!! what r u into?"

"later ' first help me..." he barked in his apartment... and closed the door

"Explanation Harry!" he stood with a firm jaw and a frown

he told all what had happened with him ' and Arman said he will help him if he promise to leave all this... Harry said anything to live a peace full life... both shake hands and

a Promise started

they worked hard and did over time jobs to just make up the fee for Harry admission in the School...

Arman helped him with whatever he has missed he gave test and entered-- they part time jobs,studied and accomplished what they wanted...

Arman started with small business that turn to be one of the worlds largest businesses. 7 years hard work turned out to be great while Harry was always lazy so he said he would be happy in eating by getting a job in his business ' he didn't cared about the job he got.... he was not ambitious as Arman...

Arman usually teased him by saying he will make him his P.A or a sweeper ' as Harry use to say he is not going to give ANY type of interview..... and wants a job...

Arman never minded that.... he was always there to help him....

'what r friends for?' he use to think


"Sir u called me?"

"yes Ram..." pause "Mr.Kapoor!" he called his manager

"yes Sir!"

"give him 10,000"

"par sahab" Mr.Kapoor smiled and went to cashier

"stop Ram...! and go with Mr.Kapoor..." he turned to leave

"sahab... sukriya..." arman kept a hand on his sholder ' while the P.A sobbed

"its ok Ram.... we r family '. and wish priya from my side to Ok" he nodded and both went to there respected places...


"oh Hiii Manuu Sweety cutiie Piee..." she barked in his room while he was engrossed in his laptop --- landed on his lap....and kissed him hard... while he leaned back on his seat and reciprocated her --- rubbed her back with his hands and exploring her curves...


they broke the never ending kiss and looked at Maria standing at the door with a file clutched with her chest... Arman shifted the girl from his lap and glared at Maria

she came and gave the file and went out with a childish giggle... while he ruffled his hair...

"Tina u should close the door first '."

the biggest model of the year Tina Rai and Arman Malik the New and Latest Link up... Arman Malik use to change girls like shoes... Girls like her had never respect in his eye... it was just to make him relax from work '. and he kept with the brat just to have fun... not a step further and not a step less..but soon he was interested in her ...because he thought she was nice and showed something else in front of others...

"my sweety cuteii piee '.i missed you and I wanted to hug ' sho I folgot.." she said dropping herself again on him

"hmm u r heavy.."he teased 'I hate her babyish talk' he thought

"ARMAN!!" she hit him on his chest...

"what '.! I toldya the turth ..sweety ...u have been eating a lot '. and I have to hold you thats hard...!! u know.."

"whateve Arman..." she got up...

"Oh Come on !! joking yar"

" I hate it know that..." she snapped

"ok ok peace.... come lets go for lunch..."

"hmm" they cuddled


"Hey Bro...."

"hey Atul '." pause "maria ready with presentation file ?"

"yes sir..." they settled with few other company head... each every head turned on his entry...


congrats Mr. Malik

we knew u will get the tender.

It was meant to be yours.

Who else was capable of it '.

"whats up Arman ? Any problem?" walking in the lobby of Biverely hills hotel

"nothing Atul ...its just '"


"yea..... she got a movie..." he took a seat "Two champaign '!!"

"soo whats a big deal...?" he shrugged "wait u worried that if she strips in movie..."


"u aren't serious?"

no response

"God Arman!! Grow up ' she is an individual human and let her make decisions..."

"I know '. but our relation has gone over a year.... and the last movie she did was Horrible '. and I don't..."

"tell me about it" he burst out '

"cut it out yar... bhai..."

"ok ok '."

"so ' I don't think she should do ' If I like her ...than I would like to take a step further in our relation.. and this film will make a bad impression... and what about Mom dad..."

"First don't make them a excuse arman......" ...."GOD!! Arman u being an idiot..!" pause .. " let her do what she wants... stop ruling on her..."

"hmm... ok but still hope she don't chose it '!" Atul sighed...


since the start of his year-long affair with Tina there wasn't much to tell..A couple of actresses, failed actresses, models. All were one night stand. As far he was concerned he had been faithful to her. Well, with a women like Tina Rai in your life you couldn't be too careful. Their romance was headlines, he had to watch his every move...

Arman Malik was Smart, charming, a person who understood women very well ' or thought he did ' he still believed that ' He use to enjoy with others but in limits.... and thought that Tina must be having the same thought..


"Congrats Tina.."

"thanks Arman...... u know it means a lot to my carrier.... and u know that... right sweety..." he nodded while drinking a champaign ..

"I love you arman" she placed her lips on his...

first time he didn't felt it write he didn't knew why!

She had tried many times to make him sleep with her, but he always thought that she is a nice girl and it would be wrong to something like that to her ' actually he was tring to be a nice person so he can ask her for marriage.

....he hate when he felt the flash on him he lightly pushed Tina and looked few journalist taking their pictures...

he soo wanted to bang them but was hold back

"Forget it sweety...its their duty..."

"to interfare?" she laughed out....


"faster!" gasped Tina "Come on Faster!"

the young actor on top of her obliged. Although in shock he was trying to perform nevertheless. Well he was twenty-five year old, and at twenty five and that to with Tina Rai was a shaky thing.

Tina Rai had met and quite find him attractive.

Shortly after first meeting on the set of the film they were appearing in together, she had requested his presence in his dressing room. He went their willingly. Tina was star, model and this was his first movie.

She offered him wine and talked about his role. Even though it was 11 in morning he accepted her wine. Then, in mere second he pushed the strands behind her ear..he noticed her delicate interesting features,

"do you know, that on film reality is the core of everything."

he nodded

"You play my Lover" she said.

She was twenty twenty-five years, but had a cute and adorable face, small eyes,a nose just being saved from being too shot, and a thin line of a mouth. In fact she has received thousands of comments on her beauty. And proves to have a great magic in front of a camera.

"I m looking forward to it" the actor said with a thrill.

"So am I." she replied

"hmm being thrill is not enough. When we interact on screen it has to be 'Real'. We have to generate excitement and passion." she added while he choked while keeping the glass on side "So" pause "i believe in working our roles before going in front of camera. So in that case we wont feel uncomfortable with each other" he tried to laugh...but was being nervous.

"lets make love and get it out of the way.." she said with her intense brown eyes ' challenging him.

Who was he to argue? He surely forgot about his girlfriend Susi...who was still struggling, and surely had perfect body too and he really thought she has the longest leg in the town '.but yeah seeing Tina Rai he thought he was absolute wrong.

Tina reached over and unzipped him. And then went to work.

Even though he was shock that he was sticked with Tina Rai! Who was believe that?

" now we will both be able to concentrate and make an excellent Film. Just remember your line. Listen to every one and life the character. I will see you on the set."

she dismissed him.

as he left the dressing room. Tina started drinking her juice and fruits. She thought, Interaction with fellow partner will always make her movie real. Making love, giving them confidence, will no longer keep them in awe of her ' Tina Rai ' debt-- winning actress. They will think her to be a passionate women and react accordingly. And that was very important.

Most people will think that she is mad if she told that she made love to her fellow actor. But according to her it worked in her first film ' and trophy was a practical prove.

Arman Malik The Business Tycoon of the year.... most youngest, handsome bachelor who had achieved more than any other, her agent Shiva had told her to have an affair with him and it will surely turn her life up and down and after having an affair with him had surely made it easy to get a movie and now she is doing a second one...

'all thanks to my Arman' she chuked at the current thought.

The man of a man ' who surely is amazing. As of now she was taking his full advantage. And she made sure that every one knew about their being a couple...

who knows what will be the future......


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