Friday, 21 December 2018

part 10 : Ought to happen (AR ff)

"why r u soo nice?" not getting response "u were always mean, rude, arrogant'."

"have u written my name or not?" he looked up a bit angry

 "tell me Arman' whats going on ? r u playing with my feelings'?" she was damn serious'. After tomorrow everything will be changed'

 Her house ' her family member ' her name!

 "No I m not" he sighed and looked in her hand trying to find his name "where is it?" he was irritated now

 "Then?" her eyes were locked on him' trying to read his mind

"R u going to tell me where my name is?" Arman said looking up ' at her eyes' which had pain' a fear

He calmed himself a bit down' and settled beside her'. Placed two three pillow behind' to make him self comfortable and hugged her from side' her head fell on his shoulder' she didn't knew why she fell good their' bass she felt good' she didn't trust him' but her heart trusted him'. It forced her to try once more' he might be not that bad'

"I know ' Its all weird ' I feel it too' but I m living the moment' Riddima' we r not gonna get this chance again u know that right" she nodded slightly' "why can't we start a new beginning' thing that are ought to happen will happen at any cost' we can't change it' ur mom and mine have been talking about us from ages' its not new for them" he smiled


"Really??" Riddima jolt up'

"Yes' so why can't we forget what we did in past' Ahhh I did in past' and Enjoy the moment we are in' I know I have broke your heart' ur trust but haven't I started making up for it?" she looked away' flashes of that night came

"Riddima ' please understand' please give me one chance. I promise I will be a good hubby a good friend '" pause "and a good boy friend" he said with pouted lips

"Armannnnnn" she punched him

"ohh' acha 'so u satisfied or not'?" he asked ' rubbing his hand on her back

" I guess soo'" pause "why did u did that with me Armannn?" she whined in pain as the flashes came

"Riddima' I was angry ' I got betrayed'"

"Was it my fault?" she looked up at him

"no'" he whispered ashamed of himself' "I loved her Riddima'"


"I lost trust in Women' when she sends her sister to '. To sleep with me" Riddima's eye popped out


"yea Pari ' Pari Rai' Tina sends her to me'"

"Did u ' did u both?" she felt her breath stop'

"No'NO I swear no" he thought to justify himself'. "Before we could'. I heard her talking on phone with Tina' and they planning all this'" he stopped and looked at her "I swear on Mom" he looked deep in her eyes'

While she looked away'

"From where do I come in picture'?" she again asked

"U? Its just u came in front of my eye after the whole event' u showing attitude and I finding about Ur '.. Past' I got insulted because u ' from Atul' I ' I just was full of my ego' thinking u r trying to use me' for money as they did' I heard u don't live with ur family and"

"Because I wanted to do something on my own" she sobbed thinking how wrong he took her

"I m sorry Riddima' look I know it's hard' but u know what'? I think we should not get married'" she looked up at him astonished "it's hard for u to live with an animal like'me'. I think" he got up' he felt his throat dry ' he felt like crying he was broken his one mistake has broken her' and it broke him' too'. "I think'" he just couldn't say it "I think we should ' stop this marriage thing'" he went out '. Of the window leaving a tear full Riddima'.


"Have u lost it Arman?"

"No mom' bas I can't do this!" he said turning his face away'.

"Shubhankar'? Ask him to stop behaving like a kid' after 3 days they r getting married ' and" Keerti sobbed in Shubhankar's arm

"Arman hua Kya hai??"

"Kuch nai Dad" a bit irritated' "Its my life' I decide what I have to do' what not"

"How could u say that its ur life' there Riddima' and her family had invited every one' how could u just back out at last minute' Why r u playing with Riddima's life'" Arman looked up at his mom

"I don't know'I JUST DON'T  what to say ' what to do? I m tired ' I SICK AND TIRED '. I Feel Suffocated ' here'." Arman Shouted and went out of house' he was torn out' he felt miserable

His one mistake has destroyed him '. He felt killing himself ' if he wants to free himself from this ****ing guilt'


Riddima on the other hand cried her heart out' she didn't knew what to do'. Or what not' she felt her heart throb' when he said ' its over'

How will she face this situation' she felt like killing her self'

For once' in her life she felt' she won't be lonely now' she will find a prince in this arrogant man' for once she felt' he is the one' but if he is the one then why did he left her'

For once she felt' after all the miserable things happened to her from childhood will end' and she be starting a beautiful life with him'.

Where he would love her cherish her' take care of her

Her half life went in watching Rahul and Muskan cuddling to each other'. Wishing one day ' a prince ' will cuddle her' hug her kiss her' but .. he just broke the dream that she was trying to live'

She hated him' for what he did' but still she felt' it was a hard time for him and her' too

she have thought to avoid him from that day when he touched her'.

but the truth was ' deep down' if it was not his fathers reputation ' she would have responded'to him'. the feeling might not have been mutual' but some where she needed ' that' that love' for which a women carve for' a love that could only be given by a person that she love'

and she knew deep down' this was ought to happen'

she had fallen for him' when she met him on the lake' their first meeting'. Their first way to flirt and tell each other .. how arrogant I m'!!!

Tears fell '

When she remembered to see him ' in office' she was shock

She still remember the way he touched ' his way of flirting always left her in daze

The way they fought' the way way they showed they actually hate each other'

But some where deep down they would cherish the thing at night laying on bed remembering the fights the nok-joks.. .and usually went in sleep with it'

Arman on the other side ' was sitting at beach 'remember how he teased her how he fought with her'.

He knew he was attracted when he saw her in sari dancing with Anmol Uncle' it was a cutes scene he ever saw' the way she swept in Uncle's Arms... .and then with in a blink she was no where

And after finding her near the lake'. He was aroused with a new feeling ' but he pushed it away... Thinking to just pass the moment with her'

He still love the way ' as they taunted joked with each other'

A warm tear fell from his eye'. Thinking how hard will be to live with out her'

He was sure of one thing ' if she objects ' he won't marry her' he has understood one thing' love can't be force'

And if it's written that they have to separate they will separate'

He has decided from now on....that few things should be left in God's hand' He will sure decide what ought to happen'

"ARMAN??" pause "u just can't come through my window' Daily??" pause "is this a way ' to come to a girls room'? Don't u have manners'?" a night before their marriage'

"shhhhhhh" he placed his finger on her lips'.  "kitna bolti ho Riddima!" he jumped in ' and moved her pushed her back '.slightly'

"HUH?? What the hell r u doing here?" she placed her hands on her hips' he couldn't help but smile

'if she said no to this marriage '. I m soo gonna die' ' I want Riddima'!' he thought with determination

"I wanted to ask something ' it's important'!" he replied seriously' "Can we sit?" he asked'

While watching ' him go so serious... She nodded and moved her stuff toys and extra pillows from bed ' and patted a place' next to her'

 He sighed ' and leaned on the back of bed' closing his eyes for minute

"U still like stuff toys?" he asked looking up to her ' while she nodded lightly

 "I love you'." He said

 She looked up shocked'


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